Taste of the South Photo Shoot


I’ve been busy this week and it’s all thanks to you! Taste of the South asked what food blogger you’d most like to see in their magazine and because of your response, they contacted me to write a feature in the August/September issue. I was so thrilled to join them on a photo shoot this past Tuesday in Birmingham. We had a great time hanging out and nibbling some of my recipes that will be featured in that issue.

The crew from left to right: Will Dickey (photographer), Malinda Nichols (photo stylist), Brooke Bell (editor), Me, Virginia Hornbuckle (Test Kitchen), and Jyl Nipper (friend I couldn’t live without).

This is the stylist arranging the dish towel just so beneath my hand.

You’d be amazed at the attention to detail that goes into these magazine photos but the finished result is just gorgeous. I can’t wait for you to see it!

This is me posing – with a pesky lock of hair in my eyes.

And this little angel is Alex.

We used his little hand in some of the photos for the kid friendly recipes as he reached in to grab a bite!

As soon as I left that shoot I headed over to Southern Living to begin a few days of filming as I host a new series they are rolling out. I posted lots of behind the scenes photos on the Front Porch so head on over there if you’d like to see. Stay tuned for a great sneak peak next week and be sure and pick up the June issue of Southern Living for more information!

Thank you for all that you have given me and for being one of the many reasons my heart smiles each day.




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  1. Tom says

    I think what always amazed me all that energy used for staging all that equipment, knowing where to place everything, the makeup people and staff going through set formats making everything just perfect to the eye and the ton of people behind the scene few ever see just for a few hours of images. After it’s all over and everyone has gone the stage is empty you can say to yourself, Wow I can’t believe I just did that! :o)

  2. Deanie says

    Royal blue needs to be your signature color –you look stunningly beautiful in that photo shoot…as apposed to just beautiful like you usually do! :) Can’t wait to read the Taste of The South article. They all have such sweet smiles, I bet you had a blast working with them. The Southern Living segments sounds like fun too! Glad that you got to be featured and Jyl got to go with you!

  3. Amy in GA says

    Can’t wait for the June Southern Living…just got my first Southern Living issue this week, which I subscribed to going thru Ebates, got a great deal….found Ebates thru a link to Southern Savers (coupons) which had a link to Ebates who gave me cash back for shopping thru them, got my first check from Ebates this week, got my link to Southern Savers from Southern Plate… who knew Southern Plate would link me up to so many great places…thanks Christy.

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