6 Cool Summer Pies


Today’s post is a follow up to last week’s 6 Make Ahead Summer Cakes and I’m excited to bring you 6 cool summer pies just in time for the Fourth of July Weekend! These are tried and true, honest to goodness, old fashioned recipes that will pluck at your heartstrings and make your stomach smile.

Just click on the name of each pie to go to the recipe post!

Gratefully, Christy

Old Fashioned Coconut Meringue Pie

You can’t go to the grocery store and buy this pie. Sure, they have coconut pies for sale in the freezer section but the only resemblance they bear to a true old fashioned coconut pie is their name. This is one of those pies that, if you find yourself craving it, you’re just gonna have to make it yourself.

But don’t worry, it’s easy to do and you probably have everything you need on hand already except for the coconut.

Lemon Meringue Pie with Cookie Crumb Crust

Y’all, don’t tell anyone I told ya this but my friends at Southern Living bragged on this pie and said it was the best they’d ever tasted!

You have no idea what a red letter day that was for me!

Fresh Strawberry Pie

I have one bit of advice when it comes to this pie : Always make two! One is just never enough. :)

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie

And a story about my Grandaddy :)

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

My Grandmama always made this especially for me growing up, and it is still a favorite today.

Lemon Chess Pie

And old fashioned pie for those of us who can appreciate the simple, delicious, and lemony things in life!

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  1. CindyinOhio says

    Now Christy I’m sure these are all low in calories, right? I’m loading up on strawberries and just might make 4 pies for the shindig this weekend. You have a great holiday and let’s just not worry about the scales!

  2. Terri go Dawgs says

    Hi C! I so appreciate your post today, just before the summer’s hottest holiday, July 4th (and it always involves food 😛 ). However, I am now in a pickle because of you….. since you listed 6, count them, SIX pies to choose from. How am I supposed to choose? Shall I flip a coin, do a random survey, have hubby pick an alphabet letter and hope it falls on a certain pie name? Hmmm ~scratches head~ since I just had a big # birthday and am now “old”….I’ll choose one of the pies w/ “old” in the name. Whew….now see? I just freed you up for your big weekend for Big Idea. Have a great 4th!!!!! Love ya! T.

  3. Sheila says

    Gotta, just gotta make the Lemon Chess first ~ it’s a delicious memory for me. I ate it for dessert on Sundays when my Daddy wanted to go to this little restaurant called the Toddler House…way back in the 60’s! Heading in to grate those lemons now. Sounds like a great dessert to go w/ the White Chicken Chili that’s in the crockpot right now.

  4. says

    Hello Christy! How are you? Feeling blessed I hope. Christy, I love you recipes. The best things I like about them are how you show step by step instructions and the ingredents are not expenses in other words cheap, cheap, cheap genertic brands. Thank you so very much, I have used serveral of your recipes and I like them. Again thank you.

    • says

      Thank you so much Ronda, you are so kind. I try my best to make sure that most of my recipes are friendly on the budget and easy on time. I am feeling very blessed, thank you for asking. I hope you are feeling blessed yourself and have a wonderful day!

  5. Sheila Dewey says

    Oh my my Christy, this looks wonderful! I plan to make a couple of these at our next family gathering. I’m sure everyone will enjoy them! Thanks for the wonderful recipes you share with all of us. I hope you have a wonderful 4th.

  6. Robin P. says

    Mmmm…. these look fabulous. Just made Christy’s Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese frosting and it was one of the best cakes ever. It is almost gone and I just made it yesterday. Can’t wait to try these pies!

  7. Betty Willard says

    Not much on Strawberry Pie, but Strawberry Pudding is out of this world ! Make it just like your homemade Banana Pudding, only use sweetwened strawberries. My Mother-in-Law fixed this pudding many times during the strawberry season here in North Carolina. It keeps better than the bananas in the frige.
    Think we will have one tomorrow !!
    Try it and you will love it !

  8. Jennifer says

    I made the strawberry pie yesterday morning. It was delicious!!! I was a little skeptical of the crust because it was so easy, but it really was very good. You’re right…one just isn’t enough. Next week I’m making two, maybe three ;)Thanks for all the great recipes and stories. I ordered your book yesterday and can’t wait to get it!

  9. Mary says

    Christy – I made your strawberry pie for the 4th and it was fantastic! My in-laws raved about it so much I had to send the rest home with them. I tried to make your in the pan pie crust, but must have done something wrong as it came out really oily and crumbly, so I ended up using a pre-made one, but it was still the best strawberry pie ever! Going to the store for more berries for another one today. (You know those premade crusts come 2 in a pack – far be it for me to waste the 2nd shell or the leftover strawberry jello!). Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  10. Cindy Hauer says

    Woo, Christy – I didn’t see that strawberry cream cheese pie recipe of yours until today. I used to make it for the 4th of July, and I sure do remember that pie, and how good it is. When I made it, years ago, it was so hard to decide between blueberry and cherry pie filling! But with a two-pack graham cracker piecrust package, hey, I could make one of each! :-)

  11. Army Mom says

    So, having been raised in the deep south, I was taught to use a little cornmeal in my chess pies = they’ve always been a huge hit with my family…..have you ever tried that Christy?

  12. Sharon C. says

    Going to store tomorrow to get the flaked coconut!! I have all the other ingredients…..Coconut Pie is my favorite…it seems I’ve already told somebody this at your web-site! LOL!

  13. lorrie says

    I love lemon chess pie. although I was under the impression that a true “chess” pie had cornmeal in it? or at least that’s what I read. Either way, if it’s good call it what ever. Just keep making them! :)

  14. Tracy says

    Christy, I made your coconut meringue pie exactly as your recipe said and I must say that it might just be the best pie I’ve ever eaten in my life! Well, I did forget to add the coconut on top of the meringue…but other than that, I did exactly what you said to do! Thank you so much for another great recipe! I’m gonna try your chocolate meringue pie next…I’ve got 6 backyard chickens too and am getting 5 or 6 eggs a day! Needless to say, my baking skills have got to improve…one can only eat so many scrambled eggs!


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