Our Kentucky Road Trip


Family Adventure Days began when my husband and I realized that while we were all together at home on the weekends, we weren’t actually tuning into each other as a family. With the temptations of video games, tv, and the internet at home, we decided to set aside one day each weekend (or sometimes a few days as in this case) that we are able to leave the house and get out and have some fun together as a family. This began in September 2009 and has been the best thing that ever happened to the Jordans!

It all began with my husband and myself agonizing over what to do for a family vacation and my son chiming in with “I know! Why don’t we go to Kentucky?”. We ended up heading out in that general direction with no particular destination in mind and came home having spent four of the most wonderful days together as a family.

A lot of folks have asked where we went and what we did so I’m going to share some of that with you today. To start with, if you’ve never been to Kentucky but have looked into it, you may be surprised to find that we spent four days there and at no point did we drink bourbon while riding horseback. I say you may be surprised because it seems like every sign on the side of the road and every billboard is about a distillery or something to do with horses. That is wonderful if it interests you but there is so much more to Kentucky! It is a beautiful landscape, very much like Alabama in the green rolling hills, and there are tons of things for a family to do there. We could have easily spent an entire week and had a new adventure each day.

This post will serve as more of a what and when scrapbook of our trip. If you’d like to read more about the experience itself, check out this post.

Here is a portion of our journey.

We headed out early on a Friday morning with an intent to arrive at our first destination by lunchtime. In just a couple of hours we were at the Kentucky Welcome Center and picked up the brochures and maps we needed to plan our trip on the fly.

Our first stop was Mammoth Cave and we made it by lunchtime as hoped. As the name implies, this is a HUGE cave. For those of you sweltering in the summer heat and wanting to get out and do something, I cannot think of a better destination than a natural cave. (Click here to read my post about the one we visited last summer).

The tour into Mammoth Cave lasts about two hours so we didn’t go on the actual tour but we did walk down to the mouth and have some fun hanging out in the blast of naturally cool air. We went on a rather lenghty cave tour last year and Katy Rose and I did not relish the thought of a few more hours beneath several tons of rock in a hole in the ground, even though it was awfully cool (Bring a jacket).

Besides, we had decided that we were going to try to reach Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace that same day so we spent about an hour at Mammoth and then headed on out, eager for our next destination.

Isn’t this just gorgeous? Could someone please just grant me like, fifty acres of farmland in Kentucky? ~clicks her heels together three times~

But seriously, look how beautiful this place is!

Okay, these two people are pretty cute, too :).

By the way, you see that mini-ricky standing next to her daddy? Don’t tell her she looks like him.

She wants to look like me so we are just going along with her denial.

We’re all wearing our Family Adventure Day shirts in these photos and we wore them the entire time we were gone.

The front says “Jordan Family Adventure Day” and the back says…

“Unplug to Connect Proverbs 22:6”

I ordered these shirts from the link below, a website called Blue Cotton. They were VERY nice and when I had a question about the design I called and a sweet lady immediately picked up. I needed to know if they could scale my design for the kid’s shirts since they are so much smaller than the adults. She put me on hold for just a minute and checked with their art guy, then came back and said “That won’t be a problem at all!”. To make it an even better experience, the shirts arrived a full four days before they were even scheduled to ship!

We got a lot of comments on them and had several great opportunities to talk to folks about what a difference family adventure days have made in our lives.

If you’re interested in designing your own shirts, you can click the link below and it will take you to your site and also give me a little commission off of your order so I can get more shirts for us! Every little bit helps, right?

Heading on out…watch for buggies :)

After we left Mammoth Cave we went to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, or so we thought. A left turn instead of a right had us ending up at the Lincoln Historical Society Museum first instead, but that was alright. We had a good time there, too!

I saw this series of books at the museum and am still wondering what they’re about.

Apparently, I’m named after a Chipmunk who had a close working relationship with our Nation’s 16th President. It’s good to know these things.

This is Brady and Katy Rose, or Abe and Mary Todd :)

They thought that was pretty awesome. The museum itself was really neat with a great gift shop (VERY reasonable prices!).

So reasonable that I spent $3.99 each on an Abe Lincoln beard for the kids ~giggle~

Note the price tag on the hat. Mama was too cheap to buy that but hey, they got a beard and the lady in the gift shop insisted they pose with the hat on for a photo!

My kids know a great deal about Abraham Lincoln because we’ve studied him several times as a family so this was a particularly cool experience for them.

Hello thar, Mr Lincoln!

So when we finally got headed in the right direction we ended up a few minutes down the road at the National Park to the birthplace of Abraham and the official (and first) Lincoln Monument. Turns out, National Parks have a neat Jr Ranger program for kids that is free. They give each child a workbook and you go around the site looking for answers to questions about the park and in our case, Abraham Lincoln. It took us a good bit to find all of the answers but the kids really enjoyed doing it and afterwards were awarded a certificate and a Jr Park Ranger badge.

And this very nice Park Ranger posed with them for a photo. They were thrilled!

Katy took her junior ranger badge very seriously!

This is my bearded children standing in front of the Lincoln Monument.

Inside the monument is an actual cabin like the one Abraham Lincoln was born in, from the same era.

We wound down that day (and every other day while we were gone) with the kids giving a thorough inspection of the hotel swimming pool. This time I think we were in Lexington, Kentucky. If not Lexington, some other city in Kentucky that begins with L but does not manufacture baseball bats (Ricky gave me a choice between two cities for the night, I chose the one furthest from the baseball bats for fear I’d have to learn something about baseball).

Of course, part of the thrill for the kids was the hotel itself so we tried to allow time each evening to enjoy it and goof off.

We’re very good at goofing off.

Do you remember what a thrill it was to push the elevator buttons?

My kids sure do!

With two big historic sites under our belt for the first day alone, we decided to head up north to the Creation Museum for our second day. This is the area where I tried Cincinati Chili since it is just a hair away from Ohio and they have Skyline Chili restaurants all over the place. We also tried Lee’s Famous Chicken and that was pretty good, too!

We ended up having such a good time at the Creation Museum that we went back for a second day.

This is us and some very outgoing ducks. They’d flat take your finger off if you weren’t quick enough with the food! lol

Karo loved the petting zoo, especially when she found out the chickens were tame enough to pet!

These are Zonkeys, a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey! ~giggle~ I love Zonkeys.

This is my brood, headed out of the gardens.

Here is a cute story. There were a lot of Mennonite families visiting the museum. Well not a lot, really, but certainly more Mennonites than Katy has ever seen. All of the ladies were wearing similar style dresses and bonnets and many of them were pushing strollers with babies. At the end of our tour on the second day Katy turned around to find a young Mennonite lady standing behind us and she grinned real big and said “I’ve just seen you all over the place in here for two days! Every time I turn around I see you! That is just amazing, how do you do that?” The lady was very sweet and she laughed with Katy. I’m sure she knew what was going on but Katy never did catch on!

Back on the road again…

This is some kind of race-car-track-thingy in Kentucky that is apparently quite the deal because Ricky and both kids got really excited when they saw it so we had to stop and take this photo :)

For our last night we decided to spring a huge surprise on the kids and it was actually a surprise for us, too! The kids had been talking on the way up as we drove through Nashville about how we never stay at the Opryland Hotel. We visit it often but never actually stay there. You see, the Opryland hotel is pretty expensive, and by “pretty” I mean “insanely”. I’m not saying it isn’t worth it and I can certainly see how they would have to charge so much with all of the operating costs, but it just isn’t something most families can wake up and decide to do.

So Ricky and I decided that since we didn’t have anything planned for our last night we’d head on to Nashville and spend our last night and morning exploring the hotel and fulfilling a dream of the kids in staying there. Fanfare was taking place in Nashville, which is a huge meet and greet for country music singers and their fans, but there were a few rooms left at the Opryland hotel so we lucked out!

We arrived at the Opryland Hotel about three thirty in the afternoon and everyone was so excited that we quickly deposited everything in our room and went to explore the hotel. Now we’ve been here several times to explore, but have never actually stayed here so it was a double treat.

We went through the gardens and had some ice cream, then the kids decided they really needed to see the swimming pool :).

It’s a wonder they didn’t grow scales and fins on this trip!

After swimming and grabbing some supper, we spent some time sitting in the gardens watching the fountain and listening to the strains of music from a wedding reception taking place.

The next morning we got up early and had breakfast by one of the fountains.

Which it just so happens my kids controlled by their hand movements!

(they really didn’t but don’t tell them that)

We also goofed off a little more at the hotel.

We stayed until around lunchtime and then gathered up our things and headed out towards home.

We travel with a lot of pillows…

But for lunch, one more stop was in order. Most of you know how I feel about Cracker Barrel (check out what Jyl said about me in her post yesterday). Well we’ve always wanted to go to the original Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, Tennessee. As it turns out, the original one is now a gas station and no longer a restaurant but the second one ever built is still there. It isn’t any different from any other Cracker Barrel really, but it was just something we wanted to do just to be able to say we did it.

And we did!

With our sole intent to connect with each other and just enjoy our family, and no agenda whatsoever, we ended up having a trip of a lifetime. We talked, we played little question games in the car, took turns deciding where we were going to eat and stay, stopped off at a few national parks, and laughed – a lot.

It was like a four day decompression retreat from the stresses of the world around us. Four days where nothing mattered beyond the most important people in our lives.

I hope you’ll take time to read the rest of what I wrote about our trip here. We set out to connect and we came back closer than ever. Ricky and I are secretly hoping for another road trip before school starts back but we’ll have to see if that is in the cards for us!

I also brought back a recipe with me from the area, well an Alabamatized version of it. Click here to see my takeaway on Cincinnati Style Chili.

If you’d like to browse through some of my favorite Classic Southern Dishes, click here.

The car trip can draw the family together, as it was in the days before television when parents and children actually talked to each other.

~Andrew Malcolm


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  1. Heather says

    I was reading your post thinking, “I wonder if they made it up to the Creation Museum?” and sure enough you did! We spent two days there on our honeymoon. We LOVED the gardens & the star show (can’t remember what it’s called right now) so much.

  2. Haley says

    Christy! Sounds like a great time!! You spent quite a bit of time doing things and visiting places that are near and dear to my heart! I have Kentucky/TN roots but currently live in Ohio so you hit all three of my “home places”. I also remember visiting Mammoth Cave and Lincoln’s home with my parents as a child. Spent 12 years in Cincinnati so Skyline Chili is near and dear to my heart. So glad you got to visit the Creation Museum!! What a fabulous place! Took our two boys there 2 years ago and was blown away by the caliber of the museum. It is definitely first rate! Jealous that you were able to spend two entire days there! Love that you topped off the trip with a stay at the Opryland Hotel!! LOVE that place!! Still bitter that they took out Opryland though……but that’s a whole other rant……….

  3. Joni says

    I so appreciate this post! I have recently completed Gary and Mary Anne Ezzo’s “Growing Kids God’s Way” parenting study. This is a great idea! I love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday!

  4. Melissa P says

    Well, Ms Christy, I’m so glad you had a good time in my “home” state (Kentucky). I was born there a long time ago (not in a galaxy far, far away). Must say, though, bourbon and horses are pretty great, too. Wouldn’t think about doing both at the same time. Wise move on your part. I didn’t read that you sampled any of our Kentucky specialties, though. (No, not the bourbon.) Didn’t you get an opportunity to try a hot brown or burgoo? Next time you get a wild hair to run up to my old Kentucky home, you should give both a try. Also, there’s a great place called Old Friends Equine Retirement Home. A whole lot of famous, retired race horses are there. Between that and the Kentucky Horse Park (which is also quite educational) you might learn to enjoy horses, too.

  5. says

    You could have picked up your shirts from Blue Cotton when you drove through Bowling Green, and I could have helped you, because I live just down the street from their store!

    Mammoth Cave National Park is one of my most very favorite-est places on the planet, but I only ever explore above ground (hiking, biking, riding horses, camping). Apparently, according to my mama, I freaked out going down that looooong staircase into the above-pictured cave entrance when I was about four, and she packed me back up the stairs, pushing people out of the way to do it — it’s a family legend to this day! In the 30 (or so) years since then, I’ve been a little apprehensive to try again, even though I’ve been in plenty of other caves without incident.

    But I’m totally with ya on Cincinnati Chili!

  6. Rozanna J says

    My husband and I were just in KY for four days. However, having grown children, we didn’t do those wonderful activities. My husband “insisted” we take the BourbonTrail and for almost three days we drove to distilleries to show our state spirit. Go Kentucky! We will even get a “free T shirt” in the mail for having filled out our Bourbon Trail Passport. Of course we also looked at other sights, Keeneland, UK campus. Somebody’s famous house, (sorry not my thing, so don’t remember).
    H’mmm maybe you should delete this after you read it. : }

  7. Tricia says

    Our family have gone to all of the locations you listed! But you really missed out on the Louisville Slugger Factory! We aren’t a baseball family but we really enjoyed it. You can see them make the Major League bats!

    We always do the Junior Ranger program at all the National Parks… its a free souvenir and our kids learn something. We also purchased the Passport books sold at the parks and always have our book stamped. The kids also have a small passport book. We pick our vacations by where the most National Parks are located so we can get our books stamped…. we are dorky that way!

  8. Tina says

    So very glad “my” state could provide you with such a memorable time with your family! (I’ve long bragged on the beauty it contains and it always thrills me when someone agrees with me.) I hope I can explore Alabama one day… or four… or five.

    Sounds like you spent that night in Lexington – home of the University of Kentucky (and the Wildcats… you know, that team that the Tide usually beats in football and who usually beats them in basketball?). It’s right smack in the middle of horse country, so even if you didn’t ride one, I sure hope you were able to spot a few. As far as Bourbon goes, I don’t drink, so I can’t really blame you for not partaking! BUT, if you come back, try to make it to the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, KY. Another site I can highly recommend is located just a few miles from me… Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. I can remember family trips to Lexington when the highway ran right through the midst of the decaying buildings, but now the highway has been diverted and the buildings are restored to loving, gleaming, absolutely beautiful brilliance. If you have an appreciation for architecture and the beauty of ‘simple’, you’ll love this place.

    Sorry to go on and on, but you touched on a subject dear to my heart… HOME!

  9. says

    So glad you & your family had so much fun in my neck of the woods. We are just a hop, skip & a jump from Mammoth Cave & Lincoln’s Birthplace. I wouldn’t trade living in KY for any other place in the world.

  10. says

    You traveled not too far from where we live. We were blessed to go the Creation Museum summer before last and visited the most wonderful restraunt not far from there. It’s called Rima’s (pronounced Reema’s). The food is truly southern and is the best that I ever remember eating. It’s just a country diner and some of the friendliest staff. It would have been a place that I think you would have loved. Rima has another diner somewhere else in KY but I can’t remember where. Maybe if you’re ever back in the KY/Cincinnati area again, you can visit there. Here is a link so you can check out the reviews.


  11. says

    Hi Christy,

    Thanks for sharing your family adventure trip with all of us! next Friday, the 1st of July, my younger sister and I, I am 53 and she is 48, are going to Nashville, Tennessee for 4 days. We have not gone anywhere together, just the two of us, since we were kids. Well, she lives in Ft. Wayne, IN and I live in Muncie, IN, so we have gone to Shipshewanna, which is Amish and not far from her house, so I don’t count that as a road trip.

    We have tickets to the Darius Rucker concert at the Grand Ole Opry and Always Patsy Cline at the Rhyman Auditorium. I have always wanted to eat at The Loveless Cafe so we will be doing that for sure. We are not sure what else we will be doing, but I am so looking forward to it. It goes without saying that at some point, we will be eating at Cracker Barrel-we both love it!

    God bless you and your family

  12. Cindy Lou says

    So glad you enjoyed your trip to Kentucky, Christy! I was born and raised here and here is where I will die (hopefully not anytime soon ;-)) Sounds like you visited some pretty neat places that KY has to offer. Of course, like most other states, there is still much more to experience. If you are ever up this way again, you should check out Cumberland Falls, but try to come on the night when there is a moonbow…I promise you will never forget that experience. Cumberland Falls is a great place to take the kids too because they can run ahead of you on the paths and expel some of that pent up energy from hours spent riding in the car lol. I live in Somerset, which happens to be very close to the falls and we also have Lake Cumberland that brings in a lot of tourists…most of them are from Ohio. So many in fact that we call them the Ohio Navy LOL! They come ever summer and continue so until after Labor Day. So if you are a water lover, like your children, give me a holler next time around and we will go out on the pontoon for a day of fun!

  13. Vikki says

    We went to the Creation Museum a little over a year ago and just had to go back the next day. Everything is presented so beautifully – a real top notch place! We thought day two would be only a couple of hours. Boy, were we wrong. We ended up spending the entire day there. There is just so much good stuff to see and learn. I recommend it to everyone!

    Oh, and stopping at a Cracker Barrel is a must for any road trip. Their roast beef is to die for and if you add their apple dumpling with ice cream and caramel topping for dessert – what could be finer? Great, now I’m craving a trip to Cracker Barrel . . . ~sigh~

  14. says

    Loved the road trip! You’re “like family” and always remind me of us when our two were the age of yours (of course, ours are in their 20s and 30s now!, but you just wait, girl, it will be here before you realize it and you’ll have new little ones calling you, “Nanna”!) Keep enJOYing those babies while you can. I love the t-shirts! What an awesome idea for your family. You’re creating some great memories. I’m glad to see you’re documenting it well with photos, too. Sometimes, I think the kids wouldn’t have remembered some of the things we did without the photos to look back upon. I just sent my “baby daughter” (27 y-old now!) back home to Savannah, GA this afternoon. She’s probably flying over your neck of the woods about now, headed for Atlanta to change planes. We had a week together to create a few more memories. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ and I think you’re going to be OKAY!! Love you!, Pat

  15. Stephanie Ricke says

    I’m from Kentucky (born & raised) but now live in Ft. Worth, TX. Miss Kentucky sooo much! Loved reading about your trip! So many memories came back! If you go back, you can tour the Corvette plant in Bowling Green. The Louisville Slugger museum is actually really interesting. But if you want true Kentucky, you should hit up Owensboro! They have the best barbecue at Old Hickory Barbecue! Moonlite BBQ is good too, I like the burgoo from there. If you want true burgoo, you should go to one of the Catholic Church picnics! Awesome! Kentucky has some of the best state parks around! Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  16. Shelley says

    Wow, Christy. I really enjoyed reading this post. My mother was from Kentucky and my hometown is Lebanon, TN. I know the Evins family who started Cracker Barrel. (Wish I could have bought stock! But it opened while I was in college.) I was in Lebanon for 2 1/2 months last fall after my dad had a stroke. During that time I couldn’t read your posts because dad doesn’t have a computer :-( , but I had printed out some of your marvelous recipes to take with me and they sure came in handy! :-) Glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods, though I live in TX now and it is home too.

  17. says

    Christy I understand that if you go to the Opera Land Hotel on your birthday you have a night free. Worth checking into.

    When you mentioned ‘the Old Ky road’ I thought you had gone to where I grew up in White County TN (Rural Sparta, TN) The Old Ky Road is about 1 1/2 miles from my orginal home & goes up through Cookeville, TN then into Ky.

  18. Danielle D. says

    I’m glad you enjoyed Kentucky! I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to call “home”. There is so much to do! Mammoth Cave is a great tour. I’ve taken many field trips while I was in school there (it was the closest thing to us). It does get pretty tight in there and the cave crickets are everywhere! I hope you all get a chance to go back and find more things to discover. The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green would be great for the kids too.

  19. Patti says


    My husband and I went to Mammoth Cave and the Lincoln spots for Memorial Day weekend! We had a great time, too. I made the One-Pot Pasta last week, and it was fabulous! Thanks for the great recipe!!

    Patti Bill

  20. Julie says

    Mammoth Cave – wonderful place! Some of my family live in Hodgenville, home of Abe! That is a cool place to go, too! Love that little town! Did you notice the black barns in KY?

  21. Dianne says

    I never miss the Kentucky Horse Park and two days there is well worth it. Driving through the countryside with the tobacco barns, the board fences, limestone outcroppings– it’s just a beautiful state! Looks like the picture of the zebra crosses are one donkey x zebra and one horse x zebra. I see one of each! Creation Museum is not my thing so haven’t been there. Next time you go, be sure to have a hot brown!

  22. Robin says

    I am so glad you enjoyed my home! KY is a beautiful place with many interesting places to go. Our family vacation this year will be day trips to different KY sites. My daughter is going to Mammoth Cave tomorrow and is very excited. God has truly blessed all of us with a beautiful world.

  23. Roxie Hardin says

    So happy that you made it to Kentucky.Next trip Come on down to Bardstown, ky .There is so much to see and do. Enjoyed seeing all your vacation events. Love beening connected on faceboo and and love the cook book and reading all the daily reports.

  24. Melody says

    Just as a note, we went to Mammoth Cave last year and stayed on the grounds. That evening we sat outside and watched deer, turkeys, and all kinds of little wildlife all around us. They are completely protected there and have little fear of man. We sat still and the deer came within about 10 feet of us. There was no cell service, no internet connection, no tv, just lots of peace and quiet. It was wonderful for our family.

  25. Denise says

    I’ve been to the Opryland Hotel a few times, but have never stayed there. It IS breathtaking, and so worth the trip. I have two children that live about 25 minutes outside of Nashville:-) I’ve also been to that Cracker Barrel in Lebanon (I’m a BIG proponent of CB!!) The one thing that I noticed at that particular CB was how the way it’s set up inside is the opposite of any other one that I’ve been to (restaurant to the right and the store to the left). No matter, I love them all! Looks like you had a great family getaway!

  26. Bonita says

    Woohoo! Being from Bama but living in Kentucky now, I totally understand how it was a great trip! We love KY (but are still Bama fans!). We’ve lived here for 15 yrs now, (in fact moved 15 yrs ago last weekend). Thanks for sharing. Did you know that Blue Cotton is in Bowling Green, KY, which is where we live? You would have traveled right through here on your way from Madison to Mammoth Cave, (straight up I65). Another cool note, the owner of Blue Cotton was participating in a golf benefit in Birmingham last Monday, playing from sun up to sun down, in order to raise money for AL tornado victims. Check out their website and you can watch his video solicitation about it.

  27. says

    You should of gotten some Kentucky kernel flour while there. It makes the best gravy and greasing for chicken , pork chops, or anything else. Can get it in small boxes, but I get mine from hodgkins mill direct in a larger box. Much cheaper than the small boxes. This is the best stuff!

  28. Michelle says

    I love this! I am from a small town in LaRue county, ky and went to school in hodgenville! :) We had our class pictures taken and lincolns birthplace and field trips every year :) I still live in the same town just a different county (my town is divided into 3 counties and 2 time zones 😉 ) I’m really happy you guys had fun here! I love it! we have so many wood lands and lakes! My other family is from Alabama so I always spent my summers on lake martin…I gotta say though Kentucky is my home! :)

  29. Anita says

    I just discovered your blog from an ad in Taste of the South magazine. I love it and plan to follow you. I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to Kentucky.I’ve live in KY, all my life and my hometown is now Louisville(you know the place where they make bats?) There is so much to do here, a zoo for the kids,Churchill Downs( they have a terrific museum), Riverfront Park and anything else that strikes your fancy. Please come back and see my hometown.

  30. says

    I have just discovered Southern Plate this week. I don’t know why I’ve never heard of this before!!!!! I love it and have subscribed by email. I loved reading about your KY trip. I have lived here all my life and couldn’t imagine being any where else……if only we had a beach!

  31. Tricia Protzman says

    Me and my family are from KY. I was born there but raised in Ohio. I now live in Virginia. Me, my husband and two year old son went through a four mile hike through Mammoth Cave years ago. It was an experience that I don’t think I want to repeat. Especially when they talked about an earthquake that occurred a few years previously sealing in some hikers. The one place I haven’t been to is Lincoln’s birthplace.

  32. Tracey Sexton says

    If you’re ever going north on I75, there is a place called Cumberland Falls in Corbin, KY. It is absolutely breathtaking and only about 5 miles from the interstate. Corbin, KY, is also where Colonel Sanders opened his first “restaurant” (actually a room inside a gas station). Glad you had a wonderful trip!!!!


  1. […] But I guess I’ll start this post with how I ended up getting to try Cincinnati Chili. You see, it all began with my husband and myself agonizing over what to do for a family vacation and my son chiming in with “I know! Why don’t we go to Kentucky?”. We ended up heading out in that general direction with no particular destination in mind and came home having spent four of the most wonderful days together as a family. I am publishing a scrapbook of sorts on our Kentucky trip at the same time I’m publishing this recipe so be sure and click here to go visit that post and check out all of our Kentucky adventures. […]

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