Great Recipes For Football Season


If you're on Facebook, please click the little Like button above, thanks! I asked if there were any events coming up in the Football Realm on the Southern Plate Facebook Page this morning an got all kinds of comments about Gators, Bulldogs, Tigers, Eagles, Dawgs, Knights, Elephants, Colts, Rebels, Ducks, Vols, Falcons, and even Huskers (wait a minute, do they shuck corn for ya? Oh I'm all over ... Continue Reading

Easiest Ever Creamed Corn – Oh My Word Good!


There are links to a few more corn recipes at the end of this post, be sure and check them out! :D I love love love fresh fried corn. It is worth every bit of the time spent shucking, silking, cutting, scraping, and cooking. I also love that frozen corn you get in the butter sauce, too. But sometimes I don't have time to make creamed corn from scratch and buying that pre made stuff costs a ... Continue Reading

Southern Living’s Quick Fix Shrimp Scampi


Here is another video I hosted for Southern Living's Quick Fix Suppers. The link to the recipe is below. Have a great Friday! Video is directly below this sentence, but may take a moment to load depending on your connection speed. Move your curser below to see it.  To get this recipe, click here.  Watch more of my Quick Fix Supper Videos by clicking here to visit my Quick Fix page on ... Continue Reading

Santas For Seniors (YOU can help!)


There are many wonderful causes the whole year through, but so many come closer to home around Christmas time. With an abundance of charities that do amazing work and provide much needed services to those who need them, there is never a shortage of ways and areas in which we can make a difference. Each of us has certain things laid upon our hearts and I feel strongly that they are laid upon our ... Continue Reading

13 Slow Cooker Recipes – That You’ll Love! (and a video chat)


If you're on Facebook,I'd love it if you could click the little "like" button up there!  What's not to love about coming home at the end of the day and having supper waiting? That is exactly why my slow cooker is the single most useful countertop appliance I own. Today I thought I'd bring you a collection of slow cooker recipes that I've posted here on I hope you enjoy ... Continue Reading

My Favorite Potato Soup


If you're on Facebook, please click the like button above! Thank you! It's the end of August, still one of the most sweltering times of year where I live. Summer is giving it's last hoorah and showing off what it can do here in the South while most of us natives are flipping wistfully through fall clothing catalogs at pictures of folks walking atop hills in chilly breezes while snuggling up ... Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Cake (From Scratch!) with PB Cream Cheese Frosting


If you're on Facebook, please click the "like" button above if you can. Thanks! Today one of our family's dear friend, Kate Burhop, was gracious enough to share her Grandmother's Peanut Butter Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting recipe with us. She even brought me a piece, too! It was absolutely amazing and I'll soon be making one of my peanut butter loving family. This is similar to my Old Fashioned ... Continue Reading

I *Might* Be Coming To Visit You!


I'm teaming up with Dreamworks Entertainment and for their great sweepstakes promoting the new film "The Help". The grand prize is a cooking class for six people in the winner's hometown with me! CLICK HERE To visit Allrecipe's Facebook page and enter. While you're there please join the Southern Plate Family Facebook page as well, we'd sure love to have you ... Continue Reading

Little Pigs In A Blanket – And loving kids when life is tough


If you are on Facebook, I'd love it if you'd click that little "Like" button above! Thanks so much! Whew, life is hard sometimes, isn't it? Let's just sit back a minute and take a few cleansing breaths before we head on into the heavy stuff because as a parent, as an adult, as a human really, I bet you've had more than your fair share of heavy stuff lately haven't you? I know I sure ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Digest – What You’re Cooking 8/5/11

on the set of my photo shoot for the Aug/Sep issue of Taste Of The South

Pick up the August/September issue of Taste of the South to see my quick and easy back to school supper and snack recipes! My name is on the cover in the bottom right hand corner (woohoo!). I love it when you tell me what you've been making! Every now and then I ask what you've made lately on Facebook and here is what I asked last week: What Southern Plate Recipes have you made lately? Let ... Continue Reading