13 Slow Cooker Recipes – That You’ll Love! (and a video chat)


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What’s not to love about coming home at the end of the day and having supper waiting?

That is exactly why my slow cooker is the single most useful countertop appliance I own. Today I thought I’d bring you a collection of slow cooker recipes that I’ve posted here on SouthernPlate.com. I hope you enjoy them! 

Slow Cooker Chicken and Wild Rice

This is my go-to Sunday dinner. I make the rice in the morning and put it in the fridge, then put the chicken on high before we leave for church.

Tender Roast And Veggies

Ever make a pot roast and have it turn out dry? Dry roasts will be forever behind you now!

(this was what we had for supper last night)

One Slow Cooker Recipe: 2 Different Meals

This is a great way to cook a roast and get two nights worth of suppers out of it!

Ricky’s Favorite Slow Cooker Pork Roast and Veggies

I can get ANYTHING I want just by offering to make this for my husband! This post includes the entire menu pictured.

Rustic Tomato-less Beef Stew

I just love a good and hearty stew!

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki 

Love this stuff and so easy – way better than takeout!

Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken and Rice

Customize this for your family by setting up a selection of your favorite taco toppings on the table!


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork BBQ

This is the type of BBQ we have in North Alabama with a tender and flavorful pork and a nice clear sauce to pour over it. YUM!

Steak Tips over Rice (and the importance of a doughnut shop)

The story on this post is very close to my heart and the meal (made with surprisingly inexpensive cuts of meat) is close to my husband’s heart!

Cheesy Chicken And Rice

I think this one is my personal favorite :)

Crock Pot Lasagna

This post is as old as the hills and the photos are horrible, but it sure is good! A family and company favorite.

Crock Pot Chili

I love this stuff. Nice and mild (but can be made hotter) with the perfect blend of flavors.

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

A Southern classic at it’s finest. This post also has a link to my tutorial on how to can it with no special equipment needed.

A little video chat, which I filmed this past Monday :)

Where to find Southern Plate (all the places I mentioned in the video above)

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  1. says

    I just love my slow cooker. It is a time saver for me. I work full time and my husband works long hours away from home so most evenings it just me and the kids. It hate to get home from work and then try to get supper ready. The chessy chicken and rice is so yummy, thanks for the reminder to make this again. The apple butter is on my to try list this year! The bowl of chili makes me want to go and get a spoon and dig in! I love how you can just throw a few things in there and have a wonderful meal that tastes like you spent all day making it! Thanks Christy

  2. Maria Petty says

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I love my crockpot, especially as I have four children and homeschool. I have tried almost all of the recipes you listed above, but there are a few I haven’t, so I am super excited to try new ones. My family has loved every single recipe we have tried of yours. What a talent you have!

  3. MaryCnowinIowa says

    Hey, Christy! Great stuff! I’m now out in Iowa, but there are plenty of nursing homes, assisted living centers, etc. out here. Just wondering why you chose the Suave body wash. Is it mild? Our family would love to adopt a home out here. God’s richest blessings on you and all your readers today! Mary

  4. Kathie from Baltimore says

    Slow cookers are awesome, if fact I have three. I usually have one going for dinner tonight, a batch of something (lke apple butter or spaghetti sauce) and a dessert in the other. Our current favorite receipe is cheesy chicken and rice. We even like it without the chicken as a side dish! I have your cookbook and have made a boat load of your receipes. this year for Christmas I plan to give apple butter and plum butter as Christmas gifts to family and friends. Christy, you have made everyones life so much richer and fuller by bringing us so much of yourself and your lovekly family. May God Bless!

  5. Tom says

    I work in the oilfield and there are two fo us that have to do our own cooking. Needless to say we are always looking for something quick and easy. These slow cooker recipes are right up our alley and I plan to try them all. I’m so glad I found your website.
    Thanks, Ms. Christy

      • Donna says

        Hi Christy,

        I found your site by linking from the video you posted on how to make bows. I feel like God has led me to a gold mine. I am such a lousy cook that if people come in while I’m cooking they check the bottoms of their shoes to see if they’ve stepped in something! I’m going to try the hair bows AND your recipe for cheesy rice this weekend. Thank you for sharing your time and talents!

        God’s blessings to you,

  6. Deanna Mushat says

    So glad I found your website some time back. I just love all your stories and recipies. Keep up the great work and I am going to resubscribe to Southern Living (even though I live in the North!!).

  7. patsy says

    Christy, I loved your video. Its like talking to a good friend. Can’ t wait till you come to Florence. I’m so excited. And I will be bringing Suave with me. What a wonderful idea.

  8. Terri go Dawgs says

    How perfect to gather a bunch of Crock Pot recipes and put them altogether in one happy little family of a post. I know it takes time out of your book-writing to keep all of us SP folks happy……you know, when we are all a’clammoring for recipes for this or for that. Getting geared up for fall and big yummy hot pots of comfort foods, this post is a winner. Thank you for all your precious time that you spend on SP…..free to anyone who logs onto a computer. No criticisms here…just appreciation. XO Pssst, please thank Katy and Brady for sharing their mom w/ us.

  9. says

    Thanks for putting this list together. It is a great resource. I think that I want to make the all. Just made apple butter with my own recipe last Friday. The Chicken Teriyaki will be in my slow cooker on Sunday.

  10. Michelle Thompson says

    Love your video chats, always makes me smile!! I am so ready for Fall weather meals…..altho I do use my slow cooker year round(I’m lazy :p)

    Thanks for always being so positive and encouraging!!! I first found your website right after you started in 08~hubby was deployed to Afghanistan and I really looked forward to your positivity and yummy recipes. We are coming to the end of another deployment and I already have a list of the recipes he will just love……..cant wait to have him home and feed him :)

    • says

      Michelle, I know you are so ready for him to be home! When is he due to be there? Oh, and once he gets home you give him a BIG hug from me and tell him how much I appreciate his service to this country and working to keep up all free and safe.

  11. Virginia says

    My family really hates cottage cheese. I want to make this recipe, it sound just yummy. Could you just use the Italian cheese blend in the bag? Does the recipe require the cottage cheese for the moisture for it to turn out. It will be really cheesy with the Italian cheese, but my 16 year old grandson would love it. Let me know please.

    • says

      We all hate cottage cheese as well but no one has ever noticed that this has it in it. Combining it with the mozzarella cheese before assembling and then the fact that it melts will keep anyone from knowing, promise! However, you can substitute ricotta if you like. A lot of folks have told me that is what they did, but then other cottage cheese non-lovers have said like I did, no one noticed it! Hope you get to make it soon :)

  12. Michelle Thompson says

    Just a couple more weeks! Yay me!!! LOL it has
    Been a very long 7.5 months!!

    I will definitely give him your message! He loves serving his
    Country so he always says how lucky he is to be a Marine and do something he

  13. Rita says

    My favorite is slow cooker chicken teriyaki……I used snow peas and carrots……mmmmmmm. The cheesy chicken and rice is good, too. Oh, and the pork roast is to die for…….They are ALL good!

  14. says

    I just watched your video- you have no idea how much I adore you!!! {ok, not in a creepy way} You make me smile :) Thanks for the amazing resource, my family always jokes that I am a little more “southern” for a Southern California girl- you make me want to move out that way! I think I’d fit right in!
    Thanks again Christy for the yummy recipes :)
    Much love from my PaRty of 5!

  15. Janel says

    Christy, I love my Crock Pot and all the delicious dishes I can cook i it. Thanks for these recipes. I made your Fried Chicken Planks and the Comeback Sauce the other night and my husband and I both love them.

  16. FREDA says

    Cristy.I just love Your Recipes, and site.
    Now I have a Real Delima, I have been Diognosed with Seriously HIGH B/P.
    I must make Some changes in the Way I cook and eat, Pertaining to
    “SALT” and Sodium in my diet.
    I have Read tons over the weekend to Learn that even Artificial Sweetners have SODIUM in them. such as SPLENDA, That was scarey.
    Most all of Your Store bought canned Foods are Very High in Sodium ( SALT) also Prepared foods and Lunch Meats.
    Is there a Chance that Possiblely you could incorporate Some SALT FREE dishes that TASTE good into your Newsletter?? TASTE is the SECRET. Nothing seems to have taste with out my salt.
    Any Suggestions would be a great Help.

  17. Joy says

    I love your recipes and stories. I can’t wait til it cools down a bit (currently almost 100 every day in good ol KY) so I can try the crockpot lasagna. looks so easy & yummy

  18. says

    In that case, you might decide to have one for home, and one to take along, and there are a number of them that
    are conveniently attached to key chains for just such a reason.
    They are simply a rod with a handle on the end and usually made of diamonds or
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  19. Kim says

    Peanuts, peanuts, come get your boiled peanuts. Going in the crock pot in the morning as part of our Labor Day fun and feasting. Small, medium, large….. have 3 sizes of slow cookers. Wouldn’t take a plugged nickel for one of them, I love them so much. BTW, what is a plugged nickel????

  20. Stacy says

    Found your recipe site yesterday and really love the recipes that are all terrific to use and be more organized in the kitchen.
    I’m RN who does travel nursing mainly working in ICU 12 hr. night shifts. My slow cooker is with me coast to coast. My Sis flew in a week ago and I made a few things in there and she was overwhelmed with how wonderful food turns out and how easy it is to put all the food in and it’s so easy to put together and the taste is indescribably delish!
    So I see that you have some nice recipes on here and yes, I will be trying them out. I stay in extended stays so I have a 2 burner cook top,a small toaster oven and my slow cooker. On the cook top I have a Calphalon grill pan and a small 3 quart Dutch oven and a chicken fryer pan. Not a lot but I can make some nice foods and not go out to eat as often as other Travel Nurses have to. My Sis is amazed as how many types of meals you can cook and wants to bake a bread in the slow cooker which I think will be quite interesting.
    Just wanted to say we will be home at the beginning of December so we will enjoy a variety of meals when back where my oven is but still use the slowcooker at intervals. I use liners a lot of the time for easy clean up for some foods but not always as it isn’t too bad to clean soaked in hot water and some good dishwashing soap like Dawn 2x.
    Thank you for posting your very nice recipes. We’re from S. FL. and ys we know good southern food quite well. I’m in California saving lives out here and enjoying no rain and stormy weather like at home. We decided to drive back from Cali to FL when I’m finished with my next contract so figuring around 5 days and home but enjoying some good eating along the way so this will be a foodie trip back home lol. Hoping the I-10has some good places along the way to eat at lol!!!


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