Southern Plate Digest – What You’re Cooking 8/5/11


Pick up the August/September issue of Taste of the South to see my quick and easy back to school supper and snack recipes! My name is on the cover in the bottom right hand corner (woohoo!).

I love it when you tell me what you’ve been making! Every now and then I ask what you’ve made lately on
Facebook and here is what I asked last week:

What Southern Plate Recipes have you made lately? Let me know and I’ll use your comments in the next digest and link to the recipes!

I had well over a hundred responses and have spent the better part of today linking the names to the recipes so that all you have to do is read through here and click on whatever strikes your fancy in order to see the full tutorial on how to make it. I hope you enjoy the digest as much as I do! It’s a sure fire cure for dinner doldrums!

on the set of my photo shoot for the Aug/Sep issue of Taste Of The South

NOTE: A great many of these recipes can also be found in my cookbook, but the ones in red can only be found in my cookbook.

Mac and Cheese Note (Please Read): Macaroni and Cheese was mentioned several times and there are two different versions on so I’m going to link to them and tell you about them here.

  • My mother’s creamy mac and cheese can be found by clicking here.
  • My baked mac and cheese (which is the stringy kind yum!) can be found by clicking here.
  • Sandi fire and ice salad, twinkie cake, corn salad, fried cabbage.….and tomorrow I am making Chicken poulet!

    Melindaslow cooker chicken and wild rice!! a family favorite!!

    LisaButterfinger Cake!

    Julie – Just finished baking your coconut meringue pie for my 16 yr old daughter’s “craving for something with coconut!”. It looks beautiful!

    Phyllis – I lost my mind making buttermilk pies!

    LindaThe Chicken Tenders – Grilled without the grill. That is totally delicious. The flavor is so super. I also made the Mix In The Pan Pe Crust. Delicious. I also made the Bananas In The Red Stuff. MMMM! Thanks for sharing such yummy recipes, Christy. I enjoy your post coming everyday into my email.

    AmandaFried chicken planks, my family’s new favorite with comeback sauce.

    SusanSlow cooker pulled pork.

    AnnettePeanut butter meringue pie, it was wonderful!

    LeeCandied dill pickles.

    Holly Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies…. seriously yummy :-)

    Connie – The candied dill pickles. I am so addicted to them!! And chicken and dumplins, there are so good!!

    Heather – I have recently made fried chicken planks and apple spice muffins! if i need a recipe idea the first place I look is your cookbook or

    LydiaStrawberry cream cheese cake, Mandarin Orange cake, chicken poulet, and mac and cheese…..they were all beyond great..

    Debbie – Just finished eating…Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken (yummm). I also have to agree with Cinda, multiple tmes a week we eat something Southern Plate!!

    DeidreMexican cornbread and banana bread!

    MalindaChicken Poulet! It is so much like a dish I order at Main Street Cafe in Madison! Love it!

    Misty – I know it’s summer time,But im making some Chicken Stew right now,Yummy!!!

    Virginia – I just made your deep dish pizza. Yummy.. My husband went back for seconds even after starting out with a big serving. I like a sweeter pizzasauce, so added some sugar to mine. Also, added some Pensey’s pizza seasoning for a little added zip. Definately would make this again.

    Deborah – Oh my we made the chocolate ice cream and 100 degree temps didn’t melt it,it was eaten to fast to melt anywhere but in their tummies….

    TracyYoohoo ice cream!!! It is fantastic!

    Kathy Chocolate chocolate chip cookies – yum! Red beans and rice-my Texan husband approved. Cold brewed coffee-amazing hot or iced! Cashew chicken in the crockpot right now. Love using the crockpot when it’s hot out, thanks for the reminder that it’s not just for winter cooking!

    Robin – I made the Old Timey Butter Rolls over the weekend. They were oh so gooooood!! My kids have asked all week when will I make them again! I figure if the kids ask for it, it must be good!

    Sheila – I had to have fried cabbage. I think we ate 4 heads before we got our fill. Good stuff…..Mama would have been proud.

    Terra – I made the ground beef stew last nite. I’m on a low carb diet so I substituted cabbage for potatoes and nixed the corn. It was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!

    April – Every Sunday morning I make your Buttermilk Biscuits. They remind me of the times I would visit my Granny and Crappaw in Mobile. If there are any leftovers, I use them in the Bread pudding. Delicious!

    DanielleDeviled eggs, they were delicious! I ate more than my share, hehe.

    SarahChicken planks and meatloaf

    Delaine – Got the Butterfinger cake chilling in the fridge!

    Marianne – ohhhhh so many I have cooked of yours. First and one of the favorites is Hoe Cake, mercy, my family went to heaven the first time I served that one! Hot Dog Chili Sauce, that one is really great, my friends loved it and asked for the recipe (of course I had to show off my cookbook), Mac and Cheese and your Corn Casserole, YUMMY!!! But the alllllllll time favorite of everyone that I have shared with is the Dishpan Cookies, I just can’t make enough of them to go around!! When I see friends in the store they ask if I’ve baked cookies lately and my hairdresser, well she told me she’ll discount my visit for a bag of the cookies!! So Christy, you have many many Kudos from my friends and family and have made cooking enjoyable once again!! Thanks for all that you do!!!

    LanitaSlow cooker Chicken and Wild Rice, Butterfinger Cake and Depression Bread Pudding, which my daughter just loved and a good way to use stale bread.

    CynthiaThe donuts! They were AMAZING!!!

    Debbie – I made your easy spaghetti sauce last night and couldn’t believe what a difference adding just a few ingredients to a jar of sauce made! It was delicious.

    Kathy – I made your Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies! I made them with Lenae, and posted pictures on Facebook. Look for the album titled “Making cookies with Lenae”. We had a blast!

    SandraPeach Cobbler Muffins, made them for friends visiting from Tennessee, and Blueberry Muffins that I took to my son in Virginia. I believe in sharing the wealth of Southern Plate recipes far and wide! : )

    Karen – I just joined and am already so excited! I want to make the Mac n Cheese, but am out of milk – can I use evaporated milk? If not, it will have to wait LOL and I want it now! Looks soooo good!! :) Christy: Evaporated milk is a GREAT substitute!

    Cindy Candied pickles, sweet tea, fire and ice salad, buttermilk congealed salad, comeback sauce, Lemon Chess Pie, and many more pages in the Southern Plate cookbook earmarked to try yet:)

    Amanda Biscuits, pineapple upside down cake, chocolate frosting, hamburger steak, chocolate cobbler *twice*. O and deep dish pizza, mac and cheese, o just too many!!!!

    JudithFresh StrawberryAde, and Summer Corn Salad.

    Teresa Fake grilled chicken tenders! Love them. Make them almost every week when I go grocery shopping. Hoe cakes are a favorite. Although, I need to rename your hoecakes because I make Paula Deen’s hoecakes, too. Hers are cornbread.

    Leah – I’m waiting for my son to get out of the shower after his 20 mile bike ride to have your crockpot cashew chicken.. just added some pineapple and green onions and have the brown rice ready to go! My tummy’s rumbling!

    Kimberly – We had the crockpot cashew chicken.. Oh mylanta! It was delish!! And the banana pudding has become a regular dish around here.. I just need to practice sharing.. It brings out the stingy in me :-)

    Marylyn – I have adapted your Jordan rolls recipe to make six dozen and am baking that many weekly for our small local Farmer’s Market. We have had five so far this season and I have put a half dozen in my own freezer — selling good. This week I had extra egg yolks from baking a white cake so used those plus three whole eggs and the buns were extra rich and delicious. I make them into dinner rolls by shaping the dough in balls and put 15 in a 9×13 pan.

    Darlene – We had the delicious, and very easy fried cabbage for supper last night.

    Vivian – Fixed a double recipe of the crockpot cashew chicken for a retirement party at work today. It was GREAT! Easy to make and everyone loved it!

    Cathy – Last night we had the Hamburger Steaks and Onions-that is so good I think it might be our favorite.

    Nancy – Your Oven Ribs and Number 5 BBQ Sauce are always a family favorite at our house. So tender and juicy. Chicken Planks and Comeback sauce had my 22 year old son eating them as I took them off the heat. “Mom…Where did you get this recipe? How did you make this sauce”. Personally, I can’t get enough of your Cold brew coffee and lastly your Fire and Ice Salad is so simple and so enjoyable I just keep adding veggies to the brine as we eat them! Thank you Christy

    Gail – I made the Hash Brown Casserole last night, and it was wonderful!! Love your recipes and your picture tutorials!!

    Lana – I made brownies with peanut butter fudge frosting last weekend. Fabulous! I highly recommend that recipe. That peanutbutter fudge would taste great on cardboard!!lol.

    Leslie – I just bought your cookbook a couple of weeks ago and this week I tried your Fried Chicken Planks and Banana Pudding. The Chicken Planks were delicious. I may never go back to using bread crumbs for my Chicken. :) And your Banana Pudding was even better than I had imagined. One bite and I was transported to my great-grandmother’s kitchen.

    Leigh Ann – My children returned from church camp on Thursday and they requested Fried Chicken Planks, Meme’s mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. All of these recipes from your cookbook. I did add steamed broccoli to the meal to add a little green to the plate. Love y’all!

    Allison – I did a Summer Thanksgiving recently…turkey, stuffing, and your Grandmama’s Sweet Potato Pie/Casserole!! That recipe has converted me into a sweet potato lover!

    Kathy – I made the Butterfinger cake! Everyone in my family loved it. It was sooo good!

    Gina – I’ve just put the Country Casserole in the oven. I made it a couple of weeks ago when staying with my Mother in Law. My kids ate all the vegetables in the bag of mixed without saying a single word. I know my husband won’t touch any of it if he sees carrots and lima beans, so I made it tonight with just corn and peas. Hope it turns out just as good as it did a couple of weeks ago.

    Dot – I’m a Philly girl and I made Alabama white BBQ sauce. Everyone at our 4th July BBQ loved the food and sauces.

    Sharon – Love the sweet and sour green beans, lemon bread, etc. The list is too long. As I think I mentioned before, I need to adopt a family to eat all the things I have made from Southern PLate.

    SusanSweet and Sour Green Beans, Squash Casserole and Chicken Planks!

    Laurie – Your Mac n Cheese… is the closest to what my mom used to make and my kids love it.

    JudithChicken Poulet and Congealed Buttermilk Salad. Can’t live without this stuff up here in the land of the “Frozen Cosen” aka Chicago

    Carrie The grilled chicken tenders are sooo good! Also had the cashew chicken….yum! Tomorrow we are having the lemon chess pie w/ make in the pan crust. Keep them recipes comin girl! :)

    Tristancrockpot chicken and dressing. Oh and I will be making the hamburger steaks in the next couple of days

    Recipes for my BoysHome Brew Iced Coffee made into Frozen Coffee Cups and Coffee Slushees

    BarbaraTomatoes with Mozarella cheese and basil, Cowboy Caviar, so much good eatin’!

    Andra – Made your chicken and dumplin’s recipe-my husband loved it so much it made him cry!

    Carolyn – I made your Mama’s Taco Casserole last night but added a layer of BBQ sauce over the meat and bean mixture before baking…it was YUMM!!

    Ashley – Your sloppy joes tonight!

    Syd Home brew iced coffee is now a staple in our house, OH! And House Autry pork chops. Lemon Chess pie and Cashew Teriyaki chicken on the agenda, maybe for Sunday.

    Melody – I made beefed up beans for a swim/potluck last week! great stuff.

    Kathy Hoe cake (hadn’t had that since my grandma from TN. made it for me when I was little…..and I’m in my late 50’s!) and mac & cheese. YUM!!!

    JenniferDepression Bread Pudding!

    Denise – I am making the chocolate cobbler and coca cola cake tonight for a family reunion tomorrow. Will let you know what everyone says!

    Connie – I made Butterfinger Cake a couple times.

    Denise – last week I made the sweet and sour green beans!! THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! and I also made the grilled chicken tenders like Cracker Barrel.. I Loved them too!!!

    Kathy – Making your chicken stew tonight. Even though it is hotter than blazes outside my family wants this once a week.

    Keith Rise and Shine Biscuits, just this morning.

    Brandy – your cheesy hashbrown casserole has made it to 3 family gatherings in July. It’s so cheap and easy and everybody loves it! It’s my new offering for all get togethers :)

    Terri – Making the deep dish pizza and taco casserole this weekend. Will let you know.

    Jessi – Well I’ve posted before about how much my son loves making the chicken lettuce wraps. He likes to be in charge of those noodles 😉 He recently had a friend over and wanted to make them again and show off his noodle frying skills, lol. Then last week I said I was making the grilled chicken tenderloins, without the grill. He asked “What kind of recipe is that?” I replied that it was one of Ms Christys recipes. At that both sons gave a shout out, yeah! So it’s unanimous in our house. All Ms Christys recipes have the seal of approval because experience has proved that it’s always delicious. The oldest gave the grilled chicken tenderloins the highest praise, when he says something is “Bangin!” well then….. you know you are a kitchen wizard :) lol

    Pam – I made you pulled pork and slaw last weekend…I have a friend who thinks he makes the best…and not a clue on the slaw…(he’s a yankee) so next time we are all together…I will show him the southern way of cooking…Thanks to you Christy I think I may have won this war….

    Jacquie – I have made butterfinger cake, chocolate sundae cake, chocolate cobbler, terriyaki cashew chicken, grilled chicken tenderloins (loved and didn’t make enough), hoe cake with honey and tomorrow I am making the peanut butter balls!! I LOVE your site and have sent links to several friends!!

    Sue – last night I made your baked Mac and Cheese… it was easy, quick and Delicious …

    Christy – Oh my, I have been wearing out your recipes. I have made Pinto Beans and Cornbread, Butterfinger Cake, Embarrassingly Easy Ham and Potato casserole, melt in your mouth doughnuts, No Bake Cafeteria Peanut Butter Bars(all in the last week)! I have the white bread dough laid out thawing to make your Easy Cinnabuns recipe! I love all the recipes. They are easy, many times with inexpensive items that I keep on hand, and remind me of my childhood food memories. :) I love Southern Plate. Of course, I’m a Tennessee gal. We do love Southern cookin’.

    Brandi – My hubby made your chicken & dumplins & hoe cake one night. That was a scrumptious dinner! For dessert he made the chocolate cobbler. Amazing with ice cream!! Then he made the peach crisp but we had a bunch of fresh peaches that were about to go bad, that soooo yummy & great with ice cream. I made your chili & my kid actually ate it & liked it! The recipe is a keeper! It’s the first chili we have ever gotten him to eat. Thank you!

    Tina Slow cooker Teriyaki Cashew Chicken. YUM, so easy and WONDERFUL!

    AndreaSquash casserole … Have to have it at least once a week!

    Jami – Just made the Banana Crumb Cake this morning, and can I say, “Oh. my. word.” My kids think I am the best cook EVER! Thanks for making me look good, Christy!

    Emily – I’ve made king ranch chicken casserole (with can of mexicorn and rinsed black beans added for more veggies) that was amazing, peach crisp and peach cobbler muffins made with juicy fresh peaches from the farmer’s market, a mixed berry cobbler with a triple berry mix from the freezer section that was yummy, blueberry muffins made from baking mix with fresh blueberries, and banana bread that was easy and awesome to eat. As you can see, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of summer (literally)!

    Dru Sweet and Sour Green Beans….I don’t make them any other way anymore…made the apple butter in the crock pot…canned 5 pints…my nephew who gave me the apples thinks I’m a genius. I have almost cooked from cover to cover…your recipes are the stuff I used to cook when raising my family. I now am cooking most of it for my grand kids and they love it

    KathyChicken planks, sweet & sour green beans, and hoe cake. Made this for dinner last saturday. This is the new family favorite meal. Yummers

    Elizabeth – I made both your Chicken Stew and Hamburger Stew from the cookbook this week…weird choices for summer but they were excellent.

    Heather Slow cooker chicken and wild rice, chocolate cobbler and spaghetti with cheese!

    Carol – I made the Easy Eggless Ice Cream for our ice cream social I could not find peach soda, but did find pineapple soda at Walmart. I put a can of pineapple slices, and a can of peaches (both drained) in the blender and blended together with 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk, and the 2 liter bottle of pineapple soda. I froze it in my hand-cranked ice cream freezer. It was a hit. Thank you.

    SabraSouthern steak with milk gravy! O made it tonight..loved it!

    Terri – My family has become addicted to your strawberry pink lemonade it is great

    Marianne – Just made your hot dog chili for my dad who was visiting me from South Alabama :-) I froze some and sent it home with him. He absolutely loved it. This is my 4th time making it since I got your cookbook!

    Redawna – Just this week I have made the Mandarin Orange Pie, Spaghetti and Cheese and Hoe Cake! All were loved!

    Virginia – We often make your pulled pork but I’ve anglicized it with sage and onion stuffing and pork gravy – pork gravy lgranules and the cooking juices – yum! We also often have the hamburger steaks. They are a great hit! Then of course there is the crockpot fiesta chicken.

    Susan – We had your Chocolate Cobbler last Sunday; and I have a frozen Mandarin orange/pineapple pie waiting to be thawed for this weekend…Chicken Planks are on the menu for tonight!!! Thanks for all your help in the kitchen Christy!!!J

    Cilla – I made your chicken planks last week ,sweet and sour green beans.chocolate cobbler last evening.and your fire and ice salad today,and many more,the list goes on :) we love your recipes so much

    Suzette – Oh my! I made your peach cobbler last week with some Carolina peaches. It was unbelievable!!!! Even my cousin in Ga. was so impressed ! I live in Ohio! hee..hee…

    Annie – Made your Aunt Sue’s Pound cake and your Mama’s Custard Sauce to pour over the slices – oh my!!!

    Laurie lemon chess pie for dessert.

    Jennifer – I just made your turtles….I am a little afraid because they are so addictive and way too easy to make. I was cursing Rolos for being individually wrapped, but now I think it may help in slowing me down from making batches 2 and 3

    Michelle – I made a whole Southern Plate meal today! Crock Pot pulled pork with Alabama White BBQ sauce (which I am hoping you can tell me how long I can store this in the fridge), black eyed peas and pound cake for dessert! My husband was in heaven!

    Judy – I made your Old Fashioned Coconut Meringue Pie today for dessert. The first time I have made this kind of pie….It was really good. So simple to put together. I will be making this one again. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with us! :0)

    LaTisha Grilled Bananas

    Lauren – I made the Peanut Frosted Brownies and they were DIVINE! My whole family LOVED them! Thanks for all your wonderful recipies. Just ordered your cookbook for my mother and I, can’t wait to get it!

    Cindy – I made ” Granny’s Sheath Cake” for our family trip to the beach. It was a huge hit with the chocolate lover’s in the group. My husband and grandson topped it with a dollop of peanut butter and called it the “best cake ever”..

    Teryl – Made the dirty rice last week and the family told me I can’t make the box stuff any more. They liked it so much it’s been added to the weekly rotation of menu items!

    Denise – OK, So I could not make up my mind which dessert to take for my family reunion, the chocolate cobbler or the coca cola cake, so I just made BOTH!!! The cobbler was devoured, not a bite left!!! and the cake was more than half gone!! Mind you there were other desserts there too!! Both of these were a huge hit! I know *I* loved them both!! Thanks for the great recipes!!!

    Glenda – Sweet & Sour Green Beans, Mandarine Orange Pie, Hobo Pocket.… and all were WONDERFUL!!! So happy my friend told me about the Southerplate website, I’m now always looking now for new things to cook. :-)

    Kristy Cabbage and bacon :)

    Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

    ~Abraham Lincoln


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    1. RisaG says

      I haven’t been cooking from your book lately. I am cooking from one book in my collection per week now. I loved seeing what everyone is cooking though. I will most likely cook from it again in the next couple of weeks. I had so much southern food on vacation and was trying to stay away from it for awhile. My son wouldn’t mind more though! Became a huge fan when we went on our road trip this summer.

    2. Robin P. says

      Well I did not get to comment on facebook, but I have made your Oven Ribs, Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole, Corn Pudding Souffle, Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, StrawberryAde, Sweet Tea, Easy Peasy Ham, No Bake Peanut Butter Cafeteria Bars, Chicken & Dumplins, and 2 minute English Muffin Breakfast. Tomorrow, I will be making Tater Tot Casserole and my kids are asking for your Caramel Popcorn. Mmmm… Every recipe I hae made so far has been wonderful.

    3. Sue Wilkins says

      Oh, Christy you are a true Godsend. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease in Jan. I’ve had to come and live with her. A friend sent me your link and I love love love your recipes. I’ve made so many and they all went over so well. I’m an Arkansas girl and now transplanted to Tennessee.
      Just reading all the posts and the funny things you say is a real highlight of my day.
      God bless and keep up the good work. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

    4. Libby says

      I have “cooked” your chocolate ice cream twice recently. Not really any cooking to it, but it is WONDERFUL!! I made it for a lake trip with my children and their spouses and it was a big hit. My son-in-law invited to their house this past Saturday for a cookout and his only request for me was to bring the ingredients for this ice cream. It is so good and so easy and I also use a suggestion that someone mentioned of adding 8 oz. cool whip to it. That is definitely a keeper recipe. Thanks Christy for your great recipes and your great sense of Southern humor.


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