I *Might* Be Coming To Visit You!


I’m teaming up with Dreamworks Entertainment and Allrecipes.com for their great sweepstakes promoting the new film “The Help”.

The grand prize is a cooking class for six people

in the winner’s hometown with me!

CLICK HERE To visit Allrecipe’s Facebook page and enter.

While you’re there please join the Southern Plate Family Facebook page as well, we’d sure love to have you !

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I’m so looking forward to seeing who wins this and the possible chance to get to visit with another member of our Southern Plate Family and I hope you will all enter. Please head on over to the AllRecipes Facebook page to enter today. You must “Like” their page for the entry form to show. Contest closes August 31st and I’d just love one of you to win!

Please note: I was not involved in the rules or structure of this sweepstakes. Must be on Facebook to enter. This and all other guidelines and rules were set forth by Dreamworks and Allrecipes.com.


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  1. Lauren says

    I would so love to win this!!! My friends and I are all new wives (or soon to be new wives) and we would love for you to show us your tips and tricks to take care of our new families! I am heading to facebook now to enter!

    • Lorinda says

      I am sure that this promotion is a great opportunity for you. However, I feel that the book and the movie “The Help” just perpetuate an old stereotype of the south and offers nothing redemptive or helpful to society or to a distorted image of the south that many, many people unfortunately still have. As such, I cannot support it.. I would like to hope that other southerners would feel the same.

      • Dee says

        You have missed the whole point of the book…..you really need to look at the rich relationships that have made women great. – that’s the real story. The era, and place that he book was written in should be respected but not taken as a slight toward another race. Your “interesting” comments also disrespect the women who accepted and played the roles in the movie. Your comment actually perpetuate the old thinking…..

  2. CHristi Branson says

    Too Cool!!!! I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win! Just downloaded The Help to my Kindle last week & can’t wait to get a few minutes in the school “car line” so that I can get started reading it!

  3. Joyce Bacon says

    WOW! ‘d love to be the winner of this contest. However, if I win, I won’t be inviting any friends. I will be auctioning the 6 spaces to the highest bidder to raise funds for our local hospital – Franklin Square Hospital Center where I am a volunteer and auxiliary member. Our auxiliary has pledged $1M for our new building and so far we are above schedule to meet our pledge. Winning this could give us a nice boost PLUS great publicity.

    • Betty Grubbs says

      Carol, I am glad there are some Don’t Do Facebook other than me. I was on it but found out too much entirely about people that I knew and things going on in their life so I got off it but do love this Southern Plate. Have a good one.

  4. Kim in Minnesota says

    Looks like an excellent combo: cooking with you (!!!), an excellent movie tie-in (yes, Lacey, I think the movie is as good as the book – and enjoyed by men, too – my husband loved it), and time with friends. Crossing my fingers to win!

  5. Beverly says

    Awesome!! What a wonderful treat and blessing it would be meet with you and have my daughter and daughter in law and friends for an evening like that. I am just now reading the book “The Help” – I love reading and had to read it before seeing the movie.

  6. Mary Jo says

    I read in our local paper Evening Capital which is an Annapolis, Md paper that the lady who made the caramel cake for the movie has a bakery shop on Rt. 50 about 10 miles from us. She was formerly a Southern gal. Would love to have another Southern gal cook dinner fro me and my daughters and daughters-in-law.

  7. Ruth says

    I am one of few remaining people in the world who doesn’t “do” facebook. I hate that we can’t be included in the cool offer.

    I saw the movie over the weekend and read the book for a women and gender studies. Enjoyed both.

  8. Mary says

    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to come to these nice cooler mountains for a few days? The lake is full and the nights are getting “fallish” already! Such good cooks all around here and would love for you to cook for them for a change!!

  9. Georgi says

    I absolutely will not do facebook, but would have loved to enter this contest!
    I cooked Christy’s chicken planks for my Sunday dinner tonight, and they were wonderful!
    I saw The Help with a friend last week and it was wonderful!

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