Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie Bites


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The chocolate version of this recipe can be found by clicking here.

Today I’m going to attempt to keep this blog post short and sweet. Well, the recipe makes it sweet but the only way we’re gonna make it short is if I’m not quite so chatty. Yeah….good luck with that one. But I have pies to bake, errands to run, and books to write so I’m gonna make an attempt. It’s the thought that counts, right?

These cookies are the ones you most likely remember from your childhood. We usually had them in chocolate form (click here to view my mama’s tutorial on how to make the chocolate ones) but I somehow ended up with an entire family who LOVES peanut butter. Anything Peanut butter. Seriously.

We go through one of the HUGE jars each and every week. They love PB&J sandwiches, peanut butter on toast, Peanut butter balls (which I try to always keep in the freezer), Peanut Butter Cookies, oh! And of course Yellow Cake with that Peanut Butter Fudge Icing. There is a cute story about that, too. When I did the 700 Club, I made seven different cakes and talked about The Seven Cakes of Christmas story from my family (You can watch all of my tv clips by visiting this page).

Well lo and behold I arrived back in Alabama that night and my whole family met me at the airport, including a very exuberant Katy Rose, who hugged me and immediately started craning her neck to look around at my luggage.

She said “Mama, where is that peanut butter cake? I know you made that one for me!” Bless her heart, she had watched me with that peanut butter cake on tv and since it was her favorite, she just knew I had made it to bring home to her! Needless to say, that child got Peanut butter cake for breakfast the next day :)

So what are we waiting for? Oh, yeah, we’re waiting for me to stop talking and get to the recipe, huh?

Alrighty then, do I need to tell you how good these are? Fudgey, chewy, and every kid’s favorite. I think we’re all about due for a batch today!

You’ll need: Sugar, oats, peanut butter, vanilla, butter (or margarine), and milk. 


Place your sugar, butter, and milk in a heavy bottomed saucepan. 

Stirring constantly, bring it to a boil over medium heat.

Once it reaches a full rolling boil, continue to stir and boil for one minute.

I usually boil for a minute and a half to be on the safe side. 

After it’s boiled for a minute, remove from heat and add in peanut butter and vanilla. 

Stir until smooth, creamy, and all of the peanut butter is melted. 

Like this :) 

Now add in your oats and stir those up really well. 

I love oats…

Like this. 

Don’t you just love seeing pictures of cooking? I think it makes us more likely to actually make a recipe because by the time we’re at the end of a post, having looked at al of the photos, we’ve already made it in our head so it doesn’t seem so daunting :)

That’s just my theory anyway. I love looking at the photos but I’m not too terribly into taking them, as you can tell by looking at mine. So many food bloggers take these gorgeous photos of all of their food but I’m kinda just more into cooking it, telling the story behind it, and then feeding people.

Okie Dokie, now pour that into an 8×8 pan that you’ve sprayed with cooking spray and let sit until cool.

Of course, if you want you can drop these by spoonfuls onto waxed paper like we did back in the old days. I just prefer the pan method because it is so much less work and they make cute little cookie bites when you cut them.

You can speed up the cooling process by placing your pan in the fridge.

Oh goodness, these are good!

Did you have these as a kid?

Who made them for you?

Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie Bites
  • 3 Cups Oats (I use old fashioned but quick is fine, too)
  • 2 Cups Sugar
  • 1 Cup Peanut Butter
  • ½ Cup Milk
  • ¼ Cup butter or margarine (use whatever you have, I promise I won't tell the butter police)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  1. Place butter, sugar, and milk in heavy sauce pot. Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.
  2. Once it reaches a full rolling boil continue to stir and boil for one to one and a half minutes.
  3. Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla until peanut butter is melted. Stir in oats.
  4. Drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper or pour all at once into greased 8x8 pan. Allow to cool completely before serving.

The recipe for the chocolate version of these cookies can be found by clicking here. 

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“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are

conscious of our treasures.”

– Thornton Wilder

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  1. Karen Carter says

    I love your practical approach to cooking, using what you have and shopping the Walmart brands. :) I usually don’t, but I admire that and it does remind me of home and my Mom and how she cooks. I love fussy food and I love to cook, but sometimes, I just want something comforting and easy. Thanks for the recipes on your site and the cookbook. I’m going to try those peanut butter no bake cookie bites this weekend.

  2. Kathy says

    I found these in a small town grocery store bakery in Utah. I’ve always made the chocolate ones, but these are AMAZING! I’m so glad I found the recipe on here. I just have to make sure I make these while my kids are home from school or I’ll eat them all before they get home! Thanks!

  3. Shelley says

    I finally remembered what my Granny used to call these. Tangos! Don’t know where my recipe is. Granny used both chocolate and peanut butter in them. My favorite. I’ll have to make them with the grandkids, but one has a peanut allergy so I will be making just choclate.

  4. Jessica says

    I just made these- however I did something wrong. Mine turned into more of a ball of dough than a runny semi liquid pourable batter. :/

    I’m thinking I might have boiled the sugar mixture too long. Would that cause this to happen?? They still seem to taste great! I stole a bite while I was putting it in the pan to cool ;).

  5. Buffy (Southern lady in WNY) says

    I think I may have done something wrong when making these. When I added in the oats it all crumbled. I molded it together into a dish and waited for it to cool, but when I cut the bars they crumbled terribly. What did I do???

  6. Jessica says

    HA! Buffy- we’re in the SAME boat. Hopefully someone answers! I just tried one, they’re still tasty- but the texture is all off. I’m sadfaced. This is the first thing I’ve tried to make that didn’t work out right. *sigh*

  7. Theresa says

    To those who asked about Splenda: My sister and I tried it and the answer is NOOO! Don’t do it! It had a bitter taste and we both got stomach aches from trying them :( Maybe a combo of Splenda and sugar or a different sugar substitute would work? Happy baking!

  8. Lori in Missouri says

    My mom’s entire family calls these “West Virginia Cookies” because they had a beloved aunt who lived in W.V. . She always made them for the kids everytime they came to visit. I love these without the cocoa! Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe and bringing all of those childhood memories flooding back!

  9. Jayme says

    My uncle brought these (or similar) to dinner at Christmas and I almost wiped out the entire pan on my own. I have my first batch cooling on the counter as I type, and they can’t cool fast enough! I added a handful of leftover chocolate chips to the mix and they melted as I stirred them in, creating a chocolate/pb marble effect. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  10. says

    If you want peanut butter chocolate cookies, how much peanut butter would you use? i slid both receipes next to each other and they do differ on the quantity of butter by 1/4 cup. Do I use the full cup of peanut butter with the 3 t of cocoa? I have to get the rolled oats yet in order to try these so I wanna make sure I have the recipe right before I try them.

  11. Cheryl B says

    Anything and everything with peanut butter = delectably delicious in my book! Thank you for sharing these recipes, I can’t wait to try them – especially Peanut Butter No Bake Bites! :-)

  12. Debbie Strum says

    Never heard of a peanut butter version, but I sure will try these. Mom used to make the chocolate version of these around Christymas…I MEANT CHRISTmas time and a couple other times during the winter. She loved that they didn’t need the oven and were quick to make. We just loved that they were YUMMY! She spooned them out on wax paper, but I love the idea of just putting it in a pan and then cutting them after they set!

  13. Helen Pennington says

    Christy never made with just PB but I was raised and can remember even making them with Choc. & PB as a young child and we have made them the last 47 years of marriage for our son and grandchildren but will leave the Choc. out next time.Love Southernplate keep the recipes coming please!!

  14. Cherie says

    Living in Phoenix area during June I was looking for something to pack in my husband lunch box tomorrow that didn’t have to be baked. They were fast and easy. I ate some while putting them in the pan and Oh My Goodness they were wonderful. I can’t wait to try them when they are cool. I love easy recipes and now that I’m laid off they have to be cheap and your recipes are exactly what I need. with ingredience I have in my pantry. I made the potato candy the other day. My husband told me he loves this new website because of all the wonderful goodies I have been making. Thank you.

  15. Mrs E says

    This recipe is awesome! I have made it 5 times already. I cut the sugar in half. Last time I made it with 3/4 c sugar and it still came out great. I turn out the batch onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and make more of a granola bar thickness. Once cooled in fridge I cut into granola bar shapes, this is a great lunchbox or after school snack! This recipe could not be easier. By the way I use natural peanut butter.

    • Mrs E says

      Also, my teen and hubby love them we are making them every week now. When I need a sweet I cut off a little edge and it satisfies the craving. I used Whole Foods peanut butter, ingredients, peanuts and salt. Thank you for posting a relatively healthy snack-especially when only using half of the sugar! Great before after school sports!

  16. Cindy says

    Christy, I have made these 4 or 5 times and the last 2-3 times, they came out very crumbly. I tried using less oats to see if that was the problem. The taste is good, but the texture is not. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?

  17. Sheila says

    These look just like the no bake cookies in the school cafeteria where I grew up! I’ve been searching for the recipe forever and could only find the chocolate ones. Can’t wait to try these and see if they are the same and as good as my memory of them. :)

  18. Tracy says

    I just made these and stuck them in the fridge to cool…of course, I tasted them right out of the pot and they were GOOD!! My Mama made the chocolate version when we were little and they were always such a treat…she dropped hers on the wax paper but I put mine in the 8X8…hehe. Anyway, thanks again, Christy…you are such a joy. And not to bring up anything negative…but with all the nonsense swirling around in the news right now concerning another southern cook…know that you are lifted up in my prayers every day…stay real and stay close to Him….but you already know that! Hugs to you!

  19. Kristy says

    I have been making these since I was a kid! They are awesome! I also do a chocolate/peanut butter one and for it I just add a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder. So delicious! It’s funny that someone mentioned a aunt from West Virginia that made these, considering that’s where I’m from!

  20. Judy Anthony says

    In 1 week, we are leaving for NC to see 6 of our 9 grandkids. Haven’t seen them in 3 yrs. Anyway right now I’m baking up a storm to take with us. No store bought cookies here, I’m spoiling these kids for 2 weeks. I checked out the peanut butter no bake cookies, and your moms chocolate no bake cookies, and couldn’t make up my mind which ones I wanted to make. You got it, both of them are going with me. I know the grandkids are going to love these.

  21. Ashley says

    Made these because dinner was horrible lol I tried something new and the family didn’t like it so I decided I’m going to bame some cookies!

    After I stirred my oats in my batter statred to get dry so I added a splash of mi’ll I mean literally a splash, the batter got moist once I started stirring again! Kiddos are waiting patiently so I decided to throw them in the fridge!



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