Southern Living’s Quick Fix Sloppy Joes (and my Wardrobe Malfunction)


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I don’t know what it was about the day I filmed this but we were all feeling a little silly. The studio just had humor in the air and as you watch this video you can see that I’m trying not to laugh! I have made a lot of fantastic recipes in this Quick Fix Supper series but I gotta tell ya, I’m a simple gal and these Sloppy Joes are one of my absolute favorites. They were SO GOOD.

Oh, about the wardrobe malfunction…

Towards the middle of the video, as I was talking and we were filming, I looked down and PLOP, one of my earrings fell right into the middle of the skillet! I remember saying something like “Oh! there’s my earring!” and then we cut so I could get it out and keep on rolling! I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed filming it.

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“He’s more turned around than a flyin’ squirrel in a tornado!”

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  1. Angela Lewis says

    I should fix some sloppy joes for my hubby. He just commented the other day about liking them and we haven’t had them in a really long time. I probably won’t be wearing earrings when I fix mine, tho.

  2. elaine raye says

    Sloppy Joes seem to be a universal favorite. Your version is quite different from the way we make them in my locale. We brown hamburger meat with diced onion and then stir in a bit of ketchup, a spoonful of mustard, chili powder, salt and pepper and a can of chicken gumbo soup, undiluted. Stir and simmer till cooked to the consistency you like. We sell these at many community events. A few spoonfuls are often put on a hot dog to make it a chili dog. Add cheese and it is a chili cheese dog. Good and simple eating.

  3. MOLLY says

    I make my sloppy joes by browning the hamburger, adding chopped onions and a green pepper, and letting this cook a few minutes. When the vegetables are done, add as much bottled barbeque sauce as you like and then let it simmer for awhile. My favorite sauce is Sonny’s. Oh, this is so good and easy.

  4. Vicki says

    I could tell that you were trying not to laugh, thats cute :)
    I have made sloppy joes many ways, last time I used the package of sloppy joe mix and just followed directions on the package but added seasonings to the ground beef, onion powder, minced onion & garlic , etc…really good!

  5. cinda says

    Hi Christy!! Just wanted to say i am gonna try this version of yours!! My old standby of many many yrs is this one>>hamburger,chopped gr pepper and onion,salt pepper,sm can tomato sauce,1/2 c catsup,sprinkle of worcestershire sauce,1Tbl each of brown sugar and vinegar and a pinch of dry mustard (which I usually end up squeezing in a bit of yellow mustard instead) Soooooo good!!

  6. katherine says

    Hey, Christy. I really enjoyed watching you make this, I think this is what’s for supper tomorrow night. Can’t wait to trying it. Hope you have a wonderful day! P.S. Wish y’all would show a couple of bloopers for us to watch…that would be so funny :)


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