Cook The Cover With Me! November 2011 Southern Living


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Don’t you just love seeing the gorgeous food on the cover of each issue of Southern Living? Today I thought it might be fun if you join me in my kitchen while I cook the cover!

Note: I cut the cooking time by about ten minutes when I baked it in a 9×13 pan instead of the suggested springform pan. 


For this recipe, pick up a copy of the November 2011 issue of Southern Living or visit them online at (click here to go directly to the recipe).

But I *really* think you should get a copy because there are 103 recipes in this issue alone!



“If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we would all be much happier.”

– John Wooden

Thank you, Jenny!


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  1. Susan H says

    Would love an autographed copy of your cookbook, but just being able to visit your website for recipes, ideas and down-home “visits” is wonderful! So nice to find recipes that use real/everyday ingredients – thanks Christy!

    • Naomi says

      I love how simple you make your recipes! I’m not much of a cook at all, but when I follow one of your recipes and it turns out so great (as we already knew that it would), I get so excited that I was able to actually cook something (with your help, of course 😉 ). Anyway, I would just LOVE to win one of your cookbooks, and a signed one would be SO much the better. Keep up the great work! We love you!

  2. Becky B. says

    I love your simple, but delicious recipes!! The ingredients are ones we already have in our pantry, so it makes it even better!!! So glad to have found your website!! Thanks Christy!!

  3. Angie says

    It’s amazing how the kiddies come out of the woodwork when they smell Momma’s cookin!! My 2 do the same thing. Is it done yet? Can we eat it yet? Now? How about now? Is it ready? Can I have just a little bite? I won’t tell sister… Please? Son bats his lovely long eyelashes, and smiles so sweetly up at me, Please momma? I love you, you’re the bestest cooker ever! Just a little bite? Daughter comes in and looks close to tears, I’m just starvin! Can I please have just a tiny tiny tiny little spoonful? Hugs me tightly while looking at me with tears, I won’t let brother find out, Please? Sighs and hugs me tighter…

  4. Susan Miller says

    Love your website! You have so many good recipes and shortcuts galore! You are my kinda gal! The easier I can make my life, the better. I would LOVE to own an autographed copy of your cookbook. It would be the centerpiece of my collection :-)

  5. Kathy says

    People have told me they can’t cook. I tell them about your website. If you can read you can cook. You give such great descriptions of the whole process that it turns a scary event into a wonderful self achievement. I love to cook and with this website you have turned a lot of people into very happy people that are able to feel confident in the kitchen. Thank you for this…..

  6. Tonya W. says

    I have gotten all the girls I work with hooked on your website. We get excited when we see a new email from you. Several of us have made your recipes and brought them to work for everyone to try. You make them so simple.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  7. Rachel Lewter says

    I’ve been following your blog since you began, love all your stories. I’ve bragged to everyone I know that Madison has a local celeb. I quess you are living the dream. (at least living mine) heeheehee. One day I will stop you in Kroger and really say hi…..
    Keep on with your funny and entertaining lessons.
    I’m waiting on the Gluten-Free cookbook of Southern Cooking….I might have to write that one myself.

  8. Malerie Albertson says

    Watched your show on 11-6 and made that delicious Vanilla Waffer Cake. I did lick the batter. DELICIOUS!! The cake was even better. My grandmother had a similar recipe only w-o the pecans or eggs but, had two sticks of butter. Never could get it out of the pan when I made it. Had the same problem this time. Going out to buy a new tube pan. This will be sooooo special for my family and friends over the holidays. Extra special for me because it reminds me of my grandma who I so dearly loved. Everytime we would go and visit she made us a cake. I am now taping all your shows so I don’t miss a thing. Thank You

  9. says

    I just saw you on Paula’s show for the first time.Your recipes sound really good so I decided to became a member of southern plate. I love to cook and hope to become better at it. I would love to have a sighed copy of your cookbook! Thank-you! Andrea

  10. Pam Sharp says

    I have this issue of Southern Living, but had not decided whether to bake
    this for Thanksgiving because I did not have a spring form pan. However,
    I have a good variety of 9×13 pans. Thanks

  11. Betty819 says

    No “under 6 ingredient” recipes in your collection? Being married almost 50 years, I’m tired of cooking! There’s just two of us now and one is Type 2 diabetic.
    Has problems leaving the sweets alone, Just found your website a few days ago and subscribed. Already printed several of your recipes off that I want to use. We live in a Sr. Citizen’s community and are not allowed to grill out so I want to use your baked Oven Steak Kabobs recipe and the rice pilaf. (3 ingredients..Yeh!)
    Add a salad or green veggie to that and have a meal. i’m sure there will be more that I will choose to try.


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