Potato Chip Cookies


I’m excited to have a guest in our kitchen today on SouthernPlate.com. Please welcome Tricia from Hodge Podge Mom as she shares her grandmother’s recipe for potato chip cookies! I can’t wait to make these – Thank you so much Tricia!



Hey Everyone! Thank you for letting me visit with you here on Southern Plate today.
I grew up on potato chip cookies. Didn’t realize they weren’t your normal variety until I was much older and got the questionable look from others.
This special recipe is from my grandmother, Mama Ann and it is a great use for those bottom of the bag, left-over, nobody wants to eat potato chips. Just try it! They taste like shortbread and are so EASY to make!

I just mix up those crushed chips, some flour, butter, vanilla, and sugar, bake them in the oven and you’ve got cookies!

I hope you’ll get to try these soon!

Potato Chip Cookies
  • 2 -1/2 oz almonds (Optional, I omit them)
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup crushed potato chips
  • 3½ cups all purpose flour
  1. Grease cookie sheet(s).
  2. Cream together butter and sugar, then vanilla.
  3. Alternate adding in chips and flour.
  4. Add almonds last.
  5. The dough will have a dry consistency so you may have to squish it together some with your hands to form the cookies.
  6. Bake in 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

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Tricia was born and raised in Marietta, GA. She gave up life in the drive thru lane for the joy-filled road home. She homeschools five children from preschool to middle school. You can find her facing that daily dose of chaos at Hodgepodge. There she writes about practical schooling strategies and shares how she is saving bucks and her sanity with the frugal recipes of her Southern roots. Tricia is also known as Hodgepodgemom.


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  1. lindsay mizer says

    My potato chip cookies look a lot different, I use pecans instead of almonds, then flatten them with a glass covered in sugar. They’re amazing! Like sweet and salty shortbread!

    • Sue Hathy says

      Your recipe sounds just like the one that my Gramma Brininger used. Holy Schmoly are they delicious! I’m going to give these a try but roll them in balls and flatten them with a glass covered in sugar!

  2. Bettie says

    this one is a New one for me, But have the potato chips all most to the bottom of the bag , so hope to get them made this afternoon. So good to get something New!!!! Thanks for sharing.. Blessings

  3. Betty S. says

    A super sweet baking lady at our church long ago put this in our Churchill’s cookbook…I think hers has little to no flour…I’ll have to look. Hmmm. I have made them several times through the years on Christmas platters. Really unique and yummy!

  4. Bettie says

    Am back to say they are a Winner!!! and ask what kind of cookies were they as they were been eaten warm!hum… Now for what I did.. I do like almonds and had none so.. added 1/2t. almond extract, along with the 2t. vanilla.. great taste. in stead of having to “sqeeze” the dough I used my smallest scoop[about 1T. ] I then pressed it in it when I put it on the cookie sheet I then used a fork and pressed lightly.. did great and made a few over 4doz. cooked them17min.
    Thanks again and I will make them again. and by the way No one guessed what kind they were!!!

    • says

      Bettie – you are mighty talented to have already made them! Thank you for the cookie tips. The recipe does make a bunch! (And, yes, no one will ever guess they have potato chips in them – unless you tell. Which you must. Because they are so unique!)

  5. Lana says

    These look interesting! I hate the bottom of the bag chips and usually put them on the top of a chicken casserole. I homeschooled 5 children all the way through and 4 of them got full scholarships to college so my time paid for itself and I got to spend all those years with my kids. :)

    • says

      Teri – I’d say about as much as the almonds – 2 to 2 1/2 oz. But to your tastes! When I make them with almonds, I use the slivered kind. So, it would be best if they were chopped, I’d think. Lindsay at top might know better since she says she makes them with pecans.

      • Anne Jones says

        I was so intrigued by this recipe and didn’t have the potato chips so had to go buy some and crush them because I couldn’t wait! I used whole almonds and chopped them and they are absolutely delicious! I am sure the sliced almonds would be easier to chop though. I want to try them with pecans too! I would guess chopped it would be about 1/3 cup maybe but the nuts add a wonderful taste to the cookie. Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • says

      The cookie dough is rather crumbly with regular chips. So I think that the dough needs the oils from the regular chips. But, if you prefer the baked – it’s worth a try! You just might have to squish them together a little harder :)

  6. says

    Lorra – you will have one happy football team! Martha – I agree! Why not try some variations? Can’t go wrong with all that butter :) Pat – I love it! Glad to help bust the secret for you. Martha – you just made me smile.

  7. Marylou says

    I’ve been making potato chip cookies for years. Everyone is always surprised at how delicious they are. I add butterscotch chips. I wish it would get cold here in California so I can get in the baking mood.

    • NancyLeeIL says

      Tricia…yummo! I posted a reply in the “forum” part of SP site and then realized I probably should post here too. I just wanted to let you know something that you might not ever know or need, but I had creamed the sugar and the butter and went to get flour and had forgotten that my DD had used flour and only had 2 cups of flour. So I added it and prayed. After mixing it looked like cookie dough so I went with it. I used a medium cookie scoop and then dipped a juice glass in confectioner’s sugar to flatten them a bit (hubby won’t eat “ball like” cookies). They came out wonderful. I know you love your grandma’s recipe and probably would never make it any differently but I just wanted you to know my “screw up” and that it still worked in case you’re ever short on flour. I got 35 cookies. I was also a wonderin’ when I tasted the batter if you could use this as a topping for a fruit crisp and the sweet/salty thing would be an interesting addition. (Just a thought I’m going to try). Thank you so much for posting. I had no idea you could make cookes with potato chips and no one in my house (except me) will eat those crumbly things at the bottom of the bag. Now I have a better use for them.
      Hugs, Tricia and thanks again.

  8. Kim says

    For years I purchased Potato Chip Cookies from a small local shop. Unfortunately the owner died last year and the shop closed. Her Potato Chip Cookies were light and flaky and flat. I was glad to find this recipe and tried them for a church gathering. They were hard rocks and were unattractive because a lot of them cracked. I’m a very experienced baker and followed the recipe exactly. I had the best cookies to compare these with, and this recipe really fell short by a mile. Because I didn’t have anything else to take, I took them to the church gathering. Only one was eaten… ’nuff said! Guess no one wanted to eat ugly rocks!! LOL Sorry, looks like I’ve got to keep searching for the perfect Potato Chip Cookie!

  9. JudyB says

    These are one of my top 10 cookies in the entire universe! I have made them for too many years to remember. For those who think they are salty sweet…they are not UNLESS you put the salt from the bottom of the potatochip bag in them.. These are similar in texture & taste to several other cookies
    Shortbread, Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cookies Southern Butter Pecan Fingers etc.
    I have been holding cookie exchanges for 25 yrs and have seen (and tasted) about every cookie on earth. One time I was judging a recipe contest for a fund raising event that had 75 entries and most of them were cookie. One of the cookies was called “Guess Agains” the contestant was a man in his 80’s and claimed no one had ever guessed what the “secret” ingredient was…he asked if I would take a stab at what it was and I said yes, that this is my favorite cookie…a rich butter cookie with crushed potatoe chips …he was reaally shocked that I knew what it was. (poor soul had no idea of how manyof them I had baked. By the way there were secveral judges at the contest and he won 1st prize…tell you how good they are huh! I like them best without any nuts, or with only nuts. however, I would not turn any variety down, I love them that much. (I would not eat one with flavored chips using this recipe however) I would like to share a tip of mine… when making this cookie…and that is to roll them in powdered sugar when they are war…and again when they are cooled. Love this blog, consider me a big fan…thanks to all who contribute…Judy

  10. Kimmie says

    I was a little disappointed in these cookies. I made them exactly as the recipe specified, and like someone else posted—they were like ugly little rocks. The dough is just crumbles that you have to mush together to form a “cookie”. They were not attractive, and the taste was just OK—nothing really special.

  11. says

    The recipe is quite simple and really good. I was just wondering if we can replace sugar with salt and omit vanilla essence to make saltish cookies. I will definitely try these yummy crispy potato chip cookies. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  12. karla says

    I work at a hospital and had a patient I was caring for, family bring me some of these potato chip cookies. I was skeptical at first because I don’t like chips of any sorts but I tried them and OMG they are so unbelievably good! They are a favorite of mine however, I use lemon extract in the mix and sprinkle powered sugar atop them when done. You won’t be disappointed when trying these delicious cookies.


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