The Little Red Hen – Story time Video


Today I’m going to be reading you a story that my Mama read to me when I was a little girl! I hope you enjoy it! Be sure and have your Mama, Daddy, Grandmama, Grandaddy, Aunt, or Uncle to leave me a comment below and tell me how you liked it. When you’re done, check out some of my other story time videos!



The Little Red Hen


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  1. Sherry Baird says

    I had to let my husband hear this story because I sure could use his help. He said, if you go get a hamburger(sorry but he loves McDonalds) he would help me eat it. funny man I love this story
    thanks for sharing, I am going to let my daycare children listen to this

  2. says

    I may be 56 years old, but I still remember my mama reading The Little Red Hen to me when I was just a “little red-headed girl”! (All white hairs now! :-) It’s now one of the favorite stories we read to the four grandchildren who live close by. Thanks for sharing it with your readers. I think it’s one of the BEST! :-)

  3. MrsD05 says

    You just read my 4 month old nephew to sleep. He is SUCH a good baby but he is getting teeth and was fussy. I started playing the video and he was fascinated. He fell asleep almost at the time you were done.

    Thank you so much for making him happy!
    Aunt Jen

  4. Teresa says

    Love it! Can’t wait to share with my grandson William. He loves all your stories especially Pete the cat. He goes around singing how he loves his shoes, cocking his head back and forth. Thanks for doing another one.

  5. Donna says

    Hi Christy!
    Did you hear me shout ” YES!” when I saw you had read The Little Red Hen? Turns out my firsties and I are using this story for the next few days to learn a lot about reading! We will be practicing several different reading, writing, and spelling skills. Thanks for helping me teach reading with expression! :) PS We love having guest readers in our classroom. Stop by if you are ever in St. Louis! My kids wouldn’t even notice your Southern accent because I am also from AL! Roll Tide!

  6. Stacey J. says

    Thanks for continuing to put books on your site, my 6 year old daughter loves to listen to them over and over. She got ‘Pete the Cat’ last week from a school book order and told me she doesn’t even have to look at the words to be able to read it. She is even reading it with an Alabama accent, funny because we’ve never lived in Alabama! We also love your recipes.

  7. Jenn says

    Ohhh, I love this story and even at my mature age, I love being read to still! (Now it is my husband that reads to me.) I stared reading to our sons before they were born and read to all the cousins and they all still remember that. It has been proven that children that are read to learn to read easier. But, hey, my grandmother and parents and aunts and Great-Granddaddy read to all of us and their parents read to them…

    Thank you so much!


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