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If you missed my guest appearance on Paula Deen’s Best Dishes, it airs again today, November 7th at 5:00 Eastern (Please check times in your area) and again November 14th at 12:00 PM Eastern on Food Network.

This is gonna be a hectic week, but in a good way! I have to do a little filming Monday and Tuesday and then I’ll be prepping all day Wednesday for my big Holiday Cooking Show in Florence, Alabama. I’m so excited to get to see many of y’all at that show and I just can’t wait to feed you! If you didn’t come to my cooking show last year, I thought I’d tell you a little about the format.

I modeled my cooking show after the Southern Living Cooking Schools that I grew up with, but I changed it up a bit. Thanks to the help of a few hundred Culinary Students at the University of North Alabama, led by the amazing Chef Ogun, after I get finished cooking each item the entire audience gets to sample it! In between setting up for the next recipe my dad and son then go up to the microphone and call out ticket numbers for door prizes. Last year we had so many door prizes that they actually ended up having to call them out even after the show was over! This year I’m especially thrilled with all of the wonderful prizes we have to offer, I feel like Santa Claus! I asked a few companies personally to donate and Hamilton Beach, Calphalon, Terra Bacio, Southern Living, Rubbermaid, and many others came through in a big way! Home Depot custom built my kitchen set just for this holiday cooking show and the Marriott Conference Center in Florence was kind enough to let us use their facilities for it.

There will be a special section for kids where Home Depot will be hosting a building workshop and Bob and Larry from VeggieTales will be there to meet everyone.

The Holiday Market Place opens up at 4:00 but if you can’t make it until 5:00 or so you’ll still have plenty of time. My cooking show begins at 7:00 and generally runs about an hour. After the show I’d love for anyone who likes to come up on the stage for pictures and chatting. Of course, I’d be honored to sign anything you’d like.

Attendees will receive a program which includes all recipes I cook during the show and I can’t wait for you to taste my Faux Pecan Pie!

There are so many volunteers who have worked for months to pull this show together and all proceeds go to benefit the HES Department of UNA.

If you would like to help with my Santa’s for Seniors project, I will have a Southern Plate Table in the vendor area and will be thrilled to accept any Suave Body Wash you’d like to bring to help us adopt more nursing homes at christmas Time.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet and would like to come, they are available at the door. For more information, please click here. This is a one of a kind cooking show that only takes place in Muscle Shoals (I couldn’t possibly pull it off without all of the help from UNA) so I hope to see you there if you can make it!


Next time you’re stressed:

Take a step back, inhale and laugh.

Remember who you are and why you’re here.

You’re never given anything in this world that you can’t handle.

Be strong, be flexible, love yourself, and love others.

Always remember, just keep moving forward. 

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  1. Nancy says

    Just wanted to tell you Christy that I did watch you on the Paula Deen show and you were very cute and so good. She is just a hoot I think and I can not
    eat a lot of her recipes but a treat now and then is good. You seemed to be having a great time. Thank you for doing all the good recipes.

  2. PATIKAKES says

    I saw you on the Paula Deen show. I thought you did great. I especially like the cake you made. I will be trying that one soon. I also want to try the “Faux Pecan Pie”, just because it looks interesting.

    P.S. I pronounce pecans just like you do; only because that’s the way my gramma did. She was from Alabama….

    Love your web site and all your recipes…

  3. Beulah says

    Missed seeing you on Paula’s show but will watch it today. I love Paula and her boys. She has a great show, I have made a lot of her recipes as I do a lot o yours also. There is nothing better than Southern Cooking!!!!!!

  4. Anita says


    I was so excited that my two favorite ladies were on the same show (you and Paula) on my birthday! I love your postings, have your cookbook and wish I could be with you this week at your cooking show! Keep up the good work and hopefully you will come close to me sometime so you can sign my book and I can have my picture made with you. Thanks so much!

  5. Jennifer says

    Ok, so now I need to googlemap Muscle Shoals, and find a babysitter so I can come, ;-). The cooking show sounds fabulous! And I can’t wait to see you at 5 with Paula. We were spending time with Grammy on Saturday, so I missed it.

  6. Lisa in Texas says

    Loved getting to see you on Paula Deen’s show, Christy – you were fabulous! I need to make that Vanilla Wafer Cake soon. One of my favorites – that was a Christmas standard growing up. And WOW on that mac&cheese recipe. When Paula dropped TWO blocks of cream cheese in that pot … of course, I’m thinking this would blow the battery out of a Weight Watchers points calculator, and my husband is thinking, “How soon can we make this?!!!”

  7. Sandy Whitehead says

    Christy, I did watch the show this past weekend and really enjoyed seeing you with Paula and Bobby. Girl, you just fit right in. I want to make your vanilla wafer cake soon too. Since I have a couple of people who don’t eat coconut, do you think I could leave that out and add something else in its place (maybe something like crushed pineapple or chopped cranberries?

  8. Joann Drye says

    How could anyone resist you and Paula Dean together! You were yourself, which is good, and you and Paula seem a natural…. Love the recipes and the laughs.. I hope you had as good of a time as it seemed to us watching, … way to go girl!
    jo in Sapulpa, OK

  9. Lane Peters says

    Hi Christy, Saw you on Paula Deen and thought you did a wonderful job! I’m glad you choose the vanilla wafer cake (one of my favorites!) How funny when Paula said you were more southern than her! Ya’ll are both true southern women just have different southern dialects! I know your family is proud of you and your accomplishments!

  10. says

    I caught the tail end of you and Paula Saturday…I’ve set the reminder on my phone to watch it this afternoon when I get home from work. I’m lovin’ your website! Good old-fashioned cooking with easy to find ingredients!

  11. says

    I saw you on Paula’s show. Called my sister’s so that they could see it too! I will definitely try the Nilla cookie cake you made. Great job and keep up the good work. Anything with you and Paula together has to be a hit. Wish I could make your cooking show this week. :( PS. I also pronounce pecans the way you do. I’m from Kentucky.

  12. Fran says

    Oh, the trials of living in the North when my favorite cooking (and blogger) is from the South! I hope you have a fabulous turnout for your cooking show. Sure wish I could be there, too! =^..^= I already commented on your amazing turn with Miss Paula on Facebook. It sure looked like fun!

  13. Betty Grubbs says

    I loved you on Paula Deen and I just went back and got your recipe for the Vanilla Wafer Cake. As I was reading you comments before the recipe, it brought back memories when you talked about your grandmother sitting cakes on the screened in porch.

    My husband and I lived in Ohio and my parents in Southern Arkansas and when we came home at Christmas, my Mom had all our favorite cakes and pies sitting out on the screened in porch on a table waiting for us. What memories we have of that time?

    I really enjoy your website and all the recipes but especially the stories that go with them. I live in Tennessee now and so glad to be back in the SOUTH.

  14. Patricia says

    I saw you on the Paula Deen show, and I especially like the cake you made. I will be trying that one soon. I also want to try the “Faux Pecan Pie”.
    P.S. I pronounce pecans like you do, but I’m a Yankee. Albeit, from “Southern” Illinois.

  15. Brandy W. says

    So LOVE you & Paula! Just caught the last few minutes, will be catching the 14th reshow:) Thank you both for having REAL cooking! I don’t have to worry about searching gourmet stores for an ingredient that I will only use once or something that costs more than my enire YEARLY budget for groceries…lol
    Yes, there is alot of butter, fried etc. however, we can all adjust the salt,butter, skim milk etc to cut down on calories,sodium yadda,yadda
    Thank you for ALL you do & your GENEROUS heart!!! B

  16. Beth says

    Christy…I watched you on Paula’s show. You were great. I have to point out one thing though. I like how you don’t have to dress up your recipes. I could have ate that cake with just the butter, as you have shown before. But hey, it’s her show, so I guess she can add berries, green stuff and all that if she wants. But just give me the cake and butter. You are the best! You keep cooking super simple for us gals! You cook and serve it just like we would at our home. Love it!

  17. Jeni Lou says


    You were wonderful on Paula’s show! Brian was in his room and heard your voice and he ran in the living room and said “I know her! Thats Ms. Christy!! Momma, write her and tell her I said hello.” lol We’ve made your vanilla wafer cake and my husband couldnt stay out of it. Your recipes are wonderful as always <3

  18. vivian says

    I saw you on Paula Deens show and I felt like I know you, just as I feel I know Paula. You were great. I have a question, do you have a recipe for Sweet Potato Pudding. I am from North Carolina and my grandmother use to make them. She grated the raw sweet potatoes with a large lard tin cover with hold punched in with a nail and hammer.

  19. says

    My Mom also made a raw grated sweet potato pudding. It was so good. I’m sure it had the potatoes, plus eggs, butter, sugar and milk. However, I don’t know the portions. Also, guess I’m too lazy to tackle grating the sweet potatoes; however they could be done with a food processor. Think those things are not around anymore. Also it probably had spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. If you come across a recipe be sure to share it.

  20. Lori says

    I loved seeing you on Paula’s show –as I knew I would! You looked like you were having fun and it sounds like you got to spend some fun time with her cooking and talking. Your cake looked yummy! I wish I could come to your Holiday show tomorrow…I will have to plan on making that trip from Cincy next year. By the way, we say pecan the same way as you up here in Cincinnati!


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