Thanksgiving In Another House – A Note Before I Unplug


I’m about to unplug for a few days to focus on my family but wanted to leave you with little note before I do. 

Dear Southern Plate Family,

This time of year we sometimes find ourselves glancing “over the fence” at the family celebrations of our friends and neighbors with a wistful sigh. Its so much easier to look through a window and imagine the Norman Rockwell painting when we don’t see the holiday ideal in our own family.

Well you know what? I wasn’t there but I can guarantee you that scene in the painting was LOUD. I can also guarantee you some of those folks drove hours to be there, bickering all the way. Once there, some complained of how the turkey was cooked, or that so-and-so’s wife had on too much lipstick (having no idea that complaining was a surer sign of their own character).

But at that moment in the painting those folks from Mr. Rockwell’s mind clicked. They were a family gathered around a dinner table to give thanks. In that moment, no matter the imperfections and faults, they became beautiful –and the imaginary photo was snapped.

That was the take away. It’ll be there for your family, too. All you gotta do is shift the focus away from the neighbor’s picture window so you can see the art surrounding you.

You may have turkey with all the trimmings, but it just won’t taste right unless you bring a thankful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving





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  1. Auntiepatch says

    I use to look at this painting and see the family, Grandpa at the head of the table, Grandma carrying in the big bird, everybody happy to be there. Now that I’m older, I think: WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE YOUNGER CARRY IN THAT HEAVY TURKEY AND SPARE GRANDMA’S ARMS AND BACK? Interesting how age changes your perspective.

    Anyway, well said Christy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Connie says

    “Hideeeeee!” Minnie Pearl. I heard her voice so clearly when I read Hidy in your post. Thanks Christy for your blog, emails, recipes and everything. I enjoy them all. I particulary love the stories.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Cathy says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Although we will be having chicken legs this year for our dinner we are very blessed to have made it through the terrible snow here near Buffalo. Store shelves are pretty empty so didn’t get a turkey like I was going to last week. Can’t think of a better person to be snowed in with than my husband so we will have a quiet holiday.
    Thank you for all the great things you have taught me to make.

    • Jennifer Howie says

      God bless you and your hubby Cathy, this may turn out to be the best Thanksgiving you two ever had with unexpected blessings you never dreamed of. I hate to even tell you but it’s in the 70’s here in Florida……too hot for the holidays!
      Hang in there and take good care girl!


  4. Jennifer Howie says

    Christy, you’re a blessing to so many every day and I thank you so much for your kind & joyful heart. Just recently, I realized that your Katy Rose is getting prettier all the time! She and my granddaughter are the same age and starting to look so “growny” just all of a sudden! You’re a wonderful mom like my daughter is and I’m so proud of you girls! Your mama and I are close in age and she reminds me of myself in so many ways. You can take the girl out of Alabama but you can NEVER take the Alabama out of this girl. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. susan says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are on my thanksgiving list – that list of blessings that I never get all the way through even on the most sleepless night.
    I was so tickled to get to meet you in Fayetteville the other day and honored by your suggestion that I might be an angel . . . and I have a furthere comment to add to what I told you about how I use your Lifesavors . . . I had told you that I sometimes put them on the bulletin board at the doctors’ office where I work for the 30+ women to see . . . the day of the HOCP I had to spend some time at work because of a computer upgrade . . . well, at more than one desk I saw where someone had made a copy of one of the Lifesavors and put it right above the computer monitor – so you see, Christy, the ripples from your words just go on and on, having a positive impact on more folks than you could ever imagine!
    Hope your Thanksgiving days are wonderfully blessed!

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