Happy Thanksgiving Note Before I Unplug

I’m about to unplug for a few days to focus on my family but wanted to leave you with little note before I do. 

Dear Southern Plate Family,

This time of year we sometimes find ourselves glancing “over the fence” at the family celebrations of our friends and neighbors with a wistful sigh. Its so much easier to look through a window and imagine the Norman Rockwell painting when we don’t see the holiday ideal in our own family.

Well you know what? I wasn’t there but I can guarantee you that scene in the painting was LOUD. I can also guarantee you some of those folks drove hours to be there, bickering all the way. Once there, some complained of how the turkey was cooked, or that so-and-so’s wife had on too much lipstick (having no idea that complaining was a surer sign of their own character).

But at that moment in the painting those folks from Mr. Rockwell’s mind clicked. They were a family gathered around a dinner table to give thanks. In that moment, no matter the imperfections and faults, they became beautiful -and the imaginary photo was snapped.

That was the take away. It’ll be there for your family, too. All you gotta do is shift the focus away from the neighbor’s picture window so you can see the art surrounding you.

You may have turkey with all the trimmings, but it just won’t taste right unless you bring a thankful heart.

Happy Thanksgiving




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  1. Wanda Hamm says

    Christy your are such a bright light in a dim world . I love your post an humor you share each day. It goes far beyond the wonderful recipes you share. I’m an Alabama girl too and sometimes the similarities are so significant. Thanks for reminding me of such wonderful times in my life. Blessings to you and yours this t
    Thanksgiving season! Wanda

  2. Ann Fical says

    Christy, i i loved the Norman Rockwell picture, and it really does depict of the good ole fashion THANKSgivings of yester years. In this hustle and bussel world, people forget to stop and look at the wonderful things around them. Every day is a blessing, look at the wonderful scenery we have, and the blue skies and those gorgeous clouds! This is the time to think of family and friends, and thank God for all we do have , and not what we don’t have. Happy THANKSgiging to you all.

  3. Becky Burleson says

    Christy your posted made me reflect on what use to be when you have your mother, father, siblings and grandparents. Now as I have aged I try to remember those times and try to let my family experience those times, also from years past. Remember what you have and be Thank Full, like the pastor said this past Sunday. Continue your uplifting post and recipes from times past. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Pat Jennings says

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Southern Plate Family!

    That Norman Rockwell Painting really ministered to my heart. It took me back to when my children were little and we all sat together at every meal and talked to each other about how our day went. Then as they got older and technology progressed that intimacy was lost and everyone began eating at different times and never at the table. Now, I am living with the grand-daughter that I reared from birth and there’s a great-grand in my care. Now, since I do most of the cooking, I’m going to re-enforce that rule of everyone sitting together at dinner time at the very least and bring back some of that lost intimacy so that this child can have some pleasant memories of fellowship while breaking bread. Thank you for the sweetest reminder.

  5. says

    As always, Christy, you have a wonderful way with words. This post was especially poignant, however, and brought a tear to my eye. I appreciate the reminder to be thankful for our own grass. ;)

    I hope that y’all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    With love and thanks for all you do.

  6. teresa says

    I hope you and your family and all of your fans have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for, regardless of our current circumstances or what we do or do not have. We have life, we have Jesus

    • Barb says

      I sincerely wish you and all of your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!
      I am thankful for all I have and my family and most of all for my salvation,
      God is so good!! I really enjoy your recipes and the writings you post.

  7. Katherine Webb says

    Cristy you make things you say so heart warming, ;t makes one to stop and re read your coments they are lovely and we know they come from your heart. Have a nice Thanksgiving with your family and we will miss you hurry back.

  8. Susan says


    What a sweeeeeet spirit you are. Oh, to be your neighbor! Online’s not bad! Thank you for taking the time to share. There is not a time I visit your site that I don’t feel encouraged and smile and sometimes..cry. You are truly blessed to have found your calling…and then he made you a wonderful Southern cook on top of that! wink wink. Have a most blessed holiday season with your loved ones. God Bless you and all you care about.

    A North Carolina Girl ~ and friend(;

  9. Cynde Diminovich says

    ahhhh Thanksgiving Eve…. time to get busy with the cooking girl! hehehe Christy, Enjoy the day relaxing and loving your family! We had Thanksgiving on Monday at my daughter’s home for my birthday this year. Katie and I spent the day cooking together (with a few cooking lessons/secrets) Her dinner was wonderful…i am so Thankful for your learning from your Mom and Gmom and sharing the recipes that are so much like my momma cooked…it is wonderful to be able to gift my daughter with your cookbooks!


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