Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas – Plus TV Segment



I had a wonderful time at Great Day Houston a few weeks back when I went to film a segment on Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Southern Living. Below is the segment if you’d like to see it. After that, be sure and scroll down for easy and inexpensive ideas for some homemade gifts that would be great for children, co-workers, faculty, and more!

To see the full list of recipes I used in this segment and more photographs of the crafts we made, click here to visit my blog on Southern Living.com.

Want more Homemade Christmas ideas?

I did a whole series of posts back when I first started blogging. Check out the great recipes along with package ideas below!

Note: I took these photos three years ago. I have now set a personal goal to take better photos this year :) 

S’more’s kits

These are so much fun to make and cute as a button to gift! They are economical enough to allow your child to make one for every member of their class. Also great for co workers, grandchildren, and anyone else who has a love of chocolate and marshmallow goodness! Includes printable tags.

Chocolate Gravy Mix 

We make these assembly line style and let the kids pass them out to every member of faculty at their schools!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix and Snowman Soup Kits (Includes printable tags) – Homemade Hot Chocolate mix is easy and DELICIOUS! Plus, this post is just too precious because I wrote it two years ago and my kids just look so little! 


These are just a few of my homemade gift ideas you might enjoy. There are plenty more on SouthernPlate.com and more to come this season! 




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  1. Sue Ames says

    I love your Southern Plate newsletter! I think I’ll try the “Snowman Soup” idea for my 2 small grandsons as part of their gift this year. I would love to be able to watch your segments on TV but alas I only have basic, basic cable and that means only local stations with a couple of stations such as QVC. So I really read your newsletters. Keep them coming!

  2. Kelly says

    Those ideas were so simple but do doable. We need to really think outside the box during these economic times and use ‘make-do’ items around the house or bought cheap at thrift stores or dollar stores. If it’s from the heart people always enjoy the gift. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your heart. Go Christy!

  3. says

    Thanks for the post. I loved it!

    A great, yet very inexpensive gift you can make is personalized chocolate bar. It is a gift you can give your child’s classmates, co-workers, friends and neighbors.

    Buy chocolate bars, take their wrappers off (leave the internal silver wrapping). Create a wrapper template using your computer, scrap book or stamping skills – Add a family photo and write “Merry Christmas from the…”, “Happy Holidays” or make each family member hold a letter or a word from a short saying, take a photo and add it to the template.

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