My 14 Favorite Things For Christmas – GIVEAWAY

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I went shopping for you! I went out and bought some of my favorite things to share with my wonderful Southern Plate family. Below, you’ll find my list of things I treat myself with and hopefully get a few ideas if you are looking to mark a some folks off of your gift list. You’ll find that I’m a practical gal with (mostly) practical tastes. But here is the fun part – I’m giving everything I bought away and you could be one of the winners!

Here is how this is gonna work. Beginning tomorrow, I’ll give away 2-3 prizes per day to commenters chosen at random, through Saturday, until all of the prizes have been given away. All you have to do is leave one comment to be entered in all fourteen giveaways. This is gonna go pretty quick so be sure and check back often to see if you’ve won! Winners will be announced here (in red letters, under the prize they won) and on Facebook, and will also be contacted by email. Winners will have 2 days to respond to the email with their address. If I haven’t heard back in two days, another winner will be announced for that prize.

Ready to have some fun? Here are a few of my favorite things!

To enter all of these giveaways, simply leave a comment below!

Check back often to see if you’ve won! I’ll announce 2-3 winners each day beginning Tuesday (Dec13) and running through Saturday (Dec 17)!

Hamilton Beach Set N Forget 6 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

Call me practical, call me easy, call me inexpensive, but don’t call me late to dinner when you use this slow cooker. I’m giving away this model, which is the same one I use several times a week (especially when book deadlines are looming). I LOVE my slow cooker and I only use Hamilton Beach. They are my favorite brand because they are the only company making innovative small countertop appliances that the average consumer can actually afford. I’ve already purchased three slow cookers for Christmas gifts this year alone. So if you are a busy person or know a busy person who happens to like to eat every now and then, a slow cooker is a lifesaver. Models begin with basics and head on up to this model, which I consider the Cadillac, but with a value car price.

This is my favorite model for the 6 quart size, the rubber seal around the lid, and the clamps on the sides that allow you to transport even soups and stews without a single drop getting out. The program feature allows you to program a recipe to cook for a specified amount of time before automatically switching to warm. There are a hundred other reasons why this model is my favorite but you’re better off getting your own and seeing for yourself! If your slow cooker is over ten years old, I highly recommend getting a newer model for their improved features and better cooking ability. This one runs about $50-$60 and you can get great models as low as $20.

Special thanks to Hamilton Beach for providing the slow cooker I’ll be giving away to one lucky Southern Plate family member.

Me in my J. Crew Pearls on set in New York

J Crew Pearls

I went shopping with fellow Southern Living Editor at Large James Farmer in Charleston, SC for the perfect outfit to wear to my tv appearances and he insisted on a strand of glass pearls from J. Crew. That evening I received compliments on them from a heads of Time, Inc and Southern Living, among others.

They are just beautiful and have become my most worn wardrobe staple. I have worn them on more tv appearances than I can count. The quality is beautiful the price even better. BE sure you go into a J Crew store to pick out your pair if at all possible, their best prices and selection is definitely not found in their online store. When in New york this past week, Mama and I passed a J Crew store and went in to buy her a pair. At the time they were 25% off and we got her a beautiful strand for about $25. They range anywhere from $25-$90 depending on which ones you choose.

Did you know that most of Jaqueline Kennedy’s pearls were glass?

My mother and I picked up this set of pearls at the J Crew in New York, located in Rockefeller Center and I hope whoever gets them will love them as much as we do!

Congratulations to Robin Wood! Her comment was chosen at random to win these pearls :)

Southern Plate Cookbook

Of course, there is always my cookbook :) Featuring over 150 family recipes along with beautiful photography and the story behind each recipe – with some additional stories from my heart thrown in for good measure. If you enjoy, you’ll definitely want the additional content, stories, and recipes found only in my book. The Christmas chapter is my best friend right now!

My next cookbook won’t be out until 2013 so pick this one up while ya can! Available at most major bookstores nationwide with a cover price of $27.99, but you can pick it up for only $15.19 (45% off) at the time of this post on by clicking here.

The copy I’m giving away will be signed.

Congratulations to Rebecca Holcombe, whose comment was chosen at random to win this prize!

$10 Starbucks Gift Card

I love treating myself to a latte from time to time but always feel a pang of guilt when I spend the money, which is why a Starbucks gift card is such a thoughtful gift because it allows someone to treat themselves without the guilt.

My favorites are Venti Skinny Caramel Latte and Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte :) I usually pay extra to have them add in an extra shot of expresso.

**I’ll be giving away two of these**

Congratulations to Jane P (email is Jane118) who was chosen at random to win one of these gift cards!

Silicone Utensils and Cheerful Dish Towels

I love pretty dish towels and these silicone utensils from Target are some of my absolute faves. Apparently, others agree because they were pretty picked over when I went shopping! I’m featuring silicone basting brush which is just divine. Finally, one that you can actually get truly clean! I love not having the traditional bristles, which seem to pick the worst times to let loose of the brush and are a bear to clean. I use this for brushing melted butter on hot biscuits, basting a ham, or brushing bbq sauce over my favorite pork chops.

This silicone spatula is big enough to be able to accomplish any job. I could always use an additional spatula! I also love the Silicone Spoontula they feature in this same line (It is called Michael Graves) and I have two pairs of silicone tongs from the same line as well. These utensils are available at Target, which is also where I got the dish towels from. The towels run around $5.00 for a set and the utensils range (approximately) from $7.00 – $12.99 each.

Congratulations to Susan Wade, whose comment was chosen at random to win this!

Hand Knotted Cultured Pearl Bracelet with Sterling Silver Clasp

Donny from Donny’s Diamond Gallery has been graciously serving as a drop off point for Santa’s For Seniors and he called this weekend to tell me how much bodywash they’d collected and how much they’d enjoyed getting to meet some of the Southern Plate Family who had dropped by.

I was working on this post at the time and when I mentioned it to Donny he quickly chimed in to offer this beautiful 6.5 mm cultured pearl bracelet with Sterling Silver clasp. What a treat these will be! Around these parts, that Donny’s Diamond Gallery bag is the equivalent of a Tiffany’s bag. Here is a photo of my Katy Rose happily posing with her bag and golden box when Donny sent her a birthday surprise in October!

Be sure you check out Donny’s on Facebook and tell them Christy sent ya!

Congratulations to Georgette Sorini, whose comment was chosen at random to win this prize!

Christmas in Connecticut

I love both the Barbara Stanwyck version of this movie and the modern version but I gotta tell ya, this telling with Diane Cannon and Kris Kristofferson is romance-novel Swoon worthy romantic!

There are other “MUST SEE” Christmas movies for me but this one is just lighthearted and fun. If you get a chance though, be sure you watch Meet Me In St Louis. It just isn’t Christmas for me without that movie!

Congratulations to Joyce Hale, who won this prize!

One Year Subscription to All You!




I don’t know a single person who loves saving money and doesn’t love All You Magazine! They regularly feature some of the best coupons around (and plenty of them!) within each issue along with great and affordable ideas for food, decorating, budgeting, and more. I love getting magazine subscriptions as gifts because it means I get a little present each month in my mailbox! Right now Amazon has a year of All You for just $19.95 but one of you will be getting a year from me and All You as a little Merry Christmas! Click here to visit All You’s practical and affordable gift guide on!

Matthew West – The Heart Of Christmas

WOW, what an album this is! His voice is sublime and his treatment of these Christmas classics along with some new ones thrown in is both refreshing and traditional. You have got to hear his take on Oh Come all ye Faithful but make sure you have tissues handy for “One Last Christmas” – which is a true story. Ricky and I have really enjoyed listening to this cd in the car.

Congratulations to Kathi Spence, who won this great cd!

Southern Living Heirloom Recipe Cookbook – Featuring Marian Cooper Cairnes!

This is a beautiful cookbook and imagine my surprise to find a quote from me inside! Marian Cooper Cairns did all of the food styling for the photography on my book so it is a special thrill or me to see her smiling face and many of her recipes featured on these pages.

Congratulations to Frances S. Hughes, whose comment was chosen at random to win this prize!

*Special thanks to Southern Living for providing the book for this giveaway.

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

A mop on a Christmas Gift List? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! You see, all of that food I serve up? It has to be cooked somewhere. It also has to be eaten somewhere ,and that means that eventually there will definitely be a mess. Seeing as how cleaning is not my favorite task, I’ll take any shortcut I can to make it quicker and easier. Rubbermaid’s new Reveal Mop uses microfiber pads that are washable and reusable and comes with bottles that you fill up with your favorite household cleaner. You can use it on tile, hardwood, etc. It’s great in the kitchen and bathroom!

*Special thanks to Rubbermaid for providing this prize!

Congratulations to Clara OHannes, whose comment was chosen at random to win this great prize!

Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy

I love anything and everything Veggie Tales so I always pick up a few copies of their latest DVD to give as last minute gifts to kids that show up around present time. Yes, I always have extra kids show up, doesn’t everyone? This year’s Little Drummer Boy DVD is the perfect gift for kids of all ages. My husband and I enjoy watching Veggie Tales every bit as much as the kids do!

Congratulations to Suzanne (whose partial email is stuck520) who was chosen at random to this this great prize!

Rubbermaid Glass Food Storage Set with Easy Find Lids

I LOVE This new glass Rubbermaid. I’ve already bought two sets of it for myself! You can bake in it, serve in it, and then store leftovers in the fridge. I also love how it stacks together and all of the lids click into place :). Because who doesn’t need more storage space in their kitchen?

Congratulations to Melissa Plunkett, whose comment was chosen at random to win this prize!

*Special thanks to Rubbermaid for providing this prize.

To enter all of these giveaways, simply leave a comment below!

It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.

~Quoted in The Angels’ Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman

Contest Rules: Winners will be chosen daily beginning Tuesday, December 13th through Saturday December 17th. Winners will be announced within this post (beneath the prize they won), on Facebook, and by personal email sent to them. Winners will have two days to respond in order to claim prize or another winner will be chosen.
Disclaimer: All gifts are provided by myself unless otherwise specified. I was not financially compensated in any way for this post, it cost me money instead, and I was thrilled to be able to do it. I hope any FTC folks who happen to read this understand the full meaning of being blessed and have half as many wonderful people in their lives as I do. Put some holly in your jolly and have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sheri Lankford says

    Happened across your website needing a recipe for a butterfinger cake. Now you’re in my favorites. The cake was a big hit. I like your stories and I am sharing your website with my friends.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless,

  2. Barbara Walk says

    I was looking for a cornbread recipe, that was similar to the one my Mother use to make. I was unable to find one and posted it on facebook and someone suggested your site. I have shared your site with so many since then. I found the recipe I was searching for. Mom passed away one year ago today. She never wrote down her recipes, and sadly took them with her. I have been trying to compile as many of her recipes as closely to the way she cooked them and share them with family members. Several of them I have found on your site. Thank you so much for this site. Ya’ll have a Very Merry Christmas from a very pleased Southern girl and thank you for being here.

  3. Shannon Harvey says

    I simply love your cookbook. I had never heard of your blog because I really don’t blog or social media at all; but I searched for cookbooks on Amazon and bought yours (among other southern cooking books). Let me tell you, I read, just read, your book through twice! I love your stories and have flagged about half the recipes to try. This is my first visit to your blog and I was hoping there would be a way to let you know how much your book has touched and impressed me. I just wish I had the priceless treasure trove of recipes you have inherited. Such a blessing. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

  4. Dianne Pointer says

    I first came across you when you were on the Paula Dean show. I have some old cook books and they have alot of the same recipes that I have seen on your web site & I have used before. I also love the Vanilla Wafer cake recipe. One of the most favorite cakes I have cooked for dinners at church & work is the Coconut Cake. I found one years ago in the Hart EMC cookbook and it was to be left in the refrigerator for 3 days before eating, mine never lasted that long.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  5. Lynn Lewellen says

    I do believe in Ms. Santa Clause and you are it. I hope to be in more Christmas spirit next year. This is my first with out my husband of 27 years. He past from colon cancer back in June. Also, our 28th annv would be tomm the 23rd. So, I plan to honor him by cont’ thanksgiving for the time I did have with him.


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