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I’ve seen some of the neatest signs on Pinterest lately and as an avid sign lover myself, I thought I’d do a post sharing some of the signs I have around my house with you (You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here if you’d like).

Most of my signs are located in our Diner or the kitchen. We don’t have an actual open-to-the-public diner or anything, but since we converted our sunroom to a fifties style diner, that is what we call it. I’ve had a lot of fun hanging memorabilia up on the walls in there!

The Story Of Our Diner

This is a photo of our Diner. I needed more room in the kitchen but adding onto the house wasn’t an option for us. We had this beautiful sunroom right off the kitchen that we weren’t using but it just doesn’t look right as a dining room to me so I came up with the diner option and got to looking online for diner booths and furniture. There are all sorts of options for second hand but none of them were able to be shipped so I finally settled on buying having my furniture made just for us – and it ended up costing much less for everything than I would have paid for a dining room suite at a furniture store.

We have a booth with a table for four, another table for four with five chairs, and a table for two with two chairs that I keep in the kitchen as a little breakfast table.


I have hopes of decorating it more and would like to add little cafe curtains and such. The kids really want a neon open sign ~grins~. But all of that is just going to have to wait. We’ll get there eventually and in the meantime the journey is half the fun!

I call it the “Do Dine In”, which I think is terribly clever – and the kids just roll their eyes at me every time I try to explain how clever it is. :)

This is our booth where the four of us eat supper every night. We always loved sitting in booths in restaurants so getting our own was pretty cool for the kids.

We do have a terrible time keeping the cats from scratching it though. I’ve tried putting the little covers on their claws and spraying repellent on the backs of the furniture and nothing has helped. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

This is Katy Rose in her waitress costume. She loves to put this on when we have company :)

This is part of one wall hanging in our diner.

I’m only showing close ups of some of these so if you have any questions about particulars let me know. That 45 record is a Leslie Gore song. The skillet is the one I got at the Taste of Charleston Iron Chef Competition a few months back (It was a gift).

This post only has some of the signs hanging around my house because…well I really have too many to put into one post ~grins~

Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life. 

I like to pick signs that have words I want my kids to remember, lessons that I feel are important. This one is crucial. I know so many people who have spent entire lives just waiting for x,y, and z to fall into place before they will be happy. I also know people who haven’t got a penny to their name and they’re living lives more full than the richest among us could ever hope for.

This sign is pretty huge, about a yard tall and over a foot wide.

I got it at Cracker Barrel a while back. Since then I’ve seen a lot of them crop up in antique malls and such for outrageous prices (well over $50.00 – I paid $20.00).

This baby came off Ebay. It is a cast iron plaque that says “On this site in 1897 nothing happened.”

~grins~ I have it hanging on the wall in the diner.

This is a cute little sign, about 5×7 in size. It was a gift from my friend, Beth.

I have no idea where she got it but it sure is cute!

This sign is over 40 inches wide and customized with our name.

The center Coca Cola medallion is a three dimensional metal disk. I got it off of Ebay for a little over $30.00

“Laugh a lot, and when you’re older, all of your wrinkles will be in the right place.”

Jyl got me this one. She and I are big advocates of wrinkles – They are one of the best ways to tell if someone has spent their life smiling or scowling.

Family Rules: Share. May Every word be full of grace. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Give Thanks. Hug Often. Obey your parents. Rejoice in this day that the Lord has made. Love one another. No whining – ever.

I got this one at Cracker Barrel this past summer.

Everything is Beautiful in it’s time. Ecclesiastes 3:11.

This is from the Dayspring line. Their merchandise can be purchased from their website and many Christian book stores.

These little fellas are tin concession stand signs.

I got them off Ebay for about ten bucks.

To enjoy the flavor of life, take BIG bites.

I think I got this one at Old Time Pottery for about $10.

It’s Never Too Late to live Happily Ever After

This applies to so many situations. I think every married couple needs this in their home.

I got this one at the Nashville Flea Market. There used to be this man who set up and made the neatest signs! I was there this past weekend and he wasn’t there anymore but he may start coming again once the weather warms up (winter months are slow for them).


I picked this one up at a little gift shop in the Earlyworks Museum complex in Huntsville. It was just too cute not to come home with me!

This is a Buy Fresh Buy Local poster from Alabama that they sent me when I let them use some of my recipes on their website.

Isn’t it pretty? I just framed it in an inexpensive frame and put it up.

I love you like biscuits and gravy

This is a letterpress sign made by Yeehaw Industries that I received when I spoke at a food blog conference last year.

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

This is so so so so so true.

Also, those who wish to wish to complain, always find something to complain about. I want to be in the first category :)

I got this from the little sign man who used to be at the Nashville Flea Market.

This is a special sign because it was a gift from Su James. Su has been reading Southern plate just about since I started. She and her mother live in Australia. When they came over to visit the south for the first time two summers ago, I drove to Atlanta to spend the day with them (and make some banana pudding for Su to try!) and she and her mother bought me this sign in a gift shop at Stone Mountain. I think of them every time I look at it!

The most important things in life aren’t things.

If only more people realized this.

Another gift from Jyl. It’s like she knows I like signs or something…

You are my sunshine.

I hope my kids remember this sign when they grow up….

Old Time Pottery again. Their signs are really cheap there.

A rich person is not the one who has the most but the one who needs the least.

I think I got this one from a dollar store or something. I have no idea. I’ve had it quite some time though.

The letters on the wall read “The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home” and the sign under it says “Because Nice Matters”

This is in my kitchen.

God’s Top Ten: Put God First. Worship Him only. No bad words. Work 6, Rest 1. Obey your parents. Harm no one. Don’t cheat. Don’t take what is not yours. Tell the truth. Be happy with what you have.

Yup, these are the actual commandments paraphrased.

I got this sign at Cracker Barrel this past summer but a few days ago saw one exactly like it at a Lifeway Christian Bookstore. I’ve had a lot of people ask about this one.

This is over the doorway leading from the kitchen into the den. I’ve had this sign for at least twenty years so I have no idea where I got it.

That hook you can see on the top inner bit of the doorframe is where I hang mistletoe at Christmas :)

This isn’t really a sign but it’s hanging on my wall and I like it.

A set of miniature copper molds in their original display package. I hang a set of copper measuring spoons on individual nails beneath it and I use those all the time.

I’m not a decorator and I know this arrangement is a bit crowded but I’ll live.

The phone on the left is our kitchen phone – I think we still have a house phone number but I turned the ringer off when I first got it and have used it maybe twice so it’s mostly for decoration. The mug rack on the right is one that my grandfather made and finished and Grandmama cross stitched the Morton Salt center of it.

I love this saying and this particular sign was designed by a nice lady on Etsy. I bought a jpeg file of it from her and had it printed on a 16×20 canvas at Wal Mart.

To get it to go on the canvas, I had my husband add an inch and a half border all around to the original file so it wouldn’t have white space when stretched across the canvas frame. I posted a photo on Facebook and so many people asked about it that I emailed the lady who made it and asked her if she would consider setting up an easy auction for the image with the needed boarder around it but I’m afraid I never heard back from her. You can search and find the image on Etsy if you’d like, it is only $8.95 for the jpeg and you have rights to print it on whatever you like (would make great gifts) but if you decide to do it on a canvas like I did some modification will be needed.

Having a place to go is Home.

Having someone to love is Family.

Having both is a Blessing.

I think this came from Kirkland’s a few years ago.

This is a reproduction Coca Cola menu board that I picked up a few years ago at the gift shop in Lake Winnepesaukah

This is a paper potato sack that I got at a flea market two years ago for $2.00.

Now let’s head back into the Diner…

Here are a few signs over the window in the diner. Let’s get a little closer…

A beautiful metal sign from the Loveless Cafe gift shop in Nashville, TN.

Quit Your Meanness

I love this one! How many times have we wanted to tell folks this?

This is actually a bumper sticker that I mounted on cardboard and then just stuck up on the wall.

Visualize Minnie Pearl

Another bumper sticker that I mounted on cardboard and then stuck up on the wall in the diner. This one came from the Loveless Cafe Gift shop.

Flea Market Find.

This is a reproduction sign. It was original $24.00 but we got him down to $20. It’s hanging in the diner.

I got this from Ebay. I can’t speak with certainty here, but I’m pretty sure this was meant to be read by the writers at the New York Times and all those other folks who have come out of the woodwork to get five minutes of fame in exchange for saying nasty things about Paula Deen. As my mother would say “Their time is coming.”


Having a sense of humor is vital to survival. If you are blessed with a sense of humor, exercise it often. If you are not blessed with a sense of humor, give serious thought to acquiring one :) Having said that I love this! ~Giggle~

This sign came from Click here to buy one if you’d like.


To see more of my kitchen itself (beyond the signs) and the rest of my house (on a day it was clean!) click here to see a tour.  

Do you have any signs around your house that have a special quote or message on them?


“Humor is the great thing, the saving thing.

The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.”

– Mark Twain

Submitted by Jenny. Click here to submit your quote.


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  1. says

    I love the signs and the diner! I saw my favorite sign a few years ago but failed to buy! I’m just gonna have to make one and it will say:

    “Consider that your life is a fairytale written by GOD’s own hand.”

  2. says

    Yes, much like you, I am a quote and sign addict–and I LOVE it! I love your signs–I would love to have one of each of them! Great minds think alike. :)

    My favorite sign in my home, so far, is a Charles Dickens quote with some filigree and flowers surrounding it: “A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Diner, too cute! I am a big fan of booths too. They are just so cozy.

  3. Terri go Dawgs says

    Thanks for the tour today Christy. I could feel the warmth of the sunshine on my shoulders standing in the Jordan diner as you pointed out each fun item. I could also feel the warmth from your heart as you spoke. Love u, miss u! xox

  4. Carol Girard says

    I have a sign that is a favorite it says

    May those that love us, Love Us,
    and those that don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts,
    and if He doesn’t turn their hearts
    May he turn their ankles ~ So we
    will recognize them by their limping!!

    an old Irish Blessing…………….one of our favorites at my house!!

  5. I Play Outside The Box says

    I love so many of your signs. Signs are my all time favorite for decorating and you have some great ones!! Love the diner…and that Katy Rose is such a cutie in her ‘uniform’ !! lol

  6. kelly mcelyea says

    I read an article about keeping cat off your counters seems they hate bubble wrap it went on to say that if you roll it out every night before bed, they would learn to keep off counters. Maybe you could tape some on the furniture for a while ?? Went on to say it took about a week.

  7. says

    Oh my goodness! you have a diner in your house! I’ve officially fallen in love! What an amazing idea, I would LOVE a booth in my kitchen! I’m a little obsessed with American diners…I’m definitely pinning this and I love all your cute signs too especially the little hot dog guy and soda can! The only signs we have up in our house is a quote saying ‘we can do hard things’ as we’re both studying again at University this year and it’s hard getting back into it after being out of it for a few years! we also have licence plates up of the 7 U.S states we’ve visited. My life goal is to visit all 50 so I hope to have a wall covered in licence plates by the time we’re done! p.s you’ve been to Loveless? so jealous! my sister got their recipe book for Christmas and everything we’ve baked from it tastes amazing!!

  8. Penny Laich says

    I like to paint, so on the soffit above our 3 kitchen windows are the words “Sit Long…Laugh Often…Love Much….and Kiss the Cook!” Hubby swears HE should get most of the kisses, and since he DOES like to cook, our family will often comply. LOL LOL . (I found a font I liked, enlarged each word or letter on the computer, made my template, then painted in black, lightly outlining in a silver grey to soften the intensity of the deep black). we do so enjoy folks coming by for a chat, some coffee or a wee bite….and as you know, everybody sits at the kitchen table! LOVE your signs!!!

  9. Linda says

    Love your diner. I too have a home full of signs. Two of my favorites: “Nona’s kitchen is seasoned with love”. (my grandchildren call me Nona) ” Pray: you’re never closer to God than when you are down on your knees”.

  10. Pam says

    I was so saddened by the comments about Ms. Paula. I think your sign fits perfectly in that situation. You would have thought she’d been harboring terrorists instead of dealing with her own private health issues. Mean. Just plain mean.

  11. JEAN says

    the any way poem was written by Mother Teresa…. I have it in my house .love it .
    I purchased it from lakeside collections ,a small catalogue I receive …my Dr . has it hanging in his office and I fell in love with it .searched the internet .mine is in a frame as a picture..LOVE THE DINER.

  12. Robin says

    Love your signs, Christy! I have quite a few as well…love them in metal or wood.
    My favorites are:

    “Be swift to love, Make haste to be kind.”;

    “Bloom where you are planted.”;

    “I believe in the sun even when it is not shining; in love even when I am alone; and in God even when He is silent.” (These were words found scratched on a wall in Germany in 1945 by someone in hiding).

    “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

    “May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.” (my favorite Irish blessing)

    “A true friend is the rarest of all blessings.” (needlework from a friend)

    “Thank God for small favors”, etc.

    I think signs help give a space a personal touch and bring a smile or special meaning to each and every day.

  13. Kim Reynolds says

    Double sided packing tape is what did it for my two. I tore mine in 6″ pieces, crumpled it up and stuck it to the furniture in patches, that way it came off on their paws and they could not stand it. Make sure someone is around when it is like that so they don’t have to put up with it to long if they can’t get if off. The water bottle didn’t do it. They LOVE a shower…..silly cats.

  14. elaine raye says

    Love , love, love your diner. I recently bought a chrome and formica dinette set for my kitchen and sold a wood cherry set. My kids think I am totally crazy but I love it. It is in great condition and is stamped May, 1954 on the underneath side of the table.

  15. Rebecca McCoy says

    I have 2, one says “I think your butter has slipped off your biscuit !” and the other “Mom’s Diner Open 24 Hours”. The second is a reminder to my grown boys that Momma will feed them anytime if they will just come home !

  16. Sandy Whitehead says

    Christy, your diner is PERFECT! Love it.

    My husband’s grandmother ran a little grocery/”diner” for years across the street from a furniture factory and served lunch only . She had handmade signs all around the place, pencil/pen on pieces of cardboard (instructions for the rough-and-rowdy clientele): “No spitting on my floor!” was my particular favorite. Any time we went by to see her she would “just happen” to have some “old leftovers” for us to take home with us…Heaven!

  17. sharon in alabama says

    Love your diner!

    As far as keeping the cats off…..Glad Flex Wrap worked for a friend of ours… clings to the furniture and cats do not like the sound of it….whatever method you decide to try, it won’t take long to ‘wean’ them from scratching your furniture…..

  18. Beverly says

    Always Kiss Me Goodnight… and over my husband’s office door… Nobody but Nobody gets in to see the Wizard — he loves Wizard of Oz but there is also this thing he and his brother do via telephone speaking with a “Mr. Wizard.”

  19. Karen A says

    Love your diner and all of the signs.

    Another idea that worked with my cats is to use duct tape. Place the tape sticky side out where they scratch. They get the tape stuck to their feet and they hate it! Just catch the cats and peel off the tape. Depending on your cats, once may be enough. One of my cats took 6 times but finally figured out that she did not like tape on her fur.

    Hope this helps.

  20. Holly Cassidy says

    The cat problem…I don’t know if this works, I read it on…PINTEREST…(yay for Pinterest!) It was a pin about all the many uses of Vic’s Vapor Rub, it said to put some vic’s in the area where the cat is scratching. The scent would deter them away from the furniture/carpet etc. I am having problems with my cat wanting to scratch our carpet wherever there is a door closed (bathroom, closet, bedroom door, if it’s closed, he doesn’t like it). I have been meaning to give this a try but I’ve not gotten around to it just yet.

    • Denise says

      This probably works unless your cat likes Vic’s Vapo-Rub which our cat does. He goes crazy for it and anything with menthol smell to it like arthritis cream. I think we have a strange cat LOL.

  21. Erin Michelle says

    How can someone charge you for a jpeg on etsy when it is a quote from Mother Teresa? Not that I know what a jpeg is, LOL, but I would think that anyone could use that (and I’ve seen it many times) for free. I love it too, she herself is SUCH an inspiration.

  22. Mikki Shelton says

    Love your collection of signs…You have given me a great idea for a room that we never use. As a professional chef, I have always wanted to own a diner, so I am going to use your idea and turn that spare room into the diner I have always wanted…Thanks so much for sharing…

  23. says

    Thank you for opening up your wonderful kitchen to your Southern plate fans. The sign that says it all, “The kitchen is the heart of the home”, is certainly reflected in your home. Those signs are so welcoming and upbeat for all those who are fortunate enough to stop and feast on your delicious cooking. What I know is the most important thing of all, is that your children will always remember these precious pieces of wisdom. I love your website. It feeds my soul!!

  24. Kathy says

    Love the signs, your cherry kitchen and just had to show my husband the photo of that darling little waitress! I don’t have the diner yet, but several years ago bought some diner-themed dishes – someday I hope to have one too.

  25. says

    I make signs and give them as gifts, sell on eBay and hang in my own home. I sold one on eBay that said: ” Live in such a way that those who you, but don’t know God, will come to know God because they know you.” I heard from the buyer and she said she bought for her father, who is a minister, and it is hanging in his office, in his church.

    That really made me happy!

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