Cherry Enemy Pie


I’m thrilled to bring you this delicious cherry pie today. I just love cold fruit pies and this one is a new spin on my Fresh Strawberry Pie for the cherry lovers among us! Since it uses canned cherries, this is one of those pies you can keep all of the ingredients on hand for and make whenever the mood strikes you.

I had the best time this past weekend at the National Cornbread Festival. I was one of the judges in the big cook off so I got to taste each dish that was entered- and they sure were good! I was honored to be able to serve as judge alongside all of the other amazing folks who were judging and I was so glad there were as many of us as there were because judging was very difficult! One of the juges said “Next year can you try to get at least one recipe that isn’t so good to make this easier for us?”

He says I’m funny. ~grin~

I also had a great time getting to meet many of you beforehand. One little boy in particular stood out. I was talking to his Mama about my book and he was standing between us making short work of a sucker I’d given him. He was about three or four years old and as his mama and I were talking he took that sucker out and looked up at me with a serious tone as he said “You’re funny.”

I knelt down to talk to him with a smile as I responded “I am?”

He nodded and took the sucker out again to reply “Yeah. I seen them story videos of yours. You’re always funny.”

I grinned back and asked him which one was his favorite and he looked at me like I was crazy for expecting him to pick just one as he said “All of them.”

He was so sweet! I had a LOT of kids come up to me telling me that they’ve watched my story time videos and I can’t tell you how tickled that made me. I just love doing those and I really do them for my own fun and for my favorite folks – because I just love kids.

So today I’m bringing you another great story time video that my daughters librarian (the most brilliant librarian ever – read about her by clicking here) sent home with her for me to read to you. But this book has a recipe to go with it, too! So below is the video if you want to know why this pie is named like it is, then head on into your kitchen and whip up this deliciously fresh tasting Cherry Enemy Pie – the perfect way to kill your enemies – by making them your friends :)

If you would like to see any of my other story time videos, click here to go to that section of the website. 

The Recipe For Cherry Enemy Pie is below the video

Yowza. Don’t you just love that still photo shot of me before the video starts? Eep!

Enemy Pie by Derek Munson

Click here for more story time videos. Keep reading for the recipe! 


You’ll need: Sugar, 1 can of sweet pitted cherries, small box of cherry gelatin, and some corn starch.

You’ll also need a regular sized pie crust (not deep dish) but I’m using my mix in the pan pie crust so you can use that as well if you like. I have a link to my pie crust recipe in the ingredients list at the bottom of this post.


 In a medium sauce pan, place your gelatin (check the recipe below for amount, we’re not using the whole box), sugar, and corn starch.


Stir those together.

Pour in your water and stir again.

Now place this over medium high heat and stir constantly until it becomes translucent.

This will take about ten minutes or so. It won’t become totally clear unless you are really, really patient.

I knew a patient person once – and it wasn’t me. So let’s just go for translucent.

See? Translucent.

Basically, you want to cook it long enough for everything to dissolve together and form a gel of sorts.

Then set that aside and let it cool for a bit, about half an hour.

Once cooled, drain cherries well and place them in your baked pie crust.

See this pretty crust? It’s my mix in the pan one. It’s so easy and I love how it tastes.



Now pour your cooled cherry pie gel over the cherries.

Cover and refrigerate until well chilled.

Serve to your friends, families, loved ones, and your very best enemies :)


Cherry Enemy Pie
  • 1 C sugar
  • 1 C Water
  • 3 Tablespoons cherry flavored gelatin mix
  • 15 ounce can sweet pitted cherries
  • 3 Heaping Tablespoons Cornstarch
  • 1 regular size (not deep dish) pie crust, cooked and cooled (The recipe for my crust may be found by clicking here .
  1. Combine sugar, cornstarch, and dry gelatin mix by stirring well. Add water and cook until thick and clear over medium high heat, stirring constantly to prevent scorching.
  2. Set aside and let cool about thirty minutes.
  3. Drain cherries well and arrange in bottom of cooked pie crust.
  4. When filling is cool, pour over cherries and chill pie until ready to serve. Serve with whipped cream.

For a Strawberry version of this pie, click here. 


If you would like to see any of my other story time videos, click here to go to that section of the website. 


Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?

~Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Su says

    Cherry pie! I’ve ever eaten cherry pie. I didn’t have my first cherry really unt I was 17 because I’d always had an aversion to them as the medicine I had as a kid was ‘cherry’ and it always made me throw up! But once I had my first real cherry I realized that the medicine wasn’t cherry flavored, just nasty flavored. Lol

    • says

      LOL! I second that on the medicine being nasty flavored!! If you ever wanna taste something really nasty, try Robutussin next time you’re in the states. MEEEHHYUK! My mama used to give that to us at night, when we had been coughing and were half asleep.
      Sure woke you up fast! This is really easy to make, Su, If you do make it, you should just call it “Enemy Pie” and see how your friends look at you when you go to serve it to them! hehehe

  2. says

    I bought your cookbook a while back and have really enjoyed it. Just made the apple spice muffins before church yesterday and they were amazing! When you speak of your family and their humble beginnings it reminds me of my own. Keep the good recipes coming and the stories too!

  3. Bettye says

    Saw you on Paula Deen yesterday and I must say – i’d rather listen to you talk all day than her! I think she’s right – being from Alabama and living in quite a few ‘other’ states – we do talk SO much more Southern! Love you and all your recipes!

  4. Colleen says

    I loved the video!! So cute!!

    I hope this doesn’t make me into an enemy ;)… but I have to tell you tell you that there is a typo in the step by step directions. It’s after you cook and make the gel. It says to set aside and “cook for a bit, about half an hour”…. I think it should be “cool a bit”. Just don’t want anyone to get confused. :) :)

  5. Bev says

    As I was growing up they didn’t have all the flavored medicines so I had to take just the nasty tasting ones. So I didn’t have an aversion to cherries. That’s good because we had a huge cherry tree in our back yard. Cherry pies were one of my favorites and mom made great cherry pies. Actually all her pies were so good.
    This one sounds great and I can’t wait to try it. Now I want to buy the book so I can read it to my grandchildren and even some of the neighborhood children.
    What a delightful story! And Christy, you read it so well!

  6. Barbara Gray says

    Hi Christy: Thanks for reading the book. Good story. Just a note to tell you that I think there is a typo in the instructions. Your instructions say, “Then set that aside and let it cook for a bit, about half an hour.” I think it really means to state “cool”. We don’t want to confuse anyone do we!
    Love your cookbook. Keep on keepin’ on!

  7. Tamela in Central FL says

    Christy, I have never listened to one of your book readings (I don’t have any children) but decided to because because that boy said you were funny. I have to tell you, I was completely enthralled and I am a 52 year old woman!!! Now I see why they are so popular. Your kids sure are lucky to have you for a mama!!!!

  8. Bonnie says

    I love cherry pie and will have to try yours.
    I watched you on Paula Deen and you were so cute and not nervous at all. I really like Paula and her sons, and some day would love to meet all of you.
    Have a great day.

  9. Linda Tresler says

    Well Christy I am not a kid (well maybe in my heart) but I sure do love to watch your story times. And I sure do love your recipes but mostly Just love you. Thanks kiddo!

  10. Tanya Edwards says

    I’m gonna have to try this! Thanks for telling me about it at Wally World! I adore really dark sweet cherries and I take them to work as a healthy snack. My trash can will be full of cherry pits some days! I’m sure that’s a pretty sight. lol
    I’ll have to pass this along to my aunt Mary with the sugar free substitutions. I really enjoyed meeting you and wish we could have talked more. It was an unexpected treat for me and the pleasure was all mine. Katy Rose is adorable! Hugs, Tanya

  11. Mary Crabtree says

    Hey, Christy! Abraham Lincoln was a pretty wise fellow. Enjoyed the story and look forward to making the pie~even though I don’t have any enemies! Have a great week, everyone!

  12. Melissa S. says

    We just watched the video and both of my boys were glued to the screen! Thanks so much! I need to pass on your librarian’s idea to the librarian here, and the librarian at our old school. I love that idea!

  13. pam elkin says


    This pie sounds so good! I love the story about the little boy. Your love for children is real and they know it. I love children,too. They are precious gifts and just want to be loved. I bet the cornbread testing was fun!!

    I watch your storybooks, and they are always wonderful. Katy Rose has a wonderful teacher. She certainly has a gift for teaching. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing this.

    I want to try the recipe and your recipe for pie crust.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Hollie Lee says

    Hi Christy,
    I was so incredibly happy to meet you and get to have my “brush with greatness”. My friends that were with us noticed how down to earth you are and were completely impressed that you bent down to chat with my 2 yr old son. He loved the goodies, by the way! I can honestly say that you are 100% as genuine and beautiful in person as you are in bloggy-land.
    Thanks for the great recipes, and keep them comin’!

  15. Kathy says

    Hi Christy,
    I was fascinated by the title of your pie and HAD to watch my first video of you reading the story (and with such expression too). What fun! My grandson’s 20 now, but I loved reading to him too. Such a great story.Thank’s for making these – a true gift to the little ones!

  16. Ellen says

    Hi Christy!
    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe and Enemy Pie. The book had such an interesting title I just had to listen (my first time). Love, love, loved it and the recipe,too. I work with Special Education students at my school and we have been looking for interesting, fun things to do between now and the end of school. This will definitely be one of those things! They will love listening to the book and be tickled to help make the pie! Then, best of all, getting to eat it!
    I love receiving your emails, it seems that we are old friends now. I look forward to them. You’re the best!

  17. says

    Hi Christy~ Well….I was very excited to try this pie and now I’m not so sure. I just got done stirring and cooking this mixture for at least 30 minutes. It boiled like crazy, got thick and crystalized as all get out but it never became clear! In fact, I don’t even think I’m going to be able to get it out of the pot! What did I do wrong? I’m going to go ahead and assemble the pie because now I have a cooked pie crust, drained cherries and red cement in my pot! Please let me know what went wrong. Also, your directions give no idea how long this whole process should take. I love you and your recipes but not sure about this one! :(

  18. Linda Collins says

    I was amazed that you find time to read a storybook. I cannot wait to show the video to my 6 yr. old granddaughter. I think she will certainly enjoy it. I may even get her to help me make the pie! I enjoy all your recipes! Thank you!

  19. says


    I’ve seen a few enemy pies over the years and this one looks like it might be the best one ever. Thanks for sharing your artistry with us, and thank you for sharing Enemy Pie!


    Derek Munson (enemy pie guy)

  20. Kim says

    I cannot tell you how thankful I was today to have my son and I watch your story! It was just what we needed! THANK YOU!! We can’t have the pie (food allergies), but I love your blog, recipes, stories, and life lessons.


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