My Favorite Quick Fix Snack – (greek yogurt meets molasses)


Sometimes you happen upon perfect combinations that just call out to the Southern tastebuds. Watermelon and Salt, Bacon and biscuits, Tea and sugar :)

Today I couldn’t resist sharing my new favorite combination. I’ve been eating this at least once a day for about a month now, especially when I was working on my book. And as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m going to fix myself another one because it is just that good. Sometimes this is breakfast, sometimes it’s lunch, sometimes it’s an afternoon snack. It’s always good though and if you are even remotely a yogurt or molasses person, you’ve got to try this.

If you’re not currently a yogurt person but love molasses (or honey), this may change your outlook!


Meet Greek Yogurt.

Not just any yogurt, greek yogurt is thicker and has more protein than regular yogurt. I don’t know a soul at Dannon and I’m not being paid or anything to blog about this particular brand (but hey, if anyone decides they want to pay me, my kids grow out of their clothes pretty fast…) but this is my favorite one to get. I get the individual cups most of the time because I can grab it and go if need be.

It is important to get plain. Not vanilla, but plain. That way we don’t have all of the added sugar and we can add our own. And believe me, some yogurt out there really racks up the sugar grams!

These little cups cost about a dollar each and I buy five or six a week to keep in the fridge.

You can also use this in place of sour cream in recipes if you like.

To make it like I do, add in one or two packages of Splenda.

I usually just add one but when I’m not feeling as sweet as I should be, an extra packet might help :)

You know you can use sugar if you want to, of course, but I’m saving my sweet calories for the grand finale!

Oh, and by the way, this little cup has 15 grams of protein and 0 fat.

and now it has two packets of splenda.. ~grins~


Stir that up really good.

Drizzle top with about one tablespoon of molasses.

OH how I love molasses. Deep, dark, sweet and bitter molasses.

Doesn’t that look good? Like a molasses sundae :)

If you don’t love molasses, this is also divine with a good drizzling of honey.

You CAN buy greek yogurt with honey on the bottom but that is just a big old mess. The honey is watered down and weak so just get plain (not vanilla) and make it yourself for the real deal.

Me. Happy.

Do you have  favorite quick fix snack right now?

Tell me about it in the comments below!

“Good Mom’s have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”

~Submitted by Jayme.


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  1. Angela Regan says

    I’ve tried a couple brands of Greek yogurt and didn’t like it, too thick to me, I like Yoplait original, they’ve added calcium, so there’s 50% of your RDA of calcium per container, but I have e-mailed them to ask them to consider offering a reduced sugar option, not light, that has artificial sweeteners which seem to make me hungry and I don’t want to eat a lot of artificial sweetener, just reducing the regular sugar would be great

  2. JoAnn Rehling says

    I’ve been eating Greek yogurt also for at least the last month. Am really loving it any time of the day. I mix a teaspoon of sugar and frozen raspberries with it. Yummm. Raspberries are suppose to be good cancer fighters.

  3. says

    I love this with no splenda and just loads of honey! mmmm! Never thought to try molasses!?
    My go-to snack right now is actually Kale Chips- chop it up, drizzle olive oil over them, add some fresh/grated parmasean and bake for about 12 minutes at 350!
    So delicious for a salty craving and loaded with goodness :)

    p.s. I’m craving watermelon with salt- never knew how southern I can be over here in California!! haha :)


  4. wendyb964 says

    My goodness, Christy! I hadn’t noticed it was your blog, and was I surprised. You’re a lovely Southern gal with whom I hadn’t previously associated with some of our wacky greek yogurt uses here in Calif. j/k, you are a dear, and I’d love to have coffee or tea with you. Just a riff on the molasses: dark maple syrup! ooo, delish. Given time I love to chop an apple, throw in some raisins and perhaps a few nuts, cinnamon, and whatever your pleasure to sweeten. Our local strawberry farm was open yesterday: 6 baskets later, heheeee, I sat down and proceeded to down a whole basket. I dipped them in plain NF greek yogurt (Fage is my fav brand) then in brown sugar. Yum. First had that combo served in wide goblets in Paris. Today at Costco another quart of the yogurt was purchased. I always mix the whey which separates though King Arthur Flour suggests saving it and using as buttermilk sub. It’s high in nutrition = too precious to waste. I used to make my own yogurt for 25+ years and strain in refrig for 24 hr to change it to greek-style. That’s gone out the window with space constraints in the ‘frig. Too tired to cook tonight, dinner will be a large cup of the yogurt with berries mixed in. Greek yogurt = wicked good food. :)

  5. Barbara Middleton says

    Greek yogurt is too thick for me too. I take Vanilla Activia and mix 1/4 cup frozen plain cherries (thawed) in it. It is delicious and good for you too. (Keeps you regular.)

  6. Anonymous says

    i love to eat Greek yogurt with honey, cinnamon and walnuts! So good – it’s like baklava.

    My favorite brand is Fage and I like the full fat because it takes a lot less of it to make me feel full than the nonfat. Nonfat i could eat a whole big container. Full fat I take like two heaping tablespoons and I’m good.

    I also use it in place of sour cream a lot. I love to put it on baked potatoes and even mix it in with rice pilaf. And on tacos!

  7. Helen Luksan says

    Sweeten plain yogurt with a bit of frozen orange juice to taste. Add a few drops of almond extract or vanilla if you prefer. Drizzle over peeled sliced oranges. Put in the freezer just long enough to partially freeze a little. Serve on a platter with sliced almonds. Looks and tastes delicious! Serve on a pretty platter for company. Thanks for you wonderful recipes and delightful blog & website Christy. I use your cookbook all the time now. Thanks girls for the ideas above!

  8. pam says

    mine is non-fat greek yogurt with homemade strawberry sauce. 16 oz strawberries, hulled and sliced, 1/3 c. sugar and 2 TBS lemon juice. Bring to boil, lower and simmer about 18 minutes. Divine! And sometimes I throw in blueberries too!

  9. Mama Owl says

    Oh MY! I haven’t thought of fried cheerios in years!!!! We used to make it as a kid! If I remember correctly, melt some butter, add cheerios, stir till good and buttery! Don’t use to much butter, though, They will come out gooey… still yummy, but gooey.
    Never tried Greek yogurt… afraid too actually. LOVE molasses though! Might have to give it a try!

  10. ANN THOMASON says

    I ‘m fixing to eat this right now –sounds yummy .My favorite snack for right now is Vegetable Ritz crackers and Laughing cow cheese .The cheese just has 35 calories .This is the best cracker I have found .Sometimes I add fruit to my snack .

    • Kathy says

      I love Fage 0% Fat yogurt mixed with Truvia (Stevia powder), vanilla and sliced strawberries. Once in a while I add a little Vanilla Almond granola into the mix. I’ve also been known to eat this for breakfast, a snack or dinner – always really good!

      I’ll be trying the molasses version soon – thanks, Christy!

  11. Norma in NC says

    I love the yogurt with local honey…no grocery store stuff. I mix cottage cheese with “Simply Fruit” spread. I make my own hummus and pita chips. I also like the honey dripped on hot pepper jack cheese..I get weird looks with that one. For breakfast, I like to place some old fashioned rolled oats in a pint Mason jar. Add vanilla almond milk and let sit for a few minutes. I don’t cook or heat but I may add some cinnamon and banana or dried pineapple and coconut. Now I want a snack!

  12. Maria "Ladybug" Ga says

    Good Morning Christy, Dannon Oikos Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt “Rocks”
    Love, Love, Love It. I use it to make Remoulade Sauce and drizzle it over Fried Green Tomatoes. It’s Great!! Also use to make whipped cream.
    I have tried other Greek Yogurt, and none compare!

  13. says

    I have a bottle of molasses I’ve been trying to use up – I can’t wait to try it in my Greek yogurt!!! I usually stir in some jam or preserves or honey, but molasses just might become my new favorite yogurt topping :)

  14. Ruth says

    Saltine crackers with peanut butter and strawberry jam with a glass of ICE cold milk, OR a handful of grapes I keep in the freezer. Very refreshing on a hot summer day in the Sunshine state! Loved your segment with Paula.

  15. Linda Sue Gardner says

    I mix a tbsp of sugar-free Raspberry preserves into the greek yogurt. I also mix in some walnuts. Tastes really good! I am going to go try the molasses version right now!!

  16. Mommawithfour says

    this looks like a really unique combo. the only problem with greek yogurt is that it is void of all of the good probiotics, it is not as healthy as plain whole milk raw yogurt. My go to snack it the previously mentioned raw yogurt with a sprinkling of mixed frozen berries and maybe a teeny drizzle of honey or a small sprinkle of raw sugar (which has such a better flavor than regular sugar), or a dash of vanilla stevia….unfortunately Splenda is just sweet chemicals, not that healthy even if you are saving calories. thanks for the fun idea…I will try this modified tomorrow!

  17. Fran Babb says

    My favorite snack/s are Ricotta cheese, Panna Cotta,, or lightly sautèed apples finished with a drizzle of Mugolio (Italian pine cone syrup).
    Actually quite delicate in flavor.

  18. Nini says

    Boy am I glad that I just found this website. What a great resource for loads of info. I just so happen to finally find a greek yogurt that I liked the taste and consistency of…Chobani…I had almost given up. All the GREAT ideas will keep me going with lots of choices for jazzing up the plain greek yogurt. I am diabetic so I have learned that the plain is much better for me this way I can control my own add ins. Great ideas..thanks.

  19. Libby says

    I looked up your website after seeing you on Beat the Chefs. Great Site! I love Molasses and love Greek yogurt. I never thought of combining the two until now. My late Uncle always made molasses for us and now it’s hit or miss with the ones we purchase in KY, but I will try this. Thanks!

  20. Marcia says

    I will be trying the Greek yogurt with molasses tomorrow morning.

    Some mentioned watermelon and salt. My cousins and I used to go out to our Grandparents’ garden with a salt shaker. We would pick a few sugar babies (I think that was the variety). They were smallish and very sweet we could crack them open using our knees and sit in the hot summer sun passing the salt shaker around while we gorged on sun-warmed watermelon. Great memories!

    My family ate canteloupe with black pepper but no salt. I introduced some of my west coast friends to this treat and at first they were all skeptical but now they love it, too. The pepper enhances the sweetness of the canteloupe.

  21. Daniel Escobar says

    I’m from Peru (now in the US) but what we used to get was plain yogurt with grains (kiwicha and some other…) and algarrobina. It was great! and very natural. I used to bring algarrobina from Peru but I ran out years ago. Now that I got that my craving came back I made that connection between algarrobina and molasses that they both sweetened plain yogurt like honey did.

    So I just picked up molasses from the store and greek yogurt, thanks to your site I am now more confident that this mix will work out well.

    If you are interested in trying this peruvian mix, you can pick up algarrobina if there is a peruvian food store around you or in online stores as well.

    Thanks for posting this!

  22. Samir says

    I love the idea of thick yogurt and molasses. I’m not savvy when it comes to grocery shopping. If I want to buy molasses in volume and on an on-going basis, do you know of a good place to purchase that at a reasonable price? I’m also open to ordering it from a mail-order place. Thank you.

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