Cornbread Omelets – and the treacherous adventure of being me :)


I had planned on this being a prettier post photography wise but I ended up needing to run to my doctor’s office and get some stitches in my head about halfway in (More on that later).

So this morning I was faced with the option of writing it using the photos I had or re-doing the entire thing – and I really didn’t want to rephotograph it- so I decided to take Tammy Warr’s advice on Facebook when she said “Girl, just roll with it…. Time is too precious to waste it worrying over the small stuff…. You can’t un-ring a bell and none of us expect perfection anyway. Just think of everything else you could be doing to enjoy today rather than worrying about the pictures for your post…. “

 I thought of deadlines I needed to meet and having time to write this week’s email newsletter. I thought of drinking just one more diet dr pepper while I looked out to watch the squirrels get into mischief in my back yard. Did I mention my squirrels?

We have tons of them here. They’re pretty bold, too, sunning on our back deck.

My kids have named them all Henry.

When people come and eat in our sun room they will always inevitably comment on the Henry’s and y’all know how I like to mess with people, right?

So I got this sign and put it right on the door leading out to where the squirrels play.


I’ve had a good bit of fun with that one.

Okay so on to my post. This past weekend while I was at the National Cornbread Festival, I got to try a cornbread omelet. It didn’t sound all that good at the start but my curiosity was piqued and I was won over at first bite!

If you like omelets with all the goodies inside and you love that delicate crispness around the crust of cornbread, you’ve just met your new best friend (that’d be me–or this omelet). This is a great way to throw together a quick supper or lunch and you can use whatever you have on hand as filling options. It also cooks up in just a few minutes.

Oh and it’s good. I mentioned that, right? Yup, I got to eat a few bites of this one before I headed off to my doctor, but we’ll get into that later in the post. Let’s get cooking!

You’re gonna need: Milk, egg, a little bit of vegetable oil, and self rising corn meal mix.

If you follow me through this entire post, you’ll soon need:

A. Stoneware plate on a shelf about six feet or so up in the air

B. A towel to stem the blood flow of your newly acquired head wound

C. A cell phone

D. A family doctor

E. Car keys and a baseball cap so you don’t freak people out driving down the highway.

But we’re not to that part yet so let’s just focus on the cornbread ingredients.

For the filling, use whatever you like in your omelets or whatever you have on hand.

Veggies, leftover ham, turkey, chicken, anything will do.

I’m using some frozen pepper and onion blend and bacon.

The only thing you really need for your filling is *cheese* because that is what holds this whole shenanigan together.

Place all of your cornbread batter ingredients in a bowl.

Mix that up well.

Basically this is just a thin cornbread batter, kind of the consistency of pancake batter.

So the problem is that at this point I decided to go look through my prop closet and find the plate and table linens that I wanted to photograph this with.

For me, food photography just seems a little silly. I understand fully the need for it and the benefit of it, but I have always felt it was silly with regards to my cooking because I’m cooking to feed people, not to dazzle them with how pretty something is once it’s cooked. That’s just not my thing. Cooking is far too practical to me.

I should have gone with my gut on that.

As I was looking through a pile of linens in the bottom of the closet, a stoneware plate on the top shelf, about six feet above my head, got curious and wanted to see what I was up to (My friend Jason pointed out that the irony in this is that I was attacked by a Southern plate ;).

A stack of plates fell down on my head and I just took a deep breath and sat there a minute thinking “Okay, that hurt.”

It didn’t stop hurting so I lowered my head and pressed the part that was smarting into the carpet for a few seconds, waiting on it to pass. When I lifted my head, I saw that I was going to have to now clean up the plates and the carpet as well. That’s when I noticed a broken stoneware plate on the floor beside me. My first thought was “Crud. I gotta clean the carpet.”

I had put my veggies in to sauté a bit and forgot about them so I grabbed a towel, pressed it to my head, and hurried into the kitchen to take the very blurry picture below…

So please pretend this is a clear picture. I mean, hey, it’s peppers and onions in a  skillet. Good enough to demonstrate that, right?

Take a small nonstick pan and sauté your filling ingredients. I sprayed mine with nonstick cooking spray but you can use a pat of butter or a wee bit of oil if you’d like to cook them in or if your pan isn’t as nonstick as you’d like for it to be.

Cook this over medium to medium high heat until veggies are just tender. 

Set your veggies aside and then spray the pan again with cooking spray, or add a tablespoon of butter or oil to it.

Place pan over medium heat again. If you opted for butter or oil, let it heat up a minute or two. 

Balance a towel on your head so you can use both hands to take this shot and go ahead and call your friend Jyl on speakerphone because she used to be a paramedic. When she answers, give her a minute to stop laughing after you say “So not all head wounds end up needing stitches, right?” 

Go into the bathroom and take the photo she requested and send it to her and wait for her to call back laughing harder.

We’re really good friends that way.

Pour a very thin layer of batter into the bottom of the skillet and immediate tilt your skillet all around a it in order to spread it out over the whole bottom. Cook for a minute or two, until bubbles form on top and the bottom is browned.

Bite the bullet and call and leave a message for your doctor because you know if you go to the hospital in your town it will end up taking all day, possibly two, and even then you’re not guaranteed medical treatment (Been there, done that).

Then flip.

Cook this for a minute or so until it lightly browns on the bottom.

Flip it over again and add in your filings, beginning with cheese and ending with cheese. 

Answer your phone when the doctor calls back and tells you that you definitely need to come into the office. Tell him you’ll be right there and then hurry and finish up the omelet because you’ve gotten this far and you’re kinda hungry and don’t know how long you’ll be gone…

Flip that over and let it cook just until the cheese begins to melt. 

Take a quick photo, take a quick bite, and head to the doctor. 

Managing all of this and still being back home in time to take a shower, fix your hair so the stitches don’t show, and cook supper = pretty cool.

Seeing the look of surprise on your husband’s face when you answer his question of  “What did you do today?”  = Priceless.

Cornbread Omelets – and the terribly treacherous adventure of being me :)
  • 1 Cup Self Rising Corn Meal Mix
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Tablespoons Oil
  • 2 Cups cheddar cheese
  • 2-3 Cups of Filling ingredients of your choice (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, cooked bacon, cooked ham, cooked chicken, etc)
  1. Place small omelet skillet over medium heat.
  2. In a medium mixing bowl, place milk, egg, oil, and corn meal mix. Stir until well combined and smooth.
  3. Add filling ingredients to your skillet and sauté until tender. Remove from skillet and wipe skillet out before returning to stove eye. Spray skillet again with nonstick cooking spray or add a tablespoon of oil or butter. Allow to heat. Pour a thin layer of cornbread batter into skillet, tilting skillet around until it coats the bottom. Cook until top is bubbled and bottom is browned. Flip and cook until just lightly browned on the other side. Top omelet with ¼ cup of cheese, ½ cup filling ingredients, and another ¼ cup cheese. Fold over and press down lightly with spatula to help seal. Cook just until cheese begins to melt. Remove to plate and make remaining omelets.
Makes 4 Cornbread omelets and 2-4 happy stomachs :)

“I’ve always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the

soul saying, ‘Ain’t that the truth.’”

~Quincy Jones


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  1. Judy Beth says

    Oh my, I have never laughed so hard reading your post and then all the comments that were posted. Your hubby would have had an even more “surprised” look on his face if he had found you in the closet with your head in a bloody towel, face down in the carpet! Thank goodness you didn’t pass out while you were trying to finish cooking the omelet. That could have been one ‘firey-omelet’…Yikes…
    Years ago I was running to grab the ringing telephone and ran into my barstool with my bare foot. My foot was in agony and I went right ahead answering the phone like nothing was wrong with me. It was someone with a wrong number and I had to go to the ER with two broken toes!! The things we get ourselves into….

    • Donna Moore says

      “Henry?” So funny! YEARS ago I named them all BUSTER. We love your recipes and stories you tell. This particular recipe looks like one my husband would really love. I’ll have to let you know how it turns out.

  2. Helen Zurek says

    Christy, I can relate to your accident. Hope you’re OK. We have a big upright freezer and I was kneeling on the floor and getting something from the bottom shelf. You guessed it – something fell on my head from the top shelf. It was a very large frozen chicken. Talk about seeing stars. Don’t know how I didn’t pass out. I had a very large bump on the back of my head. When I tell this to my doctors they first start out saying :” That’s terrible” then they all laugh uncontrollobly!

  3. says

    OUCH! Poor Christy! I’m glad you’re okay and were able to keep your sense of humor :) And the omelet looks fantastic, what a great idea!! Just made omelets for dinner this week with mushrooms and pesto monterey jack but cornbread omelets sound great.

  4. Imogene says

    Caught between laughing and feeling sorry for you: laughing won out when I knew you ended up okay. I think all of us have had ” comical” accidents in our life. I for one have had some doozies :))

  5. Rita says

    OH Christy,I am so thankful you did not pass out and the omlet burn and maybe even burn your house down! The good Lord really was watching out for you! So glad you are ok.Did they have to shave any part of your hair? We have alot of squirrels too.We once thought they lay out flat like that when they are extra hot.Guess its been hot there too! Guess we’re in for a long hot summer.Think up some “cool” dishes for us. love you girl! Rita

  6. says

    LOL such an entertaining recipe……i’ve had those “funny” accidents before…one that really stands out is giving myself a black eye with a fischer price basketball goal. (it punched me in the face) then had to go to church that night by myself and i’m sure people were wondering where my husband was and why i had a black eye LOL

  7. Doris Flowers says

    Love reading your blogs. Sorry about the accident, but all’s well that ends well. Have been doing the cornbread part for years, but never thought of adding fillings. So glad someone did. That will make a nice supper (I’m old and southern) for one along with a good glass of sweet tea.

  8. Kim in Minnesota says

    Hey, Christy. Just got your email and wanted to respond to your comment about Psalm 68:6 where it says “God takes the lonely and sets them into families..”. You wrote: “To me that means that each of us, each individual in my little family: Myself, my husband, my son, my daughter, were all hand picked and carefully selected to be brought together. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? No wonder we’re all so silly in the same way!”

    Made me think about what our son, who is adopted, said when asked why he doesn’t look like us (his parents): “I don’t know, that’s just the way God put us together, I think!”

    I’ve always found that to be a lovely and profound reply, especially from a young child. Echoed in your comments. Great mind think alike!

  9. Barb says

    Hi Christy,
    Sounds like you got your Guardian Angels working overtime!

    Glad to hear you are OK…and can laugh about it.

    Maybe you can take what’s left of the dish and make a mosaic birdhouse or teapot or something!

  10. Michael says

    Please don’t think this is a callous comment, but perhaps the plates were just trying to knock some sense into you about that whole food photography deal! lol Great post as usual, Christy! I think I’m going to have to give these a try!!

    BTW, did you know that spell check says your name is spelled wrong? How rude!!! hehe

  11. Vicky says

    Hi Sandy,
    With all the cornbread goodies…did anyone mention when the National Cornbread Festival was going to display the great cornbread recipes and the winning recipe on line?
    Everyone of the entries sound so good…you probably had a hard time choosing just one. :)

  12. Amy says

    This sounds painful, but you make it so funny! I will have to see if I have any cornmeal mix hanging around since my last trip to GA so I can make these. They really don’t have my brand of cornmeal mix here in MT…not much selfrising stuff to be found period. These look more like a sandwich or taco even than omelet…but look good! I am imagining other fillings to make it more than breakfast!

  13. Trice Kastein says

    Christy – I made the delicious cornbread omlets for myself for dinner last week and since my husband was out of town, i had left over mix. Well, I have a hard time throwing anything away so I put in the fridge. The next night I got out my waffle iron and heated it up. Meanwhile, I added left over ham, and some left-over chopped up grilled asaparagus. Then I sauteed some chopped mushroom, green onions, a little minced garlic and mixed that into the left-over batter, added some good grated parmesean and poured it into the waffle maker. WOW! What a great savory waffle. When I took it out, it was golden brown and I had some left-over cream gravy (only about 1/4 cup, but it warmed up well) and poured that over the waffle and had the most wonderful dinner with a tossed green salad and some home made ranch dressing! YUM!!!!

  14. christine says

    you can change this up a little & make a dessert out of this recipe! Just by adding a little sugar to the batter and filling the omelet with fruit.Drizzle the top with honey and you will be very surprised how delicious this is!!!

  15. sheila hall says

    im so glad that u are ok christy!!!

    i made that wonderful omelet and OMWORD!!! it was fabulous. i just made a pancake one and buttered it ….all i can say is yummy and i didnt heat up the oven/house. i think living alone i need to make a 1/2 recipe. after reading another readers comment, now know it overnights well and i may need to purchase a waffle iron.

  16. Barbara Miller says

    hit in the head with “a southern plate” lol, darlin’ you are too much. hope everything turned out ok. i’m gonna make these for breakfast this mornin’. i’m using sausage instead of bacon and gonna serve them with a side of stovetop baked beans and hash browns. love ya ;).

  17. Judy says

    Yikes!!! Attacked by a “Southern Plate!” (Quite a clever lil’ quote!!) 😉 I’m very glad you ended “living happily ever after!” I imagine when you look back on it now, you’re thankful it wasn’t much, much worse!! That’s quite a blow from way up on the top shelf by a stoneware plate!!! It makes me grimace just thinking about it!! :/ I really am glad you’re okay, and thankfully hair does grow back!! 😉 All that, and the cornbread omelet STILL looks yummy!!! Thanks for sharing!!! 😀

  18. Linda says

    Love to read your posts, Christy. It’s like reading a journal I wrote. Hope the head is better. I will have to try this one—the omelet, not the stunt. It really looks good. The squirrel sunning is priceless!! Thanks for all you do.

  19. Sharon Taylor says

    Christy….you and I could be sisters!!! I got the “clumsy award” years ago…. LOL I’m so glad you’re ok though……I need to ask ….if you don’t have self rising corn meal, can you add baking powder? I have to order my corn meal from an American Food service on line. They don’t understand southern cooking here in England….sigh…..

  20. Gary says

    Savory or sweet- delicious.
    My wife asked what I wanted for breakfast this morning– told her I’d make Cornbread Omelets I found on your website yesterday. One bite and she said, “These are good enough to serve company”. I agree.
    I decided to cook leftover batter and try it with apple butter—- MMmmmm! Delicious also.
    PS- My daughter turned us on to your site by serving us your Baby Back Ribs– best I’ve ever eaten [and I have lots of experience from coast to coast}. Thank you

  21. Trixie says

    Now that is a story you will be telling around the dinner tables for years to come. And just when you think you have forgotten it, a bump on the head will remind you all over again. lol. So sorry that it happened to you, but guess it’s one of those bumps in the road. But OUCH!!!
    But the corn bread Omelet does sound good.

  22. kentuckylady717 says

    Sorry I missed this….I think I only found your blog about a yr. ago… sorry about that…..I love your blog….
    This corn bread recipe sounds delicious and I must try it……I used to fry corn bread, we call them corn bread fritters and they are so good, faster than baking a pan of cornbread and has a much different taste……so will definitely have to try this recipe too……

  23. Sharian says

    Love the thought of cornbread omelets. Love cornbread period! As for your Henrys, my mother, just this week, had to have all the wiring replaced in her car because the Henrys chewed it all up. Sorry about your head, but, I did laugh. :)

  24. Amy S says

    I like the recipe, but seriously isn’t this the second time something heavy has fallen on your head…seems like I remember another incident. Girl, you got to move those heavy dishes to a bottom shelf…..linens will not kill you or give you the need for stitches. Hope you feel better soon.

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