Our Trip To Dollywood


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Today I’m going to attempt to tell you a little about Dollywood, but you really need to experience it to take it all in.

This is an immaculately clean, family friendly park full of attractions, rides for all ages, shows, and great food. It spans over 150 acres, employs over 2500 people, and is now home to what my husband says is the best roller coaster he has ever ridden in his life – beating out all of the roller coasters at Disney World. That would be the Wild Eagle, which is behind us in this photo. We were able to go on the day of the Grand opening for the Wild Eagle and everyone in my family (except me, my daughter, and my grandmother) rode it and loved it. Ricky and his dad actually rode it three times!

You will see a lot of family pictures in this post and not so many of the park itself because…well I took the photos and I like photos of my family. Another reason why you need to go to Dollywood – so you can see the park without a Jordan family member grinning as they stand in your way :)

This is my parents with three of their grandsons: Lane, Brady (mine), and Jake.

Jake doesn’t smile. We’re working on that.

My grandmother had a wonderful time there. There are pavilions where musicians are performing and she found one, got her a nice spot to sit in, and sat and watched people perform for hours. We kept going back and checking to see if she wanted to do anything else and she said “Oh no, I’m having me a good time. Did you know I got to meet Dolly Parton’s uncle? He was a nice fella!”.

I didn’t think that was a good time to tell her I got to go backstage and meet Dolly Parton…so I told her on the way home :)

This is Brady, Katy Rose, and all my nephews that were with us riding a ride that was originally in Opry Land.

If y’all remember Opryland fondly, Dollywood is basically the new and improved version of that.

Brady and his cousin, Lane in their newly acquired Wild Eagle Shirts.

Ricky and his dad, Rick, eating the famous cinnamon bread. Yes, you really must try it!

I’ll try to show you how to make it soon on Southern Plate. Y’all might need to remind me!

While we were waiting on Katy Rose and her daddy to finish riding the Tennessee Tornado for the third time, Mama and I hung out with the boys in a nearby arcade.

The boys thought they were being cool but…

Grandmama showed ’em how it was done!

And while we were doing that, my sweet little angelic Katy Rose was riding this…

I mentioned she rode it three times, right?

I wouldn’t have been able to walk the entire rest of the day if I had of ridden it just once!

The entire park is just beautiful. You get spoiled really quick :)

Did you know? If you purchase your ticket and enter the park after 3:00 PM, you are allowed to come back in the entire next day for free!

Now THAT is a skillet!

The park has these huge skillets inside the counter service eateries. I want one like that at home!

Everyone kept complementing me and Katy on our matching outfits throughout the park. Katy would beam and say “thank you!”.

I thought “What a coincidence, I had no idea we were going to match today…” Then it occurred to me that Katy Rose had picked out my outfit for the day – the little mastermind :)

This is the kids…with Katy front and center being Katy :)

Probably about 3/4 of the park is rides for all ages (dependent on height for the roller coasters) but there is a big section full of rides that really little kids can ride …along with anyone else who gets the hankering! This has always been one of Katy’s favorites.

My grandmother loved going in the model of Dolly Parton’s house growing up.

I swear Ricky and Katy ride everything. I just photograph :)

The people in the candy store were very nice and took the time to talk to us each time we went in there (we made multiple visits, of course!). My grandmother said this was one of her favorite parts and the kids loved the free samples.


The Bald Eagle habitats are really something to see! I’d never seen an eagle up close but you can get within a few feet of one here.

They rescue eagles that have been hurt and rehabilitate them.

For the opening of the Wild Eagle, they sold the first seats at $700 each and then donated all of that money to the American Eagle Foundation. But that doesn’t even begin to touch on all of the charities and organizations that Dolly Parton has formed and regularly supports. I honestly don’t know if it would even be possible to list all of the good works she has done.

We had a wonderful day at Dollywood. So much so that we had to come back a second day to get to see and do it all!

It was a great time for our generations of my family – and they all enjoyed it just as much.

Here are most of us, minus Ricky and the kids! From left to right: Rick (Ricky’s Dad), Bill (my dad), Me, Linda (Ricky’s Mom), Janice (My Mom), and Lucille (My Grandmother).

Visit Dollywood! You’ll love the park, you’ll love the Smoky Mountains, and you’ll make a lifetime of memories worth repeating!


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Disclaimer: Dollywood didn’t pay me to do this post and disclaimers really get on my nerves.

 “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”

~Dolly Parton


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    • Di says

      jo you need to go to the mountains at least once in your life…they are beautiful…God’s country….we go to pigeon forge at least once a year or two if possible….go in the fall..

  1. Lisa Trueper says


    Love yoru website so much! Thanks also for this opportunity to go to Dollywood. I’ve been wanting to go back to Tennessee and take my little girl so she can see how beautiful the area is. Hope we get picked!

    Thanks again~Lisa Trueper

  2. Emily E says

    We LOVE Dollywood. Were there on Sunday in fact. The Wild Eagle has to be one of the coolest rides ever (and such a smooth ride!). It rained all day while we were there but everyone still had a great time. I’m in Pigeon Forge for work all week and might sneak back to the park one time to ride the Wild Eagle a few more times. 😉

  3. Jamie Morrison says

    Me and My Children Could really use a Vacation this summer…. This has been a really Hard Year for them with Our Divorce (married 14 years). The last vacation we took we went camping nearby. Thanks Christy For all the Wonderful recipes you’ve posted. Cooking is a way me and my boys (11 and 13) de-stress with each other… They come in from school often asking “hey mom”.” Any new recipes we can try”… You make it so much easier on a New Single Mom. Also it would be a very nice birthday present to me tomorrow  Love the site Happy Baking. We Would Be More Than Happy To Take Lots Of Pictures..

  4. Angie says

    Thanks for sharing the photos! Love you and your family!!
    The Smoky Mtns. is my families’ FAVORITE place to vacation! LOVE Dollywood and Dixie Stampede!!! :) My eldest was getting married June 30 but because of some concerns the wedding was called off and they parted ways. She and I are planning a mother/daughter trip (the first for us) in August and guess where we are going? Yep….the Smoky Mtns. of TN! We wanted to go in Sept. but that is the end of the year (a BIG month) for the company she works for so we are having to go in August. Praying the Lord cools it down a bit with beautiful weather the week we go. :) Our plan is to go to Dollywood and to Dixie Stampede. We have entered for your Dollywood vacation give-a-way. It would be a big blessing to win, but either way God will provide. :)

    You are right, the mtns and all that it offers is a great place for sweet family or mother/daughter memories! Thanks again for sharing your sweet family with us! Love ya’ll!!

  5. Bev says

    Dollywood and Opryland are both wonderful family theme parks! We loved visiting both of them when My son was growing up and truly hated that Opryland closed, as did Libertyland in Memphis. I hope that some lucky young family will win and make some wonderful memories with their kids like we did!

  6. Brenda Bailey says

    Thank you for sharing your pictures, we don’t go many places and so glad to get to see even second-hand trip pictures. Looks like it was a good family time for all ages – nice. I admire Dolly Parton, too. She seems like such a wonderful lady to me.

  7. Di says

    Pick me, Pick me….those mountains are soooo beautiful and it’s been a while since we have seen them…Would love to go to Dollywood…Your website is the BOMB….love you…almost feel like I know you…
    Thank you ,

  8. Donna K. says

    I’m looking at these pictures while I’m at work and they’ve got me smiling so much I think my coworkers are suspicious! Know what strikes me the most when I look at them? Not how much fun you all seem to be having but how danged young your parents, Ricky’s parents, and your grandmother all look! and I don’t mean that to be rude in any way whatsoever! In my mind it just means that they’ll all be around to continue to make memories like this for a very, VERY long time! Blessings to you all.

    • says

      You are so sweet! Ricky and I are very blessed to be able to have our parents. They each had their children young (late teens, early twenties) but that’s how it was mostly done back then so we reap the rewards! lol My parents got married when Mama was 17 and Daddy 19, and they’ve been married 43 years this year!
      We have a fun family!

  9. Angel Shearl says

    Thank you for sharing your Family with us! It must be a real good place to be because everyone looks like they were having a blast! I Love you are offering this giveaway to us and want to thank you so much for it…I know this isn’t where you enter(already did on the other page) i just wanted to say how much i appreciate a chance to win this!

  10. Kim says

    Me and my family would love to visit Dollywood again. It has been several years since we have gotten to go. My son graduates high school this year and 1 week after graduation he has to have his wisdom teeth cut out. My daughter will be a sophomore next year. I think this would be a Fantastic graduation / passing gift to them. My husband is a great husband and father. We have been to Dixie Stampede and loved it also.
    Thank you for sharing your families trip with us.


    We love Dollywood! Haven’t been there in a couple of years, but would love to drive up from Georgia and celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, as a big winner of this trip! Please pick me!

  12. Amy says

    What a great place! My son was hooked when he discovered that if you buy a certain mug, you get unlimited refills of soft drinks! This is really a fun family place!
    Also, Christy, I love your “heirloom rolling pin”! You crack me up! Your posts brighten my day!

  13. jennifer fletcher says

    I used to live in Sevierville and went to Dollywood often. It was wonderful.
    I would love to go back and relive those great memories. Thanks for
    the great pictures.

  14. Candy Rogers says

    HI Christy!
    Just wanted to thank you again for picking me as a runner up in your DollyWood contest!! Cant wait to get my tickets and plan our trip!!
    Love your site!!!
    Candy Rogers

  15. Ellen says

    Dollywood!! This was the big treat for my family during the summer and for school reward trips growing up. We live only a couple hours away so we would go 2-3 times a summer and once or twice with school if we were lucky. I got to experience the park growing up with me. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a chance to go. I really would like to get back. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

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