Smoked Ham & Veggies Pasta Salad


ย  The question I've been asked the most this week, amid record high temperatures, is "What can I cook for supper that won't heat up the kitchen?". So I whipped up one of my favorite pasta salads to post for ya real quick. This one is filled with smoked ham (the smoked part is important), tomatoes, cucumbers, English peas (I guess that means they talk with a British accent), cheese, and bow tie ... Continue Reading

Patriotic Jello Jars


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd dearly appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above! Thank you!ย  Adults like to play with their food, too! Every summer, I make Rainbow Jello Jars for the kids. It is kind of our fun way to kick off the beginning of the season. I usually make a dozen (because that is what canning jars come in) and the kids ration those puppies out like ... Continue Reading

Homemade Viennetta

SouthernPlate Vienetta =)

Warning: Mass rambling about eighties up top of this post, ice cream below. Choose your poison :) Oh children of the eighties! I'm actually more of a child of the seventies-eighties-and-nineties myself because all three of those decades were huge learning curves for me. Come to think of it, to be fair I might ought to add this next century or so to the mix. This post isn't necessarily about ... Continue Reading

Tomato Pie

Southern Plate Tomato Pie

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd really appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above, thank you!! Nothing says summer like red, ripe tomatoes fresh from the garden. Nothing makes me give thanks for summer like a fresh tomato pie!ย  I don't have a big garden at my house, but not for lack of trying. You see, I have very fat, happy, and mischievous squirrels, rabbits, and ... Continue Reading

Sticky Chicken

sticky chicken photo

If you're on Facebook of Pinterest, I'd sure appreciate it if you have time to use one of the buttons above :) Thank you and be sure and drop a howdy in the comments below! This is one of those dishes that, somedays, you just gotta have. Sticky Chicken has been around about as long as folks have been cooking. The recipe has evolved and been tweaked over the years but the flavorful sticky ... Continue Reading

Fried Dill Pickles


Recently, we went to the Soulstock music festival in Decatur, Alabama with friends. It was hot hot hot. We passed the time by eating our weight in snow cones for a while, but then I got to wanting something a little more substantial and headed on over to the fried Dill Pickle Tent. Hey, it was a music festival. It's not like they had a Grilled-Chicken-Wrapped-In-Lettuce tent - not that I would ... Continue Reading