Easy Orange Rolls


Do you have those moments in your life that, no matter if they happened twenty, thirty, or fifty years ago, they can be called upon at a moment's notice and replayed in your mind as if they were only yesterday? Last week while I was filming on the set of Beat The Chefs, I had one of those moments when I walked outside of the studio and looked up at the moon. I was on the tail end of a two week ... Continue Reading

Christy Jordan Cast As Judge on Beat The Chefs


FINALLY I can tell you! Check out the press release below for my big news. I'm out in Los Angeles filming a WONDERFUL new series that is exciting, heartwarming, and entertaining from start to finish. It debuts August 23rd on GSN and I can't wait for you to see it! Press release, details, and some random pics from the set below :) ย ย  GSN ANNOUNCES CAST FOR โ€œBEAT THE CHEFS,โ€ NEW ORIGINAL ... Continue Reading

Cornbread Salad


There are so many wonderful recipes around this world and I'm blessed to have tried just a handful of them. I was raised on good Southern cooking. We grew things in our garden and cooked them up just right to lay out on a table with vegetables galore, meats, and hot cornbread or biscuits, fresh from the oven. When I was younger, once a year we'd all gather for a feast so big it would make kings ... Continue Reading

Pineapple Cobbler


This post is very chatty today, if you'd like just the recipe minus the harrowing tales of television appearances that will always haunt me and the innovative methods I use to embarrass my children, just scroll down to the recipe part at the bottom :) Sometimes you need to get away. Sometimes you really don't have the time or budget for a big get away but that doesn't change the fact that you ... Continue Reading