30 Family Favorite Recipes For Ground Beef


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Today I thought I’d share with you 30 Ground Beef Recipes that my family loves.

These are easy on your wallet and yummy on your stomach!

Garden Skillet Supper

 This is an easy recipe to alter based on what you have. Zucchini would be an excellent substitute for squash and if you only have one bell pepper or tomato that will work, too.

Hamburger Steaks

Growing up, we always loved Mama’s hamburger steaks. There was nothing like coming home and smelling the onions bubbling in there with the generous hamburger steak patties and knowing we were in for a hearty and delicious supper.

 Jen Hauler’s Pizza Casserole

This recipe is wildly customizable.

Uptown Beef Patties with Ketchup Gravy

I love stuffed bell peppers. I love Ketchup. I love ground beef. This combines them all into a one dish meal – which I also love.

Tater Tot Casserole – and Going North

(a story about calming down our lives)

Ground Beef Stew (with a secret!)

Hearty, filling, easy, economical, and bursting with flavor!

Deep Dish Pizza

Made this the night I came home from the first week of being on my book tour. It hit the spot!

Hobo Packets

Ever feel like your family expects you to be a short order cook in the kitchen? You’ll love this recipe, then! Hobo packets are a snap to put together and easily customizable to suit everyone!

Pizza Rolls

This was a favorite at our house when we were teens and is a favorite at my house any day!

Taco Soup – World’s Easiest Supper

Gotta love a recipe where you throw everything in a pot and come back to supper fifteen minutes later!

MORE ground beef recipes that my family loves!

Quick and Easy Beef Stroganoff – And where I’m from

Beefed Up Baked Beans – and a conversation about nicknames

Bama Chili – Served Cincinnati Style

Aunt Agnes’ Mexican Salad – oh my word is this stuff good! *Guest Kitchens Post

Christy’s Crock Pot Chili

Not  Your Average Joe Sloppy Joes

Meatloaf! Making, Freezing, and Small Batch Options

Baked Sandwiches

Taco Pizza (and my version of Border Patrol)

Super Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Crunchy Beef Casserole (and my casserole dish collection)

Daddy’s Hot Dog Chili

Meatballs Make Many Meals

Dirty Rice and a tale of no refunds

Janice’s Stuffed Peppers

Slow Cooker Meatloaf (A Flat Christy post)

Mama’s Taco Casserole – oh how I love this!

Shipwreck Casserole, ARR!

Slow Cooker Lasagna

**THIS POST is how I process large quantities of ground beef. The post is pretty old but it still shows it just as well. I prefer to buy large quantities of ground beef and cook it all at once. I then freeze it to have cooked ground beef on hand anytime I need to whip up a quick meal. This is my #1 timesaver!

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  1. Kathie Garren says

    How did you know I just got home with 10 lbs. of ground beef??? Just checked in after my trip to the grocery store & what do I find? Christy’s got my back!!! Thanks for all the great recipes…they remind me that simple food is good food.

  2. Terri go Dawgs says

    I love that you share soo many recipes in one post and that they are so easy too. Your Taco Soup is, and always has been since I found SP, the recipe that I share often and it always gets gold stars from everybody!! Then, there’s Tater Tot casserole that my Amanda loves better’n anything. Thanks for sharing CJ!

  3. patty says

    I just found dinner! I have tried to plan in advance and i just am not that organized! Can i tell you that i love that you use some generic brand food… I like how you are a real mom with money on the brain as well…

  4. novi says

    hai christy
    first i would like to introduce my self.i’m novi and i’m from jakarta-indonesia and i’m one your biggest fan.i know your cooking from amazon books for southern cooking books your created,from the amazon i know your own website.All the recipes you have been maked and i try also the result they are delicious really!.but a little shame that your cooking books still not been published in my home country.

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