WIN Manners That Matter For Moms (Best parenting book I’ve ever read)


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I’m so excited to share with you the debut of my dear friend’s book, Manners That Matter for Moms, by Maralee McKee! I was thrilled to be able to write the forward for this book (I know moms will relate to the story I shared of a situation that made me want to crawl under the table!) and I just know you’re going to breathe easier and enjoy a much easier time parenting once you read all of Maralee’s wisdom!

FINALLY! A resource for all of the questions we’ve had to muddle through and figure out on our own.
FINALLY, a gentle voice of kindness and reason that can tell us “Hey, I’ve been there. Here is what worked for me and why it will work for you, too.”
Being a parent means facing a series of escalating challenges in raising children, the ante gets upped every year older they get as we try to raise them to be gracious, kind, and intelligent adults. This book has more solutions to parenting problems than all of the parenting books I’ve ever read, combined!
I took it to a church event that I arrived early at. I sat reading it, waiting on everyone to arrive, and another mother leaned in to see what I was reading and so I handed it to her. We got into a conversation about the challenges of parenting and question after question came up I’d say “Well, I think Maralee probably talks about that, lets see..” One after one we were able to find each topic we discussed and Maralee addressed them simply with wisdom that just flat out made sense!

This is a manners book but it is also a guide for any parent who wants to equip their child for success, love, and happiness in their adult life. Children really should exit the womb holding a copy of this book!

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1. Nancy A North

2. Kim Hanks

3.Kim Burrafato

4. Christie McKee

Disclaimer: Winners will be chosen at random and announced on this post and on the Facebook page for this giveaway. Giveaway closes once all winners are announced and runs for this day only (October 1, 2012). I was not compensated for this post in any way but this book is stinking amazing and you need to get it because it will: Put off premature graying of hair, help avoid those unsightly wrinkles caused by excessive pursing of lips, lower your heart rate, and preserve your last nerve that kids have a tendency to pull tight and use for a double dutch jump rope :). If you’re a parent, this book truly will help you to achieve and maintain peace, love, and happiness in your home!

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  1. Kathy says

    I would love to win this book. I am a grandmother raising a 6 year old and a 12 year old and with the passing of time manners have changed. I really need to be able to teach these precious little boys what is right and acceptable.
    Thank you

  2. Carol Taylor says

    Christy I really need to win this book.!I have become a foster parent to my two nephews recently and they are 3 & 6. I really want to teach them how to have respect for themselves and others no matter where this journey takes them.

  3. Karen Zielke says

    It’s after midnight on the east coast, but your fifth winner hasn’t been posted yet, so I will still try at a chance for the book. I have fond memories of listening to Monday Morning Manners with Maralee on Z88.3 in Orlando. Thanks for the book Maralee!

    • Gail Garmon says

      Hey Christy,
      Yes, I know the importance of teaching manners to children, as that was one of the first things I taught at the beginning of our Kindergarten year. It is a much needed attribute for not only children but adults as well. Thanks for entering me in the contest.
      Best Wishes,
      Gail Garmon

  4. Noelle says

    I had 3 boys in 3 years and struggle to keep up with the differing demands such little angles can put on their manners! I LOVE getting advice/tips and have found so much assistance from others in child rearing!!! Would love this book 😉

  5. Emma says

    Manners has always been an important part of my life. When I was younger and at home we all had to have very good manners. I taught my girls this also and now would like for my grandchildren to read them. Things are so much different now. So please add my name in the contest.

  6. Juanita Lathan says

    I have 5 grandchildren 3 boys 2 girls .The girls 3 and 7 and their mom live with me .Manners what are manners?I saw your this morning on tv and I NEED your book.PLEASE.Might be too late though….If not please add my name ….lol…thank you …

  7. Kathy Honea says

    It’s nice to see manners are still important to alot of parents. Unfortunately, I see children that need alot more of what I call “Home Training!” Good manners are essential to any child’s upbringing. It is the basis of learning respect for self and others, teaches kindness and it builds character. I have 2 daughters that just had babies and would love to give them the book. Thanks!

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