Sugar and Spice Pecans


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On Thursdays, I usually post a thankful status on my Facebook page, asking folks to tell me at least three things they’re grateful for right now. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading all of the responses because they’re evidence of the true state of our heart and often remind me of new things to be grateful for that I hadn’t even thought about before!

Well, since this is Thursday and an unusually busy one at that, let me tell you that today I’m going to be grateful for dentists who are good with kids and take emergency appointments, optometrists, veterinarians, teachers who taught me how to spell veterinarians, my daughter’s Christmas program at her school, a car and gas to take me to all of these places today in a span of about four hours, and grace that is given to me on a repeated basis to remain grateful, even when I feel a little frazzled on the outside. Most of all, I’m thankful for God hand picking every single member of my family and putting us together.

I’m also going ot be grateful for these sugar and spice pecans when I come home tonight.

Oh how I love these! Some people call them Candied Pecans, some call them sugared or cinnamon pecans, either way this recipe is one that I look forward to making every year because it is just the right blend of sweet, cinnamon, with a hint of salt to set it all off to perfection.

The only problem with making it is the price of pecans. Of course, I’m saying this as two giant pecan trees sit in my yard. For the past three years though, I’ve harvested a grand total of three pecans. Three. However, all is not lost as apparently I am the overseer of the Fat N’ Happy Squirrel Refuge!  If pecans are a little out of your budget, feel free to make this recipe with other nuts as well. Peanuts, Cashews, and even Almonds would be great prepared this way.

Or, you can just come and shake down some of my squirrels…

Trust me, they’ve got plenty!

The ingredients for this are as simple as can be!

Sugar, egg, cinnamon, salt, and pecan halves.

*As I said before, you can use other nuts such as peanuts, cashews, or even almonds in this recipe.

Combine sugar, cinnamon, and salt in a small bowl.

Stir that up real good.

In a mixing bowl, place your egg white and 1 tablespoon of water.

Save the yolk for something else if you like, but you won’t need it for this recipe.

Beat that egg white with an electric mixer until it is frothy.

Throw your pecan into the bowl with the frothy egg white. 

That would be a good name for a music band made up of Moms. The Frothy Egg Whites!


But then again, when would a group of moms have time to form  a band or…er…have a social life?

Stir them up until they’re coated pretty well.

Spray a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray.

Taking a few pecans at a time, toss them into your bowl of sugar mixture and flip them around a bit with your hand to coat and place on baking sheet.

Repeat until all pecans are coated.

Place this in a 325 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.

Don’t cook them any longer than this and keep an eye on them in case your oven cooks hot and they get done faster.

They will lightly brown, but you don’t want them to get dark brown.


Remove from oven, stir again, and allow to cool.

Store in gift bags or airtight containers.

These make wonderful gifts, but I never get around to gifting them because we eat every last one! lol

 See more Christmas Candy and Gift ideas by clicking here.

Now tell me at least three things you’re grateful for right now in the comments below!


Sugar and Spice Pecans
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 Tablespoon water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 pound pecan halves (about 2 cups) *Can use other nuts
  1. Lightly grease a large, rimmed baking sheet.
  2. Place egg white and water in mixing bowl. Beat with electric mixer until frothy. In separate bowl, stir together sugar, salt, and cinnamon until well blended.
  3. Pour pecans into frothed egg white and stir to coat well. Take a handful of pecans at a time and gently toss them in the sugar mixture with your hands.
  4. Place onto baking sheet and bake at 300 for 30-40 minutes, stirring every ten minutes.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:

the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.

~Burton Hillis


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    • Michelle B. says

      I am thankful for my salvation, my family, and my church.

      I made these pecans the same day you posted them. You were right, they didn’t last long enough to give them to anybody. My family ate the whole plate full. I also used 3 cups of pecans instead of 2 cups….thinking I would have some for another day….No way. They were gone!!! Everyone in my family loved them.

      Hope you have a blessed Christmas filled with precious moments !
      Love you! God is using you for his glory.

  1. Patty D. says

    I’m most thankful for my loving husband of 46 years, our daughter and her family, and my health. You see I have been in ill health for the past three years and I am now finally starting on the road to recovery. Without my husband and his help I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all. I love your web site, it always does my heart good to read the little stories.

  2. Ruby says


  3. Irene Gumm says

    Christy, I’m thankful for so much and it’s hard to come down to 3 things. First, a Savior that loved me enough to die for me, second my family, and health.

    Now I have a question. I bought a pound of almonds, which I really like them, but when I started to use them, I discovered they are raw and I don’t know what to do to them to make them eatable. I put a few on a paper plate and put in the microwave for a about 30 seconds but that didn’t do anything. I then put some in a pan and put in the oven as I was baking a cake and they burned really fast. What can I do to salvage them other than throw them away. I would hate to do that. They aren’t cheap.
    Thanks for all the good recipes. I use the one for dishpan cookies more than anything and I love them.

    • Carolyn Wilkerson says

      I haven’t tried it but with any not cooked yet, check out the Candied Peanuts. it has a process for cooking raw nuts and is a bit different from here but you could adapt. I think mine are raw too. I like to eat them that way. The peanuts were cooked in a sugar and water syrup and then put in the oven. Good luck to you. Maybe chocolate over the top of them would make them edible. Can you bite into them? Hope Christy has a good answer for you as almonds are expensive and good for you. I’m not sure about with the sugar but we all have to splurge some time.

  4. Judy says

    Christy, I have been hoping you would provide a recipe for spiced pecans! Thank you so much! One question: The step by step says to bake at 325° and the printable says 300°- which do you recommend?

    I am thankful for 40 years of marriage to my husband who went to be with God recently. I am thankful for my family and friends who are so wonderful and supportive. I am thankful for the assurance that we will all get to spend eternity together some day. Hallelujah!

  5. Cynthia says

    I made the sugar and spice pecans yesterday. Because I believe a little heat makes everything better, I added 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper. They are absolutely delicious. I’m just sorry I don’t have any more pecans to make more!

  6. Kimberly Bell says

    I made these with coconut palm sugar….they were a gooey mess is 5 minutes. In 15 min. they were burnt. I’m going to try real sugar. I think that was the problem. They look amazing in the photo!!

  7. Jan says

    These are one of my favorite things to make. I always just dump the sugar, cinnamon mix in with the pecans and stir them up well and pour them out
    on the cookie sheet. They have always come out perfectly!


    I am truly grateful today. for my boy friend he is a vietnam vet and had a heart attack about a little over a year ago they say his heart is pumping about 25 percent he keeps me going with his doctor apps and also they say that they cant fix his heart. i find time to work in the kitch quite often fixing his meals and baking and holiday fixings he enjoys his time with me I’m thankful for his love .don’t know how much time we got left and try not to worry about that he is so sweet and I know the Lord is with him every day .grateful for time to do these things in my life I’m unemployed . grateful for the homec teacher and mom who taught me how to cook and bake I love it Grateful for this website I love those nut s too!!

  9. Susie says

    I am thankful for Jesus, my Family, and selfishly chocolate at this very moment!! Christy, I am worried about you over are still recuperating. Please remember to take care of yourself ,too. (((HUGS)))

  10. Suellen Lee says

    At my house, these are called “wedding” pecans because we served them at my daughter’s wedding. Ours had one more ingredient—cloves! It only takes a pinch. They are so good; don’t last long around here! I’m thankful for my family, my God and my country!

  11. Kristen says

    Will be making these this weekend! Look wonderful! I am so very thankful for family, health, my Savior Jesus Christ and a messy kitchen after a marathon candy making last night! Blessings! :)

  12. Dianne says

    We make these every year to give as Christmas gifts to bosses and relatives that live across the nation from us. Luckily we have one very old giant pecan tree in the back yard, but even at that we usually have to supplement with more beautiful pecans halves from South Georgia Pecan Company from our wonderful state of Georgia.

  13. Mary in Alabama says

    I am thankful for my Savior, my family and my tiny little Poodle who is my constant companion!

    I’m also thankful for finding you and your lovely stories and wonderful recipes. Your recipes are Southern and right on target! Thanks sweet Christy!!!

  14. elaineraye says

    These look fantastic. Why are pecans so expensive? I looked yesterday at more than one grocery store and sadly came home with none. I heard one source say drought but don’t know how accurate that statement is. I have a scant amount in the freezer and i have been hoarding them like little gold nuggets!

    • Pamela says

      Hi, we live in south Mississippi and our pecan trees were almost bare this year, sadly pecan trees have good and bad years. Hopefully next year will be a great year and the prices will come down.

  15. JOHNNY says


  16. Kentucky Lady 717 says

    Made these before and they are delicious….
    (1) Thankful for my Son & Daughter
    (2) Thankful for my (4) Grandkids
    (3) Thankful that I live in the good old USA…..and thanking GOD for it all :)

  17. Sharon says

    Oh, Christy, you’re killing me! A few pecans at a time? Just dump all that sugar/cinnamon in with the whole lot and stir, baby, stir! I’ve made them this way for years, and they turn out perfect. Love you!

  18. Brenda says

    I’m so thankful for my husband of 53 years. We have weathered many Storms, but God always provided. I’m also thankful I have the memory of Loving Grandparents who instilled my belief in God and His wonderful Grace and Mercy. and lastly I’m thankful I found your Cooking Blog. A
    Good Cook and a Pure Heart goes hand in hand.

  19. Pamela says

    Love Sister Schuberts frozen bread! Day after Thanksgiving pop her mini baguettes in the oven and pile on your leftovers……yum. I’m thankful for my family and the love of the Good Lord.
    Thank you Christy for giving us recipes that don’t need a three page shopping list and most of the time you can go right to your own pantry to make the whole thing. Ya’ll all have a great Thanksgiving!

  20. Marge Conner says

    My husband has cancer and I am so thankful for every day that God gives us to be together. I’m also thankful that I can talk to God anytime about anything and He gives me strength to make it through another day. I’m also thankful for my great big wonderful family.

  21. Jeanne says

    The thing I crave most is my family.. They are all gone now, I am the last one in my immediate family of 5.. I lost my dad in 1977, Mom in 1995, Sister in 2007, Brother in 2013 .. I also lost my husband in 2013… My son is a thousand miles away working, My daughter is my care giver and my Grand ( sons daughter ) who is 15 yo is here.. So it is great to have some family close..

    I also crave my mom’s Mac and Cheese, My sister’s Fruitcake without all the candied fruit.. She used NonSuch Mincemeat instead.. so good.

    I am a Texan and I love Southern Food.. :)

  22. Jeanne says

    I miss read.. so sorry..

    I am Thankful for my Family..
    I am Thankful for all my wonderful friends.


    I am Thankful for all the people on the internet,
    People like Christy that spends time putting Southern Plate together for us.
    Thanks Christy.. Hugs !!!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

  23. Sharon Carson says

    Oh Christy, my hubby loves these pecans! I have made them for him and he scarfs them down. He got hooked on something very similar from one of the vendors at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Me, I like the pecans, but I am just plain hooked on Walt Disney World! We were just in Disney the first week of November. We had a wonderful time! Up here in New Jersey, the first week in November has traditionally been the week our public school teachers’ convention is held. The kids are off for a few days for the convention, and in previous years, our school district added a few teacher inservice days to the mix, so our kids were off practically that whole first week of Nov. Things have changed with our local district, so my girls’ didn’t have as many days off this time around, but we still took ’em out of school and had the time of our lives. I would love to know when you will be in Disney the next time; I would love to run into you while down there and meet you in person. That way the hubby can thank you personally for his favorite Sticky Chicken recipe. BTW, while we were in Disney this past time, I wore my Southern Plate shirt. I was going to have my hubby take a picture of me wearing it in front of a Disney landmark, and try to figure out a way to send it to you. Since I don’t do facebook, I bagged the idea – just rest assured that I wore that shirt proudly! So tell me, did you create a stir in Disney? I’ll bet many people recognized you. How neat that must be! Oh, and Katy Rose looked darling in her Anna dress! She is too sweet! I wish you and your wonderful family a blessed Christmas!

  24. J B Walker says

    These were so good I had to hide them from myself! Seriously, it was necessary to keep them out of my sight so I wouldn’t nibble them all and have none left to give as gifts. The recipe was so easy and quick…will be making these year round. Thank you Christy for sharing.

  25. Elizabeth Katz says

    I am happy for my 5 month old granddaughter and her parents, my son and daughter-in-law. (They spent Thanksgiving with us in Tampa and left to return to Jacksonville.)
    I am happy for our new pastor (of 3 weeks).
    I am happy for my dearest family and friends. For these 3 things and many more, I am grateful.


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