Sugar Free SuperFruit Salad


The photo shows fresh fruit, but you can actually this entire salad with canned fruit, which saves a fortune when fruit is out of season and adds a lot of convenience!


I’m going to be brief today, because I’m needed to help out with some family and I figure you could use a break from my rambling anyways :)

This recipe is absolutely delicious and Mama and I have been enjoying it for over twenty years. A friend on a diet passed on the recipe back in the day and she called it “SuperFruit”, so that’s what we’ve always called it. We make ours sugar free and it ends up counting as a fruit in most diets, but with a lot more flavor and variety than eating a single banana or an apple.

Mama had company over the holidays and one of her guests was a diabetic. She called to ask if I had any last minute dessert suggestions and Superfruit popped into my head. It was finished off before all of the others and she ended up being asked for the recipe by everyone there.

It’s just so stinking good, so stinking easy, and if you choose your ingredients right, so stinking sugar free!

Enjoy :)


SuperFruit ingredients …and Thumbcat

You’ll need: A small box of instant sugar free vanilla pudding, two cans of no sugar added fruit cocktail (any kind), and another can (or two small) of some other type of no sugar added fruit. I’m using mandarin oranges but you can use peaches or pineapple if you like. The main thing is that you need the juice from the can and if you want to make htis sugaar free, it needs to be sugar free.

You don’t HAVE to make this sugar free though, if you don’t want.

Beyond this, you can also add a few pieces of fresh fruit if you like, such as a chopped apple, sliced banana, etc. Just keep in mind that the fruit you add will most likely lessen the amount of time this stays good in the fridge. If adding bananas, you want to eat this within a day or two. As it is now, this will be good for several days (if it lasts that long).

Oh, meet Thumbcat. He doesn’t make appearances too often so I felt compelled to let him be in this tutorial since this is the first time he’s shown an interest. Thumbcat was adopted from an animal shelter and had spent the first couple of months of his life isolated alone in a cage, so he isn’t as keen on people as our other critters are. He loves my son Brady, though. In case you’re wondering about his name, he is a polydactyl. This means he has thumbs on all four of his paws and I guess we’re just super creative in the name department, huh?

Drain all of the juice from your cans into the bowl.

Like this

Pour your dry pudding mix over the top of it.

Stir that up really good with a wire whisk

You can also just shake all of this up in a quart sized mason jar or even mix it up with an electric mixer if you want. This recipe can be prepared according to your mood.

If you end up with a few lumps, don’t worry about them. Once this has set for a while, you can stir the fruit up again and the lumps will go away easily.

They also taste pretty good if you get a hold of one on your spoon.

Dump in your fruit.

Stir that up good.

Cover and refrigerate several hours.

This is a Pyrex casserole in the sunflower pattern. I love how sunshiney and pretty it is, especially the lid. It is a Cinderella Casserole which means that if you look you’ll notice that it has two handles on it and one is a little larger than the other. The handles have grooves in them which help them to also be spouts for pouring. All of the Cinderella bowls are like this, too. Oh how I miss the old Pyrex! The current stuff lacks the charm and durability of it’s predecessors but fortunately we can still dig up old pieces from time to time!

DEVOUR! If you’ve never had this before, you’re gonna be surprised at how good it is!

Sugar Free SuperFruit Salad
  • 2 -14 ounce cans no sugar added fruit cocktail (Can use sugar added kind if you like)
  • 15 - 20 ounces of other no sugar added canned fruit (Mandarin oranges, peaches, etc, your preference)
  • 1.0 ounce instant box sugar free vanilla pudding (the kind with 4 - ½ cup servings)
  1. Drain juice from all cans into medium bowl. Pour pudding over the top and stir with wire whisk until smooth (see this step in the post for tips in case there are lumps).
  2. Dump in fruit and stir until well combined.
  3. Cover and refrigerate several hours before serving.
  4. Enjoy!

A few years back I did a post with more diet friendly and sugar free recipes called the Lighter Side Of Southern. Click here to visit that post. 

Dolly Parton on responding to critics and people who gave her a hard time: 

“I didn’t listen to any of those people. I never do.

I simply chose to toss their negativity onto the express train that ran

in one ear and out the other.”

~Dolly Parton

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!



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  1. Laura Ludovici says

    This fruit salad is so good & easy! I make it with the fruit packed in juice, but I use the regular vanilla pudding mix. My kids love it & so does my husband. Very good…thank you!

  2. WilmaH. says

    Hey Christy,
    I love love this Superfruit, it is wonderful and I do the sugar-free. Hey is that a cape cod dessert dish?? I have a set of these as well as the tea glasses my Father-In-Law gave me and use them to serve my Superfruit in too! Happy New Year to you, I love your Blog and use so many of your recipes!

  3. Joyce says

    I made this for dessert tho my pudding didnt turn as white as yours, more yellow? is there a reason…I can not wait to eat this dessert…thanks so much Christie for all of your yummy recipes and words of wisdom…

  4. Janel says

    This really is a good salad, Christy, and I’m going to make some tomorrow to start the year off right.

    I lost my Mother this year and so we have had some sad times, but we know she is in heaven with the Lord and that gives me great peace and comfort.

    God bless 2014 for you and your family.

  5. says

    Made this today! I had a little bowl before putting it in the fridge, and it’s quite good! My fruit was exactly the same as yours (same brands even, kind of funny), but I used sugar free cheesecake pudding mix. It’s hard to beat fresh fruit, but this is a nice little treat and I’m sure I’ll make it occasionally. Thanks :D

  6. Janette Stowe says

    Christy, I can’t find the option to save this recipe to my recipe box. Am I overlooking it somewhere? I printed it, but sometimes it’s just easier to pull up my recipe box on the computer.

    Thanks for everything you do to make our lives a little easier.

    • says

      Hey Janette! So good to hear from you!
      Unfortunately, Ziplist closed very suddenly December 10th, after being bought out by Conde Nast. They sent out several emails to users (they are probably in your spam folder) but pretty much pulled the rug out from under us without any options, so the recipe box doesn’t exist anymore. If I can find an option that will work in the future, I’ll definitely implement it but so far the only safe and reliable options are ones that cost money to use.
      For now, I’m afraid printing is our only option but I appreciate you sticking with me anyway!

      • Janette Stowe says

        Thank you, Christy, for your quick response. I would never leave you – love you too much! I will continue to print and share on FaceBook so I won’t lose any of your great recipes. I am making something different so much lately that my husband thinks I am finally learning to cook. We’ve only been married for 53 years. Never too late to learn, I guess.

  7. Arnold , Becky says

    I love the sound of this Sugar Free Recipe. My husband, mother, friend and mother in law are diabetic and this sounds like a great thanksgiving dessert. I have a question about the dessert. What would happen if I added low fat cottage cheese to this recipe? Would it ruin the recipe or would it add texture?

    I also like this recipe for my non diabetic guests. I can always top it with shredded coconut and pecans.

    Thank you!

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