Light TEN Candles for my Birthday!


Today is my birthday and I’d like you to celebrate with me by lighting up candles!

Each time you do something on the list below, you light a candle

Last year, had over a billion hits, so imagine if just a tiny fraction of us who read this take the challenge to light TEN candles today – what an impact we’d make! 

Will you light ten candles with me today?

If you take the challenge, don’t forget to come back and tell me how many candles you lit!

What if you posted this on your Facebook wall or Pinterest and challenged your friends and family to light ten candles today, too? WOW, you could become your very own world changing machine! GO YOU!





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  1. Judy says

    Happy Birthday, Christy!! It will be my pleasure to light 10 candles for your birthday!! If we think of paying it forward like this daily, imagine the lives we could touch so easily, and even our own!! I am a HUGE fan of random acts of kindness, so your birthday request makes me smile!!! :) Happy Birthday!!! Have a blessed day!!!! xo

  2. says

    Happy birthday Christy!!! I LOVE this!!! Thank YOU for changing g the world one positive word of encouragement at a time. You have brightened so many of my days with your quotes and positive posts. I came to your blog for recipes and found so much more. You are a light in this dark world, glowing with the love of God. Shine on sweet lady, shine on!!!

  3. Lani Russo says

    Happy Birthday from sunny Southern California Christy. Hope your family makes it extra special for you. They better take you out for dinner or at least cook up one of your fantastic recipes.

  4. Katie says

    Y! of course Christy, anything for you! I have done 9 so far so will try to get 1…2..or heck for you all 3 of the remaining of the 12 !!! and will make sure i refer back to the list each and everyday. Thanks for all you do, Christy. Cant wait to see the new book!

  5. Ruth E Chidley says

    I just found out website today via ZipList. I wanted your Cheesy Baked Vidalia Dip recipe so naturally when I asked Ziplist to copy it to my recipe file, there you were. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you for the recipe and I look forward to receiving many more.
    Have a most blessed birthday! I will be looking for opportunities to light candles today and in the days ahead. I also plan on sharing the candle lighting challenge on Facebook. Again, a most Happy Birthday!

  6. Mary Crabtree says

    So very like you, Chisty, to spend your special day trying to light up someone else’s day! I will be thinking of you, being thankful for you, and lighting candles all day, with a wish for myself that I can continue the tradition! Happy birthday, dear friend, and many more!

  7. Kay Ingram says

    I missed your birthday yesterday. I hope your day was wonderful!! I copied the “list” and even though it is late in the day I still can touch on some of these. Great idea–when you encourage someone or touch their lives, you always feel better than that person. Thanks Christy.

  8. KateNWV says

    Hi, Christy! I *just* subscribed, and found that we share a birthday as well as a love of all things southern, especially southern food. I agree with an earlier commenter that it doesn’t seem easy to find others with a Feb. 10 birthday. I hope your day was wonderful. Just seeing sunshine on my birthday after days of cloudy, cold, windy weather here made me very happy on my day. I’m sure I’m decades older than you, but I’m happy to find both your blog and another Aquarius with the same special day, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs. And I just love your idea of lighting candles of kindness.

  9. Janel says

    Christy, I hope your had a special birthday celebration. Thanks for letting us continue to celebrate with you as we take the list of 10 things we can do to reach out to others. I pray God will continue to bless and use you!

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