Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos


Please note: all of these photos were taken with my iphone while on vacation.

We recently went to the beach for a three day weekend and had a wonderful time. If you’re the type of person who enjoys clean, white beaches and serenity (rather than the party atmosphere), Alabama’s beaches are the place for you!

We rented a condo on Orange Beach, rather than a hotel, so that we could have the convenience of a kitchen and really be able to just hang out rather than have to go in search of food whenever mealtime hit. One of the questions I’m asked a lot is “Do you cook when you’re on vacation?”

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Every chance I get. Cooking while on vacation, versus going out to eat, can save an obscene amount of money. Even if the four of us were to go through a fast food drive through nowadays it can easily top $20. For a fraction of that price I can feed us a much better meal. On this last vacation we did end up going out to eat three times, which was for supper each night. One of those times was worth it, and that was to Lambert’s in Foley, Alabama. The other two times – not so much.

But I still wanted to take a break myself, so I planned meals that would let me do that, like these breakfast burritos. I make these a lot on the weekend for us to have on busy school mornings.  The very first morning at the beach, I got up before the sunrise to make these. We had enough to eat that day and leftovers were wrapped in foil and placed in the fridge. On subsequent mornings, all I had to do was turn the oven on and toss a few burritos in. My husband also wrapped a few in a paper towel and microwaved them for snacks when the mood struck :)

I really enjoyed getting up early, though, especially when I could go out on the balcony and watch the sunrise. On our second day there, I was talking about how amazing the sun rising over the ocean was and told my family that I was going to watch it the next morning and if any of them wanted to watch it with me, I’d wake them up to see it and then they could go back to bed. I was pretty surprised but thrilled when all three of them immediately said they’d like to do that with me. I’ve got photos of that wonderful experience at the bottom of this post so be sure you check them out, and maybe start the tradition of catching the world’s best light show with your family a few times a year!

Now how about making some burritos today and have an easy go of breakfast the rest of the week?


To start with, you’ll need: 10 – 12 large flour tortillas, 1 pound of breakfast sausage, a dozen eggs, and about a cup of cheese.

IMPORTANT INGREDIENT NOTE: You can really customize these with whatever you like. Onions, bell peppers, chicken or ground beef instead of sausage, etc. I am just showing you the basic basic version, which is what I make for my family. We then customize our own as we reheat them. 

Brown your sausage in a large skiillet over medium high heat, breaking up with a spatula as you do so, until fully cooked and no longer pink in the center.

Pour that into a bowl and set the bowl aside.

Crack a dozen eggs into a bowl and beat them up really well.

Pour into a large skillet over medium low heat and stir every so often until eggs are scrambled and no longer runny.

Once eggs are done, pour on top of sausage in the bowl and stir to combine.

Set up a work station with a large skillet to heat the tortillas in, space to fill them, cheese, and sausage and egg mixture.

Now take a warm tortilla and lay it out on a work surface – I just used the piece of foil I planned on rolling it up in.

Spoon a good bit of filling in a line down one side. By “good bit” I mean about 1/2 a cup.

Fold up the top and bottom of the tortillas, this will keep your filling from falling out when you eat it, then roll your tortilla up tightly like I did in the photos above.

Note: You don’t have to roll your tortillas this way, this is just how I do it. There is no right or wrong way to roll up a tortilla and if anyone tells you there is, find out when they became leader of the universe because I totally missed that election :)

After you finish making each tortilla, roll it up in foil and twist or fold the ends to seal, like this. 

Enjoy now and put the ones you don’t eat in the fridge to reheat and enjoy later!

You can reheat these in the microwave or the oven.

Instructions are included in the recipe at the bottom of this post.

After mine is heated, I like to open it and add a few spoonfuls of chunky salsa, then wrap it up again and enjoy. If there is any filling leftover after I’ve used up all of my tortillas, I just pour a little cheese and salsa over it and eat it like a breakfast bowl!

But are a few highlights from our trip :)

This is how an eight year old girl packs for the beach. 

This is how an eight year old rejoices on the beach:)

My big boy

And now for the sunrise!

It was pretty cold when we got up so everyone is bundled.

Here they are, waiting on the show to start. 


More photos from our weekend can be found on my Instagram by clicking here. If you follow me and your profile allows it, I always follow back because I wanna keep up with you, too!


Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos
  • 12 medium to large eggs
  • 1 cup cheese
  • 1 pound breakfast sausage
  • 10 large flour tortillas
  1. Crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl. Beat well with fork until well mixed. Can add a ¼ - ½ a cup of milk or whipping cream if you like, for more creaminess.
  2. In large skillet, cook sausage over medium high heat while cutting with a spatula to break it into small pieces, until fully cooked and no longer pink in the center. Pour out into a large bowl and set aside.
  3. Reduce heat to medium low and pour beaten eggs into same skillet. Cook, stirring often, until eggs are scrambled and no longer runny. Pour on top of sausage in bowl and stir to combine.
  4. Heat tortillas, one at a time, in large skillet, about ten seconds on each side. Immediately fill with a line of egg/sausage mixture and sprinkle a little cheese over top. roll up tortillas (see photos in this post for how I roll mine) and wrap each one individually in foil, twisting or folding the ends to seal.
Serve warm and refrigerate any leftovers. To reheat, remove burrito from foil and wrap in a paper towel. Microwave until heated through (about one minute in my microwave, but microwaves vary). To reheat in oven, preheat to 350 and place foil wrapped tortilla directly onto oven rack. Heat for 7-8 minutes, or until heated through.
*IMPORTANT INGREDIENT NOTE: You can really customize these with whatever you like. Onions, bell peppers, chicken or ground beef instead of sausage, etc. I am just showing you the basic basic version, which is what I make for my family. We then customize our own as we reheat them.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit.
Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”
~Francis de Sales


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  1. Fran says

    Hey, Christy! I’m looking forward to making these breakfast burritos this weekend. Another thing I’m looking forward to is my FIRST trip to Alabama in June! My niece is having her wedding on the beach at Gulf Shores and we’ve rented a house nearby for a week. I’ve made notes of all the places that’s been mentioned as great restaurants, as well as the location of Target & the outlet malls. I live near the Delaware beaches but can’t wait to see what Alabama has to offer. =^..^= P.S. Please consider a post where you link some of your favorite take-along recipes.

  2. Sally Abbott says

    Christy, I really enjoy your blog. I second Fran’s request. Please consider a post where you link some of your favorite take-along recipes. Three days a week I work 2 jobs and am gone 15 hours a day. I must take breakfast, lunch, supper (dinner) and any snacks. I have run out of ideas and am tired of the same thing all the time.

  3. Nikki Terry says

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog and all your recipes! Also enjoyed your pictures from the beach! We lived near the beach the first three years of my daughters life but moved away a little over a year ago…sure miss being so close to the beach! I am anxious to try this recipe! I was wondering – could these be frozen and pulled out as needed? I’m afraid they would ruin in the fridge before all could be eaten!

  4. Janel says

    Christy, I made the burritos the other morning and they were so good. We will have the ones which were extra tomorrow morning. Yum! We are addicted to Mexican food and love most all of it, including the burritos. Thanks for sending the recipe and also thanks for the recipe today for the Bacon and Potatoes baked in the oven. That will be a hit I’m sure and it sounds so easy, my kind of recipe! Thanks again.

  5. Janeen Vaden says

    Hi Christy, I just have to say thanks for all your great recipes. I am so tired of cooking and it is so great to have something new to try. My family loved the breakfast burritos and I love having something quick in the freezer for them to enjoy. Thanks.

  6. Cassie Wilkins says

    just made these today for our lunch and hubby wanted one to pack for his supper tonight. He did say that they needed a little something more next time I put them together, light bulb went off in my head and I went to to cupboard and dug around for a jar of thick salsa and told him next time I will add salsa and a dollop of sour cream before I roll them up. His eyes glowed and said that was it! lol I used the lo-carb tortilla’s, so were healthy and full of fiber to boot.
    So our Saturday early morning road trip will be these babies with the salsa and sour cream and coffee in our travel mugs! Thanks Christy for another great recipe!

      • Cassie Wilkins says

        Hi Christy, we are headed to Naponee Indiana, going to look at some modular homes. We are just looking at our options since we now have a little peice of property in Tenny (in 7 years will be our retirement home). Also since we will be in Amish/Mennonite country, we will just make a wonderful day of it and eat some good ole homestyle food after we tour the modular’s. Our road trip is 2 hrs from our ‘home’ here in Ohio, lol.Then in July, while visiting some friends in NC, we are going to look at another type of home option. Whatever ‘fits’ in our budget will be what we choose, lol.

  7. Kev says

    In your post, you note that you refrigerate these and then use them the rest of the week; how many days do you feel safe keeping them in the fridge before you get concerned that they might go bad?

  8. Lacey says

    I totally agree about Alabama’s beaches. I’ve been to Alabama several times, but never far enough South to see the beaches until this past March. My husband and I took a 4 day vacation to Dauphin Island and it was wonderful. We too packed groceries (nothing major since our room didn’t have cooking appliances) but sandwiches and cereal (it did have a fridge) and the like. I am now and forever totally in love with Southern Alabama and aspire to come live there!! Lambert’s…..Oh My Goodness……is all I can say about that. It’s like having your grandma back there in the kitchen cooking!!! I love that place and really wish there was one closer!! Funny thing though, my parents-in-law drove all the way to Missouri (we live in central Kentucky) just to eat at the Lambert’s there.

  9. Florence says

    I make these for my husband to have a good breakfast as he drives to work very early in the morning. He likes his with sausage and cheese and also cream cheese. I make a week’s worth at a time and he warms one up before he leaves for work. So much better than anything from the freezer section!! The eggs come from my chickens and the sausage from a pig raised by my next door neighbor! Also, thank you so much for your website and recipes! I’m an Idaho transplant from middle Tennessee and just reading your posts makes me feel closer to home!

    • Diane says

      Hi Florence, I know it’s been awhile since you posted about the breakfast burritos, but I’m a Colorado transplant from west TN (Jackson) and I too feel closer to home when I read from these kinds of “down-home) websites. I have been making breakfast burritos at home for years, but am always looking for new recipes since we like ours smothered on weekends. Can’t wait to try these! Whereabouts in mid-TN are you from?

  10. Norma says

    Hi! I tried to print this recipe and was unable to. I click on “Print this Recipe” and the recipe does not come up. The page has a list of sharing icons and is otherwise blank. Any suggestions?

  11. mama jane says

    The best way I have found for freezing burritos (or breakfast tacos like we call them in Dallas) these is to wrap them well in press n seal wrap before throwing them in a ziplock. I don’t know what I did before press n seal, but I bet it involved throwing away a lot more freezer burned food! You can get so much more air out of things you’re freezing with that stuff.


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