Simple Squash and Zucchini – Fall Over The Fences If You Have To



This is a simple recipe, simply prepared with simple ingredients – with a wonderfully simple but delicious taste. you know, so many of the best dishes are that way. They don’t need to be complicated or over thought in order to be delicious. I’ve convinced that most of life is meant to be that way as well – simple. Yet, we manage to overcomplicate it every single day. We can take something that is meant to be a line drawing and complicate it to the point of being a Monet.

There is a video on Youtube….Don’t worry, it’s not cute kittens or puppies doing tricks. My daughter loves those and I’ve had to sit through entire days of cute kitten videos (I’m being totally serious). They are cute and all that and I love kittens but I’m no longer in my pink puffy clouds and unicorn phase of life so when Katy Rose calls for a marathon, I come up with excuses to clean the house and cook things for her to keep her strength up as it goes into the third hour.

This video I’m taking about today is Youtube gold and I dearly love the woman in it. Apparently, it is about a year or so old but, being out of the loop as I am, I am just now seeing it.

Sweet Brown, a woman that I would love to sit down to a meal with, is being interviewed about a fire in her apartment. She tells how it took her by surprise and she ran out for her life once she realized what it was, then complains about an injury to her throat and ends with “I got bronchitis, Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

That’s my favorite line for 2013.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. As simple as it can be and it says so much.

To make it even better, someone has made a song of it so now I can sing it to myself as much as I want. “Ain’t nobody got time for that! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Ain’t nobody got time, ain’t nobody got time, ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Some folks look at the musical version and think it’s making fun of her, I watch that video like she’s a preacher and I’m the congregation. Preach it, Sweet Brown!

My great grandmother didn’t have time for that, either. She used to pick cotton in the blistering hot fields with her kids all day. When they headed back at the end of the day, there was a fence they had to climb across to get to their little shack house. After a day of picking and dragging that heavy cotton sack behind her, Lela would be so tired that she couldn’t lift her leg to climb over the fence. My grandmama says “The kids could climb the fence but mama was too tired to climb, so she’d just fall over it.” 

Think about all of the other options available to her. She could have just stood there and whined. She could have had her kids try to help her over each day. But she didn’t have time for that. She had kids who were tired and hungry and she still had to prepare and cook supper for all of them. So she just fell over the fence and kept on going.

Last year around this time I shared with y’all about the day that I ended up needing a good many stitches in my head. I had an accident at home alone one day that resulted in a pretty impressive L shaped gash in the top of my skull. I was immediately perturbed because I had work to do. I took a photo of the wound and texted it to my friend Jyl, who used to be a paramedic, hoping she’d text me back and tell me it was okay to walk it off. She called me back laughing. “I think you gonna need to go to the emergency room kinda quick.” 

Crud! I called my family doctor and told him “I don’t have time to go to the hospital and sit around all day, if you can see me I’ll come in but other than that I’ll just deal with it.” 

He laughed at me too, but let me come in and stitched me up on his lunch hour. I had to put on a baseball cap and tuck all of my red stained hair up in it as I drove myself down there so I wouldn’t freak out people in traffic. I got my stitches, wore my baseball cap back home, took a shower real quick before the numbness wore off, dried and curled my hair, reapplied my makeup, cleaned up the stains from my carpet and washed the towels I’d used to try to stop it from bleeding. Then, drove to pick up the kids from school and came home to cook supper.

When my husband came home he said “Did you get a lot done today?”

I said “Well not really.”

I’d lost valuable work time taking care of that nonsense. 

I had other options that day. I could have laid down and cried and called folks and told them I had a profusely bleeding head wound. I could have even called 911 and had them send an ambulance for me. I’m sure ambulances go for lesser things. 

I could have called up my husband and made him miss a good day of work, too, to take me to the hospital. You really don’t want to go to the hospital around here unless you have a good bit of your life to dedicate to it. I think the wait is their version of triage. They figure the only folks who are serious are the ones willing to wait 8 hours, so they decide to see you at that point. I had kids to pick up from school and supper to cook and a mess to clean up and work still left to do. I didn’t have time for that.

The main thing, though, is that I was perfectly capable of taking care of it myself, so there was no reason to pull other’s away from what they were doing or cause a stir.

I had a friend who once said to me, “You’re the type of woman who would give birth in the fields and then go right back to picking cotton.”

My first and immediate thought was “Well, somebody’s gotta pick it.”

You know, it’s that inner drill sergeant of mine. The one I installed in my brain. It’s all in the way I talk to myself.

I’ve struggled with gravely deep depression in my life. Since I clawed my way out of that black pit, I’ve spent every day since making sure I don’t go back.

I’m like a recovering alcoholic who won’t allow themselves to be around alcohol. I won’t listen to certain music, I won’t watch certain tv shows, I won’t even read certain books or articles. I keep my head high and my thoughts on things worthwhile.

When I’m in a bad mood or feeling down I tell myself “I’ve been there and I ain’t going back. So if you want to hang around here, bad mood, you’d best suck it up and get happy real quick because I’ve got work to do.”

I used to lay in bed and bemoan that I had to get up, but one day that common sense side of me said “Well, you gonna lay here and whine about wanting more sleep or are you going to get up and put this day to good use? “

We don’t dedicate a day to being miserable. We don’t do a series of posts on Facebook about it. We don’t call up Mama and Daddy and cry over the phone.

So you’re tired, but there is a fence in front of you and you’ve got hungry kids. You can climb over it or you can fall over it, but it’s a fence that has to be gotten over one way or another.

Well, you need stitches. You’d best just accept it and get them so you can get back here and clean up this mess.

So life is hard. You can whine or you can stand up straighter and start conquering it.

I decided several years back that as long I’ve got a life to live, you won’t find me laid out on the fainting couch.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Now let’s cook.

You’ll need: Yellow Squash, Zucchinni, butter*, salt, and pepper.

*You can use 1/2 cup water in place of butter if you like. The butter does add a nice flavor hint but the veggies also taste wonderful on their own.

Place butter or water in large skillet over medium high heat.

Slice vegetables.

I always eat a few slices raw because you know, cooking is hard work and you’ve got to keep your strength up!

Add veggies to skillet and cook over medium heat, stirring every few minutes, until veggies become translucent, about 8-10 minutes.

You don’t want them so cooked that they cry uncle, but just enough to make them tender.

Remove to bowl or platter.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper according to your taste, and serve.

This side dish is simple and clean tasting and goes really well with pretty much anything. You can serve this as is or add in other vegetables while it cooks, too! Try adding onions, tomatoes, thin sliced carrots, or anything else you have on hand!

Simple Squash & Zucchini
  • 1-2 yellow squash
  • 1-2 zucchinni
  • ½ cup butter or ½ cup water
  • salt and pepper to taste*
  1. Place butter or water in large skillet over medium high heat. Slice vegetables and add to pan once butter is melted.
  2. Cook over medium high heat, stirring every few minutes, until veggies become translucent, about 8-10 minutes.
  3. Remove to bowl or platter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Serve warm.
I prefer kosher salt for this but table salt will work just fine

“Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts.

Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts.

Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me …

Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”

~ Shel Silverstein

Submitted by Jenny. Click here to read more wonderful quotes and submit yours, too.


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  1. Angie H in Dallas, Tx says

    I made this last weekend, with Chicken & Dressing. I add onion to it when cooking, and then at the last minute before eating grate a tiny bit of cheese on it. My kids ate it up like it was their last meal. I’m very lucky that they love vegetables. When we go grocery shopping, they pay attention in the vegetable section, always looking to see what we can have this week.

    My mom was the same way, she didn’t have time for any of that. She had 5 kids to take care of, she didn’t have time for moaning & groaning about her situation. By the time I came along, she only had 1 left at home, me, and 2 grandkids, and 3 more grandkids on the way. She still didn’t have time for that. I’ve taken after her, I don’t have time for any nonsense either. You have to keep on keeping on. Great post again Christy.

  2. Cassie Wilkins says

    Have me some squash and gonna fix this. I love the green and yellow together. I have some of the hamburger steaks with your ketchup gravy leftover and this will make a great side dish for it. Yummmmm! Thanks Christy.

  3. Vonnie says

    Christy, Bless You!!!!! I too battle with depression and it’s a struggle sometimes not to go back into that deep dark black hole. So, I’ve learned not to watch certain movies or read certain books. I’ve learned not to be around certain people or to be involved in certain life situations. It’s my way of surviving! Thanks for sharing your message! You are one of the ways that I battle the darkness, I often come here for a dose of your “sunshine”. Thanks for everything!!!

  4. Cassie Wilkins says

    Hi Christy, just read your stuff up there, (I always look and drool over your recipe’s first, got my priorities ya know 😉 but,) I have sure been there done that! One of my biggest peeves are the people who sit around and wine about what is wrong with them. I try to be patient, as I was there in a time of my life also. But when i hear the same people keep doing it 20 years down the road, well, my patience has done worn through. My advise usually gets firmer and I try to steer them to getting out and volunteering something and get their mind off of themselves. Some listen and others don’t, which is just human nature, but I can pick and chose what I want to hear now. ummm, and that is why I park at the END of the driveway when attending family functions! lol

  5. says

    I LOVE your attitude and perspective!! It is so refreshing! I agree about the whole complaining thing… there is too much life to live and too many opportunities to miss, by sitting around complaining and feeling bad!

    And the recipe looks great. You know what is REALLY good?! My husband introduced me to Tony Chachere’s seasoning…and lo and behold, it is FABULOUS on, well, just about everything… including squash and zucchini! It’s also good on roasted potatoes! Unfortunately for northerners, I think you may only be able to get it in the South (unless you order online, which, I believe you CAN do).

  6. Mary Jo says

    We like to add potatoes sliced and cooked with the squash; onions are a tasty addition, also. New potatoes are best, but any red ones will work in a pinch (I just read the page about Southernisms). “Can I have that fried?” is also something heard in the South.

  7. Glenda says

    Of course your recipes are great. But even if you never posted a single one, I’m sure you’d have the same amount of readers. You’re very inspirational and down to earth with your advice. Some might say, wise beyond your years. Thanks for sharing your heart, and for letting Jesus’ love shine through in what you say. Have a blessed day!!

  8. Nancy L. says

    Sweet Christy, I just love you. I’ve always loved your positivity, but now I appreciate it all the more. I’m trying to teach my kids Philippians 4:8 – if anything is good, pure, lovely, etc… think on these things. I love that you’re living that!

  9. Genora says

    We make a similar dish in my family, we just add some sliced onion and fresh tomatoes, and a little bit of garlic. My mom called it Garden Sass when she had a vegetable garden. Of course, when you add things to it it’s not such a “simple” recipe but it’s still easy. And delicious. I have added Italian seasoning and served it over spaghetti squash for a full-on squash dinner. yum

  10. Christopher says

    These are two of my wife’s favorite veggies. She used to cook them the same way that you do… until she met me. I don’t eat butter, margarine or any of that stuff. I sauté them in EVOO with sweet Vidalia onions, diced fresh Roma tomatoes and plenty of garlic. I put that over fresh home made pasta and top it off with fresh basil, right from the garden, and shaved Parmesan cheese; e’ così buono!

    We’re starting to reap our first harvest from the garden. We started putting up food when we moved to SC in ’05. It was just blanching, vacuu-sealing and freezing. We’ve since moved from the Charleston area to the Columbia area and have gotten into canning, big time. Squash and zucchini can very well if you keep them on the tender-crisp side. One of our local friends from church gave my wife a recipe for zucchini pickles. We put up 8 pts. Next year we’ll double that. They were gone in no time. I traded her recipe for my fried zucchini strips with a curry aioli dipping sauce: Fair trade. Her family went nuts for them. 😉

  11. Lois C. says

    Just found your site, and love it! Was especially grateful for your comments as I have been struggling with that same thing right now, and sometimes God guides us to what we need to hear!
    Love the recipe, do it here, but do add a bit of onion for flavor, saute it in a little butter, then cover and steam til it is tender! Kiddos love it!

  12. Lisa Howard says

    Oh Sweetie! I have been in your shoes! I fight it every day. One thing that helped me was getting rid of “toxic” friends. You know, those en-ablers that always want to dwell on the bad. Just send ’em down the road! I love your posts, love the new magazine, love your attitude! Have a wonderful week!

  13. Sue Ziemann says

    I made this, with half butter/half water to cut the fat a bit. Smelled like heaven, got some for myself, went back and it was gone! My son-in-law ate it for his dinner. A keeper for sure. I never had these veggies before I went to Outback for a birthday celebration. What I have missed all my life! Lol

  14. Becky says

    Christy, I love you and I love your stories. I bet you are a joy to be around. I love all your recipes, you are doing a beautiful job. You definitely make me giggle! Thank you for this blog!

  15. Betty819 says

    Christy, I’ve never used Kosher Salt before but notice a lot of recipes will call for it. What’s the difference in that and regular table salt? Is it more course then regular table salt< or have a different taste ? I happen to have a portion of each of these two vegetables in my veggie bin right now that I need to use up.

    Instead of using top sirloin for your beef kabob's, could I use a chuck roast cut into cubes?

    • says

      It is a coarse salt and it a great all-purpose salt that can be used in cooking and on the table. It does have a better taste to me. But, you can use regular salt if that is what you have. I have always used top sirloin…so I am not sure how the chuck would turn out but you are welcome to try it.

  16. JoeyfromSC says

    This looks delicious!! I would add onions to mine for sure lol

    more importantly, I REALLY needed to hear your message/story today!! thanks Christy!! I too, suffer from depression & it has been pretty good 2 yrs+ good lol..but then certain things lately have me in a “funk” as I call it! I thank you for your amazing words of encouragement!! They are more needed and appreciated than you know!!

  17. Peggy Kays says

    I was feeling bad so I went to my doctor and he said I was depressed. Wrote out a prescription for depression pills. I went home, read all the side effects and toss the depression pills in the trash. I told myself….You got yourself in this depression, now get yourself out….I got on with my life without pills.
    Thank you so much for this story of your life. I admire you so much and I like your recipes too. God Bless.

  18. Julie says

    Thank you for the words today! I, too, have fought depression and have now changed my lifestyle. (Staying away from certain things, as you listed). I have climbed out of that hole, with God’s help as He pulled the rope upward towards Him, and I ain’t going back.

    The hardest thing to stay away from is negative people, because they are close to me. Okay some are family. I try to steer away from being near them for long, but certain circumstances demand it. But I deal differently with them now. And yes, I am being pleasant. :-)

    You, Christy. are one of those people I turn to for an uplifting minute or inspiration. And I would like to say, “Thank You”. Your humor and sweet voice is just what I need at times. You are such a blessing.

    Keep up the good work! And keep the recipes coming.

    O, I have made this squash recipe many times throughout the years, but now I sometimes use no butter. I just put a lid on the pan and steam them. They are delicious fixed that way, as well.

  19. Sandra says

    I have both cookbooks and use the recipes often. Made your zucchini bread today, and it was delicious. Would love to see you on The Chew. Also your own cooking show on The Food Network! All of us who are fans should email to those cooking outlets!

  20. LouAnn says

    It’s always amazing how God wll put something in front of me either to read or see or hear that speaks to me. Today, your post is it. I’ve been dealing with some pain in regards to my adult children. Well, I’ve decided my pity party is over. I’m going to take a shower, fix my hair, put on my makeup and get on with day and my life!
    God bless you!


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