Money Saving Tip: Go Bananas!


Today’s money saving tip is all about Bananas and how buying them can save you lots of money AND give you a yummy treat!

My #1 Reason why I you should buy bananas: PRICE! This bunch of bananas, 8 large ones, cost $1.40. Even though that is far more expensive than they used to be, bananas are one of the best values in the produce apartment. 

That is just 17 cents per banana!

As compared to:
Bag of Chips $1.00
Fast Food Burger $3.00
Doughnut .99
Cup of Yogurt $1.00
Fast Food Fries $2.00
By eating a banana as a snack just once a day, you could easily save close to $10 or more per week PER PERSON.
You’d fill up a whole lot faster on a banana, save a ton of money, and likely feel better too!

What I love about them:

*Convenient – Bananas are a fast grab food at our house. I always have some sitting on the counter and if someone needs a snack or a last minute breakfast on the way out the door, they grab one. When I’m going to be gone for the day and my schedule is unpredictable, I toss one in my purse. There is no telling how many times a banana has been my lunch while I was out and about!
*Filling – Unlike a lot of snacks that just leave you hungry, bananas are very filling and a better replacement for lunch than a bag of chips or some of the other options out there.
*Good For You – Bananas are low in fat, high in fiber, potassium, complex carbohydrates,  and a low glycemic fruit.
*Delicious – Bananas taste good!

*AND They never have to go to waste!

They Freeze Well: Take ripe bananas, peel them, moosh them up with a fork, and immediately place in plastic zipper seal bags. Squeeze the air out, flatten, seal, and freeze. I write on the outside of the bag how many bananas I put in there to make them easier to use. These can be thawed for just a few minutes and then added to any recipe calling for mashed bananas (like Banana bread , banana crumb cake, or the smoothies below).
Bake Your Favorite Recipes! If you buy them and find that they aren’t being used, get to cooking!

Here are some of my favorite banana recipes:

BUT most importantly, Bananas are a great snack because…
You get to do this! 
So go ahead, Go BANANAS! 

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  1. Tiffany Holmes says

    It is so refreshing when you can see someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Of all the bloggers that I follow, you handle yourself with unparalleled class. Thank you for not feeding into the negativity that the Internet sometimes can bring!

  2. Jean Cowan says

    While I was reading this, I came to a realization. When I am at the grocery and I’m hungry, I have grabbed a bag of chips to eat on the way home while sitting in the back of my car is a bunch of bananas! Thank you for making me realized that I need to eat a banana. Its a much healthy choice too. : )

    • Mimi says

      I never get home with all the bananas I bought! And I have a fixation that makes me refuse to pay more that 55 cents a pound. Most of my bananas come from Aldi to meet that requirement. I also keep frozen bananas in my freezer in zip lock bags.

  3. Beth Sanchez says

    I never even considered freezing them. What a great idea instead of letting them go bad when you do not eat them fast enough. Thanks for the tip! I love to mix mashed bananas and pecans into my pancake batter. It is so almost like banana bread pancakes and i make extra and snack on them during the day. They are not yucky left over like normal pancakes are.

  4. shirley wilson says

    I buy bananas at least 3 times a week.Peanut butter/banana sandwiches are delicious and good for you. I eat them alone, on cereal, in oatmeal, and I, like you, throw a couple of bananas in my purse when I go out.
    I don’t bother mashing them before putting them in a zip lock bag. I just peel them, put them in the bag, squeeze them till they’re mushy, then zip & seal.

  5. Tamela in Central Florida says

    It may be the lazy person’s way but if I have bananas that are not going to get eaten, I just throw the banana with the peel and all if the freezer. It will be in it’s own packaging and you can defrost when you’re ready to use!!

  6. Margaret says

    You can also have “banana ice cream”. just mash them and freeze, use an ice cream scoop to scoop them into a bowl and top with chocolate syrup and any topping or just plain. The frozen banana has the same consistancy and texture as ice cream!

  7. Barbara says

    I have been doing this for some time now. I shared how to freeze bananas with my children. I use them in smoothies instead of ice. It is great for a smoothie. I also freeze blue, black, rasp and strawberries as well as grapes and other fruits. I just throw a little of each in a blender and add some apple juice and have a wonderful cool smoothie. LOVE IT!!!

  8. Sonya says

    I love buying bananas but sometimes the family just gets tired of them and I have a whole bunch turning brown in my fancy little dish. I’ve recently begun putting the brown skinned bananas in the freezer – just whole and just like they are. I then let the thaw on the counter when ready to make banana bread/cake and it tastes great! Has anyone else ever heard of doing this?

  9. Mary says

    I used to pack the banana with the sticker in one of my children’s lunch. It was the “Award” banana. Given for outstanding (fill in the blank). And I drew faces on other bananas with a black marker. Fun food, bananas!

  10. Jan Kalonick says

    When my bananas get dark and I need to do something with them – now – I just throw them in the freezer – peel and all. When I want to make banana bread or muffins – I take out the number of bananas that I will need. No using freezer bags or anything else that will be thrown away. And the peels we put in the garden for compost!!!! a WIN WIN solution.

  11. says

    Thank you so much for the info on the sugar prices. I have a Sams card and have checked the prices but didn’t think it was that much cheaper. I will check that one again for sure, need to save as much as possible. I also like to stock pile too, never know when surprise company will show up, so I usually can pull something together quick.
    I like to buy the large bags of different cut up frozen fruits, makes great and healthy smoothies quickly. I enjoy reading your sight, keep it up and we will all turn into good southern cooks – thanks to you Christie!! I’m a Fla. native now living in SCarolina. My parents lived in south Georgia and Fla. when they were children. their parents,(my grandparents) were share croppers, a very hard life style. They are very familiar with your kind of cooking.

  12. Adrienne Latimer says

    Once my bananas start to turn, I put the entire bunch right into the freezer! They store incredibly well this way! No wasted baggies. Then when it comes time to use them, I take out how many I want and put them in a bowl in the fridge. The peel is incredibly soft and I just squeeze the fruit out. My Mummu (great-grandma) taught us to use the blackest bananas for baking and they come out very dark after freezing!

  13. Janel says

    I have been putting over-ripe bananas in the freezer for a long time to use in banana bread, etc., but have never tried putting them in, peel and all. I will try that. It will save using some zip-lock bags and that will be good for the environment. Glad to get this tip!

  14. MARSHA G says

    I slice my bananas give them a light coating of lemon juice then lay them out on a waxed paper lined baking sheet put the sheet into the freezer and let the slices freeze. Once they are frozen I put them in a tightly sealed container. We will take out a few slices for cereal, or just for munching on. Especially on a hot day frozen banana slices are so good in your cereal or for a cold treat. I’ve used this trick since my now 18 year old was little and teething. they are great for a teething baby when you put them in one of the teething fruit nets you can buy that holds frozen fruit.

  15. Eva says

    I froze bananas in the 80’s got the tip from someplace and never looked back! My great aunt used to dice them and put them in freezer bags, the non zip kind! That was way back in the 50’s.
    My daughter got a machine called a Yonana which turns frozen, leopard spotted frozen bananas into some sort of frozen fruit desert like ice cream, which of course the twins love! It was around 50 bucks in the local Walmart, but went on a rollback sale for 30$ so she got it. I was talking to a lady while looking at them, and she said she uses it all year round. You mix other frozen fruits with it, which is great.
    I do have to watch how many I eat, and how ripe they are, the more under ripe the better for a diabetic. But they are certainly a good source of all sorts of good things for you.

  16. Peggy says

    Bananas will not go bad, if you separate them and wrap them very tightly in a plastic bag ( do that to each one ) then put them all in another plastic bag and put them in the fridge. They do not turn black. I always do this and only take out as many Bananas as I need. This way you can stock up when the price is good.


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