Mouthwatering Meatloaf Burgers

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If you ever want folks to get a wistful look in their eyes and set mouths to watering just mention a good old fashioned meatloaf sandwich. In fact, I know a lot of folks who make meatloaf just so they can have sandwiches the next day! I’m a fan of both but when I find myself hankering for a tender hunk of meatloaf on a bun, I just cut out the middle man and make these burgers. With all the flavor and texture of tender meatloaf, they hit the spot every time.

But before I show you how I make these, allow me to digress, if you will. As is so often my custom.

I sing. It’s what I do. It’s a huge part of who I am. I don’t neccesarily sing well but I can carry a tune and know when to stop if a note goes higher or lower than my voice is capable of going.

I can also remember anything if set to music. Back in my college days, I once had the name of every single muscle and bone in the human body set to tune within my head. Got an A on that paper but I bet the professor still wonders why I was bobbing my head as I filled in the answers.

So of course, my children have heard me singing from the time their ears were able to hear. I sing to the dogs, I sing to myself, I sing to the walls, I sing on the phone. When I’m not singing, I’m humming. When I’m not singing or humming, I’m rapping – which is a fun one to pull out because it embarrasses my son to no end.

It’s no wonder that my kids are full of songs as well, espcially my youngest, who is as bad as I am about putting anything and everything to music. She also plays piano by ear, something that I would have never believed if I hadn’t of seen it first hand.

We have songs for folding laundry, songs for taking showers, and songs for finding the hairbrush in the morning (although I have to credit Larry the Cucumber with that one). If folks were to walk into our house sometimes they’d think they  had  stepped into an elaborate opera of untrained but good natured singers. My teenager has moved on from singing for the time being (it’s a phase, he’s a boy, you know how it goes), but he still spends a great deal of time composing music on his computer and playing french horn in the symphonic band at school.

Music is part of our lives and a constant source of joy.

When I was a girl my mother was the same way and spending my childhood around her just planted a song in my heart – so I like to think I’ve done the same with my kids.

It’s a beautiful thing, music. A simple song has the ability to break our hearts in two or mend them together again.

A heart with a song is a stubborn heart. No matter what, that song is protected and no matter how long it goes unsung, the notes and words are quickly called to mind when they are needed most.

So now, no matter where life takes me or what pressures or trials I face, I still have my song within me. When the going gets tough, when the hope feels lost, my song rises up.

Rather than be defeated. I sing.

The same can be said for the spirit within us. We come out fighting, even when we’re knocked down.

Even if we’ve stayed down far longer than the usual count. We just have to remember that we were meant to rise.

Remember your song today.

 and maybe sing it while you cook this for supper… 

You’ll need:  Quick oats (old fashioned will work, too), eggs, chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, tomato sauce (can sub ketchup), and some seasonings: Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder.

And of course since this is meatloaf, you’re gonna need some ground beef.

A few weeks back I did a post on dividing up ground beef in perfect little 1/2 lb, quick to thaw packages so I grabbed a few of those.

Meatloaf is, of course, a meat heavy dish, so I usually only cook a meal like this once a week because I prefer to stretch my ground beef to cover several meals in recipes like Taco Pizza, Skillet Lasagna, and Garden Skillet Supper. (Click here for 35 Ground Beef Recipes to help stretch your food dollar). But there are times when you just need some meatloaf and nothing else will do but a big old hunk of it!

Still, for this whole recipe – 4 generously sized burgers – we’re only using 1+1/2 pounds of ground beef.

Place all of your ingredients into a large mixing bowl.

Now we need to mix this up. There are several ways of doing this but my favorite is to use my hands. This is by far the most efficient and quickest way to get a meatloaf mixed up . For anyone horrified at the thought of this I want to point out that hands are washable.

Just give ‘em a good wash, dig in and mix this up, then wash them again. Voila! Clean hands AND meatloaf!

Whereas before, you had clean hands and NO Meatloaf. See the bonus here?

 When it’s all mixed up it will look like this.

Shape that into four doughnut shaped patties.

We make them doughnut shaped because this helps the center to get cooked quicker, so we don’t end up having to burn the outer edges while waiting on the center to cook. I do regular hamburgers this way, too.

As it cooks, the meat shrinks and the center hole closes up.

A close up shot of our gorgemous meatloaf burger

Place these in a large skillet over medium high heat until browned on both sides, about 5-7 minutes on each side.

Then, add 1 cup water to the skillet and continue cooking until juices run clear, about five minutes more.

Note: These will be more tender than traditional hamburger patties so be a little gentle with turning them until they get good and browned because then they’ll hold together better.

Serve on your favorite bun, topped with this wonderful quick and easy burger slaw.

 There aren’t a lot of photos of this because as I was holding the burger to take this shot, I looked down at my camera screen to see how it turned out and without even realizing it, took a big old bite out of this Mouthwatering Meatloaf Burger.

And boy was it ever good!!! 

 This burger  is tender and moist, just like a slice of your favorite meatloaf. Enjoy!

To get the Burger Slaw recipe, please click here.

Mouthwatering Meatloaf Burgers
  • Meatloaf Burgers
  • 1+1/2 pounds ground beef (can use lean or ground chuck)
  • 8 ounce can tomato sauce (can substitute ¾ cup ketchup)
  • ½ cup quick oats or cracker crumbs
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup chopped onion
  • ⅓ cup chopped bell pepper
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  1. Place a large skillet over medium heat while you prepare the meatloaf.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix with hands until well mixed. Form into 4 doughnut shaped patties.
  3. Place in heated skillet and brown on both sides, about 5-7 minutes per side. Add 1 cup water to skillet and continue cooking until juices run clear, about 5 minutes or so.
Serve on your favorite buns. Preferably topped with ketchup and slaw (recipe for burger slaw coming later this week!)

The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know very well. ;)


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  1. Tammy says

    You are so funny ~ I just love your happy spirit! I make meatloaf burgers all the time and grill ‘em … faster than waiting for a whole “loaf” to bake!! Love the idea of adding the water to the pan, though, to keep them more moist!!

  2. cathy says

    Christy, While reading your post, I thought of a quote I read the other day. Don’t know who said it but I still had to share it with you. “Music is what feelings sound like”. So true.

  3. Jackie says

    Oh, this does look good! Your comment about hands being washable reminds me of something I do. If it’s muddy and I have to get in the garden or something like that, I go barefootin’. It’s much easier to wash my feet than clean my shoes! :D

  4. Jennifer says

    Oh where is my hairbrush? That one also works well for finding cell phones. (We sing that one daily too.) Most of our meals are planned for this week (3 year old son started Hawaiian Chicken in the crockpot for his meal of the week to cook.) This might have to be added as a “Mommy treat”.

  5. Pat Payne says

    Christy, music always talks to me too. I just heard for the first time in Church on Sunday, Arise my Love, by Newsong and it is awesome! I know they said it was an older song, but having just started going to church, they are all new to me! And yes, I make the meatload so I can have the sandwich!

  6. Mama Owl says

    I was trying to figure the menu for next week and was discussing meatloaf as a possibility and what to also grill. Now I can do both!!!!! YUUUUUMMMMM! We sing a lot in this house too! Songs for everything and well… just because! Care to share your “muscle and bone ” song? Sure would help in A&P! :)

  7. Cassie Wilkins says

    Oooooooo,, I love meatloaf sandwiches, and have been craving some! Now I am going down to the basement freezer in a bit to get some hamburger to thaw and fix this tomorrow! Thanks Christy!
    I sing and dance also. There is almost always a song in my head! I have had some friends and family make fun of me cause THEY say I sing off key sometimes! I just laugh and say “I don’t care”, I am happy, so I sing”. lol And then I always shrug my shoulder’s and say, God doesn’t care if I can carry a tune or not, lol, I was a GRAND singer in one of my former lives and will sing with the Angels again some day. Then I walk away and am still smiling. I love to sing and dance.
    Ya have ta love friends and family! ;-)

  8. Vivian says

    Sounds good for the summer when you are wanting meatloaf, just throw of couple of these on the grill. This good part is that you can make them ahead of time and freeze them.

  9. Barbara Miller says

    yum! wonder if you can bake these in a 13 x 9 baking dish covered in ketchup. that would be really meatloafy <3 thanks for the great story as well. lots of smiles to you and yours. :)

  10. Susan says

    What’s the old sayin’ – you put 40 cooks in a room and you’ve got 40 different recipes for meatloaf! My mamma always used rice instead of oatmeal or breadcrumbs (just pour in good ol’ Minute Rice until it “feels” right!) so that’s how I make it, too! But, think for these wonderful looking burgers I’ll – gasps! – change mamma’s recipe – just for tonight! :)

  11. says

    Oh yum!!! I think I would have to substitute barbeque sauce for the tomato sauce or ketchup – that’s what I usually do for meatloaf and hamburgers. Love the idea of the hole in the middle – I always get frustrated trying to get the hamburgers to cook in the center and never thought of that!!! Thanks for the awesome recipe and perfect tip! Off to sing while I quilt:)

  12. Robbie Mock says

    I miss singing.. last year I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.. the tumor had gone around my vocal chords. I went from a 3 octave soprano with perfect pitch to a 3 wrong note baratone….. I still croak out a song along with the radio but never in front of anyone.. I have my health but there are times I would love to sing again.. Christmas was hard and my dad’s funeral the hardest being we had a foot stompin’ southern gospel sing! ( we celebrated his life and his going home.. no depressing funeral music for his send off) NOW… how lucky am I to have hamburger thawed and just find your meatloaf burgers??? YUMMMMM!!
    Thank you for being you!! You cheer me up , make me laugh and give me great ideas for supper!! God Bless!!

    • says

      Robbie, I am so glad to hear that you are now well. Even if it did take a part of your voice, I am grateful you are well!! I reckon the tough times are what make us appreciate the good ones and if nothing else you can come croak along with me!

  13. Rachel says

    Yum. I love a meatloaf and a meatloaf sandwich. I tried this once, but it wouldn’t hold together for me. I may have to try it again! Now on to the music…My family is very musical. You give either of them an instrument and they will play it. As for myself, I have decided somebody has to be the audience and God was very generous when I got that talent. I can sit back and clap with the best of them. I have a “music” wall in my house with sayings and a couple of them say, “Music is what feelings sound like” and “where words fail, Music Speaks” I thought of them while I was reading your post.

  14. maryann says

    Oh my I thought everyone knew about this! My hamburgers and meatloaf are usually the same recipe. I normally bake mine in either form. I use BBQ sauce instead of tomato or ketchup; Exchange bread crumbs for oatmeal or use beef flavor stuffing mix crushed up. The reason I like to bake them is that I can kinda forget about it while I am making the rest of the meal.
    If you use a cupcake pan make sure that you something to catch the grease.

  15. Doris Flowers says

    Christy, enjoyed hearing about your singing. I’m not a singer, but a hummer. I also play piano so music is a big part of my life. Most nights have trouble getting to sleep so I sing hymns to myself. Then the first thing I know it is morning. By the way, thanks for all your recipes.

  16. Deborah says

    I cannot wait to make these. You make my mouth water for meatloaf. I may never make a full-size meatloaf again. I made your peanut butter cookies for my hubby yesterday and he loved them. I find myself singing all the time. It’s probably a good thing no one hears me. Thank you Christy for all you do.

  17. BeckyJo says

    My husband uses a similar recipe to make turkey meatloaf burgers using ground turkey breast and he adds teriyaki sauce as an added seasoning. Turkeyburgers are very soft, so if you barbeque them, you will need to use nonstick Reynolds foil on your grill.

  18. Winnie Mom says

    I too love a meat loaf sandwich. and or burgers. Depending on who I am fixing them for, will change the ingredients accordingly. Always use egg, bread crumbs especially like panko bread crumbs. I use Salsa instead of tomato sauce or catsup,sometimes adding onion or onion soup mix (dry) sometimes cheese and jalapeno’s. Whatever I have and whatever the folks like to eat. I will have to try cooking them with the hole in the middle–sounds like it should work just fine. I also make my meatloaf the same way. Enjoy your recipes so much.

  19. Donita says

    Lady this has become my new Friday supper. Not sure why I never thought to make meatloaf hamburgers verses making the loaf and slicing. I too am a singer so, loved hearing I have a soulmate that cooks and sings! God Bless.

  20. DotRot says

    We’re in the process of teaching our special needs daughter to cook. Earlier this week she learned to make a roux and use the hand blender when we made Broccoli, Ham and Cheese soup.

    She’s making these burgers tonight. For the first time, she’s willing to try cooking on the stove top – usually she insists on the microwave or oven. She’s already made the slaw and loves it. I’m looking forward to another successful cooking experience for her.

    On a side note, she insisted that she was NOT putting her hands in there to mix it, even when I offered her rubber gloves. Instead, we dumped everything in a big Ziploc bag and let her, as she put it, “go all mooshy mooshy” with it. It worked beautifully.

  21. Germaine says

    Have not had homemade meatloaf in a long time and too turn them into burgers sounds yummier. This is one recipe that I will be making and extra for lunch for work the next day. Thanks for the doughnut shape tip on forming the burgers this I will try out..have a great week and don’t stop singing lol

  22. Cassie Wilkins says

    ohhhh, soooo yuummmmm. Made these this week and instead of full size burgers, made them into little slidders and put them on Hawaiian rolls. Hubby took the leftover’s for work lunches and the other fellows wanted to know where he got his mini burgers. Had cheese and the canned onions like you put on top of green bean casserole on top and homemade sweet-dill pickles.
    Thanks as always, Christy for another keeper!

  23. Donna Weathers Badger says

    I bet your home is one of the happiest around….I want to move next door…unless, of course, you have a room for rent…I can’t carry a tune but, I’ll join in anyway..hope you’re feeling better today…:)

    Oh, and I’m so trying this recipe next time I make meatloaf….:)

  24. Angela says

    This is how my mother made ground beef go further in the 1970’s when we wanted hamburgers. My sister’s home economics teacher, at that period of time, asked her class “How many hamburgers can you get from a pound of beef?” When one of the students said, “Six”, the teacher laughed and said, “No, four.” My sister sat there and thought to herself, “Well, my Mama gets six!” We didn’t know hamburgers were prepared any other way until we were grown!
    Thanks for bringing back memories…

  25. Kaye says

    The meatloaf sandwiches are the best, the only thing I have done differently for years, is I replace the oatmeal with saltine crackers! DELISH… another big winner!


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