Chocolate Fried Pies (Pie Day Friday!)

chocolate fried pies

An old fashioned, made from scratch, fried pie has no equal. In the fried pie world, I have two favorites: Peach and Chocolate. For an amazing peach pie like my great grandmother made, you have to start with dried peaches. Fresh or canned just can't pack the wallup of flavor that dried ones do. Click here for my recipe and if you want to watch me make them with Al Roker - just for kicks. And ... Continue Reading

Southern Plate Magazine – Limited Time!


UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response (and the first 500 copies being sold in 2 minutes) my publisher has decided to send autographed copies for EVERY order made through the Hoffman Media store through this Wednesday, July 3rd! Click here to order an autographed copy (only through this Wed) ON NEWSSTANDS NOW AND AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Southern Plate Classics shares 20 complete ... Continue Reading

Greek Chicken Tacos

greek chicken tacos

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above, I'd sure appreciate it!     I made an attempt to get this up first thing this morning but a gazillion things interrupted and here it is almost three and I'm just now getting to sit down and focus on writing this post out for y'all...well most especially for Mama because ever since I made these and she heard how good ... Continue Reading

Last Day Nicaragua – Speaking Life Into A Child


I got to spend today with my sponsor child and his mother, a privilege most people will never have. I did not take it lightly, I was there for all of you who will never get to do such. The Compassion folks planned a wonderful day for us to get to spend together but it seemed to go by far too fast. I found myself at the point...that point where it is coming to a close. Someone whispered in my ... Continue Reading

Give Your Family a Sweet Surprise This Summer!

sweet surprise

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go out for ice cream as a little surprise for the kids at the end of a long summer week. This ritual of ours can certainly get expensive though! So today, I decided to throw a surprise Ice Cream Sundae party for my kids. :) Not only did they love it, but the ingredients to make a whole slew of sundaes cost half as much as just one trip to the ice ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua – When You Know It’s Real

kmsd  583

Seeing how Compassion works this week has been amazing. Every time I think of one thing they might have overlooked, one area they may not have thought to cover, I find that they've covered it and thought beyond to boot. Today I'm sharing photos of our visit to a Compassion Center that teaches vocational skills. This is all provided to our Compassion kids as part of being in the program. As ... Continue Reading

Frozen Oreo Pie

oreo e watermarked

If you're on Facebook or Pinterest and could use one of the buttons above, I'd GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks so much! I'm in Nicaragua right now! If you'd like to read about what we're doing here, check out these posts: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3. More to come tonight! By the time you read this, I'll be on the tail end of a trip to Nicaragua with Compassion International  and I hope you've been ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua – Me-ism Never Satisfies

Compassion Bloggers Nicaragua 2013 - Project 111 - Day 3

I don't want to live a life of me-ism and I don't want that for my kids. I was taught from the time I was old enough to learn by seeing my mother's actions, by hearing her words, that you do something to help others, no matter how bad things are for you. That life isn't worth anything if you live it only for yourself. Working 40+ hours a week to buy a nicer car, bigger house, thinking that this ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua – There Are No Impenetrable Walls


As we were walking through a village today I was really struck by how much barbed wire is used. Each lot is sectioned off with posts and barbed wire, then a little shack is erected in the center, usually with a tin roof and black plastic walls. Sometimes the structures are more stable by having one side be made of cinder blocks or wood, but most of what I saw today was typical metal roof, plastic ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua – Meeting the child I sponsor

Compassion Bloggers Nicaragua 2013 - Project 155 - Day 1

I feel like I have lived out a year of my life in one day. This is going to be a day that stays with me, one that I can close my eyes thirty years from now and still remember the sights, smells, sounds, still feel the hugs, still see the hope and joy rising up among piles of garbage - literally. We started our day by visiting a city dump. This was literally a dump. Now I don’t know about ... Continue Reading