100 Reasons Why I’m Not A Cowgirl : How To Make Brownies With Two Broke Legs


Decide you want to bake a little surprise treat for your family for the weekend.

Go look in your pantry and see a box of brownie mix six feet above your head. Find a yard stick and spend the next ten minutes trying to knock it down.

In the process, knock down a canister of oats, pack of salad dressing mix, several boxes of rice, and a small stack (only four or five boxes) of cake mix.

BUT the brownie mix box is resting on top of the pile. EUREKA! Grab it and turn your back on the mess in the bottom of the pantry. Hey, you have two broke legs!

Go over and place the brownie mix on the counter. Open the dishwasher which contains clean dishes but hasn’t been emptied and get a mixing bowl and a large spoon out. Place those on the counter next to the mix. Open the fridge and grab the carton of eggs, get your wheelchair stuck on the fridge door so not only will it not close, but when you turn to try to back up, it actually moves the fridge several inches from where it originally was. Get unhooked finally, close door. Ignore that it is in a different place. It might prove to be better there anyway…

Oh crud, you need the oil. Go back and get the yard stick and take a deep breath as you look up at the bottle of vegetable oil on top of the fridge and try to remember if you put the cap on good last time you used it. Say a prayer and reach up. Knock down a box of baking soda first. Take a deep breath and curse the people who make baking soda in those stupid boxes that don’t really shut as your smallest dog looks up at you covered in white powder. Go back to yard stick strategy and eventually knock the bottle of vegetable oil down, hold your breath as it seems to fall to the floor in slow motion and exhale when it finally lands with cap still on. Pick up vegetable oil.

Stir batter together.

Realize you can’t reach a 9×13 pan so grab a muffin tin instead.

Decide these would be prettier if you used muffin papers. Use the yard stick to pry open the cabinet door that houses them. Commence with yard stick strategy again, knocking down a canister of meringue powder. Curse yourself for losing the lid to the canister as a fine white powder settles down onto the counter and your clothes. Several minutes later succeed in knocking down the cupcake papers.

Spy a canister of rainbow jimmies on the shelf above them. Not one to leave good enough alone, return to highly successful yardstick strategy until those are knocked down – along with green, red, yellow, and easter sprinkles as well – most of them with their lids on. Hey, at least the counter looks festive.

Decide you need chocolate icing. Fortunately, there is a can in the pantry. Force wheelchair as far into pantry door as possible and manage to reach it with your hands. Reverse wheelchair out of pantry as several chips of paint rain down onto floor. If you only knew the walls that are going to have to be painted again after this… 

Spoon brownie mix into muffin papers. Place in oven. When done, microwave chocolate icing without incident to form a glaze and spoon a bit onto each brownie. Top with sprinkles.

When husband comes home and walks into the kitchen looking as if he is about to ask if burglars broke in and ransacked the place, shove a brownie in his mouth.

How to make brownies with two broke legs


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  1. says

    Oh My Gosh woman you have to slow down!

    Aside from the fact that I am currently laughing almost in tears, with the image of you and that yardstick dancing around my head mind you, that I can only imagine the look on your hubby’s face – mine would have probably lost it.

    But seriously this is a great idea for brownies (even without broken legs) for lunches!
    Heal quickly

  2. PeggyJ says

    Hey Christy,
    It is so hilarious to listen to you tell about your experience in making the brownies. I’ve been in the same situation as you not to long ago. I have an electric chair that I call “My Jazzy”. The brand of my chair is “Jazzy” . So me and my Jazzy have gotten in some predicaments. I’ve moved the fridge, scraped the walls, the trim and the appliances, determined I was going to do it. Now I look at it all and wish I had been more careful. We were able to fix some of it, but you know, I would probably do it again, I was determined. I had stuff dropping all over me too. I had one of those reacher things, but they don’t work that good. My Mama use to say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and that is exactly what I was a doin’. You just keep on goin’ girl!!! You’ll be back good as new real soon!

  3. Shelia says

    I am waaaay behind on reading my emails so I just finished the whole story of your accident. And two things kept occurring to me as I read. First, my husband has successfully battled cancer twice – one of them, esophageal cancer, truly could have killed him quickly but we were lucky. During chemo, radiation, and surgery we were blessed with so much support from family, friends, co-workers, and people we barely knew so I know you are feeling the love from the same folks AND all your readers. Amazing isn’t it? And the second one is I was unlucky enough to fall in April and suffer a concussion and severe head trauma so I completely understand some of your comments! No, I don’t remember anything about it either and my docs told me it’s my brain’s way of protecting me so I’m just fine with that. I still forget a word or two sometimes but as a post-menopausal woman I think it’s my right anyway! I hope you continue to improve and look forward to the rest of your healing journey.

  4. Debbie says

    I found your site tonight, after I searched Google for a recipe. Then I saw this post, and just had to read it. I am still recovering from surgery on my right ankle that I broke in April, and so I can really relate to your predicament. I didn’t have a yardstick, so I used a piece of trim board from my house, that is still somewhat under construction, to get things I couldn’t reach. I live alone, and now that I can finally walk on the leg a little, I have started to clean up some of the messes I made while I was hopping on one foot with a very unstable walker. You have a great sense of humor! It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed this hard. Keep the positive attitude and get well soon.

  5. Juline says

    Christy, hope you are doing better and thanks for the story about the brownies. I don’t think I have laughed so much in a long time. I sure hope that your family really enjoyed them. Take care and have a great night!

  6. Virginia says

    Get one of those grabber things that close around things and bring them safely to you. I use one all the time since my broken ankle. My foot does not bend the way it used to so I can’t reach up high or down low like a could. You will be surprised what you can do when you have too! Keep up your good spirits.

  7. Jettie says

    Yes, I laughed but then i realized how important it is to be able to do things for ourselves regardless of the process. Sure, it would have been easier to wait for your husband to get home and place the needed items in easy reach, but not nearly as satisfying! Kinda like how you have to give little ones a free hand, not just so they can learn, but to give them the pleasure of doing it themselves.
    You may have a new future in designing kitchens for people with two broke legs!

  8. Cynthia says

    Christy –
    You need a “grabber,” which is available at medical supply stores and some (real) drug stores. It is more efficient for getting things off high shelves than your yardstick and you’ll minimize the risk of something hitting you on your head (or your legs).
    Hang in there! I broke one ankle and sprained the other very badly last year. I spent three weeks in our upstairs master bedroom … only leaving the house for doctors’ appointments.
    Attitude is everything and yours is the best! Follow your doctor’s orders and know that your fans are thinking of and praying for you and your family.

  9. Michelle Nelson says

    I have been catching up on some of my web-reading lately as my priorities in life been shifted for me…

    As I read the title of your post, “How to make Brownies with two broke legs” it reminded me of the the joke:

    “I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith”—-

    ——“Really? What was the name of his other leg?

    So Christy, why would you want to break the Brownie’s little legs?

  10. Suzie Waclawski says

    Okay you need some assistive devices such as a reacher which is about the length of said yard stick and the end opens and closes allowing you to GRAB things…I am still SMH over the kitchen chair episodes when you do not need to transfer wheel chairs will go down steps..

  11. Pat Hagey says

    well Christy,not only did I get a good laugh and also feel sorry for you I learned there is something called meringue powder…Never knew about that!! Brownies looked good…Hope you have a restful night!!

  12. Bonnie Dunston says


    Get you one of those devices to pick up things with when you can’t bend over. My Mother was only 4ft 11in and she used one all the time to help get things off higher shelfs. I love your sense of humor and ability to see humor in stressful situations.

  13. Lesli M says

    This is hilarious! I’m only 5′ tall and frequently use a wooden spoon to knock stuff down for myself. I’ve not had any “powdering” incidents yet, but I can completely see it as an unfortunate consequence of the vertically challenged!! I used to climb up on the counter, oh about 20 years ago, but that isn’t possible or recommended at this point! Do invest in a grabber as someone above advised and use when possible, or you might end up with a fat lip as I did! 😉

  14. Carol says

    I saw that someone already suggested a grabber on Amazon. You can also buy one at your local drug store. Our local Walmart used to carry them, but not any more. I got one at Walgreens last year to pick up sticks in the yard before I mow. Thanks for sharing your story. I pray you heal quickly and your recovery is as painless as possible.


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