100 Reasons Why I’m Not A Cowgirl – August 15


I have a lot of topics to cover in this journal entry, so I’ll just dive right in.


Good things about having broke legs: 

There are advantages and disadvantages to every situation so today I thought I’d share with you the plus side of having two broke legs.


1. When the kids ask if I will get something for them that they are perfectly capable of getting themselves “I’m sorry honey, but both my legs are broke, you’re gonna have to do that.” 

That line never gets old and is just as fun when you say it the 100th time as it was the first! 


2. School is in session and we are getting 50,000 emails from the school talking about parent work days and needing volunteers for this or that. Normally, I do enjoy helping whenever I can and can’t help but feel guilty when I can’t but no guilt now because:
“I’m sorry, but both my legs are broke…” 
Again, never gets old. 


3. By not wearing them. I am adding at least two months life to every pair of shoes I own. 


4. No one expects me to get up. For anything. 


5. No more guilt-induced synchronized swimming competitions. “My legs are broke.” ~This was submitted by my friend, Josh Miller.


Got any more to add? Put ’em in the comments! Josh also added “Never have to shave legs” but I told him that didn’t apply to me because  am a firm believer in setting personal standards and keeping to them, regardless of whether or not others ever notice. Who you are when no one is looking is who you truly are. Broken bones are no exemption :) 



Scenes from August 14th… 

Yesterday just about got the best of me. You see, I didn’t realize until this accident how often I go outside during the day. Not for very long periods of time or anything, but several times throughout the day I step away from my computer and walk out onto the back porch to look up at the trees and sky and just breathe a bit. It is a way of clearing my head in one sense, but mostly, it is to remind me of how small I am in comparison to it all.

Inside our houses, inside our offices, our problems and the responsibilities of our lives become skewed in proportion.They grow and expand and we forget that we are all just children when it comes to this world and we get to feeling as if we are responsible for the whole kingdom.

When we go outside and stand beneath the massive sky and trees, looking up at Heaven and surrounded by God, everything comes back in perspective.

The world slows down, problems shrink and we can see how very small we are in contrast to it all – and remember how very much God loves us in the midst of it all.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 

Matthew 11:28

I can still go to God, of course, I just have a habit of getting out of my creation and into His creation several times a day when I do that.

But I can’t do that right now. I can’t get outside on my own because each door has a deep drop that my wheelchair can’t navigate without pitching me out of it and I have the foresight to see that would not be a good  situation. :)

So yesterday, the lack of sunshine began to get to me.

And make me itch.

And make the walls feel as if they were closing in like that really weird scene in that one Star Wars movie my brother made me watch back when I was young enough that I felt compelled to do whatever he told me to. You know that trash compactor one with that Luke guy and the big hairy guy who yelled all the time like a grumpy man first thing in the morning? Yeah, that one. If you didn’t see it, you’re probably fine. No worries.

So when my son got home from school, I had him put a chair out on the back deck and I wheeled my chair into the doorway and stretched my legs out to rest them on the chair – outside.


This is what that looked like. Ignore the messy deck. I would clean it right now but my legs are broke. 

(Mentally add that as #6 to the list above : Can excuse mess in any photo taken in or around home.)

The rest of me couldn’t go but I sat there in that doorway and breathed in the warm air and looked up at that beautiful sky,framed perfectly by my green trees and I absolutely reveled in it. It was heaven.

Check out my view…



See why this is a retreat for me? Isn’t it beautiful?

After sitting out there for a bit, I texted my husband and told him I was going stir crazy. :)

He told me last week that he knew it would get the best of me and he said anytime I needed to get out of the house to just let him know and he’d make it happen.

So when he came home, we had a delicious supper sent by a friend and then we headed to Wal-Mart.

*Note, I always get comments from the folks who have ill feelings towards Wal-Mart whenever I mention them and I get that, I understand your personal conviction and I am a big supporter of personal convictions. But I respectfully ask you to keep them personal right now. Thanks ~winks~ 

He wheeled me through the grocery aisle as I held one of those blue baskets on my lap and filled it with fruit treats for the kids, a roast for this weekend, potatoes to go with the roast, and blueberries for me. I then added lipstick and a big bottle of Jergens Original Scent lotion (Do you remember that wonderful smell?).

By the time we checked out it was after 7:00 at night! WOOHOO! It felt wonderful to have the fresh air and the car ride was heavenly. I really can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy the freedom of riding in a car right now and I can hardly wait to be able to drive my car again. I think driving is what I miss the most, really.

Anyway, here is a photo of me and Ricky as he wheeled me back to the car…


and here is a photo of my loot that I purchased just for myself on my little outing. Exciting life, huh?



And you know what? Today I am going to attempt to eat every blessed one of those little blueberries all by myself. It’s good to have goals…



A friend made this for me and I LOVE IT!
Later on today I’ll upload it to my Facebook page so you can download it and print it if you like! 
If you or your children color it please make my day and post a photo on my Facebook Page!! 

Well folks, that is all for today. As usual, I find my blessings are coming in by the truckload and at this point I can honestly say that this is becoming one of the richest experiences of my life.

A strange thing happens when you look for the good in a situation…. you find it.

My cup overflows with joy and that joy was not put there by man.


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ~Romans 8:28


To read the beginning of this series,

please click here. 





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  1. says

    Christy, you are such a blessing. I love reading everything and am encouraged by your positive attitude. If I was close to you in distance I would so be one of those to bring ;you a meal. I have been blogging for 6 years and have been reading your blog for long before your cookbooks. I love it that you have remained so down to earth through all of your fame and that you still have such a love for God. Praying that God richly blesses you and your family.

    • says

      Hey Teresa,
      Oh bless you! I can feel your sweet heart in your words and I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have you here.
      Trust me, it’s easy for me to stay down to earth, I’ve got an awful lot to be humble about! lol But God has been very good to me and I fully recognize that every good thing in my life comes directly from Him. Wishing His blessings on you, too!

  2. Marsha says

    Christy, thank you for blessing my day with your words… yet again. I love what you posted about “getting out of my creation and into His creation”… won’t forget that one anytime soon! Also love your new coloring page… too cute!
    Keeping you in my heart and prayers.
    In His love †♥

  3. says

    Good husbands are worth their weight in gold! Sounds like you have one.
    Glad you were able to “fly the coop” for a bit.
    Loved the coloring book…now you need a song about you and that horse…maybe “The Ballad of Christy & Loco”….:)

  4. Mama Jane says

    i just got that same lipstick! And that original Jergens? every time I smell that I am filled with an overwhelming sense of my mama’s presence. I have the privilege of living in a beautiful place myself so I can relate. We do need to get away from “stuff” and just sit in His presence every once in a while. I always figured if Jesus needed to do it, how much more do I? Blessings, grace, and peace to you, sweet girl.

  5. Kay says

    Blueberries are really good for you so you need to eat all of them. Also a good reminder pineapple is wonderful for helping bruising before or after it starts. Pineapple has an enzyme that helps the body absorb the blood that causes the bruise. Our daughter fell down the stairs one morning and went face first into the wall at the bottom of the stairs. I started feeding her pineapple and she did not have a single bruise. Never did find her contact that she lost in the wall. You are an inspiration to us all.

  6. Kris says

    You are amazing! I love your list of the good things about having two broken legs. It’s too funny and your attitude is a real inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story. So many of us who have never met you feel like you are our good friend. Get well soon! With your joyful spirit you must be healing fast!

  7. Lee Cooper says

    Well, darling one – we already figured out how amazing you are – such a blessing to so many of us. I’ll have to figure out a way to post some photos to your FB page so you can have a different view of His creation.

    Oh – and guess what – you don’t have to run any of those 5K fund raisers, either! And why? (ba da bump – you have two broke legs!!)

    Gentle hugs.

  8. Peggy says

    Oh Christy, you always inspire & make my day. Wish there was a way to clone you & all your wonderful qualities.
    You are so lucky to have your wonderful husband to take care of you. Hold him close every day. I would give anything to have mine back, lost mine recently after 38 wonderful years of marriage.
    I do know he is in a better place now, under God’s care.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  9. Virginia says

    I wish I had your attitude earlier this year when my ankle was broken and I was wheelchair bound. I had several days of feeling sorry for myself, knowing there were lots of folks a lot worse off than me, but I still had some rough days. Not being able to walk is terrible, especially when you have so many things that you do each day that you don’t even think about until you can’t do them. Keep up your good attitude and your weeks will fly by and soon you will be doing all those things you want and need to do. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!

  10. Jill D says

    When I had 2 knees and 1 hip replaced last year my 2 teenagers and hubby would take me to Target or Walmart and would push me up and down the isles in a wheelchair like they were driving a racecar. I got lots of looks like “are they crazy”, I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. From the outdoor photo I got the feeling your hubby is a racecar driver too!! :)

  11. Becka says

    Christy, you have such a sweet attitude. You are a blessing and an encouragement! Praying you will have a complete recovery and that the Lord will continue to to use you to help and encourage others.

  12. Ramona says

    I love reading your posts. Your joy in all situations is contagious and inspiring. By the way, Jergens Original Scent is my all time favorite scent of lotion. It takes me back to my childhood every time I use it. (My mom wore it. )

  13. ann marie pirrera says

    Christy so good to hear from you today. I got worried when the journal was not telling us stuff. I knew you were’nt feeling right. So much better today. I wish I could take you for a ride but being here in NY it’s a long way.Hoping and praying that you get all the help you need. You’re doing great. Lov ya.

  14. Shanon D says

    Here’s one (or two):

    Oh, can you make two dozen of your “special” cookies for the teacher meeting tomorrow morning?

    Nope, two broken legs!

    Can you man the PTSA membership table next Tuesday night? You can just sit there…

    Nope, two broken legs!!!

    Once you start feeling better, don’t overdo it just because you can. If you do, it will bite you back the next day.

  15. Brenda Caldwell says

    Christy, I love this post! I’m glad you got some fresh air and sunshine on your legs…Sometimes the little things are the biggest! At least you can say you fell off a horse and broke your legs…That sounds a lot more exciting than how I fractured my ankle two months ago. (Ok, I’ll tell you how I did it, but don’t tell anyone else…I went to the bathroom at 3 o’clock in the morning and fell asleep on the commode and fell off and fractured it :D) ‘Guess I could have told everyone that I did it doing something exciting, but I am too honest for that, lol!

  16. Dianne says

    Christy, my dad has been gone to his Heavenly home for over 30 years, but whenever I want to feel him close, all I have to do is open a bottle of Jergens original and he is sitting here with me while I put lotion on him. You see my dad was burned badly when I was four rescuing me and my little sister from a house fire. We went through a lot of lotion over the years keeping mine and his burns soft and not cracked. So Jergens has a very special memory for me.
    You and your stories bring joy to my household. It is so great to see the way you are handling your problems. I have come to understand that God’s gifts to us sometimes come in ways we don’t understand. But at least now you have a chance to sit back and enjoy them. Get well soon, the school needs you.

    • Mama Jane says

      now, that brought tears to my eyes. i have this mental picture of a little girl “doctoring” her daddy’s burns with all the love in her precious heart. what a wonderful picture of God’s love lived out.

  17. Christine says

    Hey Christy. You continually amaze and inspire me! Thank you for your kind and uplifting words to your readers, despite what you must be experiencing yourself. As hard as it is, take the time to let other help you out and when you are back on your feet, you know you will be able to “pay it forward.” Prayers for you on your healing journey!

  18. Cheryl branim says

    You have a wonderful family,your husband is like mind .,when I am sick or hurt he is at my beckon call. Isn’t it wonderful God loved us so much to send us a gift like them.Have a good weekend making the pineapple upside down cake today.

  19. Bea Long says

    I still love to keep up with your spirit that always seems to soar. Many Blessings to you and your family. I know what you go through and as I always smile, sometimes someone notices the smile is only on the outside that day. To those people I owe a lot. To you who brings me to laugh also is a blessing for me! So THANK YOU!

  20. Monica says

    I love going to Wal-Mart too. Hopefully after work when I get home your magazine is in my mailbox. I am so looking forward to seeing your recipes. Have a blessed weekend Christy!!!

  21. Gail Latham says

    Still praying for a speedy recovery for you. It is so refreshing to me, in this day and age, to see a Christian young lady like yourself who is not afraid or ashamed to give God the credit He is due. Keep the faith and He will always carry you through. I always think of my dear sweet mama when I smell Jergens Lotion! Have a great weekend and I hope you get to get some more fresh air!!

  22. Kerry Palmer says

    Christy, I am following these posts with so much sympathy! Several years ago, I broke/mangled my right knee. Just one :), but I had to travel through seven states with my leg in an unbendy brace and it was miserable!!! I have sincere admiration for the determined optimism and grace you are demonstrating as you cope. You will be surprised at much everyone comes to appreciate you! One evening, my husband fixed hamburgers for us… my college-age son, who had come home, took one bite, turned to me and said, “You have to heal.”

  23. Lo says

    Enjoy reading your journey to recovery. How blessed you are to have your family and good friends preparing meals for you I know how you can appreciate this, I am sure you are seeing it as a luxury for now. I have been there not for same reason but due to heart surgery and my friends saw to it that I did not have to prepare suppers for a whole month after I returned home from my 5 by-pass they were a blessing to us. God is good in his own way. Christy your faith will make you whole you have such a beautiful outlook on life. Be strong surrender to God He understands your present needs. God Bless and Keep you. hugs lm

    • Kasey says

      Wow – it cut off the rest of my post. LOL!
      I was saying how I’ve been reading your blog since nearly the beginning and you just have a gift with words. I love the food posts, but I love just about anything you share!

  24. Susan McLeod says

    Hi Christy! I so enjoy your recipes and your joyful words! So sorry that you are having a rough time this summer! I have a son (19 years old) He has been in a wheelchair since he was 3. Most people never know how hard it is to get around until someone in their family has to use one! Your attitude is such an inspiration! Get out every chance that you can:-) I love the original Jergens! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  25. Beverly says

    Christy, you are so cool!!!! I love it that someone besides me thinks its great fun to go to Walmart for lotion and groceries!! It makes me so happy to read that Jergens Lotion is special to so many people…..it’s what my mother used and now I am passing the tradition on to my daughter. None of that Bath and Body Works stuff for us! Thank you for appreciating the simple things in life. Get will soon.:)

  26. Cindy says

    Christy, I can’t think of the correct words to let you know how inspired I am feeling reading your posts. I don’t want to be that person who just sits down and let’s life move on around me just because I am tired or nervous. I have a gym membership I am not using and you have encouraged me to start using it again. You would if you possibly could. I will use it with a smile on my face for you. And I live in South Carolina but want you to know if you are going to be anywhere in the surrounding states, me and my grown girls, who are my 3 best friends will come with me and we will travel as far as we can to see you and get the book signed. Thanks so much for the encouragement. If you can do what you do every day just to drink a cup of coffee, then I can hit the gym! Thanks for the motivation!

  27. Marynell Hill says

    Christy, I have a small portable, foldable ramp (even has a carry handle) that I bought to help my mother be able to be able to navigate the stepdown from her kitchen to the back porch. We no longer need it and if you would like to have it to see if it will help you go onto your deck or any other step in your home, it is yours! E-mail me and we’ll work out getting it to you!

  28. Sharon G says

    Great to see you keeping your spirits. You will truly have a first hand experience of what it is like to be wheelchair bound. I have been there too and now when I see someone in the store or even by their car, I offer to help them their groceries.

    What is the name of that lipstick the color is pretty? My current color is discontinued so when I shop in any store — it is like “where is waldo”.

  29. says

    We thought about loading up my two scooters and doing a road trip to Madison but just too close to Convoy of Hope to do that. Now that you have had this, I feel like you are even more my “other” daughter but wish it hadn’t happened this way. Good side… many of my friends have joined your page and fell in love with you as well… I quote you ALL the time. LOVE AND PRAYERS.

  30. Barbara says

    I too love that smell of the Jergens! Reminds me of my Grandmom’s house! Smells always remind me of things, I bet you are the same way. Keep up your good spirits, going outside is a great mind calmer and clearer! I know you don’t know me, but I feel like we are friends as I read your posts every day. I too am praying for you. You are an inspiration to many with your upbeat outlook. Keep positive, the Lord will get you through this!

  31. Sherri says

    I am the same way with being outside. I don’t go for extended periods of time but I do go out on my porch several times a day for a breather. I go out first thing in the morning to feed the cat and the birds and to just look around. Then several more times during the day I will walk out for a few minutes. I live surrounded by woods, mountains and fields and I like to just take in the sight of God’s work.

    You are a true inspiration and I pray that if something like this ever happens to me I can handle it with the humor and dignity you have!

  32. lola says

    Just wanted to say a big hello all the way from Ontario, Canada…..long ways away :) I found your blog from a picture on pinterest….a lady standing beside the most bee-u-tiful pyrex dishes, and I thought….now here’s one lucky woman. I collect vintage pyrex and corning-ware, and luv when I discover a piece lurking deep in a forgotten box at a church rummage . And, like you, I use and treasure them all…..I have nowhere near the collection that you have, but I am working on it :) :) Looking forward to following along with you!

  33. Leigh Campbell says

    You are quite a gal Christy! Thanks for your inspiring posts! It makes me stop and count my blessings! You are bringing the hymn to life, Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done!

  34. Jim Whitaker says

    I would offer insight, wisdom, or encouragement but all I can think of is, “Man, I love me some shoppin at Wal-Mart!”

    I actually got to meet Sam Walton once down in Springdale, Arkansas!

    Much <3 Christy, hang in there.

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