100 Reasons Why I’m Not A Cowgirl – August 26


So y’all may recall that earlier on in this shindig I posted that I felt everyone who broke both legs at the same time should be given a trip to Disney World.

Naw, don’t get all excited. That ain’t happenin’.

But having now spent over a month stuck in the house, unable to walk, yadda yadda yadda, HAS got me really wanting a trip to look forward to once ye olde legs start making themselves useful again.

And I have it!

We are going to the Smoky Mountains this fall AND we are going to Dollywood.
I’m so excited I could scream. I could squeal, I could pour another glass of iced tea and drink it right now.

In fact, I think I will :)

If you’ve never been to the Smoky Mountains, it is just beautiful. We love Dollywood because it is such a clean, family friendly park with all sorts of wonderful things to do and see (and eat). To make this even better, we’ve gone in with family to rent a very large cabin and my in laws as well as brother in law, sister in law, and their kids are all going.

So it is going to be a big old Jordan Family hootenanny. Only we will have three teenagers there so instead of square dancing we’ll have texting… 

We have a fall break coming up for the kids but it doesn’t look like I’ll be walking enough for us to go anywhere for that so even though the Smoky Mountain trip is a couple of months away, I’m hanging my heart on it now!
And God willing, I’ll be walking, too!


Really, if you ever end up in a situation like this or in any type of situation that is just a little hard on your heart and body, give yourself a little something fun and out of the ordinary to look forward to and think on. It doesn’t have to be expensive (note that we are not going to disney), It can be a weekend away with family or a full day at one of your favorite places. But give yourself something to look to.

There are rays of sunshine in every single day if you just look for them, but we still need big old sun on the horizon, too.


Another big weekend!

I found not one, but TWO true handicapped friendly places this weekend!

I have been wanting to go to Sam’s for a while. I don’t need anything but I just want to go (the phrase “I don’t get out much” has never been truer than at this point in my life.).

I was thrilled to discover that the electric wheelchairs at Sam’s don’t have arms and are at a height that I can transfer to from my wheelchair! I had to get into my wheelchair and go into the club that way, then transfer to the chair and wait while Ricky went and put my wheelchair back in the car.

BUT IT WAS AWESOME being in charge of where I was going!!!

Just being able to go when I want to go at the push of a button, and to turn and go up and down the aisles! I actually ran one of the batteries down and we had to go back up to the front and get another one. ALSO, Sam’s has a Handicapped Family Bathroom! WAY TO GO SAM’s!


Me at Sam’s


Ricky, taking a photo of me. We are such interesting people…


Target is another shopping place that has a handicapped family bathroom. It isn’t over where the other ones are, but next to the pharmacy instead. You rock, Target!


Due to these two incredibly wheelchair friendly places, we got to stay out for several hours on Saturday and even went to a semi fast food (Five Guys) place for lunch. We had thought about going to an actual restaurant but the one I wanted to go to was at a shopping center that isn’t very wheelchair friendly so we hit up Five Guys instead.

It was a GORGEOUS sunny day and it felt WONDERFUL to be out in it!


We also stopped in Bed, Bath, and Beyond on the way home so I could get my parents a 24 ounce Tervis tumbler since I have finally helped them to understand why this is the perfect iced tea drinking vessel.

I haven’t got to go in there in ten forevers so I really enjoyed getting to look around.

Not very handicapped friendly but the folks who work there are always nice and it’s a fun store.

custom tervis

This is my custom Tervis that I designed almost a year ago. It also has a bible verse on the bottom that says “This is the child I prayed for and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.” Samuel 1:27. I love it and use it every single day. The kids have gotten so much bigger now though!

Another treat I am planning for myself is to design another one with photos from our Smoky Mountain trip.

I give me the best gifts!  ~winks~ 

If you wanna…
The link below will take you to the Tervis Website, which is where I designed my custom tumbler. These would make great Christmas gifts :) I use the 24 ounce ones with lids and the Tervis straws. I put mine in the dishwasher (straws, too) and they always look like new. I love them. They make me smile :)

They’re made in America, have a lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking, etc. Dishwasher safe, hold hot and cold, don’t sweat…you get the point. Get a 10% off coupon at tervis.com when you sign-up for emails. Sign-up today at http://www.tervis.com/emails

Shop Tervis tumblers at www.tervis.com


This is my Tervis collection, posing behind the tea that I’m making.

I start my day by making a gallon of tea :)


THEN Katy Rose found out that My Little Pony has a series of Chapter books so we had to run by Barnes and Noble to get her one so she could start reading immediately.  (She got this one)

Brady and I just sat in the car because at this point of getting in and out and all the work that entails, we were both pretty exhausted.


This is Brady, having his style cramped by my wheels…


Once we got home I got started on a new natural (no added yeast) sourdough starter which will live happily on my counter and should be ready to make bread in about two weeks. On my Instagram folks are currently offering up some fun names for my starter. We like to give it a human name because it lives on my counter and I have to feed it every day, that pretty much makes it family, right?

Maybe I’ll be putting weight on one leg then! Prayers are greatly appreciated!

Oh and you know those brownies I wrote about last Friday (see How To Make Brownies With Two Broke Legs)?

I have never seen my kids enjoy brownies more! TOTALLY WORTH IT.

It was a great weekend but man do I ever need a nap :)


Next week is my Doctor’s appointment! 

Christy, what happened? I’m lost! Why are you in a wheelchair? 

Find out all those answers by reading the beginning of this series  (click here). 


Read the next post in this series by clicking here.



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  1. Jill D says

    I love Tervis too!! I have the owl one in your picture (the one with the orange lid). So glad you are getting around better. It is so much better for your sanity to not be stuck at home all the time. Many prayers for much healing. :)

  2. says

    Christy, you are gonna love the cabins there! Sevierville is one of our favorite places to go and the cabins are just gorgeous. AND you will probably see bears at the cabin rentals. It is just the most relaxing place. Dollywood isn’t too far from where my folks live so we all love to go there. So happy you have a fun trip to look forward to. It really makes a difference!

    • says

      LOL- I’m not sure mentioning the fact that there will be bears at the cabins will make Christy Relax more. But better to know beforehand, I suppose. It IS beautiful up there…Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge is my fav place to holiday in the mountains!! Charleston is my Bay choice, and Edisto Island is my Beach choice!!! I miss home….sighhhhhhhhhhh…. <3

  3. Jennifer E. says

    We rented a big cabin outside of Gatlinburg with some of the guys my husband served with in the Army and their families. It was wonderful! I wish we could go again and again and again. I never got to go into the park, cause no one else was interested in doing so and I didn’t want to be rude and just leave (darn southern manners!). So, we mainly hung out at the cabin which had a glorious unobstructed view of Mt LeConte. The guys played their music too loud and the teens enjoyed the hot tub a little too much, but it was a great weekend. I know you will enjoy it-especially being able to walk. We have been to the Smokies a few times, but have never made it to Dollywood. It is on my to-do list.

    So glad you are finding more places you can visit and getting into a groove. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  4. Missi says

    We LOVE Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. We live about 2 1/2 hours away from there and we go very frequently. It’s breathtaking in the fall!! Depends on how long you have been out of your cast you might want to consider renting a scooter just to give yourself a break. :) have fun and enjoy yourself! The planning is 1/2 the fun!!

  5. Linda McFry says

    Love and prayers for you sweet girl to heal soon and completely…I have ONE very painful knee that has been out of motion for about five weeks…cannot comprehend TWO legs out of motion…God is making my healing happen and sincere prayers for your two legs to be well. Keep on the happy face and cheery words even though I know that is NOT how you truly feel but positive thought is always better than negative and aids healing.

  6. Deborah Seeley says

    Christy, I know well who is and who isn’t handicapped friendly. I have been in my power chair for over 4 years now. I can tell you just about every place in this town that is not wheelchair friendly! I do not have a car at present, and am blessed that they have buses that have ramps. So I know how you feel to be able to go where you want when you want. It is truly a blessing to me. I can get things done in my home that I couldn’t before, always having to ask someone else to do….I am very independent. Well I pray that you legs heal quickly and you are able to really enjoy your trip to the Smoking Mountains. Many blessings, Christy!

  7. Mary Kennedy says

    Christy, my husband and I are planning a trip to the smokies this fall too! Not sure of the dates yet. We want to definitely see the colors. That’s sometimes hard to gauge. Last time we went we caught the colors just about right…we went the 3rd week in October. This year, I’ve got a feeling the colors are going to come out earlier since an early winter has been predicted. So excited! Just want to pin down those dates. Dollywood is a fun place to go especially in the fall. Love the decorations. Cades Cove is our favorite though. We spend most of our time there.

  8. Cheryl Branim says

    Our family home is about 2 hours from Dolly wood, and the smokies,so we have made a lot of visits to this area.so glad you had a fun weekend.Time is passing by for you.another thing the fall colors will be in there beautiful colors.
    Sounds like you took a weekend(that we take for granted) and made a fun weekend.take care this week .

  9. Michelle G says

    Christy- how awesome are those trips to look forward too!? and you are a month towards recovery!! way to go! Overland Park ks is rooting you onto a speedy recovery.
    the name for your Sourdough starter? i think it should be Pierre..
    i dont know why.. it just popped in my head when i read that part. Pierre is a nice guest name.
    i’m so glad you found two new places to go! i like five guys they have them here in Overland Park- and thier dining room has all those tables and movable chairs :) i love thier burgers :) love the photos of the kids in those glasses :) take care Christy :) prayers to your family Michelle.

  10. says

    Good Morning Christy,
    I just love waking up to your posts. You are such a sweet spirit and you always give me motivation to get out of this chair and do something. I pray for your continued healing and thank you for lifting my spirits everyday. <3 YOU

  11. Avis says

    Christy, I sure enjoy reading all about this adventure in your life, but the part I enjoy the most is about your determination and the inspiration you provide for so many others. I know you are going to enjoy your Smoky Mountain and Dollywood trip. I will continue to pray that you will be pain-free and able to move about more freely by that time. Hugs and prayers for you and your family.

  12. Debbie Strum says

    It is so good to hear that you are able to get out and go places. I know that it is a wonderful feeling and is very important for the healing process. Your sour dough starter reminds me of some friends who named theirs Herman! I can still hear Dar say, “Gotta remember to feed Herman today!” Her Herman had yeast in it and had to be fed every 3 days so it was easy to forget to feed him. I think daily feedings would be easier to remember. Looking forward to your version. We are keeping you and yours in our prayers. Thank you for letting us know how it is going for you. We always look forward to the next post!!

  13. cindy says

    iii think herman is a good name for a sourdough starter I asked myself why a male name and decided that must be in tribute of all the old bachelors and loners whokept there starters going through the long cold winters for there daily biscuits or flapjacks in early days of fur traders and miners etc. you are such a positive inspiration to more people than you know. thank you

  14. mary rubin says

    HERMAN is what I call my starter, but it was named that when first received with a receipe for friendship cake. One of my favorites. All receipes has several versions to choose from. Sometimes I use it for pancakes. Enjoy yours.

  15. Susan H. says

    Love me some Tervis. Glad you are getting out. I’m getting cabin fever and definitely need some time out. My husband had his gallbladder removed 2 wks ago so doesn’t need to be lifting on my wheelchair…so I’m stuck. But you can bet I’m planning a trip for the fall. I should have 5 wks to go if all is healing well. I’m looking forward to a trip at least to north Georgia. Love to visit the apple barns in the fall. Still praying for your healing…and good report from your dr. Keep on keeping on!! <3

  16. Becky says

    Watch out for those Smokey Mountains. They eat vans. : ) We just were there for a vacation/wedding and totally wiped out our 12 passenger van driving up those mountains. Not what a family of 10 wants to mess with 13 hours from home. : ) That’s what memories are made of though!

    Praying for a super speedy healing for you!

  17. Glenda says

    YOU ROCK!! You will never, ever know how many people are inspired by you daily………………and then they inspire others – THANK YOU!! Praying for you and your family every day. :-)

  18. Joy ross says

    Love you keep on making lemonade (or tea) when life gives you lemons and aren’t SAMs and target just tithe greatest for wheelchair bound have a great day prayers are going up for you today

  19. Valorie D. says

    I’m really glad I read this – I’m going to plan something for when I’m more fully recovered from my knee replacement surgery. A little trip will be perfect. And I think I’m convinced now that I need a Tervis Tumbler for my iced tea! It’s going on my Amazon wish list – I have a birthday coming up Sept. 4. Good luck with your doctor visit.

  20. Angela Fowler says

    I’m so glad that things are getting better and a little easier for you! I can totally understand you wanting to get out and get away after everything that you and your family have been dealing with. People take things for granted, like their legs or the ability to walk,but when you lose that ability for even a little while you really appreciate every little thing that you could do before. You are so inspirational staying positive,even when it wasn’t called for you kept your faith and saw the positive in your situation,I try to be that way but I don’t think that I could have done as well as you. Your family & friends are special too, they too have been an inspiration,I wish my kids could be so supportive! ( I love them anyway!) I hope you have a great vacation ya’ll deserve it! Get better!

  21. Angela Fowler says

    BTW have you or your kids picked a name for your wheelchair? My youngest child has been out of his wheelchair for a year now,Thank the Lord!, but during the 2 1/2 years that he was in it he decided to name his Fred,don’t know why but that was it’s name. So I was just curious if you had named your chariot. Good luck with the Dr visit I’ll be praying for you!!!!

  22. Glenda Pierce says

    Christy, I can certainly relate to you. I have had both knees replaced. The struggle in getting around the house or going any where is very stressful. I am a friend of Eric Shull. In fact, my daughter is marrying his brother, John. I hope the best for you and I will be praying for you. This really touched my heart. God bless. Glenda

  23. Steph says

    Christy, hope you are mending nicely. How nice to be able to get out. I wait each day to see how you are doing. Mund the Doc,they really do know what they are talking about.
    Best to
    Stephanie Munson

  24. Linda says

    Sitting here at the computer reading your uplifting (as always) words, and have my Tervis with diet Coke right next to me!!!!

    My husband and I will be making our annual trip to Asheville in October. Last year we took two days and went to Dollywood…..LOVE THAT PLACE!!! fyi: If you go after 3:00pm, you get in the next day free!!!! :-)

  25. Sharon Carson says

    I’m with Maura O. I wish you were my friend in person, too! I would love to cook you and your family dinner, but I think it’d get a little cold by the time it arrived from New Jersey. Anyway, you are truly an inspiration and your posts make my day. I am praying for a quick recovery and I hope to one day actually meet you, perhaps in DisneyWorld! My family loves Disney and the only thing that makes it better is going with family and friends. Enjoy your vacation in the Smoky Mountains. By golly, you sure have earned it! May God Bless you as He heals those legs and gives you strength.

  26. Terry says

    You might want to take or use a wheelchair for some of Dollywood. The hilly terrain can be hard on legs not used to walking much. That way you could walk some & sit some. Do not want to over do it & injury something else. — Love Dollywood also.

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