Jyl’s Fruit Cocktail Pie


jylnmeToday I’m happy to bring a guest post from Jyl. I was going to introduce her as “My friend,Jyl’ but the more I think about it, it may be more suitable to call her “My accomplice, Jyl” because we’re always scheming together over one thing or another. Between the two of us, we’ve just about got the whole world peace thing solved and figured out how to eradicate hunger and poverty. We’re just waiting on folks to turn over the keys to the universe so we can put our plans into action :) After y’all read this, if you want to visit some more with Jyl, be sure and visit her over at her blog, The Post It Place, and tell her Christy sent ya! 



Fruit Cocktail Pie

Hey y’all! I’m tickled to be here on SouthernPlate today, posting while Christy wheels around trying to get her work done. I’ve seen her wheeling around and trust me, that wheel chair hasn’t slowed her down any. If anything, putting wheels on her has sped things up considerably! So while she’s busy chipping paint off her walls and making a bigger mess than usual in her kitchen, I’m gonna show you a pie recipe from my Grandmother.

This is one of those old recipes, written on a scrap of paper that is so aged and stained that you can barely read it anymore.

Well worn, well loved and well used.

It also has those strange directions that only our Grandmother’s knew how to interpret. Like one of the ingredients is fruit cocktail in a 303 can. Huh?? Thank goodness for Google since neither of my grandmother’s are still living to ask what size a 303 can is.

There was a lot about this pie that I had to interpret and figure out by trial and error, but it was soooo very worth it! The current recipe I use is below. It has actually become one of my favorite pies to make and to eat.

I hope it will become one of yours as well!

Jyl's Fruit Cocktail Pie
  • Fruit Cocktail Pie
  • 15 ounce can Fruit Cocktail (do not drain)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 egg
  • 9" deep dish pie shell
  1. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into unbaked pie shell.
  2. Bake on 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until the top is browned and "set".
  3. Let cool before serving.
It is also really good with whipped topping on it if you want a little something else added to it.

To get Christy’s recipe for Fruit Cocktail Cake, please click here.

You lift me and I’ll lift thee and we’ll ascend together.

~ Quaker Proverb

~Submitted by Jackie (thanks, Jackie!). Click here to submit your own.


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  1. Ann says

    Sounds delicious, and I adore the “old” recipes the most! I have 2 questions if I may…do you mix by hand or an electric mixer? Can I use a store-bought pie shell? I know, shameful, but I’ve never mastered making one. Thanks so much for sharing with us Jyl (love the spelling of your name!) & Christry!

  2. elaine raye says

    This sounds like a great winter time pie when summer fruits are gone or I am snowed in and must make do with what I have squirreled away in the pantry. Also frugal which is always a plus with me!

    • says

      It is a very frugal recipe Elaine, which adds to it’s appeal and the great thing is it doesn’t taste frugal! I always like to make several when I have to take a dish somewhere because it is so easy on the budget and is always a big hit.

  3. Betty says

    I am anxious to try this! I, too, love these old favorite recipes from our past. I just wish that I had some handwritten ones from my grandma and also from my mom. We need to remember to write down some for our children and grandchildren so they will have our handwritten things after we are gone. They will appreciate it one of these days. I recently found a letter written by my grandpa some 50 years ago and he was telling me how proud of me he was. It is just a plain letter, written with a pencil, but it is priceless to me.

    • says

      Oh how I agree Betty. Several years ago I took all of my great-grandmother’s, and grandmother’s handwritten recipes and compiled them in a book then made copies for all my sisters and cousins. It is one of the most treasured things to all of us.

  4. Andrea says

    This reminds me of a part in Steel Magnolias where Dolly Parton’s character is talking about a recipe called Cup A. 1 cup fruit cocktail, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup flour and a little ice cream (or whipped cream – can’t remember) to cut the sweet. That always cracked me up – so many wonderful southern sayings in that movie.

  5. Rene says

    This isn’t related to today’s specific post, but I was just looking up your recipe for Pizza Rolls and noticed there’s an ad on the Southern Plate site for horse colic medicine. Has there been so much talk about horses lately that you’re drawing new advertisers? :)

  6. Cathy says

    Jyl, my aunt used to make this pie…yum…yum…. Thanks for bringing back memories!!

    Christie….I continue to pray for a speedy and complete recovery for you.. If you need a nurse to come do private duty…..just yell at me….I could use an adventure….and some good cooking!! I think you, Jyl, and I could cause lots of mischief!!……God Bless…

  7. Judy says

    I made this last night – oh my, it is delicious! I ate two pieces before I could stop. I bought regular pie shells instead of deep dish, and the recipe made two pies – even better! Every recipe I have tried on your site has been just delicious.

  8. Julie says

    I used to make fruit cocktail cake for my family back in the early days when money was tight. I made this pie today for my family. They loved it and it brought back a bit of nostalgia for the older “kids” (now grown).

  9. Tina Blackwell says

    You know how much I love all your recipes, and I probably use your recipes more than any other website or cookbook, but my husband and I did not like this pie, at all…:( It had a really ‘odd’ taste and an odd consistency, and I baked it just like the directions. It wasn’t so much the consistency, as it was the ‘taste’. My husband, (who is a big pie-lover), took a few bites and just gave me a ‘funny’ look and he said, “Here, you try it.” That was when I knew he didn’t like it. We ended up throwing it away. I am wondering if anyone out there thought the same thing…?

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