Pecan Pie Cake & Why We Shouldn’t Wail & Carry On


Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

Interesting things happen in my life every day. I don’t share most of them with you because if I shared everything that I found interesting neither one of us would ever get anything done. 

But today, today is different.

This past Saturday, as I was taking my weekend special treat shower (that means I can take all the time I want, as opposed to the evening rushed shower), I looked down and saw a critter skittering right towards my feet in the bath tub.

Now, there are all manner of ugly bugs in the world and this one, should there ever be an ugly bug pageant to find and crown the ugliest of them all, would definitely win. I don’t have any idea what kind of bug it was and I’m not really concerned with finding out the proper name because I ain’t about to write it on my family tree or anything, but I immediately declared it to be a woolybooger.

Yup, that is what it looked like.

So this woolybooger started right for my feet. Now keep in mind that currently, in order for me to take a shower, it requires riding in a wheelchair to the bathroom door, having my husband hold an office chair while I scoot onto it, then having him wheel me to a special transfer shower chair and holding the office chair still while I scoot onto that, then he removes my braces and I scoot more onto the transfer part of the shower chair to the actual shower part of the shower chair and very gingerly lift my legs and get them into the tub.

So when this woolybooger set its sites on me, its not like I could jump up and get out of it’s way.

I have two options at this point. I can wail and carry on, or I can deal with the situation to the best of my abilities.

Now, I’ve lived more than a few decades on this earth and I’ve bore witness to a whole lot of wailing and carrying on from folks

and I’ve never once found it to contribute to the solving of a problem.

So I dealt with it.

How? Well I had a little handheld shower thing and I patiently and calmly set aside several minutes of my shower time to drowning that sucker.

But what if I had of wailed and carried on – Would it have served a purpose?

Sure it would. It would have scared the mess out of my entire family and likely given me a headache.

Would it have done anything to get rid of that woolybooger?

Nope, he would have kept on trucking and paid me no mind.

It’s amazing how many woolyboogers pop up in our lives and decide to hang around and mess with us because all we do is wail and carry on whenever they are there rather than actually doing something to get rid of them.

Think about these woolyboogers:

  • You have to get a shot – so you fret about it for a week leading up to it. Good gravy, it’s a prick that lasts less than a second. Come up with something more worthy to give your attention to.
  • Surgery – You got surgery coming up. Some people when this is about to take place, set up the equivalent of their own wake and have family coming to say their last goodbyes. I can guarantee you that your chances of healing and a full recovery are definitely affected by this attitude, in a very bad way.
  • A Boss or coworker you don’t like – Well you still gotta work with them so rather than dread having to deal with their personality, you can instead use it as motivation to make yourself a better person.

There are countless other wollyboogers in our lives: Situations with family, events in your life that you wish wouldn’t happen but do, etc.

So next time you see a woolybooger headed straight for ya and find yourself opening your mouth to commence wailing and carrying on, take a deep breath and do something about it that will help the situation instead.

Even if it means turning your shower on full steam and pointing it at it.

Now, I think we need a little something sweet today :)

This cake has all the flavors we love in Pecan Pie but in cake form. What’s not to love about that? In fact, it is almost worth wailing and carrying on for…

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

You’ll need: 1 box yellow or butter golden cake mix, eggs, butter (or margarine), corn syrup, dark brown sugar, vanilla, and pecans. 

Pronounced “Puh-kahns” if you live in my house. Pronounced however you are in the mood to pronounce it if you live elsewhere :)

And we’re both right!

Because I said so. 

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

Mix cake mix, 1 egg, and melted butter until well blended.

Reserve 2/3 cup of this batter.

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

 Spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray.

Spread the rest of the batter into this and bake for 15 minutes at 325, or until just lightly browned.

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

Like this

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

In a mixing bowl, stir together the remaining batter, syrup, remaining eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, and pecans. 

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

Pour filling on top of crust. 

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

Cook this at 325 for 50 to 60 minutes, or until set in center. 

Pecan Pie Cake SouthernPlate

Allow to cool completely before cutting. Enjoy! 

*This is even better if made the day before :)

Pecan Pie Cake
  • 1 box yellow cake or butter cake mix
  • ½ cup melted butter (or margarine, I don’t judge)
  • 1+ ½ cups light corn syrup
  • 4 eggs
  • ½ cup dark brown sugar, packed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 +1/2 cups chopped pecans
  1. Mix cake mix, 1 egg, and melted butter until well blended. Reserve ⅔ cup of this batter.
  2. Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Spread remaining batter into this pan and bake at 325 for 15 minutes, or until just lightly browned.
  3. In a mixing bowl, stir together reserved ⅔ cup batter, syrup, 3 eggs, brown sugar, vanilla and pecans.
  4. Pour filling on top of crust and cook at 325 for 50-60 minutes, until set in the center.
  5. Allow to cool completely before serving.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.

~Marcel Proust



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  1. Linda Kay Bingham Cornett says

    My family and I have always said “puh-kahn” . Thank you for all the encouraging posts you share with us. I love the sound of this recipie and cant wait to try it. I know my family will love it. Just might take it to a Pastor Appreciation dinner coming up in a few weeks.
    God bless you, Christy. You are a blessing to so many.
    Kay Cornett

  2. MAMA JANE says

    I made this cake for my granddaughter’s baby shower and it was a HIT! I brought the very few leftovers to work and they wiped it out, asking for the recipe. Plus it made the house smell like heaven while baking.

  3. sherried says

    I made this cake last wkend thinking my boys wouldn’t touch it. They normally snarl their noses at pecans. The smell was more than they could handle and could barely wait for it to finish. It was amazing to say the least! It was even better the second day when my 14 yr old sat down w/the pan and a fork to dive in. I didn’t have a yellow cake mix and used butter pecan. I will try yellow nxt time. Thanks so much!

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