Chocolate Caramel Apples – and Determination (cane. step. step.)


Don't forget to use one of those buttons above to pin this or share it to your facebook wall for easy finding later! These apples will be easy as can be for you to make if you follow this tutorial, because I have made every mistake I could possibly make with them in advance so that you don't have to! Some recipes are just like that. Seriously though, these are as easy as melting some ... Continue Reading

Apple Scoop Pie – Taste of Fall!

Apple Scoop Pie - Taste of Fall!

If you're on Facebook or Pinterest, be sure and use one of the buttons above so you can easily find this recipe later! Today's recipe is an exclusive from my new cookbook, Come Home To Supper! This apple scoop pie offers an easy way to fill your house and tummy when you're longing for the smells and tastes of fall. Baked in a pie plate with no crust to contend with, apples mingle with juicy ... Continue Reading

Hands Free Way to Shred Meat!


ย If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of those buttons above, I'd sure appreciate it! Feel free to share this video on your Facebook wall or Pinterest board! If you want to embed the link to this video direction onto your facebook page, you can copy and paste this link:ย I'm excited to bring you a video today, showing you a great tip that will save ... Continue Reading

Book Tour Dates and Locations

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Come Home To Supper Book Tour and Appearances   For more information about the book, please click here. I'm honored to be able to travel out and get to hug some more necks on this book tour! Unfortunately, due to my accident we have had to cut back on the book tour dates in order to accommodate my current abilities. However, I will be traveling again in the spring and will announce ... Continue Reading

Get My New Book! Come Home To Supper

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  Today I'm excited to share my new "baby" with you, Come Home To Supper! I poured my heart and soul into this book and I'm so excited about what I am able to offer you with it! You know, all around us you hear folks tell you how important it is to sit down to supper with your family each night. They tell us that but they don't give us the tools to do it. I set out to write the book ... Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cookie Bars


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, it would help me a lot it if you could use one of the buttons above! I'm going to keep it short and sweet today because company is coming tomorrow and my house looks like I've been laid up with two broke legs for the past six weeks. Wheelchair cleaning takes twice as long to do so I best get to it! I often have brilliant ideas. From time to time those pan ... Continue Reading

Family Favorite Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie Featured

Are you on Pinterest or Facebook? I would really appreciate it if you could use one of the buttons above, thanks! We have been treated to some amazing meals while I've been on the road to recovery. Every single bite of every single meal has been savored and appreciated! It's been such a treat being able to taste the standard "go to" meals from other families and today's recipe is one of ... Continue Reading

100 Reasons Why I’m Not A Cowgirl – Sept 3 My first steps :)


I had a big week last week. Getting ready for my QVC appearance, I called my hairdresser and told him I needed to try to come in to see him. It had been twice the amount of time in between visits and I haven't gone on national TV without a visit to Daniel Alexander in over four years. Daniel does my hair for magazines, photo shoots, tv, etc. He is the one who chooses my hairstyle, length, etc. ... Continue Reading