Perfect Baked Sweet Potatoes

Perfect Baked Sweet Potatoes

Whats not to love about a food that counts as a vegetable but tastes like a treat? Even without the sweetness of added toppings, I love me some sweet potatoes! But then you go and add a pat of butter, spoonfull of brown sugar, and sprinkling of marshmallows (cooked until puffed up and toasted(, and I'm in heaven. The response to the photo of my baked sweet potato sitting next to my slow cooker ... Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast – My little Thanksgiving :)

slow cooker turkey breast

Incredibly tender and moist turkey is easy as can be with the help of your slow cooker (also known as crock pot)! Just toss it in and set the table :) It seems odd to be talking about Thanksgiving already, but the calendar tells me it is only weeks away. The years seem to speed up the older we get, and I'm just thankful to have the good sense to appreciate each day no matter how quickly it ... Continue Reading

Butter Caramel Puff Corn – No Kernels, No Hulls!

Caramel Puff Corn

I posted my caramel corn recipe on Facebook yesterday (click here to get it if you'd like) and realized that I'd never posted my Caramel Puff Corn recipe on here! Oh mercy, where has my head been? This stuff is absolutely divine, with a capital "D". It has a delicious honey taste to it (regardless of which ingredient options you use) and none of the pesky hulls or kernels you encounter with ... Continue Reading

What To Expect At My Book Signings

book tour

For details on book signing locations and how to get free book plates, see bottom of this post.  In October of 2010, I parked my car at the Books a Million in Huntsville, Alabama, turned off the ignition and turned to my friend Jyl. "Think anyone is here?" I asked. "Oh, I'm sure people are here." She replied. "Well, what do you think we should do? Do we go in and find the manager? ... Continue Reading

Texas Turtle Sheet Cake


Today I'm thrilled to bring you a recipe from a friend who is also an amazing mom and blogger, Amanda Coers! After you're done reading this wonderful post and making this cake (because I know you'll have to make this one soon!) be sure and visit her blog over at and tell her Christy sent ya! P.S. So excited that my new book Come Home To Supper will be in stores ... Continue Reading

Fudgey Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Bars


I have no problem with traditional rice crispy treats, but I seldom say to myself  "Oooh I just gotta have one". They are okay, don't get me wrong, and they are even better warm just after they have been made. But sometimes, biting into one of those puppies feels like chewing on styrofoam. HOWEVER, these are different. Chances are pretty good you had these growing up. If you haven't, prepare to ... Continue Reading

Amazing Apple Bread

Amazing Apple Bread

Don't forget to use one of the buttons above for easy finding later!  My family has always loved quick breads. They make a delicious snack, simple dessert, or great quick bite for breakfast as you head out the door. This bread has a taste very much like my Apple Spice Muffins and greets your family with a heavenly aroma as soon as they walk in the door. It bakes up moist and tender, studded ... Continue Reading

Saddle Up Chicken Enchiladas


Today I'm sharing a wonderful recipe from Mama with you. She made these for us back shortly after my accident (thus the name, Mama has a fun sense of humor!) and Ricky and I cleaned the dish! She and I took these photos back when I was still completely in a wheelchair, so there isn't an up close photo of the final dish - BUT I had an idea! I was thinking...I LOVE it when y'all share recipe ... Continue Reading

Pumpkin Praline Cake


Today I am excited to be able to bring you a recipe from Miss Suzanne Schrimsher, the amazing woman behind Suzanne's Bakery and Eatery in Athens, Alabama. Her bakery is known for their wonderful plate lunches each day as well as the amazing desserts (anything from Suzanne's kitchen is amazing though!). I love to stop in there for lunch whenever I happen to be in town and I was lucky enough to get ... Continue Reading

My Meal Plan For The Next Two Weeks

Come Home to Supper for web

I'm not a planner and I'm in no way organized. But some people still see me this way, which I think is terribly sweet and kind of them. Alright, sometimes I do get a little bit organized - but most of the time when that happens it usually centers around planning and budgeting for meals.  This just kind of comes naturally for me now, after years of performing the grocery balancing act we all ... Continue Reading