Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup – and my lack of fashion sense


If you’re on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above it would be a great help to me. Thank you!Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

This soup is simple to make and absolutely delicious. It’s one of those comforting meals you can throw together in the time it takes to cook your rice using a store bought rotisserie chicken, or you can do it the long way and cook the chicken yourself. The ingredients are few, but they are enough to give it a wonderful flavor that will have ’em coming back for more.

Perfect for a sick day. Or a hard day. Or a long day. Or a lovely day that just needs a light and lovely finish.

But before I give you the recipe, I gotta tell you about what happened between me and my Katy Rose this morning. Get comfy, this won’t take too long but it never hurts get comfy anyway, right?

I love having kids. There is so much fun in raising someone and discovering their personality as they grow. When I was in college taking my education classes, I actually bought into the whole concept they taught about how behavior is learned and children are taught their personalities (I’m trying not to laugh as I type this now). Then I became a mother and saw firsthand how unique each individual is from the moment they are born – before that even!

My daughter, bless her precious sunshiney heart, is just a sparkle in human form. She is creative, artistic, can hear any song and play it instantly on the piano without having ever had lessons, and if you ask her what her favorite color is she will reply “rainbow” without even flinching.

She loves fashion and has fun with her clothes. She dresses in bright colors, playful prints, and even puts together creative new oufits from her closet that I would have never dreamed of. She does all of this while still managing to dress like a young lady.

I am in awe.

I, on the other hand, have the fashion sense of a lazy, colorblind mule.

If you ever see me look nice and put together then you can rest assured that one of three things happened:

  1. Someone put together the outfit for me.
  2. I saw the entire thing on a mannequin when I walked into a store.
  3. I tried really, really hard and texted multiple pictures of the outfit to friends for help and advice.

Seriously. My idea of a great outfit was what I picked up last weekend in Bass Pro Shops.

Oooh Bass Pro Shops! – allow me to digress a moment.

I love Bass Pro Shops. It is my wonderland. I don’t get to go often because we don’t have one near us but whenever we are in Nashville my kids dread me dragging them there because I take ten times longer in that store that I would in an entire mall.

If I could shop nowhere else for the rest of my life but Bass Pro, I could die happy. They have clothes, food, all the good cooking equipment, anything you need to hunt or fish with, and more! A couple of years ago Maryland announced that they were awarding $200 Bass Pro gift cards to anyone who showed proof of killing a snakehead fish and I mentally hatched a plan for funding my entire retirement.

Just this past weekend Mama and I were in Nashville and I said “What do you think about going to Bass Pro while we’re here?” She said “Fine with me” and I lit up! They had men’s flannel shirts on sale 2 for $22 and matching Red Head brand men’s henley’s for the same price.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Meet my winter wardrobe!

Roll up the sleeves on that flannel and toss it on over that henley and all I need now is cold weather and stew! 

Katy Rose, well she is different. We are alike in many ways and polar opposites in others. Take fashion for example.  She was born knowing how to accessorize and she has been doing the best she can with me for these past 8+ years.

This morning, I decided to dress her in something I thought would be comfortable and fun. This is a half day at their school and the new rage is “spiritwear”. They have a new “spirit wear” store to promote and raise money for various things at school and my son is all over it. He is wearing school shirts every day. Katy Rose, not so much. Why wear spirit wear when she can wear “pretty”?


So today I decided to dress her in a pair of black pants and a spirit wear shirt that used to belong to her brother because the lady at the spirit wear store said all the girls were wearing big shirts and tying them on the sides with colorful ponytail holders.

Sounded fun and comfy to me!

I gave Katy Rose the shirt and had her put it on. She looked at me like I was crazy right off the bat (good on her for recongizing that sooner rather than later) but did as she was told. The gray t-shirt emblazoned with their school name kinda hung on her a bit but then I pulled out a bright red ponytail holder and set about gathering the bottom into a little loop that I pulled together just over her left hip.

I grinned as I looked at it, clearly proud of myself.

“There! Now look at that Katy!”

She looked down as if trying to see what it was that I was seeing instead of what she was seeing.

She flapped her arms a bit as the large sleeves billowed.


My daughter, realizing her mother has zero fashion sense.
(featuring a bad photoshop job of blurring the school name coz the internet is crazy)

“Mama, it’s too big”

“Oh Katy no! that’s the style! the lady in the spirit wear store said all the teenage girls were wearing theirs like this!”

I often set up teenagers as the fashion model I’m trying to follow for her, thinking she will think this is cool. However, I just realized as I type this that setting up today’s teens as something for young children to emulate may not be the best parenting decision I’ve made…

She looked at me and tugged at the gray shirt a bit. “Mama, look at it.”

I tried one more bid to reassure her and said “Oh Katy, it’s the fashion now!”

Her little head raised up and regarded me with a mixture of pity and horror as if she was just now realizing what she had been saddled with as a mother.

“Ma” she said carefully, shaking her head with clear concern for me in her eyes “You think THIS is fashion?”

I burst out laughing. “Take it off Katy, I’ll get you something else.”

We sure are an interesting mix!

 Now let me show you how easy it is to make this delicious soup!

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

You’ll need: Chicken Broth, Rice, Heavy Cream*, Italian Dressing Mix, and a Rotisserie Chicken*

*You can use half and half or even milk in place of the cream but it won’t add the rich buttery flavor that cream does.

*Instructions for making this and cooking the chicken yourself are in the recipe at the bottom.

I am making enough for 6-8 servings because I love leftovers of this. Feel free to half this recipe if you’d like to feed only 4.

I also like to have about a cup of instant potato flakes to add to give my soup a little more body without altering the flavor. This is optional but I wanted to throw it out there that I do that. I love instant potato flakes as soup thickeners! Not so much as instant potatoes though :) For the sake of photos, I added a tablespoon of dried parsley to my soup as well. Entirely optional, totally not needed. But apparently I’m all about disclosing today :)

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

First of all, get your rice cooking. Cook two cups of dry rice, according to packet directions.

If you want to have a heartier soup, make more. If you want a lighter soup, cook less.

While rice is cooking, Pour your broth in a stockpot.

Or whatever pot you grab out of the cabinet first.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Add in your packet of dry Italian Dressing Mix.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Stirry Stirry!

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Take your chicken of the bone and shred it. Add to pot.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Stirry Stirry.

Place this over medium heat and bring just to a boil, stirring ever so often.

Then, Reduce heat to a simmer.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Add cream.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

If you like, you can also add instant potato flakes at this point. Stir that all up good.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Place about 1/2 cup of cooked rice in a bowl.

We don’t stir the rice directly into the soup because if we did and were planning on having leftovers, the next day that rice would be all bloated up and the soup would look more like a weird rice pudding. So just keep them separate until serving. Cooked rice refrigerates and even freezes well anyway.

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup

Ladle servings of soup over the rice and stir.

My little Chicken bowls came from QVC. Mama and I saw them in the kitchens when we were there and ordered us some :)

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup - This is wonderful and so easy!

Serve with warm crusty bread – or whatever you’re in the mood to serve it with.



Simply Delicious Chicken and Rice Soup
  • 64 ounces chicken broth
  • 1 Rotisserie Chicken
  • 2 cups uncooked white rice
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 packet Italian Dressing Mix (0.7 ounces)
  • 1 cup instant potato flakes, optional
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley, optional
  1. Pour broth into large stock pot. Stir in Italian Dressing Mix and parsley (if using parsley).
  2. Debone and shred chicken, add to pot. Place over medium heat and bring just to a boil. Reduce heat and allow to simmer while rice cooks.
  3. Cook rice according to package directions.
  4. When rice is done, stir cream and potato flakes into soup.
  5. Fill each individual bowl with ½ cup cooked rice. Top with soup. Stir to combine. Enjoy!
Long way: Cover a whole fryer with water in a stockpot. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for an hour, or until chicken is done and broth is rich. Remove chicken. Proceed with step 2. Be sure to add salt to taste if you make your own broth.
This recipe makes 6-8 servings and is easily halved if you prefer 4 servings.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 6-8 servings

“No one ever injured their eyesight by looking

on the bright side of things.”


Submitted by Jenny. Click here to submit your own motivational or inspiring quotes.


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  1. kaye says

    Oh Christy “THANK YOU,” so much for such a PERFECTLY Eloquently spoken response to DEB!! I found her comment not only rather RUDE, but equally annoying. . . my theory, “if ya don’t like the heat. . . stay out of the kitchen,” as my Mama would have said to Deb!!

    I LOVE every single “detail,” MOST all of us enjoy those. . . it’s what keeps the “human interaction, which again, MOST folks enjoy and can RELATE too,” keep doing what you’re doing . . . great rewards, await!!



  2. Donna K. says

    My mom and sister, now they can put together an outfit. Me? Not so much. I’m perfectly happy grabbing a sweatshirt and jeans in the winter and jeans and a t-shirt in the summer! I was shaking my head in agreement up until I saw Katy Rose’s expression in that last picture! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her not have her usual sparkle in her eyes! Made me laugh! :-)

  3. says

    Christy, I’m so glad to have found you and your blog via Robin. You are truly an inspiration…with your postive attitude and refreshing sense of humor, you brought smiles to our faces when life was so tough for you. I baked up some appetizers for your virtual potluck…and wish I had a cup of your chicken and rice soup to go with them. It sounds amazing (and easy!).

    PS…I have a fashionista daughter, too, and it’s nice (now that she’s older) to run my wardrobe choices by her :)

  4. Judy says

    Hahaha!!!! I absolutely LOVED this post for so many reasons, with the “icing on the cake” being the delicious recipe!!! I cracked up when you posted “Meet my winter wardrobe!” under your Bass Pro finds!! I was sure your purchases were going to your hubby!! lol Oh, and then your precious Katy Rose!! Soooo adorable!! She is definitely blessed with so many wonderful attributes!! I am so proud of her, so I can’t even imagine the pride you and your family have!!! I must say, I was totally buying your Spirit Outfit though!! 😉 Just wait until she actually IS a teen, and she will be completely on board with…well….at least some of it!! 😉 I am a HUGE fan of comfy clothing, especially on cold winter days, so I am glad you found some to keep you warm and toasty, as well as comfy cozy! No matter what the outfit, you are always dressed to bless!! Thanks for not only counting your blessings, but for sharing them with us as well!! Have a GREAT day!!! 😀

  5. Syd says

    I just made a HUGE pot of chicken stock. Now I have something to make with the chicken. A Saturday project!
    My daughter, Sarah, is 22 now. To say she had a unique fashion style when she was young would be putting it mildly. It got to the point that when she was in middle school, she was not allowed to come see me after she dressed. Otherwise, I would spend the entire school day obsessing over what she was wearing. Plaids, stripes, argyles and colors that should never ever be near each other. Ever. One of her teachers with whom we are still friends still laughs about the outfits. These days, Sarah is my brilliant stylist. I’m not allowed to shop without her, and I thank God every day for her style sense.

  6. Sharon Carson says

    Hi again Christy, Thank you so much for your kind response regarding my daughter’s friend, Joy, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and thanks as well for your prayers and for those from your readers. I saw some very thoughtful posts on here and I thank you all. Joy has quite a road ahead of her, but she’s coming to the end of her first round of chemotherapy on Oct 8th. She wants to go back to school on Oct 9th, brave girl that she is! She can’t return to school just yet, due to the risk of infection though. I will definitely keep you updated on her progress. I had planned to bring her family a batch of your Chicken and Rice soup, which I am sure is a total home run, but I am instead, going to bring them some of your Angel Chicken, which, I am convinced, will be a grand-slam. Joy’s teacher told me that Joy likes chicken alot, so keep them chicken recipes comin’! I’ll be browsing your site this weekend in the older archives for ideas and more of your stories. Speaking of your family stories, I am VERY glad to have found your website and to be able to read your posts, with fun glimpses into your family’s life from the day to day. ( I still can’t get Katy Rose’s forlorn little face out of my head – so precious!) I feel sorry for Debbie, a previous poster, who berated you so rudely for sharing your family life in your posts. I am sorry she was so ignorant to you, but I am proud of the way you handled her with the utmost of grace. That’s how I knew I could count on you for prayers for Joy…. Hey, maybe Debbie needs prayers too! Maybe she’s going through something rough in her life as well. In any case, you showed yourself to be a true diamond in THAT rough place. You are a wonderful example! Thanks again.

  7. Jennifer Salins says

    Christy, you are awesome. And genuine. And your stories are funny. I really wish you were a neighbor. I’d have a glass of tea with you every evening. And I am very blessed to have a Bass Pro Shop less than 4 miles down the road from me. :) My kids, on the other hand, love it as much as I do!

  8. Mac says

    You always make me smile. Love Katy Rose and her Fashion Police debut. My Katy is older but I always say the “shopping gene” skipped me & went directly to her. Love this recipe. I always make chicken broth after we have a BBQ chicken & freeze the broth. Now it will be a great way to use the broth with your recipe. Thanks

  9. Becky says

    Thanks for making me feel good about my fashion sense. I’m about 1 step ahead of you, not even close to Katy’s level. : )

    Oooo, that’s a great tip on the rice! I’ll do that! Yummy sounding recipe!

  10. Karen says

    Oh, wow! This looks so easy and YUMMY! Looking forward to it! I love using the rotisserie chicken…it is so tender and if chicken breasts are not on sale, it is usually cheaper just to buy this and it’s already cooked! A great, last minute, “what am I gonna cook for supper” recipe! Thanks! Oh, and I cant’ tell my girls what to wear either:)

  11. tonya says

    I LOVE your chicken shaped bowls! I’m so happy you put a link to them, I think I just might have to get myself some for Christmas, lol!! Thanks so the awesome looking soup recipe to put in them too!

  12. Debra says

    Oh, my word! Made your soup recipe tonight and it was absolutely delicious, so much better than I expected! Personally, I find the potato flakes a must, tried it first without and quickly added them. They just give the soup that creamy richness that its otherwise missing, along with the cream, of course. : ) And, I love your suggestion to not add the rice to the pot of soup, I’ll never do that again! It’s the first of your recipes that I’ve tried, but it certainly won’t be the last! Thank you for turning the finale to a difficult day into a nourishing, comforting treat! This soup will be a regular at my home for many years to come! Thank you!

  13. Vicki Crowe says

    Loved you fashion- sense story and your recipe. I am like you in that I love bass pro shop! I live in North Birmingham and do get to enjoy our own Bass Pro Shop when ever we like. I did not have a fashion sense momma, and I certainly did not inherit my own fashion sense, so we probably shouldn’t go shopping together unless it’s for cookware, and lunch! Love, love, love the format of your blog and sharing your life for God’s Glory. Please don’t change! Would love a glimpse of your new book, I’ll catch up with it soon. Thanks!

  14. Lekeisha says

    Oh my goodness! I just purchased a Rotisserie Chicken from BJ’s yesterday. I never thought to purchase one for soup (can you tell I don’t cook often, smile). With the help from you, dinner’s have been so much better. I thank God for you and your site Ms. Christy!!

  15. says

    Love to read your blogs about your family and life in general. It is always uplifting and just makes the day a little happier, also the recipes are all so good. I have the cookbooks but enjoy seeing them on here too bringing attention to each one . Keep up the good work and enjoying your life and family to the fullest. For each one reader that you might lose you will gain dozens.

  16. says

    Christy, do you have a Pressure Cooker and if so would you post some of your recipes. I just bought a Electric Pressure cooker and dearly love it. Also any idea how to convert recipes to Pressure cooking. Thanks. Love your post. Just bought your : Come Home to Supper, love the recipes, already have Classic Comfort Food, keep it up Girl

  17. Lois Cockrell says

    This recipe sounds good and I will be trying but I had to let you know I would like to adopt your description of your daughter! A sparkle in human form is exactly what my granddaughter is too. I really enjoyed your post today! Thank you.

  18. Peggy says

    I found out years ago that men’s flannel shirts were better made than women’s. They come in a lot nicer colors too. If you have time and are wanting a different look use a pair of pointed embroidery scissors to snip the threads and separate the collar from the band. Then stitch the band around the edges with matching thread. I’ve even gone a little nuts and stitched a blanket stitch with matching embroidery thread….by hand. The soup sounds good too.

  19. Carol says

    I can relate to your fashion sense. My daughter is 45 and still thinks I was dropped on my head as far as fashion goes. The chicken and rice soup sound wonderful and is in the plan for Monday. Thanks for all you do.

  20. Deborah says

    Hi Christy, thanks for the great recipe, and the tips. Love your website, the family stories you share and the delish recipes. I’m still halfway round the world from you but reading your stories always bring me back home.

    Blessings always from your fans in KSA.

  21. Susan the farm quilter says

    Thanks for another fabulous recipe! I’m thinking that barley acts like rice in soup, cuz my turkey soups of the past had lots of barley that turned in into more of a hearty stew thickness after the first night!! I’m with you on the clothes…but I’m already wearing long underwear! Missing the summer warmth already!!

    • says

      Hey Billie!
      I’m afraid this post is a year old and I couldn’t find them either when I went just now to look for them for you. I did see some on Ebay but not at a good price. I think if you check ebay on a regular basis you could find them. I typed in “Temptations chicken bowls”. Hope this helps!

  22. Kathy says

    Christy: I just joined the mailing list, and I have to say, I like your stories. And your winter wardrobe, too. I also just joined Stacey Little’s mailing list, and I think you are both the best.

    I don’t know what this Deb said, but whatever it was, I disagree. Keep the stories coming. I’m going to try your Butter Roll Dessert recipe soon. I tried Stacey’s Apple Dumpling recipe, and liked it a lot, but Sprite sometimes does not sit well with me, so the milk might be better. I even thought at the time they’d be good without the fruit so I thank you for this recipe, but I am going to use more cinnamon than you do 8).

    I am also going to try your Chicken and Rice Soup. That sounds really good. I am limited on the spices I can eat so I am going to do my own chicken, and, because for some reason, I just do not like rice in soup-other than as a thickener, I am going to make knoephla-(little dumplings), and do it that way. I might even make it for my company next weekend.


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