Deep Dish Sloppy Joes – and life before the internet


The recipe and tutorial are at the bottom of this post but I share a lot of other information ahead of them. Please scroll down if you’d rather skip the extra stuff :)

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!
Today I’m going to show you the recipe for rib sticking, family pleasing, delicious tasting deep dish sloppy joes. If you’re anxious to get to the recipe, scroll on down to find it. If you have time to sit a spell, visit with me as I pull out my little soap box and reminisce about life before the internet and how life can be changed now that the internet is here.
~Clears her throat, pulls out her little soap box, and steps up~
Growing up, my favorite set of books were encyclopedias. I have always been an avid reader so anytime I’d find myself bored I’d grab a volume, any volume, and just start reading. All of that information was just sitting there, waiting on me to add it to my brain!
I loved those books.
When computers came along, I learned the obligatory graphics programs and how to write a simple program here and there from school. I didn’t really get the significance of them, though, until my dad bought us an encyclopedia on floppy disk. I’ll never forget the magic of that moment, and folks younger than me won’t be able to understand this at all, but when I opened up a page to read about John F. Kennedy and there was a little photograph of him at his inauguration with a “click here” command. I clicked that and suddenly he began speaking and just like that, I sat in my parent’s living room late at night, and was able to watch John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address that had taken place over a decade before I was even born.
I was awestruck.
Now for those of you who don’t understand the wonder in that, you have to realize that this was before cable. We had three local channels and a satellite dish. There was no “on demand”. There was no figuring out what you wanted to watch and then going to find it. You had to go see what was available and then watch it. If the show was halfway over, that just meant you missed half of it. If you had to leave and go somewhere in the middle of the show, that meant you missed the rest of it – and you truly may never see it again.
If you wanted to see a president from long ago give a speech, you had to go to the library and hope they had a documentary somewhere that included it.
Information was there but it had to be worked for, sought out, and even then there was a pretty good chance you might not find it.
So here I was, reading about a man and with a little click of a button, I got to actually see the man in real life, delivering a historic speech.
I spent weeks worth of hours at that computer, reading that encyclopedia, clicking wherever it said click to experience the world beyond my door, and drinking in all of the knowledge.
If someone had of told me what the internet was going to be just years later, I would have never believed it.
So here we are. Such a huge world has opened up to us in such a short period of time. And what is this wondrous tool used for?
Well, let’s see.
The internet can be used to disseminate gossip, misinformation, and all manner of disproved urban myths and flat out untruths at light racing speeds. A “news” site can post a rumor about someone we have never or will never meet and because they are famous in some way it can race around the globe in a matter of minutes.
There are websites for every manner of disease that could ever plague our souls to help us further dirty and corrupt ourselves. We can destroy our own families just as effectively as a construction crane in a matter of seconds. We can even destroy the families of others just as rapidly.
Honestly, all of these things are what seems to get the most mileage out of the web.
But what else is there to offer?
Is the wisdom and original intent still there?
It all depends on what you are looking for and you will find what you seek.
I can go to a website and pull up any bible verse and translate it into any english translation I like, in addition to translating it into a foreign language to send to my sponsored child in Nicaragua.
I can read encyclopedias, watch every single inaugural address ever filmed, explore history, and view historical reenactments. I can study any subject I want to study and find just as much information as if I’d paid to take a college course. I can find encouraging people who are working hard to lift others up and bring wisdom to light,
I can be inspired.
I can be educated.
I can be encouraged.
So years after the internet went from nonexistent to integrated in many parts of our daily lives, it turns out the internet has become a lot like life.
Sure, there are those who will use it to gossip, be nasty, and toss away their oxygen on fleeting pursuits that bring harm to others.
But there are also those who will do their best to bring something else to the table.
It’s like a giant food buffet and it is up to you to decide what you’re going to put on your own plate.
It’s up to you to decide what you want to be served.

If you need a little enriching in the soil of your life, you’re sitting in front of what could be a great tool to help make that happen. All ya gotta do is seek it out.

And now that I’m done with my little soap box for the day, we need to get to cooking supper because I don’t know about you, but I’m mighty hungry!

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

 You’ll need: All Purpose Flour, milk, eggs, shredded cheese, cooked ground beef, vegetable oil, sloppy joe sauce, french fried onions, and salt. 

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

This is my Manwich from Big Lots :).

The retail price on it there is 90 cents a can but I actually paid less. I joined this rewards program thingiemawhosit that they have and every now and then they send me a coupon for $5 off a $15 purchase, that is when I spring into action!

There are some canned goods that I use on a regular basis that I get there. Manwich, Spaghettios (my kids love spaghettios!), a few baking mixes (they have Krusteaz brand, which is really good) and they have this Ghiradelli brownie mix that is wonderful for a quick dessert. I also buy canned meats from there (chicken, ham, beef), which are great to have in emergencies – be they natural disasters with power outages, or Mama running late and needs some chicken for the dumplings real quick.

So I’ve started buying some groceries from Big Lots when I get those great coupons. I know, some of y’all are thinking “but they’re seconds! they’re expired!”

Actually, I can see how you’d think that but it really isn’t the case.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

This can “expires” over a year from now. Canned goods are actually good long past those dates though, but we can use the dates as guidelines and to help us use up our pantry goods under the “first in, first out” principal in order to keep a good rotation system in place, which prevents food from not being used before it truly does expire.

I also shop a lot at Aldi for their sales (they have some amazing money savers), and I buy in  bulk whatever I can buy in bulk at Sam’s.

Buying in bulk is smart for two reasons:

  1. It can save a lot of money (sometimes I pay less than half of what I would pay had I not bought in bulk.
  2. It helps families to build up and keep a larger supply of food on hand over time so that you aren’t having to run to the grocery store every week or in some cases, multiple times a week. A well thought out grocery plan can easy involve only a single trip each month. This saves money from those impulse purchases that we are all susceptible to.

Things I buy in bulk: Dried beans, canned tomatoes (#10 cans), spaghetti sauce, pasta, paper towels (although I’m using a lot less of them as I’ve moved to dish towels, which I also buy in bulk), toilet paper (member’s Mark brand is great), rice, sugar, spices, beef and chicken bouillon, coffee, coffee creamer, eggs, butter, peanut butter, honey, oats, and longer lasting fruit and vegetables like apples, potatoes, and carrots.

The big exception to this is when I go meat shopping. When my freezers get low, I start meet shopping in the early mornings. I go to certain stores and head straight to the meat department to see what they have on sale. I buy the meat with good markdowns and take it home where I immediately repackage it using my foodsaver (video of my review here) to put in my freezer. Except for ground beef. That I cook and dehydrate so that it’s shelf stable and a quick fix for any meal that calls for fresh cooked ground beef. A video of that is here.

I’ve changed the way I shop even more than usual over the past few months and encourage you to start thinking about ways you can save as soon as possible in order to help insulate your family from the tidal wave of food prices. We gotta learn to surf or we’re gonna sink. :)

You can read more of my tips here:

Money Saving Tips Videos:

Money Saving Tips Posts:

Christy, you were supposed to be making supper and now you done went off on another rabbit trail.

I know, I know! I’m hushing up now and getting back in the kitchen. Supper will be ready soon!

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Stir your sloppy joe sauce into the meat until it’s well coated.

If you want to make your own sloppy joe sauce click here to see how I do that. Just get the sauce ingredients from that recipe and use them in this one if you would like.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Stir in your fried onions.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Spray a 9×13 baking dish with cooking spray.

So this is my fruits of the spirit bracelet. Y’all probably see that in a lot of pictures. I got it last fall in Dallas on my book tour and haven’t taken it off (waves at Karen, who helped her pick it out). The funny thing about this bracelet is that it lists all of the fruits of the spirit on it, but one in particular seems to always be on top, so that I see it first whenever I look down: Longsuffering. It is a little to the side in this pic, which is a miracle. I tell folks that the “long-suffering” part means putting up with mean people. :) Whenever I’m having to deal with ornery folks, sure enough I look down and there it is, staring right back at me, reminding me that it is par for the course! lol But hey, we all do what we have to do and we should be grateful for the opportunity to be of use but I gotta admit I enjoy it when “Joy” and “Peace” are on top as they are in this photograph!

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Add a layer of cheese.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Spread meat mixture over top of cheese.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Top with remaining cheese.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Place eggs, milk, flour, salt, and oil in a bowl.

Do y’all see that?

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Our ingredients are smiling at us :)

God love it! Ooh and those look like good, rich eggs, too.

Y’all, remind me to move to a new city as soon as I can so that I can raise my own chickens…

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

So all you have to do on this is stir it together with a spoon until it’s well blended. It just takes a minute.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Pour over top of meat and cheese.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate - DELICIOUS!

Bake this at 350 for 30 minutes, or until it is just a wee bit browned on top.

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes from SouthernPlate

This is great when served with Blake’s Green Beans, and iced tea (of course)!

Deep Dish Sloppy Joes – and life before the internet
Note: This recipe can be made using half of the beef and sloppy joe sauce but still with the same amount of crust and in a 9x13 pan with no loss of deliciousness.
  • 1-2 pounds ground beef, cooked and drained
  • 1-2 14.5oz cans sloppy joe sauce (I only use Manwich when it comes to buying it pre made. I normally like generics but find generic sloppy joe sauce to be really bad.)
  • 1 cup french fried onions
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese (mild, sharp, whatever you like)
  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  1. In a large bowl, stir together ground beef, sloppy joe sauce, and french fried onions until well blended.
  2. Spray the bottom of a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Sprinkle half of the cheese on the bottom and top with the meat mixture, spreading to the sides. Top meat mixture with remaining cheese.
  3. In medium bowl combine flour, milk, oil, eggs, and salt. Stir until well blended. Pour over top of meat and cheese in casserole dish.
  4. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until crust is set and very lightly browned.

“Time is more valuable than money.

You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

~Jim Rohn

Submitted by Dianne. Click here to submit your own!


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      • Linda Lenhardt says

        Christy, since you have lots of clout, wish you would get in touch with Krusteaz and get them to supply the grocery stories with their 4 or 5 pound bag of pie crust mix. That is the best stuff for making not only pies but cobblers. When I was living in Oregon I could get it out there and moved back home and couldn’t find it anywhere, but now some of the stores have just a small boxes. Love that pie crust mix. They also make other things cake mix, cookies mix and now after seven years can’t remember the other things and what I did use from them was never disappointed in any of it. If you could do that it would be just a BIG thing.
        Thank you so much and have one of your cook books and love the things you put out there for us.

  1. Earlene says

    Hey, Christy, You and I are so alike. We had Child Craft books that I read with the dictionary, too. Also just a small thing, it’s Fruit of the Spirit, not Fruits. I looked it up on the internet. :) But the bracelet is beautiful and what a great reminder to all of us to strive to become like.

    • says

      I’m a pretty fruity person at times so I think plural applies to me. Lol. Fruit would be for folks who manage to display them all at once and I’m far from there! Heehee ;). I’ve seen those child craft books!!!! I would’ve killed for them back then!!!

  2. Jill T says

    You have really inspired me to get a dehydrator. I was wondering if you think chicken or pork could be dried with no loss of flavor and quality. And this recipe looks great!

  3. Debbie says

    Who knew that the internet was going to grow so fast, I would have never believed it either!!
    Young people today have so many useful tools…amazing!! Cool pic. of the ingredients smiling…. that’s is so awesome! Looks yummy…..I’m definitely going to make this for my grandchildren!

  4. elaineraye says

    Oh dear-I am feeling old as I can remember getting our first TV in the early 50’s. I came home from school and there is was in the living room. It was, of course, black and white, and it was a Sears Silvertone. The first show we watched was Howdy Doody! It went off at supper much to our dismay , but that was always the house rule and was with my own family as well. TV signed off overnight back then I think that evening news was 15 minutes.

    • Angie H in Dallas, Tx says

      I bought a Sears Silvertone console tv a few years ago at a garage sale, for $4.00. It still works. I had to find adapters for the antenna connections to hook up to the digital box. But it still comes on in good old black & white. I actually got it to use as a small buffet in my dining room. Works great for that too.

      This is another good post & recipe. Keep up the good work.

  5. MARSHA G says

    Another great recipe. I remember when I was little a neighbor’s last child had moved out of the nest and they gave my parents a whole set of encyclopedia Britannica. I will never forget how in awe I was of the pictures and stories. It was so amazing to have such a gift. As for the computer I got my first computer when my daughter was 1 (now 18) as I was determined she was going to learn how to use that thing. So I taught myself how to use it, then worked with her at the age of 1 by holding my hand over hers on the mouse. Today she can out do momma any day but at least I can use the thing. The first one was so big and bulky and took up lots of desk room. As for tv well I’m still old school we use an antennae. It saves big bucks and there’s not too much time for tv plus it gives my daughter and I more together time as we don’t have to rush to see a favorite cable show.

  6. Amanda says

    Dear Christy,
    The ads, video ads, on your website are distracting and annoying… regretfully causing me to avoid your site. Really enjoy your recipes and appreciate your hard work, but the ads are just awful.

    • says

      Can you please help me by telling me where they are located on the page? There aren’t any that auto play when I go to the page so I need to know which ones are causing problems for others.
      If it is the regular ads (non video) that are distracting you I am afraid those are needed to help me pay the light bill for Southernplate, which is now three times what my mortgage is :).
      Video ads should only play when you click them. If that isn’t the case I hope you can help me find the culprit(s). Thanks!

      • Joan in VA says

        I’m not the original commentor, but on my computer the adds (there are three) are
        1. Right after the Help You Find Something button.
        2 and 3. Right below the Find Us On Facebook item … there are two separate ads.

        They might be sponsors, but I now turn off my sound before I head to your site.

        Sorry, Joan in VA

        • says

          Sometimes it takes a few hours for caches to clear and everything to reset. I’ve sent an email to one ad network as well to get them stopped. It may take a day or two but I’m on it 😉 even then, one may happen from time to time but hopefully on a rare rather than regular basis. Thanks for your understanding!
          I hate video ads @,@

            • says

              Thanks for letting me know :) I’m afraid if everyone started doing that it would be the end of Southern plate though :). Ads are how I pay for my server and subscriber services and keep them free for everyone else. It used to be about the same as my mortgage each month to operate the site but as traffic has increased cost has increased as well and it is now more than three times my mortgage. As long as it doesn’t go into the negative too many months (it usually does in the summer), I’ll keep it up :)

              • JaneM says

                Adblocker plus can be adjusted to receive ads you want from sites that you routinely visit. I can understand and appreciate that it is necessary for you to use ads for revenue to keep this free wonderful site going or it would be necessary for you to go to a fee-for-subscription route but I think there is a problem with spammers who add their own unwanted ads to the legitimate ones you and other bloggers have.

      • MARSHA G says

        It is all the video ads on the right hand side the same thing happens to me but I tough it out. I can click on the mute or pause button and soon as the the ad changes you have to scroll back up and do it all again. At times there will the sounds of 2 ads at a time playing I guess they are playing battle of the ads.

      • Linda Meredith says

        I have trouble with the ads also. It’s not from your site, it comes from the way each individual has cookies set up on their own computer. These companies track which sites you visit and then start sending ads to your own personal computer. Thanks for all the super info you post. You have helped me so much, especially with the dehydrating. Also love the blog. Takes me back many years

      • carol says


        i keep my sound off- turn it on when i want to, but default for me is off. for all that you share i am more than willing to delete a few ads. i do understand that we want to keep the lights on<g

  7. Shari says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe. It’s similar to your deep dish pizza which we love, and I have made many times. We love sloppy joes, but I don’t make them that often. I may try it with my homemade sloppy joe recipe, add the onion rings, and the topping. Thank you for all of your good recipes!

  8. J B Walker says

    Hi Christy, This recipe looks so good! I will be trying it very soon.

    There is an ad, just below your facebook area that keeps playing for septic systems, cats and Jeep cars. Kinda funny to be hearing about septic systems and Twix bites while reading about yummy recipes!

    Keep up the good work of sharing recipes, philosophy and faith. You are so appreciated. Keep the ads, pay the light bill, we all have had the utiity bill shocker this year.

    • says

      Okay, that is kinda funny :) I appreciate you having a sense of humor about it, too! Especially today! lol I have received three grumpy emails from folks so far complaining about where they have to click, having to scroll, how often or infrequently (depending on the person) I post. Wheweee! A sense of humor is the oil on the wheels of life!
      I have gone in and changed all of my ads around now but it may take a bit to go into effect. I hope it helps!

      • gracie says

        Hey Christy, I found your website a few days ago and look for your emails daily, not for the recipes, though they look delicious and I look forward to making them, but for the lighthearted, fun loving inspirational stories from yourself and your mother that I have already found to be a place of comfort to my heart. I don’t care about the ads or any annoying sounds, all seem so unimportant to the trials my family are facing…..the stage 3 lung cancer my mom has been diagnosed with. We trust in our Great Healer and His perfect will for her as we take this one day at a time desiring to be a witness for Him every step of the way. Thank you though, for stories to brighten my day, take me back, make me smile and give me moments to sit a spell and be still. Pro. 3:5,6

  9. Kaye says

    I’m making this one… sounds delish and “simply!” Christy, I would love for you to post another old fashioned “Banana Pudding recipe that has “old southern roots,” wonder if you, or your Mama might have one. My Mama “never” measured her ingredients, and I’m LONGING for one like she used to make before she went to Heaven!

    Kaye ;()

  10. JaneM says

    When I was in grade school and brought home grades my mother didn’t approve of, I had to read the Encyclopedia Brittanica to broaden my horizons. My dad was in the Army and with 3 kids, we definitely didn’t have extra money but my mother insisted that we have them. The two volumes that were my favorite were “H” and “D” (horses and dogs). I became quite knowledgeable about the characteristics of different breeds in both species. I don’t think my mother ever caught on. 😀

  11. Samantha says

    This recipe looks good, Christy! My husband loves Manwich so I’m going to try this recipe next time he wants sloppy Joes. Thanks!

    As far as the ads, I never noticed until I read these comments just now because I generally keep my volume turned off until I want to use it for something. That’s because so many websites today have those video ads.

    Until it’s fixed, there’s a SIMPLE solution that I just tried. As soon as you land on the site, scroll down to the ad that’s playing and mouse over it. You will see a Pause button appear at the bottom of the ad, so just pause it, and problem solved, no more noise. I hope that helps.

    Christy, I admire your patience, and your always pleasant personality!

  12. Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says

    My favorite line in the whole post is this one, “I normally like generics but find generic sloppy joe sauce to be really bad.”

    I can totally taste that generic sloppy joe sauce, just by the very direct way you put that. Ha. And bleck.

    Also, thanks for the recipe! I pinned it and will give it a go!

  13. Patricia Hawn says

    My mom used to sell World Book and Childcraft…such memories! I’m going to try this recipe probably tonight. What would you think about putting Martha White or Jiffy cornbread on top?

  14. Mary smith says

    Hi Christy! Sometimes, when I see the daily recipe posting, I don’t quite have all the necessary ingredients. But then the brain starts spinning and a similar recipe pops into mind that I DO have the makings for. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Sherry C. says

    Hi! I also keep my sound turned off like Samantha. Almost everything has ads, so this works great. Also, if you plug in earphones, you just keep them off your head and you can’t hear anything. I just tried it with the Walmart ad with the sound on and it didn’t play until I moved the mouse across the ad.

    • says

      You know, I hadn’t really thought about it until y’all started talking about it yesterday but I keep all of the sound off of everything pretty much. I don’t even have the ringer turned on on my cell phone, I just keep it in my pocket on vibrate. I have an iPad that never has sound either and if I ever watch anything on my computer I have to go turn it on. I don’t want my electronic devices “talking” to me, lol. Thanks so much for your help Sherry, that is good to know about the ad!

  16. Ann Lokey says

    Hello!! Can’t wait to try this recipe. My family loves sloppy joes so any twist on it will be nice! 😉
    I have to ask where you got your fruit of the spirit bracelet? It’s so neat that you posted a picture of it today. My family and I learned Gal. 5:22 & 23 last week as our family verse. So when I saw your picture with your bracelet I thought my 12 yr. old daughter and I need one of those. 😉 Forgive me if someone has already asked you this. I started reading the comments but there are so many and it’s way past my bedtime now.
    Have a blessed week!!

  17. Sheryle says

    Bought the ingredients for this yesterday to make today. Plan to serve it tonight with the “Last minute green beans” and Mexican street corn, (not from this site). I’ll let you know! Hubby loves sloppy Joes, me not so much. But I’m willing to try this! Not sure about the FF onions, I’ve never been a fan of them, but I will adapt. I bought green onions as maybe a topper, with less FF onions.
    But that’s how we all cook isn’t it? Adapting for our taste! Thanks Christy!

      • Sheryle says

        I have to say as written this was pretty dang good! I liked it! I only used about half of the FF onions, added a handful of green onions to the mixture and another handful on top of the crust before baking. I also used about 3 cups of cheese (we are cheesy people!). This is what I would do to spice it up next time and only needs a little more chopping. And no French Fried onions. I would cook diced white onions and diced green/red/yellow (your choice!) pepper with the ground beef. And some salt and fresh ground pepper. Last few minutes add a bit of diced garlic and cook till fragrant. Drain. Use 1 1/2-2 cups cheese on both top and bottom of pan. Finish as directed except add a handful (or more) of diced green onions to top of crust and bake. I think this also would be excellent with a cornbread crust and maybe some green chiles cooked with the beef. Green onions are still good as a topping too! Serve with some fresh cilantro? Maybe sour cream?
        I didn’t like anything *Manwich before this recipe! But I see the possibilities now!

  18. LaTanya says

    I’ve just stumbled upon your site – and I must say that I think I’m in love with you!!!!!!!!! This is an awesome recipe that has a spin on something I make all the time. I can’t wait to try it! I’ve been looking for new ways to make old recipes of mine and you have really inspired me to try these recipes on your site.

  19. Mary Welch says

    First absolutely LOVE the recipes on this site!
    I have to agree with your comments concerning the Internet. Have had a laptop for three years now and I’m still taken aback every day at the sheer amount of knowledge available. I’ve taken sewing classes, language classes …ALL KINDS of classes! Enjoy keeping in touch with faraway friends and relatives and made online acquaintances in countries I will probably never visit. I get to listen to and watch videos of my favorite 80″s bands.(I’m showing my age. LOL!), etc.

    It is sad that the Internet is such a useful wonderful gift that can so easily be used destructively.

  20. Josey says

    I made this for dinner tonight but didn’t have the french fried onions on hand. As it turns out you can use crunched up kettle chips and a dash of onion powder as a substitute for the crispy onions and that works just fine! I love your homemaking advice, Christy, and making due with what you have has been a very good one that I keep in mind daily :) Thanks!

  21. Denise in Dallas says

    I was an encyclopedia reader, too!! When I didn’t have anything else to read I would pick a letter and start reading. I loved those encyclopedias!! My mom called them encycropedias. I miss her. :-(

  22. Jan Johnson says

    Oh, this is so funny!! I was telling my daughter this past week how I loved reading the encyclopedias!! I’ll be 63 next month, so you know we didn’t have computers or cable!! Just three basic channels…in black and white! Oh, I have more stories about all of that, but I’m getting off track! Ha! I especially loved the sections with the pictures; like, dogs, cats, leaves, etc. Boy, Heidi, I learned so much just from those red books!! Would you believe I still have them?! I saw a special book recently that illustrated 1,000 animals. It reminded me so much of the wonders of my encyclopedia days! Yes, we can all look them up on a computer, but there’s something about being able to hold it in your hands! Whew, I’d better get off my soapbox!! Love all of your recipes!! Take care!! Gee, I wish we were neighbors…ha!!

  23. Shari says

    I am making this for dinner tonight, and we are looking forward to it. We love sloppy joes! I have made the deep dish pizza, which is similar to this, many times. I think that was the first recipe I made off your site. I am like you, I like Hunt’s Manwich sauce the best if I am not making my sauce from scratch. Manwich used to make a Barbeque that was our favorite, but I don’t think they make it anymore. I found a Hickory Sloppy Joe sauce from Del Monte that is very good, so I am going to stock up on it when I go back to Wal-Mart. That is what I used tonight. I enjoy your site, and I make alot of your recipes. Thanks for sharing!


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