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Chicken Paprika


Today's recipe is for one of those days when you just want something different to do with boneless skinless chicken breasts! This recipe gives them a nice smokey flavor and although it looks spicy, it isn't at all. My kids gobble it right up! Thank you to everyone for all of the great compliments on the new, I'm pretty tickled with it myself! To finally have a professionally ... Continue Reading

Granny’s Oven Fried Chicken

Granny's Oven Fried Chicken

Please pin this on pinterest and share it on Facebook if you can. That helps me immensely! Thanks so much :) I'm looking forward to seeing some of y'all soon on my Spring Book Tour for Come Home To Supper (click here for dates and locations) and can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the kind comments and encouragement from folks who have already purchased the book and are using it in your ... Continue Reading

Chicken Fried Brown Rice


This is one of my son's all time favorite suppers and I shared it in Taste of the South's Easy Southern Suppers collector's issue, which is available on newsstands now (more info at the bottom of this post). I think it must be a teenage boy thing to love chicken fried rice. Brady used to ask us to go get it as takeout for him whenever the hankering hit him until I developed a quick and easy ... Continue Reading

Greek Chicken – and Grandmama’s Phone Call From Heaven

greek chicken

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd sure appreciate it if you could use one of those buttons above, thanks! If you'd like, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here, and Facebook by clicking here.  This is one of those hearty, warming, and simple to prepare meals that everyone should have in their rotating recipe files. I make this on those days where I want a nice, no fuss, rustic ... Continue Reading

Saddle Up Chicken Enchiladas


Today I'm sharing a wonderful recipe from Mama with you. She made these for us back shortly after my accident (thus the name, Mama has a fun sense of humor!) and Ricky and I cleaned the dish! She and I took these photos back when I was still completely in a wheelchair, so there isn't an up close photo of the final dish - BUT I had an idea! I was thinking...I LOVE it when y'all share recipe ... Continue Reading

Simply Delicious Chicken & Rice Soup – and my lack of fashion sense


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above it would be a great help to me. Thank you! This soup is simple to make and absolutely delicious. It's one of those comforting meals you can throw together in the time it takes to cook your rice using a store bought rotisserie chicken, or you can do it the long way and cook the chicken yourself. The ingredients are few, but ... Continue Reading

Slow Cooker Angel Chicken

Angel Chicken Southern Plate

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of those buttons above I'd sure appreciate it! If you've never heard of or had Angel Chicken, you're in good company! Until last week we fit into that category. Once we had our first bite, though, we were hooked. My husband kept saying "Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. You have GOT to get this recipe." So I called up Gricelda, who is not a Disney ... Continue Reading

Greek Chicken Tacos

greek chicken tacos

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of the buttons above, I'd sure appreciate it!     I made an attempt to get this up first thing this morning but a gazillion things interrupted and here it is almost three and I'm just now getting to sit down and focus on writing this post out for y'all...well most especially for Mama because ever since I made these and she heard how ... Continue Reading

Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak SouthernPlate

If you're on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of those buttons above, I'd sure appreciate it!  I've got a busy week ahead of me but I can't tell you what I'm up to just yet :) I can tell you that this time honored recipe comes together so fast that I can serve it for supper on the busiest of days! Chicken Fried Steak is a Southern staple in most homes and restaurants and it's easy as ... Continue Reading

Fuss Free Fried Chicken


If you're on Pinterest or Facebook, I'd dearly appreciate it if you could use one of those buttons above, thanks! Today I'm going to show you a fuss free way to fry chicken in your oven. No, this isn't oven fry chicken as most folks think of it, where chicken is baked to resembled being fried. This is a way to actually fry chicken, in oil, in your oven. The beauty of it is that once you get your ... Continue Reading