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Crunchy Chicken – & My Year Of Books

crunchy chicken

For a deliciously flavorful and delightfully crunchy take on boneless skinless chicken breasts, check out this fun way to use boxed stuffing mix! I pulled this out of Grandmama's crate of recipes, which are currently residing at my house while I go through them and pull out recipes for my next book. My son is becoming a non enthusiastic meat eater as of late. He tends to gravitate more to ... Continue Reading

Cheese Lovers Chicken Pot Pie


Today Mama shares her Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie with us! What time is supper, Mama? ~Christy Today I decided to bring you a real comfort food dish with a twist.  You see Christy and I really don't like potpies.  I almost hate them.  But my hubby, Bill, thinks of them as one of his favorite dishes and Christy's husband feels the same way.  Bill likes potpies so much that he keeps the little frozen ... Continue Reading

Chicken Pecan Fettuccine – And How I Met My Husband

chicken fetuccini

So I asked on Facebook this morning if anyone had any suggestions on things they'd like me to write about and I got some great ideas, thank you! One of them was a lady who wanted to know how my husband and I met. I replied that how we met was so bad that we usually lie to people about it. Not embellish, but flat out lie, so I thought it might be a good story to tell. I think some of what ... Continue Reading

Dutch Oven Smokehouse Chicken

Dutch Oven Smokehouse Chicken - Slow cooked in a tenderizing sauce with a skin that crisps in the final steps, this chicken is amazing and made in your oven at home!

Smoke House Chicken is slow cooked in the oven in a tenderizing sauce that causes the meat to become fork tender beneath a skin that is crisped and browned in the final step of the cooking process. Serve it with a heaping helping of Alabama White Barbecue Sauce and you might feel as if you've gone to Glory. In order to make the smokehouse chicken like I grew up with, you'd need a pit ... Continue Reading

Ma’s Chicken and Rice Bake ~Bags To Dishes~

Ma's Chicken and Rice Bakewm

The overwhelming response to my Bags To Dishes series continues, so I'm bringing you more recipes! These shelf stable recipes can ensure you never have to wonder what's for supper again - and will help prevent huge bills at fast food drive throughs, too! Today's meal has one of my family's favorite ingredients :Yellow Saffron Rice. My husband and kids just love this stuff. It must be a Jordan ... Continue Reading

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole ~Bags To Dishes~

bags to dishes chicken

Continuing on with Bags to Dishes meals today, I'm bringing you one that just barely feeds my family. Not because it doesn't make enough, but because we all like it so much that everyone wants seconds! In all seriousness, this casserole will feed about four people, but if you are cooking for fewer, leftovers reheat really well. For this Bags to Dishes meal, all ingredients are shelf stable ... Continue Reading

Chicken Enchilada Pie ~Bags To Dishes~

Chicken Enchilada Pie

With all of the great feedback on my Bags To Dishes post, I decided to share a series of recipes with you so that you can have all of the recipes I use in my bags to dishes meals. Be sure to read the original post to find out how you can convert your own meals into shelf stable ones in order to have your family's favorite recipes available with the grab of a bag. Today's recipe is made up of ... Continue Reading

Catalina Chicken and Whistling Women

catalina chicken1

This past weekend I came across a book that I could hardly put down. I generally go to bed about an hour early each night to give myself time to read. (Sidenote: It is amazing how much giving up television has improved the quality of my life!). So I came across this book and I'm going to tell you a little about it, but not enough to spoil it should you decide to read it, too. It's ... Continue Reading

Chicken Paprika


Today's recipe is for one of those days when you just want something different to do with boneless skinless chicken breasts! This recipe gives them a nice smokey flavor and although it looks spicy, it isn't at all. My kids gobble it right up! Thank you to everyone for all of the great compliments on the new, I'm pretty tickled with it myself! To finally have a professionally ... Continue Reading

Granny’s Oven Fried Chicken

Granny's Oven Fried Chicken

Please pin this on pinterest and share it on Facebook if you can. That helps me immensely! Thanks so much :) I'm looking forward to seeing some of y'all soon on my Spring Book Tour for Come Home To Supper (click here for dates and locations) and can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the kind comments and encouragement from folks who have already purchased the book and are using it in your ... Continue Reading