Southern Plate Radio – Is It Crazy To Be Prepared, or Crazy Not To Be?

Practical Preparedness- Simple steps you can take today to prepare your family for whatever may come

In this week's episode of the Southern Plate Radio Show, I follow up my Practical Preparedness post by answering questions and talking about "Is it crazy to be prepared, or crazy not to be?". To read the post I refer to in this episode, please click here.   Would you like to listen to more Southern Plate Radio? You can download podcasts by searching your podcast provider for the Survival Mom ... Continue Reading

Flop Cookies – and the benefit of mistakes

Flop Cookies - and the benefit of mistakes

 We all make mistakes in life. Everyone. Those folks who seem cool as a cucumber, like they have it all together? Yup, them to. The difference in success and failure lies in how we treat our mistakes. Do we kick the dirt, plop down, and sag our shoulders in defeat or do we treat it as Thomas Edison did with his statement "I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work." It's ... Continue Reading

Quick ‘N Tasty Apple Bran Muffins

Quick N Tasty Apple Bran Muffins

Be sure you click here to visit my Martha White Giveaway! Three lucky winners will get a whole month's worth of muffin mixes along with lots of kitchen goodies! Some people take issue with shortcuts. I'm not one of those people - and I love a good bran muffin. A few years back I got this idea to "soup up" a package of muffin mix and see how they turned out. I've been making these wonderful ... Continue Reading

Easy Peasy Birthday Cake From Scratch (and how SouthernPlate Hatched)

Easy Peasy From Scratch Birthday Cake

I'm giving away gifts all week in honor of SouthernPlate's birthday! You can enter daily and I'll draw winners each day as well. Click here for more information.  I'm often asked how SouthernPlate started. I've told the story countless times when speaking to groups or folks at book signings and get togethers so today I thought I'd share it here with you. If you just want a recipe for a really ... Continue Reading

Christy on CBS’s The Talk

PicMonkey the talk

Here is the video of my main segment on The Talk as well as links to all of the recipes I made! I had a wonderful time on The Talk this past week! Special thanks to all of the hosts for having me! Below are the links to the recipes I made on the show as well as some behind the scenes photos after the recipes: Chicken Patties Parmesan Oven Fries Simply Delicious Tomato Basil ... Continue Reading

9 Delicious Strawberry Recipes (Maybe More!)

strawberry recipes

 Hey! If you enjoy this post, please use one of the buttons above to add it to your Pinterest boards or Facebook page. Make sure you follow me on Pinterest by clicking here (I'm really working on expanding my boards), and subscribe by email so you don't miss a single recipe by clicking here.  Spring is a comin' (I promise) and with it, strawberry season! I've gathered up a collection of ... Continue Reading

The Monster Cookies Everyone Loves!

monster cookie final

Have I ever told you about Mama baking us cookies when we were kids? She made fresh, homemade cookies twice a week, every week, without fail. We had all sorts of different ones and every single bite was delicious. Back then, we didn't have money to buy treats and snacks and things from the grocery store and Mama felt bad about this so she baked in order to compensate. She had no idea how good ... Continue Reading

How To Have A Stress Free Holiday Dinner


Click here to see my Holiday Menu Bonanza, with over 60 recipe links! I love big family get togethers and two of my very favorite are coming up: Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner! We tend to have a few celebrations, with larger family gatherings as well as smaller special meals (just the four of us) to celebrate the occasion. Often, with the larger family gatherings, the meal consist of a huge ... Continue Reading

Amazing Apple Bread

Amazing Apple Bread

Don't forget to use one of the buttons above for easy finding later!  My family has always loved quick breads. They make a delicious snack, simple dessert, or great quick bite for breakfast as you head out the door. This bread has a taste very much like my Apple Spice Muffins and greets your family with a heavenly aroma as soon as they walk in the door. It bakes up moist and tender, studded ... Continue Reading