Speedy Italian Meatball Soup

Speedy Italian Soup

Today my Mama joins us with a recipe and some news that I am pretty excited about! ~Christy Good day to everyone!  I am so happy to tell you that I will be sharing some of my tried and true recipes with you.  Christy asked me if I wanted to start writing on SouthernPlate.com on a regular basis and I immediately said "sure".  Then terror settled in!  You see, I am from a different generation that ... Continue Reading

Huevos Rancheros- Fresh, Fast, Flavorful!

Huevos Rancheros

My friends at Kroger were kind enough to send me samples of their latest fresh offerings from the deli, PeakFection Guacamole and Salsa. They wanted me to try them out and share my thoughts. What really stands out in the flavor department is that they are made with fresh ingredients acquired at the peak of perfection. I actually opened each container and had a spoonful immediately and I gotta tell ... Continue Reading

Taco Soup ~Bags To Dishes~

bags to dishes taco soup

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments on my Bags to Dishes series! Thanks to all of the wonderful feedback, I've decided to share a series of recipes with you so that you can eventually have all of the recipes I use in my bags to dishes meals. Be sure to read the original post to find out how you can convert your own meals into shelf stable ones in order to have your family's ... Continue Reading

Chicken Enchilada Pie ~Bags To Dishes~

Chicken Enchilada Pie

With all of the great feedback on my Bags To Dishes post, I decided to share a series of recipes with you so that you can have all of the recipes I use in my bags to dishes meals. Be sure to read the original post to find out how you can convert your own meals into shelf stable ones in order to have your family's favorite recipes available with the grab of a bag. Today's recipe is made up of ... Continue Reading

Bags To Dishes – Never Wonder What’s For Supper Again!

bags to dishes

View all of the latest Bags to Dishes recipes by clicking here. More coming! Always have an answer when you ask yourself "Do I have anything I can cook for supper?" It happens to all of us. We find ourselves at the end of a harried day, picking up one kid from one side of town and driving to the other for kidlet #2...rushing through traffic on our way home as our minds spin "What can I fix for ... Continue Reading

Dehydrating Peaches (and recipes!)

Dehydrating Peaches

This is a WONDERFUL time of year to "put up" food because so much of it is fresh and readily available. These peaches were FREE from a tree in my mother's yard. She had about twice this many and sent me these for my own preserving. Today, I'm getting another box about this big as well. With peaches, tomatoes, and sales I find on Ground Beef whenever I can, my dehydrator has been going nonstop this ... Continue Reading

12 Summer Pie Recipes

Summer Pies

I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by! My son has been busy with drum lessons and cross country training and now marching band camp is about to get into full swing for him. Katy Rose has cheerleading practice coming up soon and my husband and I are in shock at the time warp we seem to have landed in where one day they start kindergarten and the next it's high school! There is still ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Instant Rice from Bulk Rice

Make your own instant rice from bulk rice - save lots of money AND time!

If you find this helpful, please pin it or share to your Facebook wall by using the buttons above, thank you!  Today I'm sharing a video with you on how I use my dehydrator to make my own instant rice. This saves me lots of time AND money, and I can have rice ready to go with a meal in just a few minutes. Links to all products mentioned in the video are below. Thanks for watching and be sure and ... Continue Reading

Egg and Pasta Bake – and the Joy of Being “Old”

final pasta

I've started to feel older lately. Not old as in age, mind you, although some days I certainly do. Old is a state of mind. I have known people in their eighties who were younger than thirty year olds so I know better than to attribute it to a minor thing like age. What I'm talking about is that chasm that widens at some points, between us and the generations who came after we did. It happens ... Continue Reading

Quick Suppers from your Freezer! ~Updated~


We all have those days when supper seems to "sneak" up on us. You wake up, start your day, get as much work done as possible, and then look up to find it's 5:00! On those days it is more tempting than ever to hit up the local drive through for a bag of greasy convenience. Even in addition to the grease, the cost is stunning! For the four of us to eat fast food for supper or lunch (which we do ... Continue Reading