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Bringing Grace To A World Of Animosity


Bringing Grace To A World Of Animosity

Navigating humanity is tricky these days…

For very valid reasons in our cultural climate, we are all on the defensive to an extent. Everyone is offended, a lot of people are out to offend, and we never know when the wind is going to shift and it is all going to be aimed at us for whatever reason. It’s stressful just to turn on the news, not to mention opening up Facebook. I mean, think about it, when was the last time you had an entire day (in which you were connected to the world) that wasn’t dotted with moments of anxiety or news stories that made you widen your eyes and take a deep breath.

So today, I wanted to share with you what is on my heart in terms of how we should be dealing with all of this and the one word that defines that is : Grace.

When you go out into this world of ours, when you encounter people online who want to stir up trouble or who would argue with a hole in the wall, show grace. Even if it isn’t shown to you. Show grace. Accept that some of people out there stirring the pot may not even realize what they are doing – So show grace.

Someone has to be different. Someone has to step up and see through the fear and the stress and the anxiety of the world around us. Living within it all, we understand where it is coming from. We are not surprised by it and we have to cut through all of that by showing grace to our brothers and sisters.

Someone is nasty to you – Don’t be nasty back. Someone tries to cut you off – Give way to them. Someone tries to start an argument with you – Show them the peace in your heart instead of giving them a piece of your mind. Be at peace. Live in grace. Exude grace to others. If we train ourselves to put our effort into loving people we won’t be so focused on wanting to be right of ourselves – we will want to be right with God. And we’ve got to love people again. People of all colors, all political parties, all religions, all accents, all occupations. We’ve got to get back to what connects us and focus on that because focusing on what divides us only divides us further.

And a person who feels no common bond will not get close enough to want to know about  your hope, much less your God. And goodness knows God has shown us grace. Filled us to the overflowing with it. For what reason? So that we can overflow onto others.

With grace.

So navigating humanity is tricky these days. But the one way to stop the constant waves of animosity is to not be a conductor of it. Be the kindness in a crowd of complaints. Be the soft voice to an ear that spends their days with only yelling.

Be the safe place. Show grace. Be the grace.

And then, when they ask for your thoughts on a topic, you’ll be amazed at how much folks actually listen to your answer.


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  1. Cathy Cunningham says

    I love this! All my facebook friends…many of whom will never go to your blog, need to hear this as much as I. Can I please share this on my fb post? If so please tell me how to credit you properly…maybe I can drive some interest your way! my fb is Cathy Cunningham, with a pic of an old lady in glasses and a purple hat (me).
    Love you Christy! I found you through my ever constant search for intriguing recipes and I’m so thrilled I did. My husband and I have been on the Hebraic Your Father’s party analogy is really helping me ….and I have decided to create my own red letter OT…with a red colored pencil. It will be fun to see where I’ve read as well. Thank you for your ministry….lots of early mornings. Your obedient sacrifice is touching people, including me. Love ya!
    If you don’t want to publish this that’s fine with me. Just email me an answer please.

    • Cathy Cunningham says

      oops…some of my sentences disappeared…we’ve been on the Hebraic roots trail for a few years. and it has been lonely for me…my husband is all in…i’m having trouble with the food laws etc…but we no longer do pork or shellfish in our home. I’m trying to be obedient., just don’t have the conviction of this for Gentiles, for today.

      • says

        Hey Cathy! You may share it. I would put a link to this post and my name at the bottom.
        ~Christy Jordan

        Thank you for asking! Regarding not feeling conviction, I can totally relate! A few years ago I was speaking with a wise friend and mentioned a clear commandment that I was not obeying at the time. I told her “I just don’t feel convicted to do this.” And she responded “So is whether or not you’re going to walk in obedience based on how you feel about it?”
        And that point was all I needed! Hope it helps you as well <3 He is so good to us! What a blessing that we get to benefit from His wisdom!

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