Exclusively Commissioned Bracelet To Be Worn In Memory Of A Loved One

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Today I am honored to share with you a very special piece I commissioned to go along with my book, Sweetness. It is a fully bronze cuff to be worn in honor of a loved one who has passed on that is handmade and hand stamped with “The Sweetness Remains”.

The sentiment on the cuff came from my book dedication:

sweetness dedication

Over time it will develop a beautiful patina or you can polish it to keep it shiny and gold. I have worn one for months and never take it off. It can be custom fitted to your wrist so it is very comfortable and you don’t even notice you are wearing it, until you look down and are reminded of the precious blessings brought into your life by the person you are wearing it for.

These pieces were created exclusively for us by a wonderful company that I am thrilled to support. Fashion and Compassion is a ministry that creates jobs for people in vulnerable communities in the United States and around the world. They help keep families together by paying their artisans a living wage and giving them dignity of work with a purpose. They donate 100% of their net proceeds back to the communities, organizations  & ministries they serve. Their main office is in North Carolina, where many artisans are located, but they also have workshops around the world as well, staffed with artisans who work with the North Carolina artisans to complete and package each handmade piece.

You can purchase them online by clicking here and get free shipping on your entire order by using the code: GRATEFUL .

If you are coming to a book signing, I will have them with me there as well. They are $28 online but $30 at signings to keep things simple. I use the extra $2 for my Christmas nursing home project.


Sweetness Bracelets are limited in number and we don’t have plans to have any more made once these sell out. They would make a lovely Christmas gift for a dear friend or family member who has a loved one that has passed on, to be worn as a remind of the sweetness that remains long after they are gone.

I’m so thrilled to be able to offer this very special custom piece of jewelry to you today.


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  1. Christy, just received the bracelets I ordered in honor of my husband who passed away at the end of August, just 2 days short of our 55 wedding anniversary. Also ordered one for our daughter Christine.
    The “sweetness” code didn’t work for me either.

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