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2 Kings 12-14 Deep Diving Bible Study

 Today’s readings are 2 Kings 12-14 Rabbit Trails The water is warm so let’s dive right on in! 🌿But they didn’t take the high places away. 2 Kings 12:3  This decision will continue to bring about disaster and havoc on the people. A great analogy I've heard is to think of it as if you were weeding a garden. If you simply cut off the top of the weeds, they will grow back. ... Continue Reading

2 Kings 9-11 Deep Diving Bible Study

GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Grab some coffee, crack open that Bible, and let's get armored up! Today's readings are 2 Kings 9-11 Rabbit Trails🌿Word of the day: Apostasy. Definition from Websters is - an act of refusing to continue to follow, obey, or recognize a religious faith.What's going on?  In our readings right now, we are witnessing YHWH’s warning turning into YHWH’s ... Continue Reading

2 Kings 6-8 Deep Diving Bible Study

GOOD MORNING! Today we read 2 Kings 6-8 Hang onto your hats because today's reading is gonna burn some calories! Rabbit Trails🌿The Axe Head 2 Kings 6:1-7 We begin our reading with an important lesson that the Father cares about what bothers us, matters both great and small. We should never feel that something is too small or trivial to bring it to the Father. I have another great ... Continue Reading

2 Kings 4-5 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING! Today's readings are 2 Kings 4-5 SO MUCH GOING ON TODAY! Rabbit Trails Diving right in.... 🌿Leaders lead by example, as we see with the demeanor of Elisha. I love the quiet assurance in Elisha’s words. He doesn’t raise his voice, he doesn’t get in a tizzy, he just says it like it is and folks can believe or not, it makes no difference to the truth. The more I ... Continue Reading

2 Kings 1-3 Deep Diving Bible Study

 Good Morning, Siblings!  Today's readings are 2 Kings 1-3 🌿Today we begin 2 Kings. Since this is a continuation of 1 Kings, I'm not going to begin with an introduction - we are simply picking up where we left off yesterday. 🌿We open 2 Kings with King Ahaziah suffering an injury that leaves him pretty much waiting to die. Wanting to know if there is any ... Continue Reading

1 Kings 21-22 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS!  Today's readings are 1 Kings 21-22 Today we finish up 1 Kings and tomorrow we move into 2 Kings. Keep in mind, though that these were originally one book. 🌿I can't help but feel I know the type of personality Ahab had after reading today's passages. Yesterday's reading ended with Ahab being admonished by YHWH and the text ends with "And the ... Continue Reading

1 Kings 18-20 Deep Diving Bible Study

 Good Morning, Siblings!  Today's readings are 1 Kings 18-20 Rabbit Trails - hippity hop! 🌿We open by discovering how desperately King Ahab has been searching for Elijah. Now recall in 1 Kings 17:1 that the last interaction Ahab had with Elijah was when Elijah gave him the message that YHWH Was sending a drought over the land. After that, as far as Ahab knew, ... Continue Reading

Torah Writing Project

Below you'll find a printable copy of our Torah Writing Plan. The Torah is simply the foundational Scriptures of our Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy. In Deuteronomy 17:18-20, the future Kings of Israel are instructed to write out their own copy of the Torah. 18 “Also it shall be, when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, that he shall write for himself a copy of ... Continue Reading

1 Kings 15-17 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! So much to digest in the Word today! Today’s readings are 1 Kings 15-17 Rabbit TrailsSomething to consider moving forward: Chronicles used to be widely attributed to Ezra, but now it is attributed to an anonymous author, many believe most likely a Levite, with additional editors helping and working on it later.🌿Once we get to Chronicles, which we ... Continue Reading

1 Kings 12-14 Deep Diving Bible Study

  GOOD MORNING and welcome to another beautiful day in the Word!  Today’s readings are 1 Kings 12-14 Rabbit Trails Pay very careful attention to what takes place in our readings today. Like all Scripture, it is vitally important and applicable to our lives.🌿First, the lowdown: So y'all, here is what is happening. YHWH has split the tribes of Israel. Now, in keeping with ... Continue Reading