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Choosing a Bible Translation

WELCOME! Today I'm going to answer two common (and understandable!) questions I hear from new members of our Front Porch Fellowship.Which Bible Translation Should I Use? What does YHWH mean?Click here to request membership to our Front Porch Fellowship. or Click here for more information. ... Continue Reading

Tips for Success with a Bible Reading Plan

We are finishing up reading the entire Bible together in one year in my Facebook Fellowship group! Our new reading cycle begins October 2 and we will have over 11,000 members when we begin again - in the beginning! It is so exciting for me to get to read through the Bible with such a loving and encouraging community of believers. Each day we dive deep in our readings and discussion and seeing the ... Continue Reading

The true story of the Good Samaritan

Scripture references to check out: •Jews have nothing to do with Samaritans John 4:8-9 •Messiah accused of being a Samaritan John 8:38 •Interfering with the temple rebuilding Neh 6:1-14 •The parable of the Good Samaritan: Luke 10:25-37 •Lawyer quotes Messiah: Luke 10:27 •Messiah quotes the Shema (this is what the lawyer quoted that summed up the Ten Commandments): Mark 12:29-332 •YHWH says ... Continue Reading

How long does it take to read each book in the Bible?

DOWNLOADABLE CHART FOR READING TIMES FOR THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE IN THIS POST!I created this chart because I thought it could be very handy when it comes to reading entire books in one sitting. More importantly though, I think passing on a copy to a few friends might help them see that the Word is not as daunting as we sometimes think it is. Perhaps this will encourage each of us to spend more ... Continue Reading

Bringing Grace To A World Of Animosity

Navigating humanity is tricky these days. If you’re surprised by this sentence, I’d love to know what secluded forest you live in and if there is room for a few more. For very valid reasons in our cultural climate, we are all on the defensive to an extent. Everyone is offended, a lot of people are out to offend, and we never know when the wind is going to shift and it is all going to be aimed at ... Continue Reading

Did Messiah Replace The Ten Commandments With Just Two?

Headnote: If you’re going to start reading this, you need to read it all. I’ve included lots of Bible passages so make sure you don’t skimp or skim over those. They are important. The discussion is important as well to highlight the context of the verses and why I have pointed out these specific ones to bring clarity to just what the Messiah was referencing and reinforcing. He was not doing ... Continue Reading