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Joshua 19-21 Deep Diving Bible Study

 Hey siblings!  Sunday's readings are Joshua 19-21 Rabbit Trails I'm sharing more of Aletha Karen Bass's notes with you! She left these on Friday morning's readings. ~~~~~From Aletha~~~~~~ As I've been reading in Joshua, I've tried to be in the "happenings" as they move into the promised land. As I read, my heart soared at Jericho & Ai. Through all the battles, I've felt the ... Continue Reading

Joshua 16-18 Deep Diving Bible Study

Good Friday Morning Siblings!! Today’s readings are Joshua 16-18 Rabbit Trails (they are baby bunnies today) Below is a map of the Promised land as it was divided among the tribes. 🌿You’ll notice at the beginning of Joshua 18 that there were still seven tribes who had not accepted their inheritance of land. Of course, they had an opportunity to already but had put this ... Continue Reading

Joshua 12-15 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING!  Today's readings are Joshua 12-15 🌿We begin our reading with a list of every king that Israel conquered. All told there are thirty one kings. Although the text being so brief over this may lead us to believe that this happened all at once, no doubt this took place over a period of time, likely a lengthy one. Rather than just a glance over this chapter, I ... Continue Reading

Joshua 9-11 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNING SIBLINGS! Today’s readings are Joshua 9-11 Rabbit Trails🌿Joshua 9:1-15 Notice in this passage that they did not seek the guidance of YHWH first but made the decision to form a covenant on their own. The Gibeonites held part of the territory within the promised land and as a result, they were among the people dedicated to destruction. This ended up ... Continue Reading

Joshua 5-8 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING TO YA, SIBLINGS! Today’s readings are Joshua 5-8 Rabbit Trails🌿The First Passover In The Promised Land Wow. I am awestruck just thinking about what that must have been like. You’ll recall that the first Passover ever was observed by their parents the night before the great exodus out of Egypt. It is possible that most of these men were children whose lives ... Continue Reading

Joshua 1-4 Deep Diving Bible Study

  GOOD MORNING! Today we begin the book of Joshua! Today’s readings are Joshua 1-4 Rabbit TrailsIntroduction: The book of Joshua was written by Joshua and the events in this book take place over a course of about twenty five years. This book details the culmination of Israels' journey to the promised land. 🌿What’s in a name? Numbers 13:16 records that Joshua’s name ... Continue Reading

Deuteronomy 32-34 Deep Diving Bible Study

GOOD MORNING! Today’s Readings are Deuteronomy 32-34 Rabbit Trails And just like that, we finish up not only the book of Deuteronomy but the foundational books of Scripture. Our foundation is in place and now it is time to add on floors!Important note: These foundations of Scripture are the straight edge by which all other books line up. When we disconnect the first or second floor, or ... Continue Reading

Deuteronomy 30-31 Deep Diving Bible Study

  GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Deuteronomy 30-31 Rabbit Trails🌿I LOVE THIS PART OF DEUTERONOMY! This is one of my favorite speeches. I want to encourage you to read it out loud, as if Moses Himself is saying it to you. Don’t just let it be as if words on a white page but bring it to life in your mind. Visualize the scene in which He shares this ageless wisdom. ... Continue Reading

Deuteronomy 28-29 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING!  Today's readings are Deuteronomy 28-29 I feel a tangent coming on so feel free to skip if you want to get right to the reading. 😯Rabbit Trails 🌿Today we move on from the curses to the blessings (and back to the curses, but I digress…) If you’re anything like me, you really like the blessing part! That is human nature, to just want the ... Continue Reading

Deuteronomy 24-27 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Today’s readings are Deuteronomy 24-27 Rabbit Trails🌿Notice at the start of Deuteronomy 24 there is no prohibition against a couple who has divorced remarrying one another - unless one or the other got remarried in between their divorce and the time they wanted to remarry. Some believe this was to prevent a pattern of behavior in which a man wanted to ... Continue Reading