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December Bible Reading Plan Printables

Hello friends! Below please find the December Bible Reading Printables. These are handy to print out and help you keep up with where you are in the plan. The goal is to check in and do your readings daily and hopefully this will be another great reminder to do just that. There is a full sheet printable and a printable that can be cut apart into bookmarks. The bookmarks are great to share! ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 26-27 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING! Today we finish Leviticus. Our readings are Leviticus 26-27 We made it through the book of Leviticus! This is a wonderful foundational book that we will lend great understanding as we move forward in Scripture and we'll rely on it even more in the Gospels! Some of my notes today are recaps and reinforcements so bear with me.  Rabbit Trails, Hippity ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 24-25 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING, SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Leviticus 24-25 Rabbit TrailsY'all, we've almost made it through Leviticus! I hope you've enjoyed all of the treasures this book holds. It has a lot of surprises for first time readers, too, and I want to commend you for taking those in such stride! The daily discussions have been wonderful and it is wonderful and it is encouraging to ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 22-23 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING!  Today's Readings are Leviticus 22-23 Rabbit Trails Let's dive in! 🌿In Leviticus 21:24 While this was part of yesterday's reading, it is also part of the introduction to today's reading. A great thing to do in order to orient yourself with any passage in the Bible is to read the first few verses both before and after it for better ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 19-21 Deep Diving Bible Study

I have a Praise challenge in the group. I challenge all of you to honor Him by participating if you're in there! Here is a direct link (it will only work if you're part of the group. If you're not, you can request to join and you'll be added when we open up membership next summer)GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Leviticus 19-21 Rabbit TrailsI have so much to share today! ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 16-18

 Good Morning, Siblings!  Today’s reading are Leviticus 16-18 Rabbit Trails🌿Today the Day of Atonement is instated. This is one of YHWH's Holy days, remember there are eight all together and one of those eight occurs weekly. Each of the Holy days are set up as teaching tools to teach us about our history, what is expected of us, and to bring us closer to Him. When the ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 14-15 Deep Diving Bible Study

  Good Morning Siblings! Today's readings are Leviticus 14-15 Rabbit TrailsWhen I was learning how to drive, my parents had me drive them to a store in Huntsville one day. I sat behind the wheel, both hands in correct positions  as alert as possible and hoping I did everything right. At one point, my dad directed me to turn left at the light. I navigated to ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 11-13 Deep Diving Bible Study

 GOOD MORNING! Today's readings are Leviticus 11-13 We have a LOT to cover today so grab a snack and a drink and settle in.Leviticus 11 is one of the better known chapters in Leviticus because it goes into detail on what animals are considered clean and unclean. I found a great graphic of clean and unclean animals on a church website. Please note that I do not know the website ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 8-10 Deep Diving Bible Study

THANK YOU to everyone who took part in yesterday's challenge! It was such an encouragement to see all of your notes!GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS!  Today's readings are Leviticus 8-10 Rabbit Trails I have a lot I want to share but let me get my bullet point notes out of the way first.  Let's dive in! 🌿Leviticus 8:1-36 Today we see Moses consecrate Aaron and his sons as ... Continue Reading

Leviticus 5-7 Deep Diving Bible Study

  GOOD MORNING SIBLINGS! Today's readings are Leviticus chapters 5-7 What a joy to start another week in the word with you and what a privilege to be able to sit at the Father's feet together!Just a little note about these Bible studies and how/when they are written: I spent all of last year working on Bible notes each night before posting in the morning and had hoped not to do that ... Continue Reading